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    People trying to discern the future of GNR / Axl/DC from a Looney Tunes appearance:
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    https://imgur.com/a/EtWY5zK This has been an amazing journey for me. And I thought I'd share my story here because maybe it'll worth someone's while. I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I started listening to GN'R when I was 14, and practically learned English through all things related to this band ever since. In 2008 I, along with two guys on the internet, collaborated online to translate Slash's autobiography into Chinese. The project did well, though as I grew and as my English level got better, there was this gnawing feeling that I could've done better. But I didn’t do anything about it for six years. 2008 was also the year Chinese Democracy was released, which sealed the fate for GN'R because they were officially banned from performing in mainland China. I knew I had to go abroad to see them live, something I had never done before. During college I realized that the goal of seeing them live would be perfectly fulfilled by going to a grad school in the US. So I studied hard for the GRE, got admitted to USC's PR program in 2012. During those two years I saw more than a dozen GN'R and ex-members’ gigs combined, including the 2012 SMKC's show at Wiltern Theater where I met Slash in person. Then came 2014, which was the year my grad school program would come to an end. I thought before I graduate I should deal with the gnawing feeling while I still have relatively more free time. So, in January 2014, I decided to re-translate the whole book. My goal was a thousand or so Chinese characters a day, and I never missed a single day. The translation process halted during summer and resumed in September, and then finally concluded on December 31 2014, with a total duration of about 9 months. I had no idea what the "proper process" for publishing a translation work was. Turns out you should almost never translate a book first and then look for publishing companies willing to undertake the project. But that's what I did. The next year saw two failed attempts at finding the right publishing company; then slowly but surely, I found the right one, which was a well-intentioned but unbelievably inefficient organization. About three years after my translation was done, in July 2017, the book came out. The Chinese version was surprisingly both commercially and critically well received. And I began to hatch the idea of giving the book to Slash himself as a gift. Would it be an awkward gift since Slash can't read Chinese at all? Maybe, but it's worth trying. I waited patiently for the right opportunity. As I had no personal connections that would allow me to inform Slash of my intention, I had to improvise. After the book was published, I went to two GN'R reunion shows (2018 Taiwan and Hong Kong) to see if there was a chance to find leaked information as to his whereabouts. But it didn't pan out. Then I learned that SMKC would perform in Beijing and Shanghai in January 2019. This sounds like my best shot. I arrived early at the venue of the Beijing show, lurked around the entrance to the backstage, talked to one of the roadies who said he'd talk to the guy handling VIP arrangement. While waiting for the other roadie who would hopefully get me inside the backstage, something magical happened: A nondescript Chinese middle-aged man who looked like a scalper walked up to me (I was with some other fans), and dropped Slash's hotel name and flight info in thick, almost unintelligible, dialect. And then he disappeared. My jaw dropped. I looked up on my phone to try to make sense of what he said. Turns out the only flight whose first class tickets almost sold out was the one he told us about. That was a promising sign. I hesitated but decided to try my luck and bought a first class ticket. Fans verified the validity of the hotel info later that night as well as the next morning. Seems like the flight info was legit indeed. I arrived at the airport, passed security check, and was advised to relax at the VIP lounge. I stepped inside, looked to my right, and there was Slash, having his lunch with his bodyguard. I waited for him to finish lunch. When he sat down with his band, I approached him, telling him that I was the translator of his book, and that I wanted to give him a copy as a gift. He seemed amused, and said: "My book? In Chinese?” And gladly accepted my request. That's how I took the photo, which was, in a sense, four years in the making. Thanks for your time for reading my story. I just got back from SMKC's Shanghai concert, and decided to share my excitement while it's fresh. P.S. I also translated and published Duff’s autobiography. Look forward to the day I present the book to him in person. Chris Liu
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    I heard Disney has a law suit in against Warner Brothers over this Looney Tunes episode....Yeah, apparently Warner didn't get legal permission from Disney to use Mickey Mouse's vocals on this "Rock the Rock" song, before airing the episode.
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    Sounds like a good idea to me, very logical also. So that means it will never happen.
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    Interesting with all our "insiders" not a single one predicted this ha!
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    Rock the Rock sounds like the title of a new AC/DC song.
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    Maybe worry about your own mental health, you're getting shouty about something fun!! Why so angry?
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    This has my vote for best headline so far:
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    You mean this? ^^ It seems like the equivalent of a director reacting to someone in his film getting an oscar by saying: Yes, but I hired him! He was only part of what made this film a success! Jesus Christ, he sounds like a little kid. Duff's reaction is the only one that is appropriate. Nice for Angie too, whoever she is. Winning an award and then having your boss belittling it and saying you're only a part of the success. Duh. I'm sure she realized that not all the fans were there for her. Might be time Fermanager realized they're not there for him either.
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    Damn, you know you've lost it when Axl has to calm you down.
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    Del James: Tour Manager in charge of hiring Axl some local 'talent' Fernando: Tour Manager in charge of Halloween swag, toy trucks and asking to sit in the cockpit Angie Warner: Tour Manger in charge of managing the tour
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    Woodstock is like the epitome of the poisoned chalice and in 2019 I imagine it'll be a load of corporate bollocks. I mean standing about getting trench-foot watching Ed Sheeran sitting on a stool playing his Martin dreadnought looking like a fat ginger student for a bunch of fuckin' Coachella rich kids, all in tribute to a Jimi Hendrix show, the man who went twos up on a bottle of Ripple with Mitch Mitchell, played a fuckin' blinder then no doubt went off to his hotel to have a bunch of prozzies take turns sitting on his face while he was whizzin' off of acid, not much of a comparison eh?
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    anyone a member? I am going through some old stuff and I came across this, I remember I signed up for it for 1 year and I am pretty sure I was supposed to get a Newsletter every 4 months and I got this 1 newsletter and I never heard back from them, kind of makes sense if you look at the timeline as this was dated from May 9, 1996 and Slash left in October and maybe the band went into a disarray and they stopped sending them and making them, anyone know if they made any after this Volume 1 issue 3? anyone have any of the previous 2 Newsletters? it is odd though I received this in May 1996, and looking at the "Language of Fear" thing it talks about a contest and the entries have to be received by February 1995 and the discography says compiled November 1994 and Sympathy for the Devil was released in December 94 so I am guessing they just sent me an old copy.
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    No Slash = No Gn'R Slash is the highlight of these shows and reunion. The band didn't survive by most people standards without him before. I doubt people would be flocking to see shows to see Fortus, Melissa, Frank and Dizzy.. Especially with the current state of Axl's voice and appearance.
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    Hello, NeonKinight. Thank you for asking. My name is Wagszilla or Doctor Thaddeus T. Wagszilla as I am known in my professional circles. I can tell you with 100% sincerity that yes, W. Axl Rose has had vocal polyps surgery many times in his career. How do I know? Why, jumping Jehoshaphat, I performed the surgeries myself! The surgery was performed in a hospital at an undisclosed location with dim lighting, a variety of handpicked scented candles, a small group of African witch doctors chanting quietly in unison, as Yanni's greatest hits were played in the background. All in all, it took about 3 hours per surgery. You are welcome.
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    Izzy came out of his cave to deliver some holiday cheer.
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    Well I wanted to give everyone an update: They never responded to paypal's claim email within the 10 day time frame. Because of that, Paypal issued me a FULL refund! While I didn't ever get the turntable, I got the box set and a phono pre-amp for free!!! I sold my un-opened Super deluxe edition from the box set (I kept the opened one I bought in June and put it back in the box set) for $90. I found someone selling a new un-opened GNR turntable on ebay for $290 shipped and bought it. With my $90 credit from selling the SDE, I ended up paying $200 for the Turntable, Box set, and pre-amp by the time was all said and done!
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    The more important question is. Why Estranged is played very early in the set. It is absolutely out of place. The first songs are there to fire up the crowd. I saw the NITL... tour three times and so far this song has brought down the mood after the audience was so hyped up. In my opinion, this belongs in the category "Epic". And I think epic songs should be played towards the end. I also ask myself why the trilogy is played backwards. First Estranged, then November Rain and finally Don't Cry. Estranged does not feel right at the beginning of the concert, especially in summer on a bright day. The song screams for epic proportions. It needs lighting effects
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    Niven, just shut up, bitter old man. We get it, you despise Axl, who is the root of all evil.
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    I think he's just joking around. Fortus strikes me as fairly content with what he does and not a guy with a huge ego. I'm sure understands perfectly well why those 3 are on all the merch.
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    Last friday we chatted with Dave Dominguez about his time working on Chinese Democracy in 1998. He shared some stories about also working with Slash on the Curdled Movie soundtrack a few weeks before he quit GNR. He also recorded with Duff and Izzy as well. He also chatted about visiting Axl's house and what those early recording sessions with Mike clink were like in the late 90's! Discussion starts around 10-12 minutes into the interview. Enjoy! We've got another big interview coming next week with someone who worked with GNR back in the day!
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    We are the unluckiest fan base ever!
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    According to Kenneth Ramone in facebook group "The Mysterious Axl Rose Society", Axl Rose appeared as a "special guest" in a new episode of Looney Tunes singing a brand new song called "Rock The Rock". He said that "his voice was in great form" and that he recorded all of it. Kenneth took the photos and did the post with the info.
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    Ok, did they specify January of what year?
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    WOW!! The GN'R Turntable arrived today to me in the UK and It's amazing!! @troccoli thank you again! You are an absolute superstar. You've been so awesome, I really appreciate all your help. @RussTCB Thanks for all the info and updates along the way. Loved the joint anticipation of our bundles arriving. It took me hours as I'm on crutches at the moment, but after staring at the box for ages I went for it and set it up. I just played the RSD Shadow of Your Love on it and it sounds amazing! Uploaded my 2nd video in 8 yrs to YouTube (lol), so I could share it on here 🤘
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    I see a pattern here... 1999 - Oh My God released on End Of Days 2008 - Chinese Democracy album released 2019 - Rock The Rock released on Looney Tunes 2028 - New album confirmed!
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    Baffles me why people think this track is any good. Axl sounds good, sure, but the song? It's designed as a joke - a pastiche of AC/DC's ongoing use of the word 'Rock'. It would be an absolute disgrace if it was released as a serious song (which it quite clearly isn't) - and everyone I've played it to has laughed at it. Absolutely absurd that people have even suggested it should be played live! I know we're desperate, but surely we have some sort of standards?! I suppose it says a lot about rock fans in general that they greet an intentionally derivative and backwards-looking pastiche song as good....and perhaps suggests why the entire genre of music is struggling! The positives are of course that Axl has been in a studio and recorded something...and that he did it without anyone leaking that information.
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    in any other "normal band", you would be absolutely right. but given how GNR work, this stuff will probably rot in some closet together with all the mid- and late 90's tapes, Perfect Crime movie, UYI proshots and pretty much anything else, for, like, forever. maybe some lucky ones among us will see the stuff at 100th AFD release anniversary edition, but that's as close as I can see any "release" of this stuff. the stuff is in fact not "safely stored", but "safely shelved". so fingers crossed. 2087 is the year.
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    I think Axl did a really good job with his acting! didnt sound like slashs guitar to me. sounded more like acdc, but what do I know? maybe it's because they rhymed the word "rock" with "rock" and then used the word "rock" 400 times in one song, which is an acdc lyrical requirement. lol
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    Based on the info available I'm guessing the person who does most of the tour managing without needing a boatload of attention for doing her job. Given the award I'm assuming she's good at what she does.
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    It just isn't the same without Slash...
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    there are actually three alternate versions the alternate version with "god" verses are Churches and Priests They're always lying to me They give me so many rules I can not comply to all this! They say God is above watching me And God is making me pay They should just get in a boat and float yeah Straight back to the hell where they came hey hey hey yeah the other two alternate versions are about people who create new accounts in forums to share true informations
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    I don't believe Niven at all. No matter what it is, it's always Axl who's to blame. Always. If Axl is driven by greed, as he says, why don't we have the vault now? Axl could have been making many millions, by doing nothing but releasing stuff he has in the vault. Yet he refuses. Why is that, if he's so money hungry? I wish both Goldstein and Niven would shut up. Who really cares about a settlement or a courtcase of 30 years ago?
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    Very nice. I don't give a good God damn that it's a Looney Tunes song, Axl sounds fucking great!
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    I've heard conflicting stories on whether it aired or not. I really gotta hand it to GNR, at least they keep it interesting. If you would have asked me a month ago what we'd be discussing today, never in one million years would I have said "Whether or not a Looney Tunes episode aired" lol
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    I removed some posts. A fake Twitter account started by Alfred for Axl's cat is not a reliable source for GNR information.
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    Fuck Chinese. Reunion should happen in 2006. Reunion Studio Album + Tour with his goddamn chainsaw voice
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    At LEAST I don't feel the NEED to TYPE random words all CAPS to show my excitement for a kickass VOCALIST doing a cool little CAMEO on a SHOW
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    You're hilarious. Maybe you should look in the mirror. No one else here but you seems to be so concerned with it being a cartoon. Everyone seems to be enjoying the fact that a vocalist they love just released his first studio vocals in 10 years. Everyone seems to be able to look past the fact that it's part of a cartoon. Everyone, that is, except for you. You seem to be the only person fixated on the fact that it's a cartoon.
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    I genuinely think it’s just a little ditty for the show, I wouldn’t get too wound up about it.
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    The 2010 album story (from MSL so take it with a grain of salt) was that Axl really did want to release a follow-up album in 2009 (similar to Kid A and Amnesiac or Load and ReLoad), but all the 2008/2009 drama happened: trouble with Azoff and lawsuit, planned spring/summer 2009 tour being cancelled, Axl being pissed the label did not promote Chinese Democracy, etc. However, Axl apparently got inspired after playing live again in late 2009 and early 2010, and decided to pursue releasing new music again. Management went to the label in summer 2010, and asked about using the Reading and Leeds festivals as an opportunity to announce a new album to be released in late 2010/early 2011 (similar to how they used the VMAs in 2002 to announce the North American tour). Per MSL, Axl wanted the album to be self-titled (either Guns N' Roses or GN'R). The label told Axl that was way too short of a turn-around to release an album (which, in all fairness, seems reasonable). Axl apparently got furious, broke up the band, and posted that tweet about shows being cancelled. When management/Team Brazil was finally able to get Axl calmed down, they used the "hack" story as an excuse. Apparently, this was when Axl really stopped caring a ton about releasing new music, and did not even approach the idea again until 2014 (after the Vegas residency). Regarding a follow-up album, I would imagine it is really close to done, but might need just a little extra work prior to releasing. I would assume that was why Pittman hung out with Axl in the studio in 2014/2015; to take stock of what songs were available, and in what stage of completion they were. It was mentioned here, by mods, that the rumor was Axl really inspired again, and wanted an album release in 2016 (and even went so far as to begin auditioning new guitarists to replace Bumblefoot to play live and potentially record in the studio). (Another MSL rumor at the time was that the band auditioned a female guitarist DJ Ashba recommended. The GN'R community assumed it was Orianthi, but we never heard much besides that). Would an album have come out in 2016? Knowing the band's history with deadlines, probably not, but it was certainly the intention. Once DJ left, however, the door opened for Slash to come back, and the focus became tour planning. Assuming the 2010 album rumor was true, I noticed some here have asked "what would be different between 2010 and 2019." The answer, when you really think about it, is a TON: The wave of disappointment around Chinese Democracy has died out after ten years. Not to say it's a beloved album these days, but it seems a lot of people are reassessing following the NITL tour, and for new generations and new fans just getting into Guns N' Roses, the album does not have any "mystique" around it. They can stream it, download it, or buy a copy. There's no feeling of the album being mythical for these folks because, to them, it's just another Guns album to listen to. On that note, and the Billboard article brought up this point, Slash and Duff playing Chinese Democracy songs definitely was a "stamp of approval," and definitely had an effect on more old school fans deciding to give it a try. Axl has built up a LOT of good will over the last three years. When Chinese Democracy came out, Axl was still seen as a reclusive, eccentric, and controlling front man who did not even turn up to talk about the album or tour it. The only "promotion" (if you can call it that) was posting on message boards, and a good portion of that was just Axl ragging on fans who acted like dicks (not saying it was not super cool for Axl to stop by the message boards or that the people who acted like jerks did not deserve being called out, just saying that the average person would not have known about those chats). As of today, about to enter 2019, Axl just finished a massive, two and a half year tour with no incidents. Not only did it seem like the band was "getting through it," but Axl seemed to be having fun. Additionally, he fronted AC/DC, another stadium level band, between GN'R shows, while his foot was broken. All these factors lead me to believe a label would be more interested in a new album.