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    Hello MyGNR Fam I've made a very hard decision that I'm going to share with all of you now: as of this post, I am leaving the MyGNR forum staff. I have a lot of things I'd like to share with everyone as part of this process- My GN'R-online story started back on a forum called newgnr and I moved over to a forum called GNRevolution after newgnr went away. I was part of the staff at GNRevo from quite some time before I ended up leaving that site in a very bad way which was due in great part to my own faults. The staff and majority of users were always very good to me during my time there. To this day, I remain ashamed of myself for the way I handled things with that situation. That really has nothing to do with MyGNR, I just wanted to say that in public. I continued to read MyGNR, mostly My World in the weeks that passed and I really had no intent on joining leadership of any GN'R forum ever again. However, I kept seeing little things that I thought could improve and kept getting the itch to help out. I reached out to High Voltage with a random PM and asked if he'd be intersted in me joining. We went back and forth a bit and he ended up deciding it was a good idea. No matter what's happened since, I'm glad that he did. I won't bore everyone with stories of what's gone on here since. There's a long history that many of you know. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Always with the best intentions. I've never claimed to be perfect and I hope I've never given anyone the impression that I thought I was. My intention was always just to hopefully build a medium place for fans of all opinions to meet up. I believe I had varying degrees of success with that in my time on the staff here. I am now and will continue to be proud of my work here. So why is this happening? This is happening now because to be honest, my heart hasn't been in the band for a very long time. My heart was with the forum though, so I stayed on the staff much longer than I probably should have. I relayed my thoughts to Downzy earlier today and he's understandably upset but supportive of my decision. Downzy's handling of my decision is another in a long line of great things that add to my time on the staff here. I am extremely grateful for the friends I've made through the GN'R community both online and in real life. So what happens now? I am *NOT* leaving the forum but I am leaving the staff and mostly likely any GN'R discussion. As I said before, my heart just isn't in this band so I would most likely only contribute negative things to the D&N section that I worked so hard to help rid of negativity. It's best for me to hang out in My World & Seen That Movie Too when I stop by. I'll be posting in the usual threads in those sections, so you can look for me there and/or shoot me a PM whenever anyone would like. I want to say THANK YOU to the entire GN'R online community for all the memories. Thank you to the online and real life friends I have and I'll even say thank you to the people who are probably celebrating right now haha. Every person I've interacted with has made me a better person in some way, whether they liked me or not. Being made a better person through this whole experience is something I'll never forget, so as I said many times; I'm grateful for this whole experience. This isn't goodbye, it's just "I'm stepping down and I won't be giving anyone warning points anymore" haha. I truly hope for the best in the future for this forum, the online community and even this band who seems to disappoint us so much, but connects us all in some way. Thanks for everything and see you in the non-GN'R sections! -RussTCB
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    Has anyone tried switching Fernando off and then switching him on again?
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    Axl isn’t mixing music with anything.
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    Thank you to everyone who's posted their thoughts. To be clear, I'm not stepping out of GN'R entirely. I'm just taking a break from D&N for the foreseeable future as part of the process of leaving the staff. I really haven't had anything even remotely positive to say about GN'R for a year, maybe two. Until I do, I plan to stay out of there so I don't contribute a bunch of negativety. I've got so much other music that brings me joy, so I'd rather concentrate on that by sticking around My World for a bit instead.
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    The children book put you over the edge eh?
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    Guns N' Roses drummer Frank Ferrer joins us via Zoom to chat about his band "PSSR" on Golden Robot Records, his other NYC band "Mule Kick," and of course Guns N' Roses. How did he join the band? What's it like playing with the biggest band in the world? What might new music sound like? Special co-hosts Mark Alexander-Erber (CEO of Golden Robot Records) and Kristen Tully (Artist Development Manager - GRR) Video - https://bit.ly/3ctktqV Podcast - https://ihr.fm/2LrUc0t - I had fun. I always was and will remain a fan of Frank. Hope to have him on again. FYI he went to hang with Brain after the interview.
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    To suggest that losing @RussTCB as a staff member is a shot to the gut is a definite understatement. When I began to take over as owner of this forum back in the winter of 20/142015, the first decision I made was to elevate Russ to the administrator position. Honestly, I had to beg - he was doing a great job as the forum's main moderator carrying most of the load of moderating duties at the time and understandably didn't want to add to his responsibilities. While I totally understood his position, I still begged until he did me the huge favour and became an admin at MYGNRFORUM. It was important to me and to the forum to have Russ represent the forum through a rocky transition period. Many of active posters then and now loved and respected the job he did as a moderator and I wanted to reassure the community that with Russ taking on a more senior role that things here would only improve. I can't say I've made a lot of great decisions, and not to give myself too much credit, but having Russ become an Admin at this forum was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made since becoming the forum's owner. Russ was instrumental in shifting the tone of this forum; away from constant negativity that drove many people away and towards a more respectful attitude that still accepted differences of opinions and criticisms of the band and all things GNR. We both agreed that the forum needed to change in order for it to survive but it was largely through Russ's commitment, along with great help from every other staff member, that this strategy came to fruition. There was a time when the forum was receiving numerous complaints a day because of nonsense and disrespect, Russ and fellow staff have transformed this forum where we receive very few complaints about other posters or posts. Russ is largely deserving of that credit. It has made this forum much easier and enjoyable to moderate and administer. Quite simply, Russ has been the heart and soul of this forum for the past five years. I cannot imagine this forum surviving and remain as popular as it has without his fair and measured watch. The entire fan community, members of this forum, the staff, the band itself, and myself all owe Russ a massive thank you for his contribution to the GNR fan community. Being a staff member here is largely a thankless job, without much in the way of perks all the while shouldering endless frustrations and personal dramas between forum members. That is to say nothing about the amount of bullshit staff members have to manage in terms of this forum's attempts to bridge the divide between the band/management and the fans. This is not an easy job and wears on anyone who has joined the staff. It is testament to Russ as a person that he has stuck around for as long as he has despite everything. So a big thank you to Russ from myself for being the kind of Admin/Moderator and friend this forum needed these past many years. I can never repay the debt I owe you in terms of your contribution to this space on the web. I truly believe this forum means a lot to many people who have enjoyed discussing a band they love in an environment free from assholes, egos, and bullies. You are owed a world of debt from people who visit this forum and myself. I would also like to congratulate Russ on moving forward with something that brings him a lot of joy and drives his passion for music. It's not easy to walk away from something you have devoted a lot of time and energy towards for years on end. Life is short and it's great to see Russ direct his talents and passion for music towards something constructive like his fantastic podcast (Infectious Groove Podcast; it's a great listen and everyone should check it out). I'm always inspired by people who choose to build, create and act in a positive way despite the challenges and difficulties. So congratulations on your new direction and I look forward to hearing more from you on that front. I'm also glad to hear that Russ will still be around to contribute his thoughts on music and other topics. He's an opinionated guy with a lot of great insights so I'm glad we're still going to benefit from having him around. If GNR is finally able to get over the hump and release new music I'm sure we'll see Russ back in the D&N section again. Thanks Russ!
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    So, here's where I stand with this after seeing this shirt and then reading the comments/backlash... Firstly, I came across this glorious piece of merch on social media and my head literally blew up like the little emoji guy and I said 'no fucking way' out loud. My legit first thought. To put everything in perspective, It's been a full WEEK since the LaLD/Trump/Axl Twitter/Munckin fiascos. In that week, some of Guns N' Roses contemporaries have done way more than GNR have. MYGNR's favorite comparison, Metallica, have announced a 'month of giving' and have put not just 1 item, but a whole series of items on its website for sale to benefit crew members who may have been effected by COVID. Not only did they announce this, but Lars gave an interview about it as well. Oh yes, who can forget Metallica Monday as well? Weren't we promised 'live videos coming soon' almost a week ago? Metallica has been a band that has been almost inactive since last year when James had to go to rehab again, and yet they have STILL found ways to engage and stay relevant in a time that is proving to be very hard to do so and has seen many artists have to try and reinvent themselves. My personal favorite comparison at the moment is Pearl Jam. For reference, they had an album drop March 26th, directly at the onset of this crazy pandemic. They had their whole tour ruined as well as months of marketing prowess that went up in flames as soon as everyone was confined to their homes. Since then, the band who is well known for their merch, has decided to cut back on the merch and focus more on trying to bring everyone together. While they did release special prints by poster artists late last week, for mothers day instead of a shirt, they announced a partnership with Every Mother Counts. Since Axls twitter fiasco, Pearl Jam have also offered 2 live videos (one from a previous DVD, and one that we have never seen in HD before) on their facebook page. In my opinion, thats enough for the casual viewer. Quick-hits to keep you engaged and keep the Pearl Jam name in your mouth without being stuffed with it. This week they will release their 3rd music video for their new album. Their 3rd album since Axl last released a piece of music. But I digress. It seems like the main positive that people have with this shirt is that they see it as the band 'sticking it to the man' and in some way its related to the reason we love the band and why we were attracted to an outspoken figure like Axl and Slash in the first place. I say, why wasn't the irony of the whole situation enough? Axl seemed to benefit GREATLY from that little spat last week. For the first time in a long time, most people were on his side. The people that were against him were Trump supporters doing the classic "TRUMP IS THE GREATEST, YOU KNOW NOTHING!" tap dance. That was enough for most people to be like "yes, this is the Axl I grew up knowing and loving" I don't think many of us need a weirdly worded 'inside joke' type of shirt to explain to the world how GNR gives not one single fuck. Hell, I'd like to see how well the streams for Appetite and Chinese did late last week if there is a way to see that. Appetite was trending for a little while, but Chinese Democracy literally trended for as long as Axl did with many people asking "why the hell is chinese democracy trending?" and philosopher GNR twitter heads saying "GUNS N ROSES! LOOK IT UP!" and I saw many a person say they actually did. Hell, I even put it on and listened to it all the way through for the first time in a long time. That would have been a perfect time for GNR's management to promote Chinese Democracy or even Appetite yet again. A simple "Did someone say Chinese Democracy is trending?" with a link to the album when they woke up would have been PERFECT marketing in that scenario. Get the people talking about the current event, instead of it going under the radar. Instead, we have management that goes "theres got to be a way to capitalize on this situation and put more of these 'fans' money in OUR pockets" so they have a 3 hour meeting (most likely on Zoom) and someone literally thought this was the best thing they could come up with. Not only is it the best thing they could come up with, it's a fucking week late. Holy shit, does anyone even remember or CARE what Axl did on twitter last week? Yeah, it WAS 'major' news..... last week. But now? It all seems to be a game of how can the GNR entity and the people making a certain percentage from that GNR entity be set for life. Childs books. Toy Trucks. Laundry hampers. Shirts with weird inside twitter war jokes on them. Promises that have been wasted or manipulated to think we are getting legit content, only to be made a fool of. You know how easy it is to make a Youtube playlist and name it? I could have done that in less time it took me to write this... And yet people still think Gun's management is trying to put their best foot forward and give the fans something they never had before. And because we aren't like other bands "thats okay" The only best foot they seem to be putting forward is the one that leads them directly towards money. And I get it. Everyone has to make a living, but do the means justify the ends? No. In fact, a bunch of street poets told me about this one time: "And I'll try to paint a story, got your pictures to tell Yeah, you got to make a livin' with what you bring yourself to sell" We should have listened.
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    Coming out against Trump isn't brave. Not when all of Hollywood and the media will back you up and applaud. It's harder today to come out as a Trump supporter than to come out of the closet. Axl is a big fat pussy.
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    Your guy literally suggested people inject themselves with bleach.
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    Russ, you should still partake in band discussions. I know you say your heart is not in the band anymore, and I get that. They are shit. A corporate, soulless entity interested solely in the bottom line and not remotely concerned with art or music. I guess we're all holding out for a positive change at some point, and in spite of everything, I still have a small modicum of hope that they will pull off the unthinkable and actually do something worthwhile for a change (a new album). But don't let the band asslickers stop you from shooting the breeze and expressing your honest opinion regarding the sorry state of GNR in 2020. Some of us value your thoughts/opinions. The fact that they are mostly negative in tone says absolutely nothing about you and everything about this "band."
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    Whether it's for charity or not, "Live and let die" is really bad choice of words in this situation. And it's not even their own song, it's a cover.
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    In case anyone is interested Slash has been selling bandanas for a while with all proceeds to musicares.org
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    I think there’s a misunderstanding amongst fans that the band has any real leverage in pushing refunds through at this time. It’s really entirely on the promoter and there’s a long line of tours that are in the same boat. It’s a ton of $ that needs to be moved around. Some of it already spent There are certain words/phrases the band probably can’t say for liability reasons, but yes they need to be much more public here. That’s something that needs to be done on multiple levels. People feel the band is a one way relationship. While they may not be able to get fans their $ back in a timely manner, they can provide other things to try and bridge that gap and let them know they care about the situation I get that Live Nation and especially Ticketmaster has faults. They also employ and provide income for a lot of people, so i don’t want to see more people out of work in that industry. I think they are trying to find a situation that gets people refunds, keeps essential employees paid, and at least insures a possible future for the business to exist so they can bring people back when it’s time. It’s not going to be easy with the possibility of months or even a year without revenue My advice is if you get a chance for a refund, take it. Wait for the rescheduled date and if things aren’t getting better, there might not be a refund from a company that’s close to going under
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    Of course. But as you say, it's pretty hard to feel too much understanding and compassion for a corporation like Ticketmaster/Live Nation. Especially with their fucking over of fans for many years now. Sadly I fear that fans come yet again at the very bottom of their concerns.
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    Yeah fuck this band. I'll still listen to the same tracks I always have because I love them, and honesty it's all we got anyway. I mean Axl will sit there and bitch about the Trump admin killing 80,000 (although the virus did it actually as it did all over the globe, and Trump had no hand in that), but at the same time go forward with a concert in Mexico when every other tour was getting postponed even then. Where was his sympathy for human beings let alone fans at that time? The band or management or whoever blocks fans from enjoying their concerts and footage in a time when EVERY band in existence is doing something for the their fans. Not for money or publicity, but for the enjoyment for the fans that are pretty bummed out right now. Personally I'm fortunate in that I am in IT working for a tech company, and we have been working remotely since the 2nd week of March. So financially and productivity wise I'm good. Even still "cabin fever" is REAL thing. Mentally it puts a load on you, and especially when your office is home. You essentially never leave your home or work. I can't even begin too tell you how joyous it would be for me to check out the concerts from their/my heyday. In fact even for the CD era fans there would be a ton of enjoyment for fans during that time period. All we get is feign virtue signalling to "show compassion", but deep down they don't give a shit. As witnessed by the shirt. It is NOT about charity, and even if it were we are talking pennies to the dollar they would make from it. On top that the "charity" would more than likely be their crew. Which is fine, but don't put it out there like you are going to give to charity to try and feed the world. I wouldn't even put it past them to concoct this scheme to stay relevant in media during down time. Instead of you know actually releasing music too stay relevant. This whole band is bullshit now. To me anyway. To close this is not even about pro-Trump vs anti-Trump. If you love the shirt and hate Trump more power to you. Buy a box of them, and hand them out on the street corner if you want. Just do it wearing a mask and gloves, or GnR might put you on a shirt. This is my personal decision, and to use the GnR favorite word say "Fuck you" back. It's been real, and have really enjoyed this community regardless of what side of the fence each of you are on (Classic era vs NuGnR era, Anti-Trump vs Pro-Trump). Even you Rock n Roll keyboardists . The shirt is not why I'm done with this band. I think for myself, and have NEVER looked to celebrity's for political views. No matter what side of the fence an artist is on I can still enjoy art, be it music or film, that touches me personally. I could care less of the political views of any artist. They have just as much a right to their opinions or views as anyone else. I am not also one to scream "leave politics out of it". Politics have played a role in music since rock n roll was born (you can even say it started with Blues). It is just the last straw for me in a mound of straw. Anyway I am certain no one really cares whether a user still listed as "newbie" with only 40 posts comes around or not. With @Gambit83 interviews, and @RussTCB podcasts on my radar there is no need to come back for band news that's for sure. I guess I will come back when a new album is upon us. Of course I'm sure my account will become disabled due to no activity before then. PEACE OUT!
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    Haven't you heard? No-one is listening to music during lockdowns, but they are ordering huge numbers of low-quality t-shirts.
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    Wow! Covid19 will soon overtake liver disease and falling out of windows as the biggest cause of death in Russia!
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    I get it. I was a huge defender of the then-newly reunited GNR in 2016/2017/2018 and gave a ton of chances and lots of "well maybe they have stuff cookin' and patience is key" but the more and more I wait the harder it feels to be passionately into this band. I listen to GNR way less than I ever have, I passed on multiple concert opportunities because of preferring to spend my money on bands that change things up more. It is frustrating being a GNR fan, even if there are tiny periods of glee like 2008 and 2016 Glad to hear you won't be leaving for good though! I enjoy your thoughts and opinions on GNR and music in general. I have found the moderation and upkeep of this forum really pleasant the past few years and you are a part of that so thank you for helping to keep this place truly what I think is the best GNR-oriented place to chill in
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    I so hope paul mccartney sends TB a cease and desist letter from lawyers. Live and let die indeed.
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    Simply disgusting shirt/message. This band can t be taken serious any more. So they decided to remove "One in a million" cause they are politically correct now and then release a covid shirt with "Live and Let die" while Corona killed worldwide more people than a war? They could have put "Patience" or "Don t cry" on it if charity was their intention. IF Pathetic. Fernando is a total loser but the other ones are on the same level if no one of the band stands up against this bullshit.
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    For the first time i'm somewhat embrassed to be a fan of this band. I hope they asked Paul if it's ok to use his song for a shitty shirt, if not, he should file a lawsuit.
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    Russ, You've been a great mate to me on the mod team Thanks for all the support and the fun, glad you're still gonna be hanging around x
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    I cannot believe there are still some people brown humping this pathetic brand and making fudgy nonsensical never ending excuses. Fernando saw the replies on facebook and elsewhere, got spooked and swiftly added the charity thing. It is as clear as day. It is not a minor thing to omit, the recipient of your $25 haha. ''Is it going into Rose's pocket or a corona charity?''. Not exactly a small detail that is liable to be forgotten!
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    I'm just going to be on the phone tomorrow thinking "don't call him a twat! don't call him a twat!"
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    So the missus and I were talking about getting an allotment earlier today and looking up how we go about it on the web it said to call Mr Thwaite to enquire. As a Rik Mayall fan I found that far more amusing than I probably should have. I'm sure @Len Cnut would agree however.
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    That's a real shame to hear. I've always thought your even-handed and sensible approach to handling the forum has kept it as bullshit free as it's possible to keep a GNR forum. I think these are tough times for any sane fan of the band, and I'm sure most of us often question whether the band are still important to us or not. I can confidently say though that visiting the forum, for me and I'm sure others, has been somewhat of a sanity aid, not least at the moment. I think the way you've handled and managed it has been a big part of that, and for every nonsense, lame move the band pull off, I can always guarantee some laughs because of the mood that has been cultivated. I know you're sticking around and still going to post, but I'll definitely miss your overseeing of fair comments and your handling of those that would try to drag the place down. So....thanks for all the time and effort you've put in.
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    Great episode. I played drums along the osaka 2017 bootleg and this cat can play his ass off. Theres basicly no breaks in the set until duffs solo spot and even then its only a minute. Hes got great stamina. I was sweating like hell halfway through the set.
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    There's a great irony in coming to a discussion forum to complain about those who use a discussion forum.
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    They certainly don't want to take any attention away from their eventual 480P upload of Sail Away Sweet Sister from the Tokyo DVD.
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    So, nothing official from GN'R but the most recent fantastic fan account posting pro-shots has just been taken down. Fantastic!
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    jesus, that was the best time i've had watching a podcast! Please do one with Brain and Frank... you could even invite matt... Awesome job brando
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    Not liking Trump doesn't make you hard left. It makes you sane.
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    Tasteless shirt is tasteless. Ugly shirt is ugly. Slow shipping is slow. Bad management is bad.
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    If this shit doesn’t get uploaded today at midnight i’m going to lose all hope.
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    i'm with you, that politics should'nt be left out in art/music, it always was and will be that way, and that's fine. But using the COVID thing, is so ashaming for everyone directly or indirectly effected by the virus.
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    "Complaints, complaints, complaints...."
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    Some of you guys make me laugh, as if anybody in this band ever gave a fuck about what anybody thought. Maybe you guys haven't been paying attention the last 30 years 🤔 but this band has never shied away from expressing their opinions, and clearly everybody in the band is strongly against Trump. Also fuck Trump. The people who also say leave the politics out of music also make me laugh, as if politics haven't been in music for well, forever. I'm proud of the guys for standing up for what they believe in and not hiding away like some pansy ass pussies afraid to let their voice be heard. If shipping wasn't 10 bucks I would consider getting this shirt
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    Chap on facebook sums it up succinctly, Haha
  43. 2 points
    There is also a disclaimer by UMG. Maybe that was the reason they didn't mention the charity right away.
  44. 2 points
    Fernando is looking at the backclash and has swiftly added the charity thing - I am convinced.
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    I haven't followed anything Izzy /Gn'R related for a long time, but this popped up on YT: Release date: June 2020...
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    Hundreds of thousands of deaths and they pull this shit? Jesus Christ...
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    I think it's more accurate to say that GnR enjoys different levels of popularity with different age groups and in different parts of the world. There is the age group (roughly 40+ today) that caught the band in its heyday in the late 80s and early 90s. Naturally GnR enjoys greater popularity among the people of this group, even if it's just due to nostalgia. It should be pointed out here that "nostalgic fans" are not necessarily casuals (as in that they know only the hits). There are many people who followed the band back in the day, bought the albums - and may even have listened to bootlegs - and know all the back catalog (which isn't big, anyway); it's just that GnR is "frozen" in their mind as a band of their youth and they're not much interested in new music - or they're mildly interested. Then there is the group of 30-30 something's who grew up in a time when GnR was perceived as "uncool" (or had started to be), so this is the group the band is the most unpopular with in "general public" terms. At the same time, GnR has fans among the people of this age group who, my impression is, happen to consist a big portion of the forum hardcore fans. And these fans tend to be the most critical towards the band (my impression again), first and foremost because they're the most burnt out and disappointed as they got to enjoy very little from the band in real time, but probably also because of the "cool kids syndrome". Then there are the people who are younger than that, and to many of whom GnR is probably unknown or irrelevant. But there are also people from this age group who got to know and love GnR from their parents, or young rock fans who see GnR as a legendary band and don't carry the "baggage" of the second group.
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    To be honest, I'm surprised the link is for eBay and not the official Guns store.
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    Wow... that’s an unbelievably shitty joke... between the kids book and this, I’m embarrassed to be a fan at this point. Fernando- you had to really try hard to make me feel this shitty toward GnR. Congratulations.