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    You can turn that around. When Slash wasn't in the band, everyone was saying GNR couldn't exist without him and Axl was an asshole for taking the name, yada yada. Now Slash is back and now they can hate on Axl (and Slash and Duff) because Izzy isn't there. People are never satisfied. I see no Izzy hate. I mainly see an utter despite of Axl, and they will always find a stone to throw. Out of everyone, Axl certainly gets thrown the most shit at him. Sometimes justified, sometimes because people make up scenarios in their heads just to spin a story to fit into what they believe. Even if I'm an Axl fan, I love all of them, always have. I don't feel like I have to pick sides. I accept that the lineup and everything regarding GNR is out of my control; so no use getting worked up about any of it. It's kind of a take it or leave it situation. I enjoy the shows (GNR's, Slash's, Duff's) and the music.
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    Are you talking about Tracii Guns? Axl and Buckethead not putting out more material than they did together is one of the biggest missed opportunities next to Disney screwing up the sequel trilogy.
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    I don't download any leaks and I don't watch illegal concerts footages. I only buy official material and I only watch the official GN'R YouTube Channel. So 2019 was very boring and shitty but I still enjoy the $999 Locked N' Loaded Box from 2018 and the Tokyo '92 DVDs .
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    I would love it if there were some way for GNR to put out a record and no one have any idea who's playing what. It'd be interesting to see what honest opinions people had if they couldn't rely on the biased "this person or that person isn't GNR" crutch.
  5. 3 points
    What worth is artist if you can’t see his work? How can I call painter a great artist if no one ever seen his paintings? He stopped his career as an artist in 2008. For 12 years, this guy didn’t release anything. Not a single song. Only live shows with old songs. And it seems like nothing’s gonna change
  6. 3 points
    Never gonna happen. Slash all the way, even if Bucketheads stuff is better. That would be like getting back together with your ex wife and telling her: "Honey, glad you're back, I'll be getting my blowjobs from Karen though, she was more talented in that regard! Love ya!"
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    I think the leaks ended up feeling a bit "too little too late" for me. It was good to hear some of that stuff at last, and I played the shit out of Hard School and Atlas for a few weeks, but haven't played them in months now. More than anything, it just served as a reminder of how depressing it is that this "band" haven't produced one single note of original music in over a decade.
  8. 2 points
    I think the leaks were a massive thing to a lot of the hardcores/collectors/forums. Yeah there was a lot of shit going on with takedowns and the hoarders bitching and backstabbing each other, but overall the locker leaks were a complete WTF moment for many. We got songs that we never knew existed, who'd a thunk that?? On a personal note, i'd have preferred UYI era leaks, but it was still an exciting few weeks of unknown stuff.
  9. 2 points
    Still better than 2018 imo.. Axl seemed to be better prepared and sounded better especially on the first few shows, we've had the leaks and they played two UYI deepcuts AND WE GOT TOYTRUCKS!!!!!1!11!!!!
  10. 2 points
    How many times did they play Locomotive? Only like 3 times right? It's cool they brought back a couple UYI deep cuts, but the leaks were the only really exciting thing that happened with GNR this year. Listening to Hardschool, Atlas, Perhaps and State Of Grace for the first time was the most exciting moment for me since the heartbeat intro of Coma started playing at the first Vegas 2016 show.
  11. 2 points
    Heres my unpopular opinion: This I Love is the most boring song on CD, and I dont understand why people call it a masterpiece, and Axl should've stuck to his guns and left it off of CD & put Atlas Shrugged on the record or Perhaps.
  12. 2 points
    I think the remixed version of this is 100x better than the CD version.
  13. 2 points
    Reasonably modest for a rich rockstars watch. Shame its ugly as fuck.
  14. 2 points
    I remember when it was Slash who was hated by Axly fans and not Izzy, but they mysteriously switched to Izzy circa 2016 for some apparent reason, Slash reclaimed as a prodigal son type figure. Funny that!
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    Again, there is no argument that CO2 levels in the atmosphere haven’t varied over time. That's not a point of debate to scientists. You can even see the cyclic variation in CO2 levels in the graph below and argue quite rightly that this is independent of human influence. You actually make a good point about variation in the Sun's temperature being a factor but this is caused by regular and predicable shifts in the Earth's orbit and is one of the factors responsible for the variation you can see below. That's a pretty easy one really. The further the Earth is from the Sun the less heating it gets. This leads to a build up in the ice at the poles, CO2 levels drop and consequently so do global temperatures. As the Earth gets closer to the sun it gets more heat, ice melts, releases CO2 and temps go up*. *massively simplified description The Carbon Cycle is a well understood process. More on that here from those "lefty environmentalists" at NASA. https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/CarbonCycle/page1.php Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have corresponded closely with temperature over the past 800,000 years. Although the temperature changes were touched off by variations in Earth’s orbit, the increased global temperatures released CO2 into the atmosphere, which in turn warmed the Earth. Antarctic ice-core data show the long-term correlation until about 1900. (Graphs by Robert Simmon, using data from Lüthi et al., 2008, and Jouzel et al., 2007.) As you can see, the temperature fluctuations correlate pretty much perfectly with the rise and fall of CO2 content in the atmosphere. If you were to plot CO2 vs temp you would get an R2 value in the high 0.9 region, pretty close to 1. In in statistical terms this pretty much proves the link between the two data sets. So if we can at least agree that temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentrations are not independent of one another then it stands to reason that further increases in CO2 would lead to further warming of the planet no? Now the above cycle was pretty consistent from roughly 800,000 years ago until the early 1900's. Now what has been happening from around that time to present day that hitherto had not been an issue? Emissions of carbon dioxide by humanity (primarily from the burning of fossil fuels, with a contribution from cement production) have been growing steadily since the onset of the industrial revolution. About half of these emissions are removed by the fast carbon cycle each year, the rest remain in the atmosphere. (Graph by Robert Simmon, using data from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center and Global Carbon Project.) Now taking the above into account what have we seen happen to the carbon cycle over the same time period? So looking at the rise in CO2 emissions since 1950 vs atmospheric carbon levels makes for pretty interesting reading. To briefly address your other points, yes CH4 is absolutely a greenhouse gas and is contributing to climate change. In fact it's roughly 100 times more potent than CO2 over a 20 year period. Coincidentally atmospheric CH4 concentrations over the same 800,000 year time period look something like this. Notice any similarities? Luckily, given the increased potency of CH4 vs CO2 the concentrations in this case are measured in PPB rather than PPM. For the record nobody is arguing that humans are responsible for cyclic variation in atmospheric carbon. Simply that industry and other human activity is the cause of the recent acceleration. You can also throw in rampant deforestation and cow farts as another contributory factor if you like but it all comes back to human activity in one way or another.
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    Also, Izzy's cool and all, but all the Izzy fanboys who derail every thread with their gushing are fucking annoying as shit.
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    the Atlas 1997 reddit guy has resurfaced lol
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    I just watched it. I enjoyed it. The plot was wonky, they couldn't ignore everything from The Last Jedi since Luke is dead, but it was fine.
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    As proof as to what came about with CD, the material was good, but not great. Axl and Buckethead were not a match. Neither was Tracii Guns. In fact, what did they do together? Axl and Slash need each other to make great music. When one is missing, the music is good, but not great. With that being said, I still wish for AFD5. However, that's a dream. Axl, Slash, and Duff are GNR.
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    Bottom line - there is a huge difference between how we 'the die hards' see the band and everyone else. Truth be told, all GNR authentic stuff that rattled the world had Izzy on it. Once everyone was gone and Ax thought he was GNR it resulted in an EPIC train wreck. When Iz left, happens, he left on his own terms - I could understand, they got Gilby and I saw 91-94 still as a band. Now Iz not being there and no Gilbym 57 guitarists down the line and Fortus in the band, I see them as Ax/Slash/Duff playing tributes to GNR in a revolving door/everyone gets a chance to play. If they could not make things work out with Iz, they should have continued with the band Duff/Slash left. I see some ppl argue Duff or Steve being more vital. Hell, on UYI's Sorum sound was more vital than Duff. Take a listen, YCBM, Double talkin jive, Back off, Perfect crime, Dead Horse, Breakdown, Locomotive... Nonetheless, I don't see this line up being able to pull together an album on the level of AFD-UYI and honestly, despite Du$$ money hunger - I think he kinda admits that. 4 years down he says for the first time 'didn't work out this tour'. On the other hand, between playing on or recording, I don't see them doing the later. whenever Ax tix sales went down - he always pulled out the line up trick.
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    Yea it would be entertainingp to see people trying to figure out who's playing what... kinda like when Better originally leaked and everyone was speculating about who wrote it, then Axl flat out said it was a 'Robin song' a couple months later.
  23. 1 point
    The live version from 1987 in London that was officially released in 2018 is by far the best version I've heard
  24. 1 point
    If I could permanently stay in that first stage of tipsiness that I usually reach after 5 or 6 drinks, life sure would be grand.
  25. 1 point
    I used to have a chemistry set. I made some blue ice stuff by putting some blue liquid in the cupboard with the central heating.
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    thanks for the insights. that was an interesting read. just one thing, carbon emissions were much higher during the industrial revolution, when coal was burned on a large scale. you'd expect that spike to happen way before the 1950s, but it doesnt. I find that peculiar, since I was going along with your line of thought up until then. All I know, is that I don't know anything for sure, but we're screwed anyway
  27. 1 point
    I watched ''Jingle All The Way'' and I took a shot of Jägermeister every time Arnie said ''get to the chopper'', needless to say I don't remember much of last night. ...either that, or I spent too much time on pornhub...
  28. 1 point
    I've been saying that, but not as an excuse. That's exactly what I wanted him to do, and I'm very happy with the results. I don't disagree that he could have gone another route and built off of TLJ but personally, I'm really glad he went the way he did.
  29. 1 point
    Axl never believed it was accidental as well but if Duff really planned it, it's fine by me.
  30. 1 point
    Adler is overrated. Nice cowbell though. No drummer in GNR can hold a candle to Brain.
  31. 1 point
    I think Bucket played on Oklahoma and Soul Monster so maybe there’s still some to come.
  32. 1 point
    As long as he makes X amount of dollars, he's probably not too concerned with what his bands logo is being slapped onto. I don't think he's oblivious, just complacent.
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    Really? Have you been reading along to what others have said? Some claim that the dialogue in A New Hope is iconic; that the lightsaber battle between the Vader and Obi Wan is brilliant. What lore? There is no lore in the OT. It was being made up as they went along. That maybe true for A New Hope, but that certainly isn't an accurate description of the franchise afterward. So your issue is that because the ST isn't an evolution in storytelling, and in some respects as bad or worse than the OT, that they shouldn't have bothered. Okay... But understand those are personal assessments. Many have enjoyed the films in their own right and can be evaluated as such. Maybe you're right. Maybe there were better stories out there. But would many of those stories work with the constraints that the current filmmakers had before them? As I understand it, much of the EU involves Luke, Leia, and Han soon after ROTJ. Problem is we have actors who are almost 40 years older than when the OT wrapped up. After seeing the last film I kind of wish they could have started with Luke and Ben searching for the Sith and going from there. But that likely wouldn't have fit into the timeline considering the age of the OT actors. I don't think anyone here is going to argue that the ST is cinema/pulp perfection. They're flawed films that could have been better. But really, if you look back at the nine movies (not including the two stand-alone films), very few actually live up to the expectations and standards that the vision and world Lucas created demands. It's an amazing universe but one that has resulted in mostly less than stellar narratives. It also benefited from technical achievements never seen before at the time of their release. That papers over a lot of shit.
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    yes, but born as Tracy Ulrich. and together with Bill Bailey they got fake names and used them to name their bands, which after merger ended up called about their both fake names. sounds almost like a porn movie story
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    Them two are a managers dream though. Total professionals. Robots. You feel if asked they would wash the kit. And they'd do it better than the normal laundry guys.
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    Would love to see Fernando as a guest investor on Shark Tank/ Dragons Den or any other entrepreneur game show. The regular investors would berate him something furious The inventors pitch a hydrogen cell fuel convertor. Water to fuel - clean energy. Big money. Fernando responds "But have you considered making toy models of it though?"
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    Thats your point of view. Mine is he saves them as far as that's possible.
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    If they can make Ozzy sound like Ozzy, they can make Axl sound like Axl. And TIL was a beast live in 2010, his vocals on the record are underwhelming compared to that.
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    Fuck it. Axl should resurrect Hollywood Rose with Izzy.
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    This I love is the worst song ever written
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    Joanne came very close to making my list.
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    I’ve never seen a group of grown men carry on like 12 year old school girls like this lot! I love this band, but telling things straight isn’t their strong point. they take the fans for idiots. When duff says things like he doesn’t really know what happened there (in reference to Izzy not being a part of it) does he think we are all stupid? just be honest, tell the truth and the fans can make their own decisions. It’s the same with the other elephant in the room (new album). what’s the big fucking deal in just being honest? Is axl such a bitch these days that no one can tell the truth on this topic? They carry on like a guns roses album is a matter of national security. It’s a rock band... a 30 yr old rock band, life doesn’t revolve around gnr!!!! who gives a shit??? stop being a bunch of jerks and just throw your own fans a fucking bone once in a while. The very fans who have lined your pockets and made you half relevant again! watching 50 yr old men carry on like schoolgirls really is embarrassing. Duff wearing punk as fuck t shirts doesn’t change a thing. I had massive wraps on this guy because I thought he was a stand up dude! The last 18 months especially has changed that. this band can do one! I hope Matt has some decent stories in his book, that’s about all there is to look forward to with this band right now.
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    I've just now learned about these leaks from the last two years, I would've done some questionable things to hear these if it was ten years ago.
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    I haven't posted here in almost 5 months so let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020! I've never finished an advent calendar for this year so here's what I've made, it sucks but whatever. You can use it as 12 (13) days of Christmas.
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    Dude, you were awesome on The Big Bang Theory.