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    Let us stop being fanboys and think about a few facts on the NITL tour. Steven made a few appearances but these were not promoted or advertised beforehand. It sounds like he could have had more involvement but “hurt his back” and never properly rehearsed. Matt and Izzy were offered to appear but turned it down over money. The Coachella shows nor the rest of the tour were contingent on their involvement. The tour started out playing stadiums in the US in summer 2016, Axl’s lineup prior to this was having trouble filling arenas in the US. The band has been playing 3 hour shows without late starts for 3+ years now. The tour sold a shitload of tickets worldwide and has been massively successful, legs kept getting added. This would lead one to believe that the involvement (or non involvement as it were) of these 3 guys was of little to no value to the general public. Think about that before you going calling anyone a cunt, slimy, or think Duff, Slash etc should have cut off their left nut to get these guys into the fold again, or put up with even the slightest of difficulty from them for that involvement. And yes, it’s a business and not a fraternity.
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    OK, my 2 cents on everything, I will repeat mine beacuse people tend to always take sides of some member last 20 years as if it were their family member. Izzy and Axl grew up in Indiana. The way Iz left and the way everyone always left and spoke of Axl (once they were financialy independant of him), was always pretty much same - complicated motherfucker who obviously has issues. Once Iz was out, Ax really spared no time talking shit about him and dedicating DTJ to him. (speaking of Matt, Axl spoke very fondly of Matt in the interviews while Sorum was in the band). Gilby can't play, Iz comes back to have his commitments to him finally paid out, maybe also to test water for future colaboration but seeing 'the drugged zombies', 'counted days till Gilby comes back'. Iz leaves, Ax dedicates DTJ at him from the next day on. Ax goes nuts, thinks he is bigger than universe and decides to ditch Slash and Duff. We get Neurotic outsiders, 2 great Snakepit albums, few failed Duff projects and a couple ok Gilby and Iz works. Seeing Slash, with most post GNR success doesn't get past clubs, they decide to make GNR 2 minus Axl. Iz spooked from Ax tyrany backs out once they want another frontman and Scott enters, although with no great enthusiasm as musically this band is far from STP style, yet Scott must pay his bills but decides to be in until he eventually gets back with DeLeo's. In a moment of devestation, and probably Perla's pursuasion, Slash gives in, goes to Axl and tells Beta what he honestly thought. Duff spineless and etc. In 2006, I go and see a concert in a very small club of one former member. The former member clearly says 'we were are approached recently to rejoin the band. Currently in are Matt, Slash, Dizzy...,basically everyone but not Duff.'. Also says 'the first gig will be in NYC this fall'. Several weeks later, I mention that on one forum and Jarmo goes mad. Threatens with bans, says there is no way this person would ever say this, calls it fake rumours... A day later to more people confirm they were at the same gig and heard the same things from this member... 2008 Scott fixed his relationship with STP and probably feels sick and tired putting up wth VR over no drugs policy when he can get a lot more money with STP. VR disolve. Slash is sick and tired of all and goes solo. Duff is trying but his projects go from bad to worse. Duff plays gigs for 10k max. Meanwhile around the globe, London excluded, Axl's solo project goes to shit averaging 2500-3000 tix in empty Arenas. They ALL but Slash NEED money. Axl plays some gigs for 200k or less. Conspiritors is a relativly cheap project where only Slash and Myles have decent careers and even here Myles has a lot lower contract than in Alterbridge, his primary project. Duff somehow decides to sneak in Axl's room, even if that means travelling all the way to Londonand makes up this ridiculous story about it all being an accident. They figure the only way to fame and $$$$ is Slash and Duff is the perfect mediator between the 2. Slash is not stupid and stadiums are always more tempting than clubs or festivals around noon time. Money will be x Million, why not. Axl fires his whole band and works with Slash and Duff on the new band. Slash sees Axl can't sing shit and demands more %. Duff figures w/o Slash he is back to Loaded and will give Slash any % Slash demands. What do we do with Iz? Iz says equal share. Ax says 'don't touch my share', Duff thinks 'my is lowest anyway. Fuck Iz. Iz thinks 'either way they play the setlist, I had big influence on all of Afd-UYI material, equal share or nothing'. Iz leaves, Steve would play for bits but Ax/Duff don't want him, Ax (unlike some here thought), didn't have issues with Matt so TB texted Matt but the offer was probably way below Matt's likeing...(not speaking about the part where Steve/Matt/Gilby got invited to participate as guests... Axl thinking, you never know, if Slash turns out to be the biggest deal publicly with Matt/Duff/Iz or Gilby he may take over the band + I flopped with CD anyway publicly. Axl takes a phone 'Frank and Rich could you come back for a few $k a month'? Thinking, Frank is shit but anyone else is more $. Fortus and Frank comeback. Poster Moneypenny or whatever says 'Neither Slash nor Duff are too thrilled about F n F duo. One of them is hated by both, the other one is tolerated by one of the 2'. NITL tour proceeds. End of 2016 I see an legend, very big friend of both Slash and Duff, who just played as opener last week for them in SA, his words 'Man that sounds bad through and through. The worst part - they are aware. Ax/Slash/Duff have seperate backstage each. None of them talks to the rest of the band. I had to talk seperately to Duff and Slash, beacuse they barely talk...Its not a band man. I asked Duff why are you doing this to yourself and he replies - my contract says so'. Conclusion - of course it is all about money, all the bands from foundation on hope to play for money. The problem occures when it becomes only about the money. When there ain't no soul - there is no creativity. This band as it is, suits them all perfectly. Otherwise Axl would be retired sitting at home watching tv, Duff playing 500 cap clubs, Slash playing 3000-5000cap clubs or afternoon festival slots, Dizzy...hard to imagine what he would do...Dead Daises with Fortus or something. There is no logic in this band nor was there ever one. Now there is just financial thrive, no soul and unlike the 80/90's no greater quality Slash excluded. When I just think how many decades I repeated taht GNR 87-93 was the greatest band ever. Collected bootlegs 86-93, posters, books basically any memorabilia with GNR moniker, now I passed every chance possible to see ths revolving door nostalgia act 2016 on, watching pro shots of 2016-2020 thinking what a sad, sad circus this has become and how itching it is to watch what Axl is doing to himself and GNR moniker with this horribly irritating Mickey Mouse voice. I can't watch more than 2 min of a song hopeing the next one will be better but it just gets worse and worse. Sad. This band had it all and has ruined it all for themseves, the fans, the reputation...For all but their bank accounts. If that is what makes them happy - good for them.
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    The major label hair band that was living in a fucking storage unit when they formed? I can’t wait until you guys read this book. I really don’t understand the Duff hate here. He was supposed to sacrifice a reunion with Axl and Slash to fall on the sword for Matt Sorum?
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    I would think after bringing 50,000 people together for a concert during the pandemic Axl would be ok with people showing up to church on Easter Sunday.
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    This book was written after NITL. You can be certain had he been involved this would have been an extremely different book, and maybe there wouldn’t have even been a book at all. Matt is just pissed he wasn’t a part of this. His way of capitalizing off the Guns name while it’s still relevant. Good drummer but his ego is bigger than Axl’s ever was or will ever be. He’s still bitter about how he was described in the Live Era liner notes.
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    I dunno what y'alls talking about I thought Axl sounded fucking phenomenal on happy birthday
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    Ticketmaster are pure evil. Perhaps the worst thing to ever happen to the music industry.
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    As always, I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Are the current lineup of GNR a close knit group of buddies? No, of course not. Anyone who's seen any footage of the band can see that clearly. Are Slash & Duff sitting around wishing they had enough power to bring the almighty Matt Sorum back? Nah, probably not. Have the two of them said things to make Matt feel better while they cash their checks from the reunion? Probably.
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    How he was demanding to be the GNR drummer if they didn't like how the things were running by Axl?
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    Ok, I never figured out the spoiler thing (typing this on a phone) so proceed with caution. Here goes on NITL: - Matt and Duff are playing in South America sometime in 2015 with Hollywood Vampires. The crowd is chanting “GNR” at Matt and Duff. Matt overhears someone (doesn’t say who, not Duff) mention that GNR is reforming and coming back to play SA the next year. Matt, knowing nothing about this, gets a sick feeling that this means he won’t be involved. - Sometime later, Matt confronts Duff about the rumor. Duff says “there have been talks” but nothing is set. Matt asks Duff to keep him in the loop with what’s going on. Matt ends up finding out about Coachella and the NITL tour when it’s announced publicly, same as the rest of the world. - Matt and Duff meet for lunch sometime during rehearsals for the tour. Matt is upset that Duff didn’t keep him informed as he asked. Duff says Axl wants to use his own drummer but Duff is frustrated because the guy can’t play drums. Matt tells Duff he needs to go back and demand that Matt replace Frank for the tour. - Sometime before the tour starts, Matt gets the text from Fernando that I mentioned earlier asking him to make some appearances. Matt replies, copying his own manager, that he would be interested. Fernando and Matt’s manager apparently speak and he comes back with the offer, travel expenses covered but no additional pay. Matt asks his manager to politely decline. - Duff and Matt meet for an awkward lunch sometime after the 1st leg of NITL. Duff asks Matt why he didn’t participate. Matt is miffed that Duff didn’t reach out directly and had management do it. Duff says there would have been money involved had he participated. Matt says that a positive thing from this is that he and Izzy have reconnected. Duff seems agitated at this and says “fuck Izzy.” Matt replies “well, Izzy says fuck you too.” Duff picks at his food and then says he has to leave for rehearsal. Matt asks why they’re rehearsing between legs. Duff says “because you’re not the drummer.” A fan asks for a picture with them on the way out of the restaurant but Duff declines. Matt thinks that Duff doesn’t want Axl to see them photographed together. They have an awkward hug outside and then part ways. Matt talks about this being the end of their personal and professional relationship. This is towards the end of the book. It seems that this was Matt’s last contact with Duff.
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    do not hate the playa. aren't super successful people usually manipulative/ruthless on that level? most bosses are douches when you get to know them? famous people in show business especially with so much money on the line and everyone must have smelled money with this reunion tour. Besides, they were always kinda shady, all of them in Gn'R. It's nothing new. and the demand is not always going to be there. it's a rock n' roll band, but where's the decency? it's kinda like anything goes sometimes. like Jagger or Richards are better or Jimmy Page or The Who. Not everyone can be like Bumble or Bucket and if they are, it's rare that it doesn't cost them or they just don't want to play the game at some point. Matt always loved money and he hit the jackpot twice with Gn'R and VR. He had his chance to join in the fun, chose not to. Steven took what he could and for a moment there proved he still shared glorious chemistry with Axl, Slash, and Duff. Role models they are not.
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    Not just a tad, his background vocals on Dust N Bones kinda ruin the song for me, especially in the second chorus. His improvised ''witty'' lines (''smoke 'em if you got 'em'', etc.) at the end of some songs don't contribute much either. And not to forget his climax sighs during So Fine.
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    Duff is probably the coolest and most real motherfucker you’d ever meet in your life next to Joe Perry.
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    the happy birthdays are the key to all of this
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    Sounds like Slash and Duff don’t want a clique of Slash, Duff and Matt either.
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    So they should probably promote it using Axl's blueprint from Chinese Democracy; Random appearance at major festival (Rio etc). Erratic tour in North America and woeful suprise slot at VMAs. Tour bookended by riots and band looks like extras from the Walking Dead. Silence for 4 years and occasional song leaks through baseball players. Random 15 month tour punctated by botched leaks of singles in TV ads and culminating in the leak of entire album. Final release of album through exclusive deal to spite a major drinks brand via financially distressed retailer during a major recession. No promotion outside of publicly sacking a long standing mod at MyGnR. First public appearance since release of said album occuring at LAX and involving a violent altercation. What could possibly go wrong?
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    My fave part is when Axl is out of breath after just 1 minute 40 on stage.
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    Duff is a bussines man. Nothing wrong with that. He studied the shit. Bc they were fucked in the past.... i believe they make more money now that in the end of the UYI Tour. In my pov i believe they know what is the best to GnR (in make the shit profitable). And that is makin a tour with with new stuff (new show, songs, musicians...etc) And Matt "Tank SS Destroyer" Sorum is a big one to make some sparkling vibe back. On stage amd musically.
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    Yup...here it is. I also posted this pic in another thread.
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    This is not the reunion i wanted to see. Its a hybrid version of GnR. Just boring and predictable. They are just doing their work. I can't see the fun, just the dollar bills. I dont need them to be friends again, but there were total different vibes when Steven were on drums for 2 songs. Or Angus on guitar. Or GnR joining Foo Fighters. Hybrid GnR bores me.
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    This: 100%. Take it for what you will, but MSL said that when Slash and Duff first came to the bargaining table, they brought up the possibility of Matt being the full time drummer for the NITL tour, and Axl laughed it off. I'm sure to them, that was the most they could do in terms of getting Matt back "in the band" instead of just guest spots. He also said Axl brought up the possibility of continuing with three guitarists, but Slash refused. Point being, there was give and take all around, and not a specific attempt to keep Matt out of the band. For what it's worth, I completely understand Matt wanting to get his side of the story to the public. That being said, it looks like he resorted to gossip in a way that Slash and Duff's books did not. To be fair, Slash and Duff's books have their fair criticisms of Axl, but they never resort to this type of whining. As a matter of fact, I think Slash actually apologizes for the times he did knock Axl in the press. Beyond Matt cutting off his ties to Axl, Slash, and Duff with this book, I imagine it will not sit well with Izzy either. Although he does not say anything bad about Izzy, we all know Izzy remains a quiet and guarded person who seems to have worked hard to avoid airing dirty laundry.
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    A very tiny part of the last song on the record
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    Does anyone think Axl over does it a tad bit on vocal overdubs at time? Like Dust N' Bones, Locomotive?
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    So what. good on him , he got the ball rolling for the reunion all fans wanted to see. Give him a break. Besides do you know any of them Personally? If not then your comment is pure speculation.
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    Oh, the drama! It truely is like an episode of Gossip Girl!
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    I just got round to listening to this song. It's really good. I'm looking forward to the EPs
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    They didn’t owe him anything, I mean they didn’t even have to use it for VR. I’m sorry, but Matt has always sounded very unlike able to me, big ego for little reason.
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    Mine favorite too i wish someone would re-release it on vinyl, it would be like b-day present I really loved Eric's voice from the first time I heard the album
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    Lets be honest though, Slash and Duff barely register on the cunt-o-meter next to Axl Rose.
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    I think there's lots of assumptions here. Suddenly Duff somehow is somehow orchestrating everything while manipulating everyone else including someone as volatile as Axl? Really?
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    Vocals do sound rough You are a fun person all you do is bitch about Axl dammed if he does dammed if he doesn't. He can release a surprise album tomorrow and you would find something to bitch Also, Chinese Democracy was certified platinum in multiple countries including the USA it was also a very successful album internationally . If you want to say outlandish statements back it up with evidence
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    Perhaps Duff is the secret mastermind behind everything going on with this reunion and the band in general to some extent. Starting with the "coincidental" meeting with Axl at that hotel. I wouldn't be surprised if he set the whole thing up and even back then was angling for reconciliation that would eventually lead down the road of reunion (and $$$). Duff used to have this reputation of being a good guy and a generally harmless fella, at worst people thought him kinda dumb (stemming from his drunken pre-pancreas explosion days). But as time passes and the more bits of information come to light, it seems that, for better or worse, Duff is actually pretty damn cunning and manipulative, not to mention ruthless if he wants to be. And he seems highly involved when it comes to band decisions, dealing with other former members, contracts, PR etc. Slash (freshly divorced and needing cash) and Axl (easy to manipulate in general and probably also low on cash) likely fell perfectly in line with puppet master Duff's plans.
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    Isn't it amazing how so many of us are clamoring for new music from a guy who hasn't been able to sing his own songs without sounding like Herbert the Pervert for over a decade? Factor in that he hasn't made a successful album since 1991, and hasn't released any music at all for 12 years and it really reflects badly on us, more than him at this stage. Why the fuck do we still care?
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    "Yeah but he sounds so much better in person. It's just phone footage that makes him sound bad."
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    Exclusive photo of Axl working on Soul Monster, April 2020:
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    Yeah, I was saying that earlier in the thread and got told I was wrong lol
  40. 1 point
    If it would be that way, there's no room for Gilby.
  41. 1 point
    Pretty much this. In retrospect it's a total shock he a) released Chinese Democracy and b) it was any good. He has pissed away the last 30 years of his career and is now a talentless hack. Last time Axl cared was probably 2006, maybe earlier.
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    Yeah, my mom and dad used to watch The Night Stalker. It was on a local Dallas station not too long ago. It was campy and I did see the one with him as a werewolf. Yeah, those shows were funny.
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    Not anymore. That's what's changed. If it's postponed and you can't make the new date.....Ticketmaster have decided to fuck you over. In America this is. On another note - even in the UK, Ticketmaster keeps all the fees it charges. So the BST run of shows (various artists play this) in Hyde Park, London have all been cancelled. Capacity there is 70,000 - say Ticketmaster charge £10 a ticket in fees (the reality is actually higher than that, but for the sake of argument I'll say £10). That means Ticketmaster are making £700,000 a night there for shows that aren't actually happening. Something to think about!
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    'Both' is what every other act does. It's astonishingly simple. Bands a fraction of GNR's size release albums physically and digitally constantly. The big difference though is that they have material to release.
  45. 1 point
    😳 2 questions - you only have to say yes or no. Gilby? Alice Cooper?
  46. 1 point
    Before someone has a mental breakdown. 1) Not a trump supporter 2) I'm Canadian 3) Trump is going to dice Biden to shreds in the debates.
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    Imagine if GNR/Axl were cool enough to drop a track like Soul Monster for Record Store Day? Instead we will have to wait until 2050 for a posthumous Chinese Democracy follow up album.
  49. 1 point
    Ok, time for some funny nonsense again
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