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    There's no way a new GNR album is a bigger deal than a new Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga album in 2020. Neither in sales or media attention. This idea that a new GNR album is some sort of sacred monument that couldn't possibly be released in a normal way because it's just too important and valuable etc etc is just more excuses for not doing anything. They're an old rock band with a rapidly dwindling small hardcore fanbase and an audience made up of people who couldn't give a fuck about them beyond buying a ticket to play mass karaoke for two songs and dressing up like it's 1989 for a night. We wildly overestimate how much the general public cares about this band because we're in a bubble on here.
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    Metallica announced they're going to stream a concert on their YouTube and Facebook channel tonight, and will be doing it every Monday night moving forward. Must be nice.
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    I'm sorry but I just do not see any disadvantage in releasing new music right now. No one has to leave their house to get the product. It's delivered directly to every customer. On top of that, people are more active on social media than ever right now for obvious reasons. The album would promote itself if it was released out of nowhere right now.
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    I think even this, right now... and Hell, even that Alkaline Trio talking about their plans to release new music because of the crisis is a little in poor taste and quite frankly, a little classless. Like, it seems a along the lines of virtue signaling. Kind of like a, "aww, they're trying to do something positive in the face of global anxiety" but the truth is that, what the Hell is new music going to do to help anyone's health this month? We already have an entire human evolution's worth of music and if there's ever been a time to re-listen or re-watch stuff that you KNOW is a guaranteed pleasurable experience- something you can be certain of (during an uncertain time) that you'll like, it's now. I really, firmly believe that people's emotions are too bound by fear to genuinely enjoy even the announcement of new art. Give it a month, I say, before releasing new music, etc. By then, I think lots of people will have pulled themselves together (assuming the virus is under control). Now though, I think that unless you're out mowing lawns for senior citizens or leaving groceries on their doorstep, anything else is just "hey look at me!! [ps: please remember to hit the like button, lol]"
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    Surely it'll be just like another holiday in Thailand for you? *hides*
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    the band didn't pretend to not know how to release music. Slash did an interview where he said this: "Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics. More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now. It's just like, how do you want to do this? I mean, there's material and there's recording and there's shit going on, but we’re not really sure what we're doing with it right now." and this: Given the substantial changes to the music industry since their last time in the studio, Guns N' Roses are debating what shape their songs should take. "There’s a handful people who said, 'Yeah, make a record and go old-school,'" Slash said. "And there’s a handful of people that are, like, 'We don’t even know what buying a record is any more!'" sounds like they're still undecided about which approach to choose in order for it to succeed as much as possible.
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    Probably not 100% but here's my guess at it: What can I say Free will is blind today The choice that you made Is not a road that I would take To use and betray The simplest power play Now far away With tears that go unexplained, now... Oh, my love Can it be I'm falling from your grace with me and, Oh, more than ever I still remember... The pain, It's just a passing phase No, more like a game Problems of the human race Goes right to your brain Caught down in a hidden place With no sense of shame The secrets out and you can't erase it... Oh, my love Can it be I'm falling from your grace with me Now, more than ever I still remember Your name... When did you think you would tell me How long you think I can wait (oh no, I just...) I thought I never said I was sorry Now don't you count on your faith now, you'll never learn The storm is comin' to get ya, oh I sense a shivering doom You thought you had it, yea You thought you had it figured out But you don't even care My love... killin' me You've fallen from your grace with me Oh, my love, ah I asked for (?) I believe in 'Cause now, more than ever I still remember, Your name...
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    Norah Jones doesn't need cred, she is great in her own right! I am loving her rendition of Patience, thought it was a really classy rendition I could easily imagine Slash laying down some really clean-style blues lines over some of her recent material
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    None of that is argument so much as it is fact. And again, if they're not going to release music they should just say that instead if continually telling fans that music is coming.
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    I think Slash could have meant 2 things: if they're going to release a full album, do they go digital release only or old school and: maybe a full album is not the way to go cause they can release an EP or drop singles like you've mentioned (like Bumble did a few years ago) the problem with that is I personally don't see Axl going that route. Purely a guess based on nothing but what if he likes that whole old school thing of the physical copy, event kind of thing. He did say he cared about booklets and shit like that. If you release just 1 tune every month, just an EP, and not a full LP first, it's a different thing and if you're into the experience of listening to a full album and your goal is to absorb the listener in your musical vision, maybe that dilutes your artistic intentions.
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    Also the new Dua Lipa, which is a way bigger release than Haim. I think I understand what Slash said regarding the release. It's like: "are we gonna release a full album now or just drop singles all year?". I've been saying this for some time now, I think Hard School being the only new song in the setlist tells a lot more than people give credit for. Also: a new GNR album is a HUGE deal for them. It's not just another release like it is Pearl Jam. Of course it's not a big deal outside the rock world anymore, but new songs from Axl/Slash/Duff would certainly make the headlines.
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    So? You think I like it? I wish there was a lot more new music, but they don't owe me anything. Maybe there are plenty of good reasons for it. Slash and Duff have been back for 4 years and they have been touring mostly. Maybe they have barely been writing together so far? And even if they've been working on a record since the first day that they got back in the band, there can be enough reasons why it takes so long that I know nothing about. And if there aren't any good reasons, where is it written that a band has to release a lot of music? Maybe they are content being a live band without releasing new music. Sucks for the fans, but it is what it is. Again, they don't owe us anything.
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    Yeah I've got my sights on the Series X. Until all this happened in the world I was just holding off on replacing my dead Xbox One. However, in my first week off I suddenly became fearful of missing GTA and Red Dead a little too much. Oh well. Now I get to show the Switch some love. I'm probably three years behind on this complaint, but does anybody else fucking hate the Joy Cons as much as I do? I have tiny hands and yet I still fumble the buttons half the time or think I'm hitting A and I'm hitting X. Ordered me up a Pro controller. Well, the poor man's version (the wired Mario Gamecube-inspired smash pad).
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    But Ozzy and Pearl Jam are rock too, right? Are GNR really capable of releasing music? The last album was 12 years ago. They're certainly taking their time considering how the industry have changed! And I'm sure they'll take so long to figure it out that the industry will change again, as industries are prone to! If we strip all this down, over the years, people have given them excuses including (but certainly not limited to): Slash leaving, label problems, budget problems, band problems, label demands. Now the excuses are: Slash is back so things have changed, people don't want to hear new music, people don't buy new music, any new material is too precious to release like any mere-mortal band would, etc etc. It's utterly ludicrous when you think about it; the years and years and myriad reasons that have been cited. That the new one from people is "this is too big of a deal to possibly know how to release it" and "this isn't like any other band release" is absolutely hilarious really.
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    I'm not even worried about a new album but GNR like all other musicians in the current situation provide escapism. I mean think like streaming services will come in big as they provide a distraction. This coronavirus will pass but it's a case of trying to distract ourselves until it does is the thing.
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    maybe just follow the Ozzie, pearl jam, Green day, taylor, Lada Gaga, etc, etc, etc, etc. They are releasing music in the same world as gnr lives in. Thats just a pathetic excuse not to do anything
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    it's going to help Alkaline fans in that it will give them something cool to listen to. You can't tell me it wouldn't brighten your day at least a little bit if Gn'R released a double album tomorrow that rocked hard. Might be a small thing compared to the horrid shit that's happening right now but that's kinda the point: you take comfort in what you can so even if you don't think it'll work for you, it'll probably work for others. doesn't matter how much great music there is already, new releases reflect other things. It's just a different source of excitement. I do think that short Alkaline statement was kinda lame. I would have preferred it if they just did it without saying anything at all. I completely disagree about people being too fearful to be excited about the announcement of new music. Maybe if it was a band you're really into, you'd feel differently, idk.
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    I disagree. It is something to hold on, to give people some joy of excitement. You asked "what the hell is new music going to do to help anyone's health this month?" and I think you're not considering the mental health here. I can tell I'm always trying to look some other stuff to do (like posting here) because I have to read everything regarding the virus, it's part of my job, and things are way too fucked up to not have some relief. Yes, people are scared. Yes, people have tons of released music from a hundred years worth of music industry. That's why it's more important than ever to give people art. For them to understand that we're not paralyzed, that there's still some stuff to look forward to - not backwards. I'm sure the majority of people wouldn't think it's just for the sake of the artist's ego. Sure it's just my opinion, but keep in mind that the context here is that we're assuming the band already had something finished to release too.
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    Well if anybody would know about letting the lads in round the back it'd be you.
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    Awesome band. Don't miss their next tour.
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    The blind allegiance to any political party is baffling. These people don't care about the average American. Hindsight is 20/20 but looking back at what Trump could have done the last three months is mind boggling.
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    DOW futures down 5%. Tomorrow is going to be a bloodbath if the Senate can’t figure this out. One silver lining for my daughter is I’ve been keeping 35 percent of here registered education savings fund in cash in the expectation there would be a massive correction between the day we started it and the day she attends college/university. The rest are invested in mostly gold stocks so she’s actually up in this downturn. Hopefully she puts the money to good use, becomes smart and takes care of her parents during retirement! 🤪
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    My Primeminister just announced we're at alert level 3 for 48hrs then it's level 4 which is total isolation and shutdown of everything except essential services for a minimum of 2weeks or more. Strict enforcement, about time. You stay safe and healthy too mate. It's like a movie eh? Feels surreal.
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    Yeah I wanted to reach through the screen and bitch slap that fuckin punk! Soooooo infuriating! And Hawaii has got it right...literally anyone flying there mandatory 14 day quarantine. Why our own governor hasnt done that too is maddening...especially since half of our cases are travel related and now its becoming more community spread. At least our mayor is more proactive and has locked us down or "hunkered down" he likes to call it. But the governor needs to step it up now. Stay safe and healthy goat. More people need to take it seriously like us!
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    No deaths here yet. I know it's far worse in other countries rn but it's frustrating because I want that prevented here. I don't want my mum to die ffs. Stay safe buddy.
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    I'm trying to stay motivated but being home 24/7 (more or less) is less fun than being at work. I miss my work friends a lot. @money honey we are getting more restrictions as the days pass. No pubs/clubs or restaurants. A lot of parks are closed too. Everyday more retail shops are closing, some of which remained open during 2 world wars. I've spent time watching old GNR concerts on my hard drive, and of course Slash
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    Just finished watching the 3rd instalments in the Hobbit with my daughters. They love it. We read the book first so it wouldn't ve too scare for them. This is the second time we have seen the films. They love the elves. The beautiful hair, the pointy ears. I am also reading Lord of The Rings for them now, and we see the movie's as we go along. I am almost finished with the third book and hopefully next weekend we can see the third movie. Who would have thought that my girls would love Tolkien? They are hooked. Yesterday they downloaded apps for learning to speak elvish, and my youngest daughter spent most of the day making a dictionary of words with their elven spelling. So cute. I drink wine and translate the movies for them (they are not dubbed to Norwegian). I love the books though.
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    Ah yes. Axl, Slash and Duff are all conspiring us into thinking they've stopped hating each other. All those backstage photos and clips of them all getting along? Total fabrications. Acting. All the interviews where Slash and Duff have spoken about how great things are with Axl now? Liiiiieeeeees! How hard is it for some people to believe that damaged relationships can be repaired? There's not some big plot to fool us all. Axl, Slash, and Duff do seem to be genuinely getting on with eachother. Getting obscene amounts of money for appearing onstage together probably helps, too.
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    The odd tour? I can't imagine someone touring the world playing 3,5 hour shows for years in a row and not being ''into'' it. Can you fathom what it takes to travel the world and play shows like that? You need to be at least a little bit ''into'' it to pull something like that off, if not a lot. He spent years working on CD, going over every note, being an obsessive perfectionist. If he didn't care he wouldn't have put so much effort into it. It just doesn't make sense. I think he cares a great deal about his art otherwise he wouldn't have worked so hard on it. As for the money, I'm sure he likes his money, most people do, but if he really is all about the money, he sure made some terrible mistakes because he could have been ten times as rich if he hadn't gone into hiding for that long and worked so long on a record and then failed to promote it. It just doesn't add up.
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    That's true, apparently this is a band that is only capable of releasing material after every 15 years minimum lol I have long accepted that unfortunate fact
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    Exactly (BTW, you're 100% right about SOYL). I'm a big Fiona Apple fan. She's just as messed up as Axl, and she sure takes her sweet time to release records - the last one was back in 2012. But she has a new record done now, and it deserved attention with a huge profile-like interview on The New Yorker magazine. Actually because she takes her time, any new release is an event. The same logic would work for GNR.
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    Ive always hated that "they dont owe us anything" argument too. NO BAND owes us anything, but all other bands write and release music. Its not asking for anything that any other band does. And to your point, stop talking about new music if you dont want to release any
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    Ah.....ok, I figured this was coming back to the tired old "they don't owe us anything" argument. I didn't want to jump the gun and say that first, but I figured that's where this was heading. As a reminder: it's not the fans who have continually promised new material is coming. It's Axl and every other member of GN'R who's done that. So if the "they don't owe us anything" argument is going to hold any water, then every member of the band needs to stop telling us music is coming.
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    It's Mike C, and this version has definitely been rerecorded. In the rock world I think it would be a way bigger deal than Ozzy or Pearl Jam or whoever, because it's got Slash on it. Maybe not as big as if they had released it earlier when the reunion hype was still big but if they do a release there will be a lot of interest and press around it. That said, yeah I do think that their excuses are getting to be a bit lame but it's not up to Slash exclusively to decide how and when to release it. There's more hands in the pot than just him and a lot of other factors, that's why he's said what he's been saying lately.
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    Phhhwaooor!!! I'd love to update her commons!
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    The songs on GNR lies are as good as I remember them but that fake crowd ruins songs that are good. Patience is the stand out as it's always been for me as I'm sure it is for many others here. One in a million is a great song musically but what the hell was axl thinking with lyrics ? I know what he was trying to say but surely there was a better way to do it.
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    You're kidding! That's nuts. This European tour just won't happen in May/June
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    They want every penny of Interest. These refunds won't be coming anytime soon
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    Definitely surreal. I was supposed to leave for a flight tonight to visit my father in Mexico...planned this trip 6 months ago. Who knew it would come smack in the middle of a global pandemic?!!! Hopefully I can see him later this fall knock on wood. Crazy ass times we are in!!
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    Thanks for listening man. Next one will be out tomorrow morning Yeah, you need to check out that Zeppelin cover. It's on YouTube. It fucking rocks.
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    At Close Range(1986) Christopher Walken, Sean Penn, Christopher Penn, Mary Stuart Masterson. This movie definitely falls into the "overlooked gem" category.
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    In Greece there will be general curfew starting tomorrow. No trips across the country, up to two people in each car and we'll only be allowed to go out of the house for specific purposes. We'll have to carry ID and papers stating where we're going (work - for the businesses and services that are still open, grocery store, pharmacy, walking the dog, visiting people in need, etc) or declare it beforehand via sms or internet! So far, schools and all other places of public gathering have gradually been shut down. The government was reluctant to take drastic measures at first, but thankfully they listened to the experts' warnings when we started having the first non traced cases (i.e. not linked to trips to Italy and other high risk areas) and they realised that our health care system wouldn't be able to handle it. The people started to take it seriously, also gradually. The first restriction was the banning of the carnival festivities in early March, but many ignored it and went out to celebrate (despite the fact that the city that holds the biggest carnival was where the first cases in Greece occurred). Then, when coffee shops, bars etc. were closed, people started gathering to the beaches, so the government shut down organised beaches as well as parks. There were also elderly people who continued going to church and the heads of the Greek Orthodox Church acted irresponsibly refusing to close churches, so the government finally shut down churches, too. Now the majority seems to be following the instructions, although, here too, there were "invasions" in supermarkets and pharmacies last week, mainly for sanitizers, gloves and face masks which are hard to find now. Up to yesterday we had a steady number (around 30) of confirmed new cases each day, but today 94 new cases were announced - now we have reached 624 confirmed cases and 15 deaths. They have stopped testing everybody and people with mild symptoms are just instructed to stay at home and contact a doctor only if their condition deteriorates, so the actual cases must be a lot more. What is worrying is that yesterday there was the first case in an island - it hasn't been announced yet where the 94 new cases are. Greece has many small islands with small local population and many visitors, most of which have only basic health care and no airports, so if there is community spreading there things will be very difficult because people will need to be flown by helicopter in order to be hospitalised. Take care, everyone!
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    Is this Gary Busey? If so, glad to see you are hanging in there man - huge fan!
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    The trailer is on YouTube, so I think it was pretty much done. 2010 Axl in BluRay quality could have been something legendary.