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    wait, one last question, do you think it's a waste of time?
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    That would be wonderful and I truly hope that happens. That said, I'm not sure that such a path, if one exists, involves this forum or myself. I've tried to be as reconciling as possible while focusing on solutions and ways forward. But it would seem there isn't much apparent interest or intent with management on those fronts, as any correspondence has been of late, at least in my opinion, counter-productive. Attempts by myself to address and resolve matters have been returned with outright hostility and contempt for this forum. I really don't have the time nor interest to invest anymore than I have in this.
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    He mocks Axl’s choice of stage clothes and look at those shirts he is wearing.
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    *Posted in main section with permission from RussTCB* Hi fellow GN’R fans, I’m a longtime MyGNR member, mostly lurker, and have been a member of the other forums since their inception. Back when I was a kid, I used to be a part of the AOL message board community. Perhaps some of you were as well. Anyhoo, I’m a lifelong musician/songwriter and also work as an attorney in California. A couple of years ago, I had a pretty serious health scare involving six months or so of some pretty intense hospital treatment. I’m alright now, but it definitely made me re-evaluate my life and my priorities. As a result, and with the help of coming into a finite amount of money that I wasn’t expecting, I decided to quit my law job for all of 2018 to live off my savings and get my entire catalog of music recorded that I’d written throughout my adult life and never really had the chance to pursue properly due to always working and/or being in school. It’s multiple albums’ worth of material, and the first batch is being released today. I also recorded several tribute covers to the bands who inspired me the most as a musician. Guns N’ Roses are obviously very high on that list. I chose to cover “Locomotive” in part to show how much I love the band, and also because I’ve long considered it to be the great white whale fan favorite that perhaps never got its due. I of course had no idea they’d start playing it live again a few weeks back. In fact, I heard my final mastered version for the first time at the exact moment they played it for the first time in Kansas. I got my completed mastered album delivered to me that weekend, listened to it for the first time that Monday night, logged onto the internets right after, and lo and behold, they played it! You just can’t make this stuff up. I wanted to share this with you guys since this is the place I’ve gone for a decade or longer at this point to hear from GN’R fans who are just as passionate about the band as I am. Whether it was posting a dingy garage-recorded cover of “Pretty Tied Up” in 2007, the Axl chats in 2008, or being at opening night of NITL in Vegas and posting a review, I have a lot of fond memories of this place. The album and these tributes were recorded without any sort of expectation of money or fame or anything like that. My music is just that important to me, and getting it done really turned out to be good for my well-being. I’ve never been happier. It’s safe to say that life’s a lot easier to go through without a head full of unfinished business. With that, I hope you guys get a kick out of this! Cheers. Youtube: Spotify (Entire album + GN’R & Pantera tributes): (Search for artist Marla Hooch) The album can be found at most other streaming sites including iTunes under Marla Hooch. And for all you downloading motherfuckers, album can be downloaded here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/marlahooch
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    My daughter being born in 2010 and then my son in 2013. All of the birthdays and Christmas’s and family holidays - just watching them grow from being babies into children has been the best thing about life from 2010 onwards
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    i fuckin hate reaction videos. I don't care how people react. What's the point of this bullshit? Yeah a vocal trainer reacts a video bla bla bla hoooray. This is waste of time. Go to a real vocal trainer and learn face to face. This is really waste of time. Your knowledge is the same after watching these videos.. so waste of time.
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    It's strange that people constantly refer the leaks as 'damaging' - I don't see how they are at all personally. Has it made ANYONE who went to the trouble of finding them and listening less likely to buy future product? Or really impacted in any negative way whatsoever? I'd argue that the leaks are actually really positive- they get people excited, they renew interest, and show that some people, somewhere, still care about GNR as a creative vehicle.
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    I like Beth Roars, she gives a ton of great vocal guidance. And she gives Axl his dues. I learn a lot from her. Dont hurt that shes not a dusty dude neither.
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    It takes a certain personality to Judge someone’s singing while having done fuck all themselves. How many albums has this fuck sold? I can think of a lot of bands with singers that wouldn’t pass an audition but were great great bands. And the singers style being a part of that. Fuck your technique vocal coach man. Give me some bollocks and passion anyday.
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    If you can do nothing by yourself, post a reaction video.
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    Jesus Christ... That guy couldn't be any more full of himself.
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    Woman gets home from a hen do in Prague and a week later finds out she's pregnant. Her mate, rather taken aback queries "fucking hell, have you had a check up?" "No" she replies. "I think he was Lithuanian."
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    Yes. It's clearly the best solution. Very effective. And not just guys. He should beat the shit out of some women as well, just like he did in his prime. Cell phones are really annoying. Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age kicked a female photographer in the head so it's still acceptable. (he ruined it by apologizing though)
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    Is that Jimmy Fallon? Sorry, I didn’t watch the video but I thought it was Leann Rimes.
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    I can't wait until January 2020, will finally have my man on the same side of the damn ocean as me. 😋
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    I'm happy for people when they get sober, so I can't disagree with that at all. However, I really don't think his sobriety has anything to do with it. He comes off as just not giving at shit, at least to me.
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    I’ve watched two other vocal coaches on YouTube over the yearsand I always wonder What would they have thought of Shane MacGowan/The Pogues, Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedy’s, John Lydon/Sex Pistols, Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath, Lemmy/Motörhead, Rob Tyner/MC5, Iggy Pop/The Stooges, and a load of others who may not have been great singers but were integral to the sound and lyrics or melodies to each band they fronted. I want my Romantic music slurred and growled at me by a half drunken Shane MacGowan. Piss off with your keys and notes. (Edit MC5 mistake)
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    I think the reason Slash is doing more speedy shredding these days is because: a. He is sober, so can concentrate better b. He has had several decades more practice than in the 80s/90s c. He feels he has to compensate for not being as 'technical' as other guitarists in the past. Although in the 80s/90s he presented himself as a Hendrix type bluesy emotional 'feel' guitarist than a speedy Van Halen copy, part of him probably wants to show us all that he can shred if he wants to. But actually he doesn't have to, because his old style was fucking awesome and still contained some fast playing in measured doses. Argentina DTJ from '92 is better than the NITL performances, imo. Despite his sometimes 'sloppiness' in the old days I'd still rather watch a low quality video of him fucking up and restarting the SCOM intro three times (like in Ritz 91) than Ashba completely butchering the same song with an out of tune guitar AND having the cheek to wear a top hat, on whatever shitshow than was in the nu GNR era.
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    I completely understand this dynamic. Despite Facebook's efforts to provide limitations on access, it still feels as though what one posts in social media formats renders the author exposed to public and private scrutiny. I really don't want my friends, families, business associates, or possible future employers aware or have access to my GNR fandom. It's mine. GNR forums (and other fan forums) allow fans to invest themselves in a way that's perhaps more comfortable and free than on platforms that can be sourced back to a name or face. Ding. Ding. Ding.
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    Ken is your typical evangelical Christian, with his passive aggressive criticism. He is a great singer and coach but he needs to check his ego, Ken your begging for subs on YouTube while Axl is Critically (and commercially) lauded for his singing and songwriting.
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    What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some management, you just can't reach. So, you get what we had here, last year. Which is the way they want it, Well, they can get it And I don't like them anymore, just like most fans.
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    I don't think axl would give a rats ass about this guys "reaction" but the name Ken Tamplin (just the sound of it) sounds like a perfect name for axl to mention in a rant. "this song is dedicated to a cheap punk named Ken Tamplin" etc.
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    I thought so too, but recent communications have led me to believe otherwise. I have made it fundamentally clear that fan forums such as ours should not interfere in the business of Guns N' Roses. Previous administrations have made the mistake of involving themselves in the business of guns that I viewed as detrimental to said business. This and other places like it should serve as places to harness and promote positive fan energy to help fans and the band alike. Yet despite our efforts the last three or four years it seems like we're never going to shake whatever impressions management has of this place and those who are most committed in supporting the band.
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    On vacation in Germany, I was perusing a place called Second Hand Records in Stuttgart and stumbled across a copy of Its Five O’Clock Somewhere for about $165 USD, so of course I had to pick it up. The record is near mint with absolutely no markings (only played once) and the sleeve is in very good condition I would say. So stoked to give this a spin when I get home!
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    Love to see Slash get the boys back again someday for a tour - Teddy “ Zig Zag” On Vox Johnny “ Black Out “ G on bass Alvino Bennett on the Skins Slash being Slash
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    It has, yeah but there's a big public outcry / backlash about it. People use lame excuses like "BUT WHAT IF AN EMERGENCY HAPPENS DURING THE CONCERT AND I DON'T HAVE MY PHONE?!" My answer to that is: "the emergency could be handled the same way it was in the entire history of concerts prior to cell phones..." In any case, I personally think there's way too much money in viral / social marketing for corporations to care. They gain a ton of free advertising and buzz from people using their phones at shows. In the end, major corporations are always going to take the cash instead of trying to do what's best for the customer.
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    Hasn't this thing worked? https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/20/yondr-phone-free-cases-alicia-keys-concert https://www.nme.com/news/music/jack-white-bans-phones-gigs-2227093
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    He bragged about beating them up while being high on pain killers with his crutch. Zane Lowe was the interviewer. I'm not trying to educate anyone and I'm a big fan of Josh but I don't get a kick (lol) out of seeing gingers being violent or anyone else for that matter. Axl was a violent cunt.
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    Her camera was inches from her face, close enough that she sustained damage, big enough of a deal that he apologized for it. Edit: it's not the only incident where Josh got violent. He once told a story about hitting 2 fans with a crutch (he was recovering from an injury at the time) simply for telling him they drove 10 hours to see his band.
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    Yeah think he had a problem with them taking up the front row or something like that aswell. That didn't work with my joke though.
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    I have always thought Ron was the most talented Guitarist - Song Writer that Axl Rose hired for the CD Tour Great Guitar Player
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    Haven't nearly shat myself on the way to work for a while does that count?
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    Decent single. The band are fucking insane, but Ron and Derek are undoubtedly the stars of the show in SOA. Looking forward to hearing the album.
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    Rock covers of Reggae are generally terrible but The Clash always got by chiefly because they weren’t really trying to replicate reggae but still kinda got the musical spirit of it.
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    Well, something has got to be done with all those yellow teeth.
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    I’m afraid if you’re in the position of manager of such a huge band and some fan has to explain to you the advantages of internet videos, it may already be too late for that. It’s like a surgeon going: "What’s this?" "That’s a vein, sir." "A what? Nonsense, never heard of. Let’s cut it." "But sir – " "Let’s cut it!" Also, just how many times do you stick your hand through a fence to get bitten each time before you realize what you’re doing is idiotic? Years of patience. Yes, we’ve been there, done that.
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    Oh well. Just keep going and remain slightly maverick. I never realised.
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    I whole heartedly agree. I still can't fathom why we exist in some respects. GNR's official forum should have knocked this place off as the primarily place for fans to talk about all things GNR. But it has been so poorly mismanaged (allowed bitter and racist posts to remain, poor discussion and member moderation) and run, with short-term business calculations (i.e., kept behind a paywall) that it has allowed this place, a relic of the pre-social media era, to remain viable and relatively popular among GNR fans. I use to believe Facebook pages and groups would eventually sap energy from this forum but it's a completely different medium and not really well set-up for fan discussions (difficult to review topics and little to no anonymity). This place won't last forever, but it has continued despite the fact that other online destinations should have usurped its place a long time ago. I wouldn't say full. It's the 90-10 problem. 90 percent of the problems are caused by 10 percent of the participants.
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    I liked this guys insights quite a bit more, also talks a bit about Axl's singing technique.
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    While grotesque, Ken Tamplin is a master and an asset. If you want to be douche - coached like me, you've struck gold. The shirts must be destroyed and it's makers imprisoned, but this man should be respected and acknowledged for all he has contributed to his field. (vocal douching)
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    he picks Adam Lambert over Axl with regard to Queen stuff. It actually says it all.
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    What is the incentive for TB though? the band is already successful, and while more success is always desirable, we, the hardcore fans, seems to be merely a nuisance to contain. Why should they change their approach if it's working for them just fine through minimizing risk? I'm not against trying to build a relationship with management, I just think it's possible they may think it's not even worth the hassle. The way Beta treated Margot was very telling. Or how she reacted to Duff's wife Susan taking a picture with Steph. (you are either with us, or against us) Fernando also chooses to deal with jaded fans by defending the camp's way of doing things at all costs. There is no accountability. Unfortunately, these are the people we'll have to deal with if we want basic shit that almost every fan of every band gets and they're not exactly eager to please the hardcore fans. Surely there must be a certain level of giving a fuck in order for them to even take us seriously. And it's not just Beta and Fernando. Del seems to have the same outlook on it while also being a hypocrite, while Axl, Duff, and Slash don't get involved too much, if at all. At least as far as we know.
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    It's so ridiculous how all these members are afraid of gnr questions. These aren't questions about government secrets or whatever - just a fucking band and it's music. It's their job to answer questions about their job. Get over yourself
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    This is a better comparison to younger and older smash. Both are absolutely awesome, there should be nothing to complain about at all.
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    The old star wars in 4k look crisp as hell. Interesting how theyre trying to pass Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith as being in 4k, when they were digitally filmed in 1080p
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    Kinda sad, the number of people on this thread that seem to have been finding their lives quite hard going for a long time. I hope the years that come are better than the ones that have gone for you guys. When I think about it, I've had a really good decade, barring a small period in 2014/2015 where I lost momentum a wee bit and ended up having to do some jobs that I didn't really care about for a short time, it's been full of self-discovery, learning, adventures, volcanoes and other amazing places, and making bonds with some really wonderful human beings from all over the world. I think I've been very lucky .
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    No, but entitled people who completely lucked into a life of luxury sure do
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    They could add a cover of this one to the set and dedicate it to all the hardcore fans around the world
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    And some (like me) just like it all!! There is definitely something to what you said about the songs being played to fast.. Sometimes it feels like Slash is just trying to keep up with the unnatural tempos of the songs. I also think Slash was playing better than he ever had while playing with SMKC prior to the reunion.
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    Axl Rose's last public appearance (in terms of being actively outside amongst other celebrities) occurred on January 20th 1994, at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame to induct Elton John. He inducted Elton, and then performed with Bruce Springsteen to induct John Lennon. This would be his last known live performance of the 20th century. Axl and Slash took part in a joint radio interview on January 3rd 1994, their last interview together and Axl's last published interview for five years. After January 1994, Axl stepped out of the public eye. He contributed vocally to Gilby Clarke's first solo album, Pawnshop Guitars, which was released in May 1994, and sang on GN'R's cover of Sympathy for the Devil, which was recorded in October 1994, and he lended his vocals as a guest on the recording of The Outpatience's (a band created by West Arkeen, a GN'R songwriter and friend) song Anxious Disease in 1996. Slash guested on guitar on this track and as such it is the last song they performed on together. According to a person who was involved in the process, Axl and Slash's parts were recorded separately as both would not have contributed if they knew they'd be on the same track. In August 1993, Axl had sued Stephanie Seymour, claiming she had stolen jewelry from him and had attacked him physically. She countersued, claiming Axl had abused her. At the same time in August 1993, Axl defended Guns N' Roses in court against Steven Adler, but ultimately GN'R lost the case. Seymour summoned Erin Everly, Axl's former ex-wife, to testify and then in April 1994, Erin sued Axl on her own behalf, with the case lasting over a year (Axl reported being in depositions with his ex-wife as late as the Oklahoma City Bombings in April 1995). After 1994, Axl's whereabouts, looks and 'recluse' status became something of a legend in the music industry. Axl sightings were reported as if he was Bigfoot, and like with most Bigfoot sightings, the reports were at times exaggerated and dubious. Courtney Love claimed in a May 1994 interview that Axl had left the public eye because his hair had fallen out because he had "mixed Prozac and Heroin." This little guide will track Axl's evolution throughout his time in the 'Wilderness', the 'Recluse years' visually as well as using information gleaned from people who were in contact with him during these years. This will hopefully prove a fun little piece for fans who have wondered about Axl in the '94-'00 period. Axl, January 20th '94 Axl's last public appearance. Note his hair here in January '94 is still UYI era length and still styled as such, and he has begun to dress in the same way as many Grunge singers of the era, in flannel and shabby clothes, which was the trend of the time. Axl with Sante D'Orazio March 1994: Again, same length as UYIs. Note also that in both pix, he has full stubble, a stubbly full beard. Sante would be Axl's companion throughout the next few years. Duff's pancreas burst in May 1994 and he and Axl became much closer after this near-death experience. Duff recalls Axl visited him in the hospital and that in the following months, they often went mountain biking together, and talking about GN'R's past, present and future (according to Duff's autobiography). Meanwhile, Slash, Gilby, Matt and Dizzy worked on what would become the first Snakepit record. Axl, February 1995 (his birthday). This rare photograph was taken with a fan who happened to come across Axl. Axl, March 1995 (Beta's birthday). This photo was put up on Instagram a while back as a Throwback Thursday and shows Axl in good health, not bald, and looking just as he did on the UYI tour, contrary to the rumors that he'd grown 'fat, bald, and strange' in his time out of the spotlight. Again, note in those two pix, his hair is still very long, same length as it was on the UYI tour. His face looks as skinny as it did during the UYI era, but now his stubbly beard is a stubbly goatee. Mid 1995: Axl's look has begun to change a bit. His hair is cropped a bit shorter than the AFD and UYI years but not by much. He is rarely cleanshaven here, and he looks a little more fuller in the face than in previous years. By 1994, Axl's weight had jumped from 137lbs in 1990 to 145 lbs. During this uncertain period in GN'R's history, after Gilby had been let-go from GN'R, Axl began trying to play at being a guitarist himself: In reference to who had replaced Gilby, Matt Sorum said: "Right now, [Axl]'s playing guitar and it's like he plays that instrument for ten years." (Matt, 09/23/96) "For the last couple of years, [Axl] started to go, 'Okay, I'm going to play guitar and actually learn what these notes are.' It's an innocent guitar, not unlike Izzy (Stradlin, ex-GN'R guitarist) was, but Axl's got a lot more musically than Izzy ever did.'" (Duff, Addicted to Noise, 08/30/96) "Axl is rhythm guitar on his own songs for the time being." (Slash chat, 07/30/96) "[Axl's guitar playing] tripped me out when I first came back,' Slash says. 'I figured 'Okay, that's where his focus has been. I haven't really talked to him about it, to tell the truth. I guess he's just been sitting at home, figuring out chords or something. Maybe he's been taking lessons." (Slash, Total Guitar, 01/97) Axl was throwing himself and Guns into the studio at this time, but he was unable to come up with any ideas. Of Axl's guitar setup, [Dave] Abbruzzese recalls, "You could hunt buffalo with his rig. It had a lot of lights, a lot of blinking lights, a lot of things that you stepped on. It sounded like a freight train that was somehow playable." (Rolling Stone, 05/11/00) "And when [Axl] did show up at rehearsal, he never sang." (Slash, autobiography) "We were supposed to jam and jam until he said, "I like this", or, "I like that." ...We'd play for an hour or more and then finally get bored and go home, leaving him in the studio." (Slash, autobiography) Axl, 10/28/1995: Axl, October 28th 1995: Note Axl's hair here is much shorter then in any previous point in these two pix. He also looks a little chubbier in his face, and he has a stubbly goatee (you can tell clearly the rest of his face is shaved). Axl, Halloween 1995, October 31st 1995 Axl, December 1995 This picture appeared in a Dec 1995 issue of Metal Hammer originally. Note Axl's hair is EVEN shorter, just barely chin length. Axl, mid 1996: You can tell Axl's face is much chubbier and the chubbyness is hidden by the big beard. His face looks similar there to how it does now, actually. This photo was taken in April 1996, backstage at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. "Axl was distracted by events tragic, potentially tragic and strange. His mother, Sharon Bailey, died in May 1996 at the age of fifty-one. Wildfires nipped at the edges of Axl's PRIVATE Canyon property the same year." (Rolling Stone, 05/11/00) "[On 04/04/96, Axl] turned up backstage at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the LA Forum." (Kerrang, 08/21/99) "I went to see a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with Axl... I guess I never noticed that I’d undergone drastic physical changes." (Duff, autobiography) "'Axl'd cut his hair short and grown a beard', recalled Chilis drummer Chad Smith. 'I didn't recognize him.'" (Kerrang, 08/21/99) At this point, GN'R had regrouped again for another round of sessions, this time with Paul Huge actively playing a role in the band. Dizzy had apparently quit at same point, but was back: "We've been in for two weeks as a full band with Slash and Axl (Rose) and me... Dizzy Reed is also back." (Duff, Addicted to Noise, 08/30/96) "Sorum reports in the last week that Slash has been rehearsing with GN'R bassist Duff McKagan (who plays guitar in Neurotic Outsiders), Rose, Reed and "an anonymous guitar player" who may or may not be Clarke's replacement, and Sorum." (Matt, Toronto Sun, 09/04/96) "[Gilby's replacement is an] unknown. But I can't tell you his name because I don't know if he will tour with us." (Matt, 09/23/96) "It's fun and the energy is there," [Duff] said only hours before joining Axl Rose, Slash, Matt Sorum and rhythm guitarist Paul Huge at a GN'R rehearsal and writing session." (Duff, Metal Edge, 11/96) "We have been doing mostly Axl's material." (Slash chat, 10/16/96) "Even if we don't sell any copy of the next album, I will be very proud of what we did. But I don't worry about it, I know that what we are doing right now is great. [...] We are working on rock songs that last only 4 minutes (laughs). We already did 7 songs and we will write 7 others. [...] It will be a single album with 10 or 12 songs." (Matt, 09/23/96) "The record will be all up-tempo rock songs ("No ballads," McKagan said firmly) and it will be just 12 songs, with a release planned for next spring." (Duff, Addicted to Noise, 08/30/96) "So far, Slash and McKagan say the band has worked up about 16 songs, and the bassist reports that: 'the material is really strong...This record is going to fuckin' rock. There's nothing like the chemistry of Guns when we're in the same room.'" (Total Guitar, 01/97) "It's gonna be an angry record, but that's what we were built on." (Slash, Kerrang, 09/21/96) "This is not as sophisticated as Illusion, but not as wild as Appetite. It's in the middle. Maybe more groovy. Musically, we are all better. I never heard Duff play like that." (Matt, 09/23/96) "We're definitely getting geared up to do another record. We're already starting to make tour plans. We've got a possible tour starting in South America in January and then we're going to stop and finish the record and probably tour next summer." (Matt, Toronto Sun, 09/04/96) 'It sounds like the band again. Everybody's in good shape and Duff's looking really good and healthy. It was good that we took the time off, because at the end of the tour Duff was one foot in the grave. I mean it was like we were all drugged out. We just all stepped back out of the whole rock and roll debauchery for a while and just sort of mellowed.'" (Matt, Toronto Sun, 09/04/96) Axl, '96 or '97: By this point, Slash was out. In 1997, Axl was described like this by Moby: "His nemesis, Courtney Love, has since accused Rose in the press of vanishing partly because he's supposed to be losing his hair. Moby can't confirm the hair situation because he says, "Axl's always worn a hat when I've been around him. I don't even know if he has long hair anymore. He has a beard that's clearly not been groomed. If you passed him on the street, you wouldn't stop and say, 'Oh, there goes one of the most successful rock stars on the planet.' (Moby, 10/97) By this time, Guns N' Roses was composed of Axl, Duff, Paul Huge, Robin Finck, Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed Axl would meet the public eye again but not in a way he ever intended...On February 26th 1998, Axl was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Phoenix airport: Axl, February 26th 1998 "You are just all little people on a power trip!" Axl exclaimed to the arresting officers. In the original arrest record, Axl's hair is described as short, "over ears"; not tied in a ponytail, and his height is said to be 5'8'' and his weight is at 160lbs. Axl would not be seen again for another two years, by which point his hair had regrown, when he suddenly appeared on stage with Gilby Clarke in June 2000: