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    So I met Fortus yesterday, super nice guy. Honestly I don't think he knows about new music and tours any more than we do, because I asked him if there's going to be a US run this year and he said he didn't know but would like to do it. Then he gave some bs reason for the increasing ticket prices. I met Matt Sorum today, also really nice guy. Talks a lot but he seemed genuinely interested in hearing about my band and stuff. And I hung out with Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz a little too.
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    Someone said this shit at my house recently and I almost flipped a table lol.
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    Well guys.....I finally bit the bullet and did it. I bought my most sought after piece of GNR memorabilia. I am now the proud owner of a genuine Las Vegas 01-01-01 soldier face t-shirt. It wasn't cheap, and I was dubious cause it was an XXL, which is rare in concert shirts, but the seller turned out to be a fairly well known member of the online GNR community and he had proof he was there. The shirt itself is in wonderful condition. As close to near mint as possible. Clearly it was never worn. The colors are bright and vivid. Yeah, I spent a lot, but I'm satisfied. IF this thing is somehow a fake? It's one hell of a superior fake!! Speaking of fakes, let's compare it to the actual fake I bought for $20 from Indonesia last year. Side by side of the front: Notice the thicker font on the fake (on the right.) It's also lacking the Chinese kanji in the top left of the pic. But the biggest telltale is the image quality itself: muddled and less sharp, and the colors are all muted and the details and blurry. Especially easy to notice is how flat the colors are, and the lack of subtle gradation the original has. The back is WAAYYY more obvious!! CD "II" starts now??? WTF?? If that's not a dead giveaway, the colors are all muted, the printing is so low quality that you can see the black shirt right through the white lettering, and the text is lower on the back than on the original. The white letters are soooo faded. The real shirt has white vibrant lettering with red borders and sits higher up on the back. Having said all that.....the price is right for the fake. It's usually $20 on ebay and if you just want a copy of this shirt to wear around or go to the gym or whatever, why not? As long as you know it's a complete fake, there's no harm. Although I've never washed/worn mine, so I can't guarantee that it won't simply disintegrate in the wash!! Anyway....feels amazing to finally own this Holy Grail shirt exactly 19 years after the first time I saw it, in a blurry pic on the gnrontour page, while jealously reading reviews of the show, wondering what Chinese Democracy, Riad, the Blues, and Silkworms sounded like. Now all the years later, not only have we had the real album forever, but the actual full video of that show is out there too, if you know where to look. Took a long time, but better late than never!! Big thanks to the guy that sold it to me.....he knows who he is...not sure he reads this forum anymore, but I appreciate it....and i hope the big chunk of change I paid for this came in handy for him! So those still looking for this masterpiece of a shirt.....keep looking; they're out there, but they're not cheap. In the meantime, grab a fake on ebay, cause those are worth the money too considering how dirt cheap they are and it's still cool just having "something" instead of nothing!!
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    Well. Standing in front of someone is absolutely my thing. Wouldn't want it any other way. But I'm surely as hell not going to pay twice as much for early entry. And anyone who does is a fucking wanker. Queue up and run if you want to be at the front.
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    SOG sounded unfinished , it’s true, but is a great song. A finished version could be unbelievable
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    Huh? The setlist is nearly identical every single night. If Fortus needs to know the setlist well before "go time", he can give me a call any time after 6am EST every day and I can give him the 411.
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    They arent very creative with what they make up either - all of it just happens to be typical antisemitic tropes. "Money bags using deception to infiltrate OUR party. Using lies to repress us (allegedly telling warren not to run). To take away our way of life." And in the clip you post they go to 11 by talking about Sanders supposedly contorted body, another trope. Even comparing him to a reptile (turtle). Its all there. This little piece by Ben Burgis explores other aspects of the media smear. I think its a handy guide. (its unlocked/free) https://www.patreon.com/posts/33240260
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    But crikey, there has been many embarrassing moments, - Rose's costumes from numerous eras - drunken Pitman strutting his stuff at the Bridge School - Slash at the Superbowl with Fergie - Rose's Budweiser advert - the flying piano on November Rain - Fernando's merchandising
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    Out of nowhere, featuring a ton of collabs too. Fuckin' GNR, man. GIVE US MUSIC! It's crazy how much music GNR gave us from 1987 to 1993 (Appetite, Lies, Use Your Illusion I, Use Your Illusion II, Spaghetti Incident). And we've gotten ONE album from 1993-2019. Holy fuck.
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    I always laugh at these comments. You do realize they are DEMOS, ideas, things not meant for us to hear. Atas has great potential IMO. But no way to tell from some un finished material
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    There is no way you actually think that, he'd look like Uncle Fester
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    I don't understand fashion in any particular way or anything (i.e. not at all), but frig off (read that in Randy's voice), I liked that Axl's Mtv 2002 soundcheck clothing. I happen to think it was f'n cool, and if U don't like it, f'n FY 2, you f'n boomer f's! Also, have a nice Saturday, you ungrateful total frigs, the lot of you. Things cut short, good morning from the Czech Rep. ... Had way too much dew (the Tullamore kind) yesterday. I mean, apparently. Long live MyGnr (or whatever the hell the name is)!
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    Ultimately I have to agree I enjoy the leaks, and when they happened I think the sheer excitement of them really made them more elevated than they really are, in my eyes. There are some cool ideas there, but I recently revisited them in their entirety and there were not any real "wow" moments for me beyond a chosen few (State of Grace, HS, Atlas, Perhaps) and the early mixes of CD tunes I think the breakup really proved that the sum of the parts have always been greater than the individual band members. Cool ideas and moments, however man, the CD demos and CD the finished album, just make me appreciate Izzy's contributions more because those 5 guys really nailed the balance between hit-making melodies and good rock music.
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    Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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    This is the night Duff got hit in the head with a bottle. GNR / Metallica / Motorhead
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    The latest post actually uses 'Fuckin'. Sounds like their social media guy is monitoring the forum, lol.
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    Spaghetti Incident should get more attention live IMO. I'm not talking about adding more covers to their sets, but rather switch out some NITL covers with songs like Down On The Farm, Ain't It Fun and Human Being. Edit: Human Being might not fit Axl's voice too well these days, but the other two should be very OK. Maybe even bring in Duff on the chorus of Ain't It Fun, idk..
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    Read the other comments in his profile. No one else could be that pretentious.
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    I'm starting to notice and get the distinct feeling that a lot of your worldview is shaped by fucking sitcoms 😄 😄
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    Haha! Best interviewee in music at the moment! Nothing better than a Gallagher interview!
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    What! You fool. This was class man. And when did Slash wear a KFC Bucket on his head?
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    I agree. Hated it at first, but after seeing the concept art and digesting it, there are some cool ideas. It was an early draft, too The description and concept art paints a picture of a much darker and creative movie. Some middle ground between the two visions would have been neat. A delapolated Courescant, Kylo meeting Chewie, and Luke haunting Kylo sounded great Disney clearly opted for a more fun, approachable chapter that celebrated nostalgia as opposed to an actual sequel to what Episode VIII set up. After the backlash of TLJ, im sure they didn't want to go for Colin's vision. I am surprised some if those ideas cane from the dude who came up with Jurassic World
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    We're ready for it. I'd like some notice though. I'm going skiing soon and I'd be very pissed off if they released an album whilst I'm in the Canadian mountains
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    Yeah, he's from Leicester. Y'all at least have electricity and running water in Georgia.
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    There's a song called Paradise City that was even released as a single and has way more lyrics than that. The thing is: if everyone is hoping for a new release to be a success, this will be a disappointment. It won't matter how good (or bad) the song/album will be.
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    The hat was about 7 years to late as all the britpop bands wore that sort of hat around 94-97. RNB was kind of starting about 02.....i dont know whats worse axl dressing like a wigger or tommy lee. The braids look straight upstupid. He deserved all the shit and more with those. I prefer either the 06 look or his 93 illusion look- normal hair, jeans, axl converse shoes, tshirt.
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    I actually like that one. It's heavy, especially that outro.
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    Wither to Black has a line that I believe says “modern day warrior” and considering the band members are all fans of Rush and Portnoy was aware of Peart’s illness it’s not a big jump to assume it’s a Rush reference
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    I worked in my mates bar a while back and one of the fellas he had working used to host open mic nights on quieter evenings. For the most part, it'd still be dead, so it'd end up me and him just jamming. He was a sound enough fella, around 18/19, but was always of the belief his opinion was factual. Told me the singer from Panic was vastly superior to Freddie Mercury (I'm a massive Queen fan, he didn't know this at the time) and to prove this, showed me a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody they did. Absolute dug shite and he was absolutely flabbergasted at the lengths I was going on telling him so. Long winded I know, and I've derailed the thread, but that is my experience with Panic at the Disco In that fellas defence, he dug some of the stuff from Chinese that I used to play when we were closing up and was surprised when I told him it was Guns N' Roses. Still listening to these fellas:
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    Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
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    If I pay for your plane ticket you can come live here with a couple of other guys and valet cars all day long. There will be a good 18 hour shift in it for you If that's what your into. I will provide shared accomodation. You might not understand what your new housemates are saying it will be a lot of aks and eks and evaks which you might misinterpret as "help I've been traffiked" ignore them its just there funny language. DM me.
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    Now that I’ve had even more time to digest the leaked details from Colin’s script, I gotta admit that I’m finding more and more things that I like, mainly with Finn’s arc. Some sorta combo between Colin’s version and JJ’s would’ve been the ideal. Ultimately tho, if I had to pick just one version, I still prefer the movie we got. That being said, I recall thinking back in the day that the ideal endpoint for Episode 9 would be for Rey to create a new order that merges light and dark, cause I couldn’t think of any other way to make this new trilogy feel “important” with respect to the rest of the saga. However, having now actually seen the movie, I think that by bringing back Palpatine and implying through Anakin’s one line that the prophecy is a cyclical thing that’s destined to keep repeating, JJ found a more fitting way to give this trilogy a sense of “importance” when put alongside the other movies. In a weird sorta way, I think Colin’s version is the more fitting end to this trilogy specifically, while JJ’s version is a more fitting end to the saga as a whole. And personally, I think the latter is the more important in the grand scheme of things.
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    All the clips are on the german mtv site, on the videoclips section of guns n roses, even clips from ritz 88 and rock in rio 91. Some of them have very good quality
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    It's funny that so many people are mad. Snoop opening is probably the coolest, most unexpected thing GNR has done since they started touring again.
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    As a Canadian the people here watch more cable news and are more infatuated with USA politics than the average American. Still, I tuned out of Trump months ago and really haven't seen anything other than liberals promoting (even thought hey hate him) him. That's my silly take on it, reminds me of people protesting a concert, why? Just don't go... Or Back in the day the people that "hated" Howard Stern yet could not stop talking about him. As a Canadian Trump, Obama, Clinton or whoever is in power in the USA has almost no bearing on my life at all. Ill give an example. My mother in law "hates" Trump, anytime he is on tv or even when he's not she talks about him, I told her to stop if she doesn't like him so much, she brings him up so often its nauseating. It's also common, his biggest "fans" seem to be the ones who "hate" him. If you don't like what's on TV turn it off. My mother in law is hilarious with the CNN app, every hour they put out breaking news about something Trump did or didn't do. I asked her what does it matter to you as a Canadian? What has changed in your life that was by Trumps hand? *crickets* Just do what I do and ignore it, your life will be less stressed obsessing over it.
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    The General better be on the new album.
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    100% Down on the Farm is one of Axl's best vocal performances. Tremendous.
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    Nah, we already have one person trying to convince people they're Axl or "very connected" to the band. We don't need another lol.
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    I thought after RIR 2011 theres no way gnr could surpass that. Then along came bridge school in 2012. Whenever i need cheering up i always watch WTTJ and when axl forgets the lines and huffing and puffing the way he is, i cant help but laugh.
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    yeah I mean he shows up on time to perform live which is something a lot of people appreciate and maybe more mellow? not as angry but other than that, when it comes to not releasing albums he's still the best
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    Rhiannon Giddens A hell of a singer/performer. Musicians are my weak spot LOL
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    I like that the band moved away from the Appetite sound/image. The best way to get me to lose interest in a band is to put out the same record, especially if every record is about drugs, alcohol, and partying. GN'R didn't do that with Appetite but I swear to God, every band that plays in the GN'R style tries to portray this hardcore image and they end up coming across as try-hards. Yes, it's fun to get really drunk but when every other song is about whiskey and women, it's boring as shit.
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    The Doors closed in July of 1971...
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    It's clearly going to be announced in a few days (or just after the holidays), along with the first single.