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    Best show period was Bridge School in 2012- I cant provide video proof because of the people who got unofficial links banned on the forum, so you’ll just have to take my word on it.
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    "No new bands can play stadiums" is only true of rock bands. But plenty of "newer" acts currently fill stadiums. Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran. Rock music isn't mainstream right now. That's it, that's all. It has nothing to do with the talent level. GNR came up in a different time. What made them special were they were their sound, which was brought together by the sum of their parts. They melded their influences and wrote great music that rose above the hair metal slop on Sunset Strip. They made other bands like Poison seem like a joke. GNR were really the band to kill hair metal. Not Nirvana. Axl's voice is a musical instrument unto itself. In his prime, he was peerless. IMO, the best ever.
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    This is really unfortunate. I totally understand the decision as you have to protect yourself the best you can. What I can’t understand is the whole premise behind this. Seeing videos of a concert and discussing the songs, concert, sound etc is not taking anything away from the band. If Axl is on the street and a pic is talked of him, tabloids can run it. If I’m at a concert that I paid to get in, take a video with my own phone, and post it on you tube, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. The leaks are another story. That is potentially harming the future sale of an album ( if they actually ever do one). We should be able to talk about them though. What the GNR team is trying to do is the same thing the other liberal media outlets are doing; Control the tone and content of what people hear and see. This allows them to put what ever spin they want and have people think the way they want them to. It’s all pretty disgusting. This is a band that should be celebrating all their passionate fan base, not trying to piss on them every chance they can.
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    Let's be honest here he was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Anyone could've done for the band for what he does, he's got nothing that sets him apart from any other keyboardist
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    These 4 posts may be one of the best thing I’ve read in a while!
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    Yeah, it's all a bit messy currently in terms of the festivals in Europe. Lots of stuff moving and talk of headliners being swapped out or moved, possibly all due to.... GUNS N ROSES. Graspop has announced the 3rd headliner (Aerosmith), and rumor has it they have one massive band left for the Friday, either AC/DC or GNR. Same story goes for Pinkpop in the Netherlands, and Firenze Rocks also needs one last headliner, which is GNR according to the sources of the lovely @Italian girl. So as this forum we should be good, we either get a GNR tour, an AC/DC tour, or both. Saying that out loud probably means we'll get no tour at all.
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    Yeah, your missus deserves a fucking medal!
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    Trailer landed earlier today. I know it's a bit early but I'm pretty excited about this. Take note Paul Feig.
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    Why would he leave anyways? All he has to do is bang a bongo for 90% of the time he's on stage, fuck who wouldn't take that job?
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    I'll mark myself down as "cautiously optimistic". The tone seems way off from what I would expect from the franchise.
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    Because you live in a real world. I do. Many of these entertainers dont. Friends can tell you, me, that was dumb or you look funny. We still good. When on payroll, you thread lighlty. Prince did not take his own advice that friends are not on payroll. Truth is he had no friends and no family which are friends too . His world. His bubble. Yes people all around.
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    They filled a void in between vapid hair metal and ridiculous leathery metal. Their music combined styles that were popular at the time, rock, punk, metal, glam, and created something that everybody could like. At least one song or two. The music also veered between the aggressive and the sensitive, again offering something for everybody and breaking up the listening experience. The musicianship was thoroughly excellent. Slash created solos and riffs that will go down in history. The guitar interplay between him and Izzy was exciting. They tried to avoid making the songs to simple but added codas and breaks that made the listening experience more interesting. Axl's amazing, stand-out vocals filled with emotions that felt genuine and real, tied it all together and lifted it to another level. You felt every word he sang came from a genuine place. And the vocals were raw and not operatic. The lyrics were earnest and refreshing since they didn't just deal with vapid love or themes people couldn't or wouldn't relate to (swords and fantasy or politics). Simply put, it wasn't a game, it was kids playing their hearts out. Trying to get a message across. Dead earnest about it. Well executed.
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    so...what the video is trying to say is: some talented friends / guys went to L.A. and created a band of the most talented guys they met there. Hollywood Rose would have never made it. Thats the truth. Axl needed Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy to create a great band.
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    This is all pretty ridiculous and sad
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    After much listening to fellow members and discussions amongst the Mod staff concerning the recent policy changes around posting links to unlicensed content, we've decided that the outline provided below is really the only course of action. To begin, the forum will not create a private or separate area for members to post YouTube links. This option actually creates more problems than it solves. First, it isn't full proof and the deadbeats responsible for this nonsense would likely access it at some point. The mod staff do a great job of cracking down on alt accounts by and large, but we're not perfect. It would only be a matter of time before the GNR deplorables that have terrorized the GNR fan community for over a decade would breach the walls and bring the section down. Second, the creation and allowance of a private section creates a liability issue for myself as owner of the forum and for our current hosting provider. Currently we cannot be charged or found liable for links or content if we demonstrate that best efforts are made to ensure it doesn't appear on the forum. Someone posting a link to unlicensed content on here doesn't necessarily expose myself or the forum to civil legal action or liability since we are merely required to show that reasonable efforts were taken to remove the post within a reasonable amount of time. Establishing a separate section of this forum with the sole purpose to circumvent the DMCA exposes the forum, the host provider, and myself to legal risk. Quite simply, a private section shows intent to evade copyright violations. Our hosting provider, if they discovered that our forum was structured to enable our members to post links to unlicensed materials, would surely drop us as a client. And while I see it as extremely unlikely, it could potentially open myself up to civil liability should the day GNR wanted to come after me personally (GNR management has already expressed to me in writing that our allowance for the discussion of the recent leaks put us in the same legal grounds as those who distributed those leaks). Some of you might want to "fight the power," but that's easy to say when it's not your potential financial survival at stake. As much as I would hate having to remove links to videos of taken by fans at GNR concerts, it's not worth jeopardizing the longevity of the forum or my own financial well being. The risk certainly isn't worth it over a band like Guns N' Roses, who have, by an large, become nothing more than business that prioritizes money making opportunities above all else. I'll repeat: the main priority with GNR these days is to make money. It's become my impression that concerns about the fans or music in general are a distant priority, if even at priority at all. So where does that leave us? Pretty much where we started last week. We will not allow direct posting of unlicensed content on this forum. We will no longer allow posts that link to unlicensed content. What we well allow, until told otherwise, is keywords by which people, with a reasonable amount of intelligence, can used to discover the content themselves. We ask that posters refrain from naming the source or platform when providing keywords that describes the content in question, but I think anyone with some level of familiarity with various video sharing platforms can figure out where to search using the keywords described. We get it: it's incredibly annoying, frustrating and disappointing, but it's the best of the bad options at this point. As we saw with the leaks, a tremendous amount of discussion is still possible on this forum without having access to it via the forum. At the end of the day, it wasn't YouTube videos that built this forum (YouTube didn't even exist when this forum first started). It was the community of passionate GNR fans who wanted a place to discuss anything related to the band and the music. The forum will continue to provide a platform where fans can learn, discuss and debate any topic that comes to mind. If this forum needs YouTube videos to survive then it's probably not worth saving at this point. Again, we apologize that it has come to this but there's not much more we can do or say on this matter. GNR seems to be on the forefront of having some real pieces of shit as fans. As much as I feel sorry for the community as whole who find themselves continually and repeatedly disappointed from the same old bullshit, I also feel sorry that there are people out there who have so little in their lives that taking away joy from others is the only thing that gives them purpose. How little in one's life does one have to have to make taking down fan videos and harassing online communities like ours a priority in their own lives? It really is sad that such sad little people exist. But that's the world we live in unfortunately. I do agree with many that it's a shame that GNR management doesn't feel compelled to do much or communicate their position on the matter. But understand that even though we're all dealing with it, the problem is larger than GNR and what they are likely able to do help fix it. The system that manages content rights and rights holders is severely broken. Until such time when anonymous losers can't lodge a copyright complaint, that only copyright claims can be filed and acted upon by the rights holders, there's not much we or the band can do. We're going to pin this discussion in the D&N section so that it can be seen as many members and visitors as possible. Feel free to discuss below.
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    Apparently the Horowitz probe did not prove all FISA warrants were fraudulent. There were serious issues with the Carter Page warrant, but nothing that justifies anything Trump supporters and QAnon nutjobs have claimed in the past. https://www.thedailybeast.com/justice-department-inspector-general-finds-serious-performance-failures-in-fbis-carter-page-probe?ref=home "The report also said that the inspector found no “documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation” influenced FBI decisions to open investigations of Trump campaign associates, to use confidential sources interact with them, and to seek authority to surveil Page"
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    I worked with Bon Jovi once at Wembley, it was the concert with Ugly Kid Joe and Van Halen. Leading up to the gig, I remember Eddie Van Halen riding around Wembley on a bike, I think he was exercising. People had to put plastic squares out on the pitch to protect it, they fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle, but they were not allowed to stand on the grass because it was 'sacred'. It was a great experience, and I like Bon Jovi and they always put on a good concert, but JBJ was not a nice person but he was accessible. Iron Maiden concerts, the band never seemed accessible to people working with them, which was weird. Def Leppard were cool, Joe Elliot is a great guy. Oddly, never worked at a GN'R concert despite all the oddities with Merck and that. I have seen them but just as a punter.
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    Team Brazil. Team Brazil made Guns N' Roses very special indeed.
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    At least an unlicensed nuclear accelerator shouldn’t need charging every fucking five minutes.
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    It is Labour who have done a U-Turn by ditching northern working class issues such as jobs, living standards and housing for London orientated middle class issues such as environmentalism and gay rights - oh, and support for the EU. Supporting rampant migration also. That isn't going to go down well.
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    Yeah, I was thinking you'd prefer them to use the streamlined and cordless digital version? And just like, store the ghosts in 'the cloud' or whatever
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    Yes Bill, Dan, Ernie, Sigorney and Annie are ALL in this film. No word yet on Rick Moranis. From what I've heard, they have more than just cameos (the 3 Ghostbusters anyways, I'm not sure about Sigorney and Annie). Are they the stars? No, that's why they are not in the trailer. But will we see the 3 OG's suit up in this film??? Yes. But we probably wont see any footage of that until right before the film comes out. This is just the first trailer after all.
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    In Scotland we at least replaced them with a centre-left party rather than performing a bizarre ideological 180° and deciding that voting for right wing parties would be a good alternative. That's like deciding that the fire station you work in isn't being run very well so rather than seeking a transfer to another, you decide to become an arsonist.
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    Someone needs to tell Joe that just because a crime wasn't committed doesn't mean it wasn't wrong. This is how he has responded to anyone who has had an issue with him. He told someone who had a issue with Obama era immigration enforcement practices to 'Vote for Trump" yes, seriously. I'm wondering where this folksy charm everyone says he has is at. I'm optimistic Trump will be a one-term president, but having Joe as the nominee is really testing it. I can't imagine there is a soul who would be optimistic about a Biden presidency.
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    The gorgeous blonde on the inner sleeve of my GnR Lies record 30 years ago, I was so stoked with that as a teenager way back then. That’s what made GnR so special ! :-) Close thread...
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    This is about the National Anthem, which isn’t even worth standing up for,so that’s why they neuter the performance. U2 played lived. And I’m almost certain Prince did.
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    I'll make an example of this one and then hopefully the word will get out.
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    my answer is: listen to Appetite For Destruction, watch they 80s shows. it will never happend again!
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    More than one talented songwriter in the band, great songs, cool logos, a unique singer, a unique guitarist, the band had a lot of charisma in an era when MTV was still huge, the way they incorporated several rock genres into their sound, the danger and rawness they possessed at a time when a lot of mainstream rock bands were kinda superficial. It was probably a combination of all those things together that made them stand out and special.
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    Exactly, Paddy McAloon was telling us he was The King of Rock N Roll all this time
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    I agree 100%. Axl could have brought Duff, Izzy, and Steven back into the fold for Not In This Lifetime, and it wouldn't have succeeded as much as it did having Slash back. Axl/Slash is what Jagger/Richards, Page/Plant, Tyler/Perry, and Roth/Van Halen were to their respective bands. It makes all the difference.
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    Axl's voice was so good and recognisable, Slash's amazing guitar sound and sexiness, Izzy's songwriting talent made them unique. Also Duff is very tall
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    Re-watched it. It really is a masterwork.
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    Had to be Mr. Nice Guy then - it was released 1/31/1997 worldwide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Nice_Guy_(1997_film) So they probably recorded Hard School for it, but Axl pulled the song after Slash quit in October 1996 EDIT: I just pulled up Mr. Nice Guy on a bootleg site and the end credits are almost EXACTLY 4:12 long, which is the same length as Hard School!
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    Couldn't agree more. When these leaks initially happened, the common thought was "fuck Bob Ezrin". That sentiment is absolutely correct. If Bob hadn't been so wrong, the songs would've been mixed right in the first place.
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    They both have Pacino in common. That turd lasts 2 hours 40 mins and it was so boring I had to split it into three chunks to watch it all; I also kept doing other things, like faffing on with my phone, making endless cups of tea and clipping my toenails. The Irishman lasts 3 hours 30 mins and I couldn't keep my eyes off it. But then Scorsese is a different class entire from Tarantino.
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    If TB doesnt want forums to exist and have all discussions via the bands social media, can TB send this site some sort of a cease and desist order in an attempt to close down all forums?. Do TB "care" about any fan comments via their social media rather than forums like these?. All i can say is that the way SMKC manage social media and the way they communicate to their fans is so much more professipnal than GNR management.
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    Oh god I wasn't expecting THAT haha but hey...I guess you learn something new and valuable each day?