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    In the state of Morelos in central México a group of 150 or so people have gathered threatening to burn their local hospital (and its director) if they take in any Coronavirus victims. In some ways this crisis is bringing out the best of people, and in others the absolute worst. I think it's the stupidity that accompanies a lot of the bad/selfish decision making that's so disheartening - whether it be panic-buying 500 cans of a soft drink, not buying Corona beer or Chinese food, discriminating against Asian people, killing bats or threatening to burn a hospital. We might be the most advanced species that evolution has ever produced, but we're capable of making some awful decisions. https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/estados/amagan-con-quemar-hospital-si-alojan-pacientes-con-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR36P7WXuHvbQdVfv-mbTFC8J-iseu7TfcPq0yex-CTUrQjxsYOpNgTgzMI
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    False alarm I can breathe fine now. I'm invincible!
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    Now I'm convinced it will be released.
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    Wow, so lame to remove. And it’s one guy, who has likely been socially distancing for years before we needed to do it? Get a life, mate. Be kind to others. Gn’R’s history is longer than its future. Stop preventing people from enjoying music and the band they love.
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    My mate's opened a booze delivery service. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/popular-boro-pub-club-venue-17966415
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    Meanwhile on Metallica's YouTube Channel (FREE): - Metallica: Live in Paris, France - September 8, 2017 - Metallica LIVE from ACL Music Fest 2018 on Red Bull TV These are just a couple of live sets on their YouTube channel. Move on over to their Met Club (also free to join) and I can and did download for FREE: - 30 Years of Justice (entire Justice for All tracks live dating from late 80's to close to present date) - WorldWired in Europe: 2017-2018 (Live WorldWired tour from 8 various concerts) And to top it off I just paid $50 to join their vinyl club that ships four 7” vinyl records featuring rare, demo, and live cuts from the vault throughout the year (you could have also opted for all 4 at once). These are handpicked tracks that you can not buy in stores or even on their site. Also through the year you will receive extra's like picks, stickers, posters, etc... Guns tops all of my other favorite bands by a mile, but it is like an abusive relationship. I just keep finding excuses to stick around. Waiting for them to do stuff like Metallica. And I know it's never going to happen. Yet I'm still here...
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    ok now somebody make a DVD with this play list (but keep the links to PM!!)
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    I'm sure it wasn't the midget dude who played Isaac.
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    Just checking in. I hope everyone is safe, stay home if you can and spend this time with your loved ones, if you can. 👋👋😊
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    Restriction have got more severe here in the UK since large groups of people were seen milling about on Mothers day! I work from home most of the time anyway and I dont have Kids to look after, just my staffie pooch who I sneak out for her walks. It also gives me time to gen up on GnR stuff being a new fan:)
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    Today is day 14 at home for me and my family. Homelife, homeschool and homeoffice are okay. We've got enough space and a nice outdoor area. My kids got sick too. Mostly coughing, feeling tired and sick. A few days later my husband got it. And now I've been dealing with this for the last three days. The kids are much better now, thankfully. I called my doctor and there isn't any indication to test for Corona. And very likely it isn't Covid-19 anyway.
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    Are you in the UK? From what I've heard restrictions there are more lax there than here atm. My family and I have been self-isolating for over a week now. I'm a SAHM at the moment so the biggest change for me is having my kids and husband home full time. (Husband is working from home.) The kids have been sick so that's kind of dominated things so far. Not seriously - just cough, sore throat, no energy. Our GP advised no need to test them. Two out of three are mostly recovered now, one still poorly. Psychologically we're doing OK so far. I do think the kids are starting to miss the social aspect of school. I'm not a big fan of school at the best of times so I'm fine with them being home. So... what can we do to amuse ourselves on here?? Post Axl pics I hear someone say???? Why certainly...
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    I don’t mind it one way or the other.
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    Fontaine of Wayne songwriter 52 years old died for Covid .