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    The Spaghetti Incident is a fine album. Not amazing, not progressive. Not what GN'R could have achieved at the time. But still a fun listen.
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    Yeah, it's funny isn't it? It's a bit like Slash isn't aware of his own limitations (every musician has them and part of being a great musician is playing to your strengths and recognising your weaknesses). I love Slash as a riff writer, and his lead work 1987-2010 was always on point. But these days he's more interested in showing off his speed, usually at the expense of the song itself. The fans defending Slash's wankery on NITL are the same ones who bitched at Bumblefoot's guitar shredding on Catcher In The Rye. At least Ron has the technical prowess to show off in that way, and whilst it may not be to everyone's tastes, he usually does so in a melodic way that serves the song. Slash is simply not that kind of player, never has been and it feels a little as if he's trying to be something he's not these days.
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    Why is it hard for some people to understand that some of us just don't like how Myles sounds? I've listened to all the albums, watched a large amount of live videos and then went and watched SMKC live in person and it just doesn't do anything for me. It has nothing to do with jealousy or whatever LMAO I will always pick Mickey because at the end of the day that's still Axl Rose and there's no one like him while there's a whole lot of artists like Myles Kennedy.
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    How are we complaining about Slash after we had Ashba's bends, or Paul Tobias and whatever he was doing on Rocket Queen in 2001.
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    Trumps got it sorted. If you scale back testing you get fewer confirmed cases. It's fucking genius really. It's like not going to the doctor to avoid being diagnosed with cancer.
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    Sure, like said the celebrity philosopher Beta Lebeis "complain, complain, complain....."
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    I’m pretty sure people have even complained about Axl’s cat. It’s gained weight over the years you know, and it’s hair became more grey. That fucking cat...
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    The new Bob Dylan album is very good - possibly a masterwork, Very curious line here, Only Dylan could get away with comparing himself to Anne Frank, There is just so many lyrics I could cite. My favourite songs thus far, ''Black Rider'', ''Crossing the Rubicon'', ''Goodbye Jimmy Reed'' - there isn't a bad one on there. I highly recommend this album.
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    I’m convinced it’s Finck as well. The fact that people confuse it for May’s work only speaks to how secretly skilled and talented Finck actually is, in my opinion.
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    It's almost tragic - old style Slash would totaly blow away all the technical guys that tried to fill his spot. It's weird.
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    Technically, Steven is the worst drummer GNR have had. But his groove and swing was perfect for AFD, so he's also the best 'rock n roll drummer' they've had. Josh was their best drummer in a technical sense. On topic, yes Steven deserved to get fired. They gave him several opportunities to get it together, but he was simply too fucked up. That said, I wish he'd been given more of a role in the NITL tour.
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    Someone did I think and he said something like it didn't make sense to release shit from other lineups.. Fucking stupid.. I would rather see and pay for some of that classic stuff any day of the week. Guns hardly have anything out there compared to other bands.. Show the younger world why they were a phenomenon back in the day. Just about every band out there released stuff from past lineups.. Why be so petty?
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    Haha anything for an MP3 of The General, Soul Monster, and Zodiac with vocals! I'd do it for you all.
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    One of my favourite GNR songs is Madagascar, but i'm sure for many, it wouldn't even rank in the top ten.
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    Ain't Life Grand is damn good but doesn't come close to It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere IMO. If you aren't familiar with Slash's Snakepit you have to give both albums a listen. They've got nothing to do with Slash's later output.
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    Burton's Batman films are just dripping wet with atmosphere and German expressionism. Nolans films are very entertaining....but yes, they are realer than real and in a way, suck all the fun out of the comic-book experience. I'm old enough now to see the strengths in Nolan's storytelling and some of Burton's weaknesses at narrative storytelling...but the visual experience of Burton's films are as good as Batman ever got.
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    Sleazy rock and roll band, good drumming*, bluesy singer with attitude, and Jack Douglas (Aerosmith) producing. What's not to like?! Wish they had done more. One of my favourite all time gigs (possibly my favourite) was Snakepit at Sheffield Corporation, UK in 2000. Tiny crowd. Sweaty venue. Pure rock n roll. Fan-fucking-tastic. I lost my t-shirt from that gig when I moved house one time only a few years back, keep thinking it "must be somewhere" but never found it. I'm pretty sure some of the t shirts for sale at that gig showed a lady doing "questionable" things with a snake, with the Snakepit logo over the top (I bought a different one - the album cover t shirt). *On the drumming - I suspect it was played live and not to a click track, which also massively helps. One of my issues with "Slash 2010" is the drums - Josh is a quality drummer but it is clearly a "session" for him so sounds very robotic, not worked out in a band setting so no real feeling, and to a click. A real "band" drummer will play live a few gigs to learn what fills work, tweak a bit, play off the bassist, improve, adapt, rinse and repeat until they have the song nailed - then record it. Just Like Anything from Ain't Life Grand is a perfect example of that.
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    Rolling Stone has an interview with Roberta out now. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/singer-roberta-freeman-interview-guns-n-roses-pink-floyd-1016795/
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    I miss the days we could share stuff here but some assholes ruined it
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    GNR fans everywhere will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Myles Kennedy. In a pre-reunion world where it looked like Axl/Slash would never share the stage again he was responsible for Slash being able to revisit the GNR catalog again in ways he hadn't been able to in the 15+ year period after he left the band. GNR is a notoriously hard band to cover without sounding like bad karaoke, so Slash was essentially limited over the years to the "easy" ones like Brownstone and It's so Easy that can be more easily handled. Myles range however let him thread that needle of having a guy who can credibly sing the songs without sounding like he's trying to be an Axl impersonator or lead a cover band. People don't appreciate how hard that is to do, and the fact he is the first guy Slash trusted in that way since leaving GNR should tell you how much he respects his talent. As someone who just missed the band's height before breaking up in 93 (I was born in 81) it was thrilling to finally get to hear Slash playing SCOM,Nightrain, Civil War, YCBM and others on a nightly basis after fearing I might never get a chance to see him do it live. I finally got to see GNR with the reunion, but will always be thankful Slash found Myles at a time when I was wondering if I would ever get to see Slash rip through the GNR classics and have them sound damn good in the process. Myles took an impossible assignment and more than credibly pulled it off without ever looking like DJ Ashba parody trying to be Slash when faced with a similar task. He was humble, sang the songs, and never tried to be something he's not and I think that is why people respected Slash's band the way they did as it never came off as trying to be a GNR cover band even when they were playing the songs (musically they actually sound more like GNR did than GNR does these days). I stand by that much of the supposed backlash on this board against Myles was because deep down in places people don't want to admit they knew he was doing a good job and wished like hell Axl would be a professional like that who took it as seriously, keeps himself in shape, looking good and sounding good despite growing older. Axl wouldn't have become the butt of jokes as he has if he took his job even half as seriously as Myles does. The constant attacks on the guy in these parts actually struck me more as the school yard kid who goes up and harasses the girl he really likes while telling anyone who will listen how much he hates her.
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    https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/prince-sign-o-the-times-reissue/ TONS of information in the link above. Highlights: 63 unreleased tracks, completely unreleased live album, completely unreleased DVD. FIRE. Attention Guns N' Roses; this is how you release a Super Deluxe Edition.
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    It was also just announced that all three Christian Bale Batman films are coming back to theaters, to try to get people to wanna go back to the movies again. So we are really getting FOUR movie Batmans over the next two years! XD
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    Hope Chelsea beat City today YNWA
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    Maybe its because Bumble, Bucket and Fortus are all technically better than him and he feels like he has to keep up with that?
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    How is someone saying they preferred the Yesterdays solo in the Illusions years to the current version complaining? That simply sounds like an opinion to me but what do I know.
  30. 1 point
    Exactly. I wish I could like SMKC, but I don't. And it's got nothing to do with being jealous that Axl can't sing anymore. I'm perfectly capable of disliking both Myles' singing AND Axl's current singing.
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    Say what? Axl just did one of the biggest tours of all time. If that's not having an impact I don't know what it is.
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    That's the show that should've been made into a DVD imo. How was it better than Living The Dream?
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    Yes, bit confuse. Outside GNR she work with many important musicians.
  34. 1 point
    Bringing "outsiders" to an etablished act can be extremly useful. New ideas, fresh air, etc.
  35. 1 point
    ^ As a lead toddler teacher with a class of 10 rugrats, boy don't I know this!!!
  36. 1 point
    That was a very solid match from Manchester United. Hoping City will beat Chelsea tomorrow.
  37. 1 point
    Burton's Batman films are where it's at. Nolan did a great job, but went way too realistic (damn Anglo's and their empiricism). Nolan's films didn't have any moments like this
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    In case anyone forgot: Fuck @Fernando
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    Slash's 2008 solo album is pretty much his only solo work (non GN'R or VR) I enjoy. Nothing against the talented vocalists on that album, but I always thought it would have been killer with Axl on most of those songs.
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    I'd take a short set with a great vocal performance over a long one with mickey.
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    Any of the cutting room floor stuff from TSI would be cool for this set, too! Not sure if anyone mentioned it. (since a lot of them were destined for UYI originally; I doubt it'll ever get a second look on its own) Also basically, more Izzy. Izzy TSI tracks? Bring up Izzy levels on every song.... yeah Do the 5.1 thing again -- that was brilliant. Some kind of dry mix, alt mix.... remix thing. Not just a more compressed remaster. Remaster them true to the original sound but then do a seperate disc without the sheen and all those effects... just bare-bones it. That will really open those albums up for a fresh look from more than just hardcore fans. A lot of the original mastering / mixing choices really neutered the more rocking songs and the turning down of Izzy diminished the interplay that makes AFD so classic (even though it's there!). You can say it's a quintessential part of what the albums are / were... but they just sound dated to that early 90's era in a way that diminishes the work and it's a common refrain among critics and fans. Given what other Super Deluxe stuff for other big artists has been done in the last 5 years, it's gotta be possible.
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    Hope I’m wrong, but Palace have been a bogey team for Liverpool for 30 years....
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    It's inevitable now I'm afraid Luke. The best chance was for the Covid death toll to get out of control or the virus to mutate so they would have no option but to void the season. Unfortunately that ship seems to have sailed now so looks like they will be crowned winners in the next week or so.
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    That was painful. The top YouTube comment is gold.
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    Fucking Liverpool.... I can see a loss to Palace coming also... Hope I’m wrong. Will we ever win this fucking title!!!
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    Just watched this. Thoughts: In general, very good. Having read the comments on here first I was very pleasantly surprised as I was expecting a horror show. Slash on fire. Loving the green guitar. Excellent all round. Simples! Duff's bass licks are great, loving the funky stuff during the RQ intro. Attitude great. Fortus solid and harmless as ever. RQ solo totally unnecessary!, but he's a gifted player and can shred a bit. Don't like the rhythm bit he plays under the RQ solo though, far too cheesy. Dizzy / Melissa might as well have not been there (for these 5 songs at least). Axl's voice ok to good. Vocals at the end of RQ are fantastic, but he does struggle a touch in a few parts - he briefly but noticeably drops down an octave at the end of the RQ second verse. I think we need to accept at his age he will never recreate what he could have done in his thirties, so I've no complaints at all. His low register is still completely fantastic ("where do we go" immediately after SCOM solo). I'm sure it sounded even better live (i.e. there). Maybe drop the songs down a key might help in a year or so. I agree with other comments that he should sing Slither closer to how Scott sang it. The biggest missed opportunity with Axl was the wilderness years - 95-2005 when he was at the perfect age, but didn't tour. It's the equivalent of the Muhammad Ali years when he didn't fight due to Vietnam right at what would have been the peak of his career. Band overall made a few mistakes here and there, but this is not the London Philharmonic, and adds to the charm. They lack the "sleaze factor" a touch (see below for drums). Sound mix in general excellent (see below for drums). So, drums... I'm a drummer, so I'm aware I'm overly critical of drumming and likely have biased views. There's two things here - the drummer himself, and the drum sound mix. With drums the truth is that a good band with a bad drummer will sound like a bad band, and a bad band with a good drummer can sound tight as fuck. Frank is absolutely solid, and while he's far from my favourite GnR drummer (Stephen for sleaze and groove, Matt for rhythm, Brain overall), he's not bad. He just lacks the "sleaze factor" and groove particularly on songs like RQ where he is motoring the pace just a touch. The main issue is the mix though. The GnR sound, particularly Appetite era, is that "sleaze " I mentioned which is all driven by the hi-hat and ride, and you can't even hear them!! Its terrible. All you can hear are what sound like gated and triggered bass and snare pops. Coincidentally i watched Appetite for Democracy last night (it was on UK tv) and the sound was exactly the same, so it isn't a new thing and has been a GnR feature since around 2010-12 (listen to RIR3 then this and compare the drum mix). You need to hear the slow groove of the hi-hat, the dynamics, caressing the rhythm of the song forwards - this is totally lacking. It is most noticeable in SCOM. Sort the drum sound out, and even with Frank playing, it would elevate the whole thing 1000%. Anyway, my positive / constructive criticism! Overall though - fully enjoyed it. Great to wake up to and watch with a breakfast coffee. 8/10.
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    I met Gilby a couple of years ago. He was/is a lovely fellow!
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    Well done Arsenal, nice little 3-0 kicking to break the lockdown with