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    Que Brazilians standing outside Axl house this weekend trying to get the faintest recording.
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    Dizzy is great! I love watching her bounce around with her blue hair.
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    Just want to clarify something- I saw someone made a post saying I have strong connections to the band so I want to clarify that I actually do not have any connection to the band at all. This news is true and I do know that for a fact but it's because of others who do have connections with the band that I was able to confirm it. Might seem like a small point, but it's important to me. I don't ever want to give the impression that I'm more connected than others or any sort of "insider"
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    I was there in Malibu and I met Slash on the beach.
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    How can nerds be worried about the new Terminator being a "feminist" movie when the whole series is built on the shoulders of a strong female character that is the main character in 3 movies and a TV series and even in the movies that she isn't in, her presence and values are still integral to the plot and story? OH NO THIS SERIES ABOUT A STRONG WOMAN HAS STRONG WOMEN IN THE NEW VERSION. Lmao. Fucking goofs.
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    People want this absurd mash up of an album with 20 different musicians. Isn't one of the main gripes of CD was that it was so in-cohesive just for that reason?
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    Are you serious? Do you think for a Broadway actor who does the same show every night it isn't a lot of work too? For any band to go out and put on a show, let alone a 3 hour show it is a lot of work. Give credit where credit is due.
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    so, the band knows how it feels to be ripped off.
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    Maybe Axl is just letting him use the studio for a new Slash solo album ... Playing the ultimate troll on us
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    It'd be sweet if GNR put half as much energy into releasing new music for their fans to buy as they do looking for lawsuits.
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    I just tweeted him to let him know he's a fuckin' idiot. 🖕
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    I dont get some of you so called fans. Most of us fans support the dying breed of Rock N Roll music. Today its all EDM music and festivals built to attract social media influences to take a snap of themselves at a festival because its cool and hip. When the major headline from Coachella is Ariana Grande having a lemon thrown at her by a Beyoncé fan because of an issue they have, you know the music industry is in trouble. Any chance offered to embrace and support Rock N Roll, with our favourite band appearing is a good thing in my eyes.
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    I know this is the era of fake news and all, but tbh I find your reactions pretty poor. I know you're not an official news outlet and I don't know what was accurate in that video and what wasn't, but I think you could address the alleged inaccuracies instead of name calling, no? Your reaction is similar to the reaction of so called Axl nutters when people complain about Axl's voice: 'Then sing it yourself if you think you can do better.' That's just nonsense.
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    Hey everyone, I just read in the paper here in NY this morning that at The Tribeca Film Festival this month there's going to be the premiere of a new Shannon Hoon documentery that is composed completely of the "home videos" he shot of himself throughout his career going right up till the day he died. It says there are no interviews or voiceovers from anyone else, just completely Shannon speaking in his own words and shooting the footage. I'm a big Blind Melon fan too so it sounds really interesting. For those who aren't it mentions that there is also footage of him backstage in Los Angeles hanging out with Axl and Slash in the movie. Don't know if that's the only footage with Guns but thought I'd spread the news because it will definitely be footage no one has seen before. Lets all hope it's not just a six second snippet !
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    Awkward when Axl gives Slash a tour of the vault and he sees Paul Tobias sat there listening to the re-recorded Appetite on his Walkman.
  20. 14 points
    @sidman69, that's one of the more sensible thoughts you seem to have had, as you don't reserve time to learn truthful information but tout your show as being something that's true, which it isn't. And sorry to deny you a glimpse at any channel of mine. I can't boast of having one. I just find it amazing how someone, anyone, can commit as much time to a series, more or less entirely prefixed as "The True Story of..." and not to have taken the required time to make it as such, and instead strikes back with a seemingly arrogant posture instead of appearing open to intelligent debate or informative instruction. You did provide some enlightening non-GN'R or non-pre-GN'R member band Ole information, but once the main focus, his legacy in Guns, was skewered everything else suddenly seemed undermined and delegitimized. @RussTCB I'm very happy to aid in presenting and reinforcing facts.
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    I was at the recording session yesterday. Was pretty insane. A black bus pulled up, and Slash, Duff, Izzy walked out and into the house. They sat in the studio and wrote for a bout 4 hours, just spitting ideas out. They broke for lunch and sat around the kitchen table telling war stories of the Hell House days. It was glorious. Lots of laughter. Then they went into the studio and belted out about 7 or 8 new songs. They did them all in 1 take basically. Forgot to mention, Mike Clink was there behind the board. Have to run, will report what happened at the rest of the session in a bit ...........
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    I don't think it will finally happen ? I feel like something is lost in translation here
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    I will now reveal Dizzy's complete feelings on the reunion: "I'm still getting paid to do almost nothing, so that's pretty cool"
  24. 12 points
    he’s actually giving the finger to people like you
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    Please try to stay on topic. We have the Anything Goes section for political discussions.
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    Howie said the following things about Izzy: - said that Izzy is in "great physical condition" probably better physical shape than any of the other GnR guys, even Duff. He seemed to emphasize this fact. - Said that Izzy is a "very intelligent guy", and very knowledgeable about other things in life, aside from music (also said Duff is very intelligent too) - Said that Izzy has a new girlfriend, who just moved in with him, and that he's very happy - Howie also said he just did something for Izzy a few days ago, that he couldn't talk about, and that Izzy didn't know he'd done - Said he thought Izzy would probably do the podcast. Said he's a bit "aloof" but he doesn't blame him. - Said he felt that Izzy should definitely have been involved in the NITL tour, and should have gotten paid his proper share, and not been offered less than his worth. That's pretty much it 😊
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    It’s amazing how many folks in this thread know their shit and can back it up with sources, yet the guy who seemingly makes a living making “history of GnR” videos on YouTube is nowhere to be found after being called out for his misinformed video. Hilarious!
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    Thanks for the insight. If I had a home studio for 27 years, I hope that I could make more than 3 albums!
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    Guns are still pissing people off in 2019?....good.
  31. 11 points
    Was just coming to post this. What a dbag. If you don't like GNR, good for you. But to write a whole article about you not liking them? That's just a weird move.
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    One more show for our favorite band! Have fun everyone going! Great Stage Park Tennessee, Manchester http://www.greatstagepark.com/ https://www.exit111festival.com/
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    The thought that anyone who isn't Slash or Fortus would have guitar parts on new music is just laughable. I can't believe anyone would actually think that. Do you think Slash would actually be ok with that?
  34. 11 points
    Easy answer is that many Guns N' Roses fans didn't like CD and are wishing for good music..
  35. 11 points
    Once there was this rock n' roll band Rollin' on the streets Time went by and it became a joke...
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    The only thing that matters to me at this point is whether whatever new they release (if they release something) will be good for my taste or not. I don't care if it's CD era stuff or brand new stuff. An album consisting of CD leftovers can be good or bad, same goes for an album based on Slash's riffs, and even Izzy's contribution doesn't guarantee a good album. I don't believe in the romantic concept that the same five guys, if put together in the same room at any given time, can make magic again. They're different people now and the circumstances are different, too.
  38. 10 points
    1991 Axl: "Get In The Ring, Motherfucker" 2019 Axl: "Fernando, call my lawyer"
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    Went and saw this last night , amazing and very personal documentary. Probably the best documentary I’ve ever seen . The clips of GNR are at the record plant recording don’t cry . Not much of the GNR guys a brief shot of slash and axl. But if you are a blind melon or Shannon Hoon fan it’s a must watch , it captures very personal stuff and ends with video of him on a phone call with his girlfriend just hours before his death . The phone call was kind of eerie , one of the last things he says is “is my family cool ?” it’s like someone from beyond death checking in . Anyway it was awesome and highly recommend watching it .
  40. 10 points
    It's Paul Tobias trying break out from the vault!
  41. 10 points
    I don't care if it's the porn parody The Sperminator, as long as we get new music.
  42. 10 points
    I actually like the article and agree with a lot of it.
  43. 10 points
    Probably not, with the divorce he can only afford the one amp.😄
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    Just confirmed my travel plans and travelling from New Zealand for both the Louder than Life and Exit 111 festivals. Bouns is the family is coming along aswell, the wife and 2 kids. Don't hold out hope GNR well turn up again in New Zealand any time soon, so i will go see them. Looking forward to a new experience and seeing the band live again within a different environment. This will be my 4th visit to the US to see the band live. Last visit was to see the band at Coachella. Ticked off going to Coachella along with seeing the band perform its 2nd show with Duff and Slash back in the band. Looking forward to Deftones as well. I can remember seeing them play a Big Day Out festival in Auckland 20 years ago as young bucks that no one really knew about as they played on one of the smaller stages. Saw them 3 years ago in Auckland on their last visit and they rocked the tiny venue they played.
  45. 9 points
    Haha ok, so the video I posted is already gone. So if every video in this forum is getting blocked...
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  47. 9 points
    So now Del shares “illegal” Guns N’ Roses footage. I wonder if our little friend is going to take this one down too...
  48. 9 points
    Dave Grohl is so overrated... he has the right attitude, but that's it.
  49. 9 points
    I'd take a live album but ONLY in addition to a full new studio album, for sure.
  50. 9 points
    Makes me laugh when GNR fans try to diminish Slash’s songwriting abilities when, since leaving the band he’s come up with Serial Killer, Neither Can I, Beggars & Hangers On, Been There Lately, Back To The Moment, Fall To Pieces, Slither, Loving The Alien, Messages, Gotten, Starlight, By The Sword, Anastasia, Beneath The Savage Sun, The Unholy, The Great Pretender. His post Classic-Guns catalogue combined is a lot more substantial than Axl’s one solitary album.