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    Credit Mitch Lafon from his Twitter. This is cool. This is exactly how it was like back then. Whatever city they were in it was huge. I remember when they hit Mpls and it was all over local news too. Such a kick ass time. -
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    I think the question should be rephrased "Is Axl over Stephanie Seymour?" The answer is "no" Guy needed to throw his money at snake-oil salesmen to try and justify why the women he abused left him The best we can hope for is Mr. I'm Not Bipolar Even Though I Admitted I Was staying on his meds and not harming anyone else - the man is incapable of remorse No one feels sorry that you got dumped by a Supermodel, Axl - move the fuck on with your life
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    I was actually never a fan of the Who either and knew the song but wasn't overly familiar with it. But I love the Guns version. Went back to listen to the original too. Not only is the song in Axl's pocket but he seems to really get off on singing it and you can see some of that old school swagger in him when he does. I wouldn't mind a hearing a studio version of it on an album if they did one.
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    I'm so glad to see you and a few others saying it's your favorite. I get destroyed on here on a regular basis because it's my favorite GNR album. I've actually had people try to tell me that it's NOT actually my favorite lol. They've literally tried to convince me that I don't think that.
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    Chinese Democracy is not just my favourite Guns album, but my favourite album of all time. As crazy as it is to type this, the whole anticipation for it's release, the false dates, the optimism among fans of it's release, the leaks - everything - is all something that I loved too, even though it was incredibly frustrating at times. I will always be eternally grateful to Axl Rose for his music, as his work has helped me through some very difficult times and helped me celebrate success on the flip side of that. I just really hope that he gets to finish what he started, or is motivated to finish what he started. There's a lot of good music that he is sat on. Songs like Atlas are as good as anything Guns have ever released. 11 years is too long of a wait, but it may end up being a blessing that we never got a record in that time - if anyone is going to replace Bucket or Finck's parts, it should only be Slash (preferably no one at all, but you can't always get what you want!)
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    It’s weird watching how much Axl is just over AFD by ‘89. “I don’t want to live my life through that album.” You can feel the hunger that drove the UYI’s. They didn’t bury it but they did something special with those albums and the tour. I wonder if that desire still exists. I say that with respect to Chinese in the sense that... I wonder if he can just let that album stand now as it is and start clean. Or if the rest of his professional life will be in one way or another justifying and selling CD (the album, the decisions around it, the time investment, trying to do stuff with the unreleased tracks).
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    Axl holding resentment, anger, or insecurity about something? That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.
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    Pretty cool history on "Since I Don't have You".. I remember that storm well a we drove through it to get to the show. It was insane and we were all on acid.. including the driver haha.. Good times I was also in bootcamp when TSI was released and my buddy mailed me the cassette. I still have it.
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    It's a GNR album. Period. This whole "my favorite person didn't play on it, so it's not a GNR album" thing is so tired. Personally, I'm very happy it was released as a GNR album seeing as GNR members played on it.
  10. 2 points
    Considering its quality - thank god there wasn't more. Would it had been Axl's solo record w/o GNR mokiner - I would have said whatever. Cnsidering it actually hid behind the moniker - it dragged GNR from one of the world's greatest - to toilet.
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    Happy Birthday. I love the album. It's one of my favourites.
  12. 2 points
    Happy birfday to the biggest grower album of all time.
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    I dont think he'll ever be over it honestly, the whole CD era was probably a shock of reality for the guy, we can all pretend Axl is so humble and whatever the fuck people say about him these days, but he probably tought he was Guns N' Roses and whatever he released would be acclaimed. When he got back in 2000, losing most of the original fanbase and with a lot of people seeing him as a curiosity, that probably hurt his ego a lot and some years later (2006-2008 I guess) he realized that he and himself wasn't enough to be Guns N' Roses, getting even more hurt by it. So, the way I see it, he probably still wants that material to be considered legit by the masses as he still performs a lot of it but is so afraid to release a "CD2" and fail again that he'll never do it. Theres probably the fear of releasing it and being successful just because Slash is playing on it. And theres also the scenario where he release an album full of Slash material and it is a sucess, undermining his grandiose visions way more. I guess for Axls ego theres no win on this situation
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    I really love, LOVE this album. So underrated, so much potential with the Rough Leaks. Bring this back to the setlist plz.
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    I guarantee "Nothing" is one of those songs Also, I just made a connection from the next passage in Chinese Whispers: Youth signed on as producer in April 1998 - 18 months prior would have been October 1996, the month Slash quit So Axl was recording vocals for the new album up until Slash quit...and then stopped Maybe "Hard School" is in fact from the 1996 sessions
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    I'm weirdly getting excited that they're posting all this, hoping... bang and here's what's coming november 2019.....
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    U2 does this crazy thing where they release new music, stay relevant and keep people interested. Between that and having a production that makes GNRs production look like child's play, it would be pretty hard for GNR hit their numbers.
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    I gotta say, as much (rightful) bitching this forum does sometimes, this reunion is one of my favorite things to happen this entire decade. GNR is my favorite band. I never got to see them in their prime, but because of this tour, I got at least a taste of why this band is so legendary. I’m happy for their success. (With that being said, I will still be a said complainer on this forum about lack of new music and excess laundry bags )
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    16 tracks?! This guy just has songs pouring out of him! I really like Buffalo Boys, thanks for sharing it. Its just as you say, surprisingly Americana. He's touched on so many genres and nails this one too. I havent checked out Oglala in full, Ill definitely do that.
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    Better is my favorite GNR song, but I'd put TWAT in my Top 10 too. TIL has my favorite solo in any GNR song too.
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    All these years later and some people still haven’t realized how excellent CD is. As for me, it’s been a true blessing to enjoy it. Even the mastering sweeps the floor with other contemporary albums. This things got it all!
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    Nobody else knows how to win like the Tories, they are completely and utterly ruthless in their pursuit of power. Labour, on the other hand.... are fucking inept.
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    Yeah, I also think that they put in the right place, after the mellower alts and to bring up the energy before PC. One thing I'd also love to hear is Slash playing the solo as he did at the Troubador show, it had the dirtiness that I love from his style.
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    My personal preference right now : From Elvis in Memphis The White Album Hotel California Street Survivors IV Bat Out Of Hell Black Sabbath Look at Yourself Aqualung Angel Dust
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    In any case, whatever he feels (and we don’t know), things definitely could have been very different if it wasn’t for the fights with the producers and the business people around, the constant lingering and delays, if they kept releasing new material on like a biyearly basis, changing playlists, and communicating with fans normally, including a proper web, social media (with professionals knowing how to do that job), etc., which definitely wasn’t the case. So the music itself – even though there are better versions, as we now know – isn’t to be blamed for whatever let-downs may concern this era.
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    Jeff Beck too. If you like Roy, Danny Gatton was also great.
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    Finally visited Kulminator in Antwerp yesterday. What a weird and unique experience. There were so many many beers I just chose a beer on tap and it turned out a great choice for me. Very yummy!
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    6 and a half rounds Ortiz outboxed Wilder, who didn't use his right hand once until he switched Ortiz' lights out with just one punch
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    3 headliners already announced. So I think in 7/10 Days They're going to reveal the last one or Friday 12th June
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    Yes, it perfectly fits Axl's voice as of now. Perfect substitute for The Seeker I'd say.
  33. 1 point
    agreed i edited my list to make it album per artist as well and prob better to omit compliation or greatest hits albums as well
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    SSLP is his best album but MMLP has a lot of his best individual songs. And I agree about The Eminem Show being a tier below both those albums.
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    That's a pretty eclectic list. Cool.
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    03.30.93 - British Columbia Place, Vancouver, Canadaopening act: Brian May Bandaudio/video recording?: nonotes: Towards the end of the show, Axl looked at a certain part of the crowd and said something to the effect of "You're all just looking at me, I don't know but it seems to me you're all a bunch fags."
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    Thanks for posting! Axl was indeed late at the first San Diego show (according to reports, they took the stage 20 minutes before midnight). He also ranted quite a bit. In one of the rants he called Motley Crue "cockroaches" http://www.a-4-d.com/t1891-1992-01-27-san-diego-sports-arena-san-diego-usa (Axl's rants and a review from the Los Angeles Times)
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    This is a tough one but I’ll at least put 10 that come to mind... Let It Be - The Beatles The Beatles - The Beatles Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon Fun House - The Stooges Cheap Trick (‘77) - Cheap Trick Hotter Than Hell - KISS Tiny Music - STP Ritual De Lo Habitual - Jane’s Addiction Rubber Soul - The Beatles Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
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    Did top 15 without Live Albums: Scorpions - Lovedrive Scorpions - In Trance Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell Scorpions - Blackout Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death Iron Maiden - Somewhere In time Rainbow - Rising Iron Maiden - Powerslave Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy Alter Bridge - Blackbird W.A.SP. - The Crimson Idol AC/DC - Let There Be Rock Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
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    YES!!!!! although its understandable that a bad break up can really hurt for a long time the solution was not surrounding yourself by leeches and crying on their shoulder until their sweaters got full of your snot while alienating your old bandmates and fanbase
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    I bought two copies over the last week or two.. The first was a reissue overpriced replica and the second is an original pressing with the original unedited cover and Inner Sleeve.. Hoping it gets here today. Cannot wait to soak it all in.. love the bass in that song
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    Fuckin love me some George Strait. Gonna see him live in KC in the new year
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    With Slash, I have always thought that his soloing ideas get elevated by great songwriting and great melody. Having a beautful vocal melody in Estranged or NR to play off of and make the guitar sing. Or even the rockers, composing that super melodic and singable melody on Nightrain that is the perfect answer to Axl's vocal ideas. When he has great songs to work with, great ideas come out This song itself sounds like a generic low-effort paint-by-numbers Ozzy song to me anyways, so I know that as a guitar player, I would be hard pressed to find melodic inspiration in this song to do anything else but shred up and down the Eb Minor Pentatonic scale with a wah pedal which is what Slash is doing here lol.
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    Well, seems like this is really the end of NITL. We didn´t have this kind of articles before. It´s almost like a press release or something. Also the last time we had the "the end? We're just getting started" on the tour page of gunsnroses.com so they were teasing us from the beggining. Now we only have some festivals dates but it seems to be something else. I think that we'll hear something new the next year in some form
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    Well that's the thing that cracks me up about people who attempt to insult this site and it's users: just because we can call the band put for stupid things (laundry bags, over priced everything else) doesn't mean we aren't happy for the band when things are going right.
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    I think this "open letter" have too much words just to said that Axl is an "lazy-ass".....