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    It's clearly going to be announced in a few days (or just after the holidays), along with the first single.
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    Fans: We want a new record! GN'R: Here's a christmas ornament.
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    he is the biggest nut out there, hands down. One of the biggest goofs or clowns that you can see on any board anywhere. He had the board that had the biggest number of registered members out of all GNR boards waaaaaay back. He claimed his board is entirely 'neutral' and 'very pro Guns', with no connection to Axl. Around the time VR started, he seemed to have completely lost it. From ex members, he diverted topic to VR (seperate topic) and ex members (another topic), fair enough. However, from there whenever someone said pro former members and vs Axl, the guy would go crazy. Insult posters, band members, threaten to ban you 'cause this is my board and I can do what I want'. True stories began to be subject of bans and anything Axl ever said was a 'holy grail'. He still claimed all the way not to have any contact to Axl or management, although he begun posting backstage pics from Axl solo shows. He insulted Slash/Duff/Iz/Gilb/Matt/Steve beyond belief. Eventually he lost it one morning and banned everyone who ever took side of Slash/Duff/Matt/Iz/Gilb. He claimed to be happy because people lately called him - Hitler and now he got rid of 1/2 members. Complete psycho! I trully belive he began leading Axl life from a certain point. Amount of nonsense he said or did became EPIC! p.s. he earned the nick dictator around the time this shit started but claimed 'we live in democracy and he can do whatever he pleases with his board', so he began with bans to everyone who disagreed. He is really a douche... Jarmo(ron)
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    Surely this can’t happen without any new music being released.
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    Tories and people who voted Conservative would gladly see poor and suffering people dying in the streets, hungry and cold. That's worse than "virtually wishing death on Tories", they are actively voting for a party and leader who wants people who aren't rich and white to die.
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    It makes no difference to me what Fernando or Jarmo said. That's not a shot at either of those guys. I just believe anything in the GN'R world until I see if for myself. With regard to an album, nothing will matter to me until I'm actually holding it.
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    I'm sure that "all new show" means that they've just changed the stage. Oh... And they finally updated their PC past Windows 95, so we'll probably get some new background videos.
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    The rumours are a March/April release. Allegedly stated by Fernando and supported by others. This lines up with the 2020 tour dates, and leaves enough time to drop a single early next year for promotion. I'm cautiously optimistic, but this is GNR we're talking about.
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    Just got my nightrain pre sale tickets for Dublin Marley Park....as pissed as i am with no new music or announcment and the fact they dragging the NITL tour on into 2020.....i still said fuck it TAKE MY MONEY. 159e GC tix. I regret nothing
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    According to that austrian newspaper the album is coming in 2020
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    German radio station seems to have announced it
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    I remember as a kid visiting An old aunt or something and getting a chocolate. I will never forget the awful taste expecting nice milk chocolate and getting mint. After Eight 🤢
  18. 3 points
    YES, 1 Show in Vienna (09.June), 2 Shows in Germany, 1 Show in Switzerland , allready confirmed by an Austrian newspaper
  19. 3 points
    If the man has retired, then I would just like to thank him for all of his great contributions to music, and for keeping his integrity, and his cool!
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    I think this tour has been super successful simply cause Axl and Slash didn't play together for 20 years and fans missed that experience and also fans who never got a chance to see the 2 live together. So for the nostalgic value mostly. If they never broke up and kept making music together and perform I think they would still be successful but not half a billion kind of success. They managed to do it thanks to what they achieved together before Slash quit the band.
  21. 2 points
    Tommy had a concert last night in someone's living room in Buffalo. There was also a one hour "drinks with Tommy " session available before the concert to talk with Tommy, hear stories, and have his "undivided " attention. Got there at 6 on the dot, walk in, about 4 or 5 people were there. Host told me Tommy isnt there yet will be there soon. (I'm already thinking "wtf"). Tommy gets there at 615, kind of gets the lighting squared away in the living room , stuff like that. I believe 5 people had bought the VIP ticket, 2 of us were there, the other people were hosts, helping, ect. Some small talk about music -I get the feeling more of the people at his concerts are Replacements fans. Of course my obsession with GNR takes an opening to ask some questions. they were talking about producers. I ask about Roy Thomas Baker. Tommy says he could not wait for him to get fired. Hated working with him for a year and a half. Mother fucked him basically. Pompous , and other words. I asked if any of his solo stuff was intended for submission for GNR-said he gave a song which Axl sang vocals to that they did not or will not use. I cant remember how he worded it. Says he wishes he could get it back. You could see and hear the regret over GNR not working out like he thought it would when he talks about the experience. Seemed almost apologetic about how they tried, mentioning issues with management and record company. I wanted to ask more but he almost seemed uncomfortable talking about some of it, which I get , but I told him the band sounded great live when he was in it, which he agreed. It wasn't a bad experience, wish it was better organized (other people started showing up early during the meet and greet for instance) . I know meet and greets with bands are a pic then you move on , so I guess it's hard to complain, but not sure I would do it again. Also think they sold about 20 tickets too many , it was pretty crammed for the concert. Did say he and Axl left on good terms, as he has said before. I'm assuming the song he was talking about was Going Down? Or is that the Izzy song? I've been off the boards for the most part. Oh he did say he made good money scoring the Catch and Release movie, which I asked about
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    From what you’re saying, his interview with Slash was just like any other interview he ever did on his show. Just check Youtube and you can see for yourself. So no, there was no agreement about what he could ask Slash. He’s not an interviewer or journalist, he’s just a retired rockstar with a radio show talking to his friends about random stuff.
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    As time went by I started to really like Tommy. When I first saw him with the band on 02, he was just another strange looking member of a band I barely recognized. By the time the 2009 tour kicked off, and he was adding motivation into the set, my opinion of him changed. And since his departure I have nothing but respect for him, he did a great job and unfortunately the majority of people won't ever give him the credit he deserves! He was a big reason that band sounded so good!
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    Ah there's the tweet, definitely labeled as 'the next chapter', no more nitl
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    You fuckers want something new? Fine, here you go. *plays Rock The Rock*
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    No, I'm not psycho... lol Neither was the Fall 2019 tour, until it was...
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    Maybe I'm a mug, but I actually believe it's going to happen. All the signs are there. I thought when we heard Axl sounding pretty polished this year from show one of the last run that he must've been recording. I feel quietly confident we're going to get an album next year.
  30. 2 points
    This is 110% a Fernando idea. What a joke.
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    People are joking and scoffing about it, but honestly, in my opinion it's now or never. As in a March/April release is either happening, or this band (namely Axl) has no real intention of putting out an album, probably ever. That's about as close to "optimism" as I can get right now.
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    I swear to God if he says anything resembling this I'm completely checking out.
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    Even if an album was recorded in 2019, that’s still another decade of Axl tinkering with it to go before it’s ready for release.
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    Scotland shafted again, it's a fkin joke.
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    Apparently there's a big 'rock' announcement in Portugal in 12 mins, that might be it
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    Can't say I really blame England when the alternative was Corbyn, but it's been pretty embarrassing to watch people cheering when the Tories win a seat - it's like watching a turkey celebrate Xmas I really do understand the north of Englands position, I was born and lived there for 20 years. If I still lived in England I'm honestly not sure who I would have voted for, I don't think any party really represents England well and theres no doubt that the whole of the north needs major investment. Hope it does improve down there
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    Will probably be more standalone shows then festivals
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    sorry no link, it's only in the printed version
  39. 2 points
    Öticket in Austria has a ticketalarm for GNR since yesterday evening! sounds promissing
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    They make sticks???!!! What?! I have also only ever seen the squares. Omg. YUM.
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    Izzy wrote Don't Cry which got the band signed, Izzy brought in the ideas to half the tunes on Appetite, wrote most of the acoustic material for Lies, wrote YCBM, came up with the electric guitar idea for OIAM, and more. Gn'R is as much Izzy's vision as it is Axl's, if not more.
  42. 2 points
    Jo Swinson just lost her seat to SNP
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    IDS got back in. I don't know why remainers are worrying. All you have to do is use the mathematics you used for the EU election and add all the losers up to produce a winner. Or you could just deny the democracy and ask for a re-run.
  45. 2 points
    Huh? The next year he formed a band and then went on to release 10 albums ??
  46. 2 points
    They're so edgy using F'n in every sentence. So F'n edgy.
  47. 2 points
    A surprise release would be the best thing they could do, so they won't do it. Plus they'd have to release it as a digital-only album at first, and take pre-orders for physical copies. (If they press a bunch of physical albums before they announce it, it's definitely gonna leak, which would ruin the 'surprise'.) At this point I just hope everything leaks though. Then we'd get new music, and Axl doesn't have to go through the unbelievable trauma of releasing an album. I don't even care if Slash/Duff/etc are on the tracks, I just wanna hear CD 2.
  48. 2 points
    Being a fan of these assholes is becoming embarrassing.
  49. 2 points
    Haven't seen Axl butt kissing like that in awhile
  50. 2 points
    I'm one of the biggest fans of Chinese Democracy and I cannot help but lol at the thought of Izzy "living off of Axl's vision".