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    hey guys this is a message to let you guys and gals know that it's been a pleasure talking GN'R with you for so many years and to let you know that i am leaving the forum against my will on March 2019 the owners of this forum have been censoring my opinion for quite a while some of my posts have been deleted i kinda could deal with that but on the last couple of months the owners of this forum sent me two threatening personal messages where they made clear i should stop posting opinions that they don't like typical censorship crap i don't know any of the owners of the site personally and i have to say that i had a really good impression of them before they started threatening me with these messages i think it is a true shame the way i see it whoever has a GN'R forum and tries to tell what a person can say and when/where a person can speak his/her mind doesn't know the first thing about GN'R i arrived here when jarmo banned me from HTGTH and now i am leaving and moving again to another board i really loved posting here because there are so many people passionate about GNR here more than i ever expected to find I had great talks with so many of you some of you guys like @RONIN, @Nikki_Sixx, @zombux, @Blackstar, @SoulMonster got me really impressed about your passion and knowledge of all things GNR it was truly fun i wish it could go on posting here everyday like i been doing for the last lot of years but i can not accept to have people telling me what i can say and what i can't say on a Guns n Roses opinion forum! time to go now thanks a lot for the good times hope to see you guys again sooner than later
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    Whether you're left leaning or right leaning, if you are an Islamophobe you can stop talking now.
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    Axl, whatever happened to love fist?