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    Believe what you want. I dont need to lie to people on the internet. I didnt think it was exactly ground breaking news that a song on the Alt. List has been rehearsed. It's already been said before that someone heard them playing through it in a different thread. Also the STL part of my username stands for St. Louis, as in St. Louis Missouri where 4tus is from. I didnt take a picture with him or anything at the airport because he looked tired and I was bothering him enough just talking to him ( he was very very kind though). I should have shut up about the entire conversation like I originally said that I was going to.
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    You don't believe anything! So this is nothing new I have already told you 3 people that I know of heard it being rehearsed before the first show (without Axl), and this was before we seen it on the Alt setlist. What more proof do you want?
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    Who gives a fuck anymore? Honestly.
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    That's all I will say. I had a brief conversation at the airport with him. I will not feed into any more rumors.
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    NEW! Ep. 154 - Desmond Child O' Mine The Songwriter Hall of Famer talks his new album, Alice Cooper, and Slash. Then in the "Fan Obsession" segment we speak with Dustin & Chris from the "Guns N Radio Podcast" who share their GNR adventures. iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/32hZphs Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2WK9na9 SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2Q0auBl Spotify --> https://spoti.fi/2JUhT0S Apple Podcasts --> https://apple.co/2NK6AJL
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    Fuck off he looks like an old lesbian.
  7. 3 points
    Whereas you look more and more like your young self for each year that passes?
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    A fan of the band that enjoys having a few places online to escape the bullshit in my own life for a little bit. I enjoy it. I also lurk on the HTGTH sites forums also just to see what's happening in this little world of people.
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    I believe him. It's on the Alt setlist. Of course they've rehearsed it. It's not as if Fortus divulged a scoop saying that. We all have the Alt setlist. I think another poster said he heard them rehearse it before one of the early shows too.
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    You’re thinking of Phil Collins.
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    Nothing personal but I don’t believe you, very easy to say that without obviously having anything to back it up and in GNR land being skeptical is a necessity. I think with how tight lipped this band is Fortus would not respond to the talks of leaks and is certainly not going to be the first one who tells us the potential of a new Guns song being played. Plus, you said you met him on an airplane? The band flys together. Too many fishy parts of this story.
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    Haven't heard any of the leaks and think it is a terrible idea to throw in 5 leaked songs from a band that Slash and Duff had nothing to do with.. I did add spots for 5 "New Songs" and a lot of rotational spots. Couldn't only do 20 songs either.. There are other songs I would like to see as well (Breakdown/Fall To Pieces/One n A Million) but I had to stop somewhere. Get In The Ring Played over the PA Jungle Mr. Brownstone Pretty Tied Up New Song Shadow Of Your Love It's So Easy New Song Nightrain New Song Reckless Life/Nice Boys Civil War Dead Horse/Back Off Bitch Dust N' Bones Slash Solo Sweet Child O' Mine New Song KOHD - (80's version) Locomotive/Estranged Don't Cry/Patience New Song November Rain Paradise City --Encore--- Out Ta' Get Me/My Michelle You're Crazy (slow tempo)/Move To The City/Think About You Down On The Farm/Seeker/Mama Kin/Jumpin Jack Flash Rocket Queen - (slightly extended)
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    Man, you knew what their setlist was and that they never deviated from it and yet you decided to shell out 500 bucks. That's all on you. Did you think they were miraculously going to change the entire setlist because you were at the show?
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    Let`s post our dream setlist for 2020 (It should be around 20 Songs and include 5 "New" Songs from the Leaks) Here is mine: Oklahoma * Mr Brownstone Chinese Democracy Hardschool * Jungle Dead Horse Quick Song * Estranged / Locomotive D Tune * Rocket Queen Me and my Elvis aka Soul Monster * November Rain Slash Solo Sweet Child Knockin on Heavens Door (Mercury Tribute Version) Nightrain ---------------------- Don`t Cry / Patience Slither Madagascar Paradise City
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    I think Richard does a fine job but you are out of your mind if he is as valuable or on the same level as slash
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    I believe 20 years, a record and countless headlining tours says the opposite
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    I talked with those Dirty Honey dudes earlier this year after they warmed up for The Who and the guitarist told me that Slash was his hero. I'm sure he was thrilled to find out that he wouldn't even be meeting him. What a joke. The Rolling Stones at least trot out their opening bands for a quick handshake/backstage pic together at their gigs. And they are THE ROLLING FUCKIN' STONES. I appreciate your last few posts in this thread and feel your pain. This band is fucking infuriating.
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    I thought the Vegas shows looked a lot less staged. The stage was very clean, bright, crisp and less cluttered. The videos really got their due and imo are pretty cool. I think the guys are handsome, fit for their age but yeah they aren't the young wild men they use to be. That's okay, none of us are and if you're young, looking for that roll model, go with some band your own age. These guys are proof it ain't over just because you reach a certain age. You can still rock without sitting in your rocking chair. Who thought any of them would live this long based on those young men behaviors?
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    Desmond Child the King of cheese. Good pick of Live To Win. A great album. You desperately need that Globe for Christmas getting Donington and Newcastle mixed up. Were you thinking of that world famous football team Donington United?
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    Slash is a workaholic, and I think the fact that his schedule is pretty much clear for the foreseeable future is the best indicator that they are serious about putting out...something...be it an album or EP.
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    Length of time in band does not equate to tier level or whatever you are trying to say. Richard is replaceable, Slash is not.
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    Video/audio of the rehearsal Its not personal! You’re a good guy. With how this band treats fans and from the lack of consistent information and updates on new music, it’s extremely hard for me not to be pessimistic or optimistic regarding the future of this band. I do apologize for the negativity.
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    Collectively Richard has been in the band longer than Slash ;). I think we can call him an official member and not just a low tier guy.
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    In any event, just got back from finally seeing the film. Probably my favourite Terminator movie since T2. Not a great movie by any stretch, but still enjoyable. I personally would have preferred a few less scenes from the future. The two sort of twists were unfortunately well-telegraphed ahead of time which made their payoffs a little less exciting or impactful. But overall it was fun to see what happened after the events of T2 from the perspective or input of James Cameron. The action sequences were fantastic and I loved how the movie took very little time getting to it. He may be well past his prime but Arnold does a great job with the limited screen time. It's a movie franchise about killer robots from the future. How is this that important to you?
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    That blues spot he did like a month ago shows he’s still got it all at his disposal.
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    And you are a part of this "lies and controversie" forum, so that makes you what?
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    1. Scarface intro. 2. Perfect crime 3. Mr. Brownstone 4. LALD 5. Rant/DTJ 6. Slash solo/Rocket Queen 7. November Rain (with rasp) 8. WTTJ 9. Dead Horse 10. So fine 11. Locomotive 12. Kohd (8 min max.... 80s or 90s style) 13. Nightrain Encore 14. Dont cry 15. Civil War 16. Paradise City 17. Used to lov her.
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    Fortus said they have rehearsed it a few times.
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    (Intro Superman theme) 1. Night train 2. WTTJ 3. One in a Million (maybe with reworked lyrics) 4. Patience 5. Better 6. Duff Solo 7. Attitude 8. Slither 9. YCBM 10. Seeker 11. Fortus Solo 12. Used to love her 13. SCOM 14. Civil War 15. Slash Solo 16. Rocket Queen 17. Rock the Rock 18. Paradise City (Outro Benny Hill Theme Song)
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    Used To Love Her This I Love Yesterdays Don't Cry Black Hole Sun My Michelle Out Ta Get Me Sorry Dead Horse Locomotive Hard School Prostitute There Was A Time Catcher In The Rye So Fine Madagascar
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    Slash has definitely changed his playing style over the past few years. He's still awesome, and still my favourite player but I really do prefer his older style; slower, melodic and passionate. I'd take any of his sloppy drunk solos from the 90's over anything on the NITL tour, or his recent solo tour. For example, this Wicked Stone performance from London this year sounds like an almost isolated guitar track: There's absolutely no emotion in that solo what so ever. It's boring and not very inspirational. Yes he's playing quickly but there's no structure to it at all. Compared to this Tokyo '92 solo in Double Talkin' Jive: The difference is night and day to me, but I guess it's all down to what you prefer. Some may prefer technical-Slash from NITL and some prefer drunk-Slash from the 90's. I'm very much in the latter camp. Also, the main problem with NITL is the songs are played way way faster than they used to be played on the Illusions tour. That will naturally speed up a guitar player and force them to be reaching for notes quicker than they'd prefer. Just my 2p anyway :-) Oh, and saying Clapton, Richards, Harrison and Robertson are not big time guitar players is off the fucking map. Can't believe I just read that!
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    NNITL Tour will be next- Nothing New In This Lifetime Tour
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    I just don’t get it. I’m not directing this to anyone in particular and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, but if you think the band sucks, the setlist is boring, their moves are rehearsed and they’re doing it just for the money, why the hell do you go to the show or come here to follow the live set? I’m speaking from a personal experience. When Axl was doing his thing with NuGNR I went to one concert, but I thought the whole thing was too depressing, like a wedding band. I seriously left the show depressed, so I never came back. I would still follow closely, come here, read your comments, check if they were still alive, see what was going on, but I would never post and wasn’t excited about new music as most people were. It just wasn’t for me and that was fine. I wish they’d change the setlist, play more deep cuts etc, I agree with all that, but they’re not doing anything different from other big bands these days. You have to look at it with some perspective, we’re not the general public, the general public is really happy. We follow the band closely, we know all their steps. Also I don’t expect the spontaneity from the old days, that had a lot to do with youth, drugs, immaturity, booze and Axl’s personal problems. Things change, you can’t replicate that, they’re in a much better place now. I think they’re genuinely enjoying each others company and playing together again. Of course the money doesn’t hurt either! Just see how how they look happy onstage every night. There’s always people here criticizing management and saying how they could make more money etc. Yes, they could release a dvd, give interviews, be on magazine covers, make a documentary about the whole thing, whatever, but they didn’t, they just want to play and do it on their on terms, don’t you thing that’s cool? That is so much the essence of this band. From now on I hope we get new music and a different setlist when they go on tour again. Let’s wait and see, but for now I just choose to enjoy what we have and have fun. Ultimately it’s their call, they’ll do what they want to and I think that’s how it should be with any band.
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    No, he's @Stlconcertsfavorite member though.
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    And you have "argued till tomorrow." I just woke up and you are still going
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    UYI 1 & 2 cover to cover. (Minus My World) Encore of Paradise City Good Fuckin’ Night. Yeah....
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    If they don't play new songs, I honestly don't care what they play.
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    Me I like them. (Just for Axl though, not for myself obviously.)
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    Without new material and/or a touring break for at least two or three years any future tour will be considered as part of the NITL tour, even if they rename it. Remember 91-93 where massive set list changes happened from year to year, the structure of the shows was different each year and various names had been given for various legs (Get in the Ring, Skin and Bones etc.). In the end it all was still the UYI tour.
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    If James O'Keefe is the best you can do to further a narrative just give up.
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    2018 is when I consider NITL to be over .. This year & anything in the future I will consider "NITL 2: The Quest For More Money"
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    They could take it a step further and do you're crazy (slow version), move to the city acoustic, jumpin jack flash, dead flowers, etc. If they left the rest of the set alone but inserted the acoustic bit in the middle a lot of people would be happy with that.
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    New album out in early 2020. The SA shows will kickoff the new album tour with a new name.
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    Thee most "poofter" look of all is wearing the full top part of the uniform and equipment whilst being naked from the waist down. Found myself in that predicament once...
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    Apparently I'm taller than both Jason Momoa and The Rock. *sits back and does nothing because I've already achieved too much*
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    Two little things I just noticed: 1) Me & My Elvis reminds me structurwise extremely of Ten Years Gone with the building guitar melodies at the end of the song. 2) I don't think it matches perfectly but when I listen to the solo section of D-Tune at 3:10, I immediatley thought of his "funny" little solo section at RIR 2001 (at 1:34:10 in the clip), except that here the rhythm is much more organ-based.
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    Soulmonster is "Sanctimonious Scandiwegian Automaton" @SoulMonster Edit: Hi Josh!