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  1. 28 points
    The wildest thing he says in that article is "I love Guns N Roses. I love their work ethic"
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    Slash has been posting pictures of Axl again on his insta. They must be busy recording something.
  3. 16 points
    I miss when 8D was just a smile face with glasses
  4. 16 points
    Hey now, it's not a total shit show. There was four seconds of rasp in Welcome to the Jungle at the last show, and Axl was looking less bloated and he was in a great mood cracking jokes. Here's a YouTube video to prove it: [REMOVED BY TEAM BRAZIL. COME WATCH SWEET CHILD LIVE IN VEGAS INSTEAD.]
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    "I love their dedication to their craft and responding to the demands of their consumers"
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    I've mentioned it before, but it's big thanks to people like Frans, Gibbo, and the many others, and their vault of bootlegs that they graciously posted on their YouTube accounts, that was a huge part in making me such a massive, crazy, obsessed, passionate, diehard (the list goes on, lol) GN'R fan. My favorite band ever (yes, even still in 2020). I know I'm not the only one. I'm a bit on the younger side of the fanbase; I wasn't even alive to experience their prime, and it's not like I had access to tapes to learn about GN'R. A large part of it came from the community who shared what they had on a social medium (e.g. YouTube). I poured over that mass of material that was on YouTube like nobody's business. That was apart of my GN'R curriculum. Don't get me wrong, there's still a decent amount of footage on there, but as we all know, nowhere like it used to be. Just saddens me because as @vloorsmentioned, if they want to accrue new fans, this isn't the way to do it. I know someone posted another link to this footage, I hope that doesn't get taken down. Edit: Didn't mean to go on a tangent, haha. Just upsetting.
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    Pearl Jam released a new record without Izzy
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    I'm going to TRY to leave the embedded video up for this seeing as it says several times throughout the video that the footage is provided by Live Nation. Hopefully the video stays up and no one messes with our site for no good reason Having said that.... What a day that was!! @Powerage5and I cracked our first beers by 9am! We held an all day pre party with a lot of my local friends coming by as well as many forum members. I remember @ZoSoRose @Wagszilla @downzy and many others stopping by. One of the coolest things was the "Izzy heads" that @KURT19 brought with him. I still have a few of those! Haha. In any case, we had such an awesome day long party that all lead up to a fantastic GNR show. What a great time 2016 was!
  10. 10 points
    Looking at that post is so crazy. March 27th 2000. Just sitting on a shelf for 20 years. 20 years later there is a 20 page thread about it that would have been 40-50 pages 10 years ago. What a waste.
  11. 9 points
    TIL Matt Soram can play guitar effortlessly
  12. 8 points
    It's ok folks, we're saved now
  13. 8 points
    No we won't be back to square one.....we'd have an album. And some people won't like it I'm sure. Some people will love it. There would be debate about it....which is entirely normal on a band forum I'd say.
  14. 8 points
    Every Friday for about the past 7 years, I've had people over to my house to spin records. Given what's been going on, we're unable to do that currently. Starting last Friday, I've been going on Facebook Live and spinning records for whomever wants to join the feed. I've been taking requests, chatting and just having fun in general. We had people from several states and even other countries join, which has been awesome. The only pain in the ass is getting shut down every so often due to copyright. Generally I'm able to go for about 40 minutes, then the feed will get shut down due to copyright. I just start a new feed every time and have everyone join the new one. That part is a really big pain in the ass but at least I can just start a new feed. My Facebook account is private due to a couple of "fans" who've crossed the line with their behavior in the past, but if any users here would like to join in, shoot me a PM here and I'll give you my account info to find me In any case, that's something small I've been doing to help myself cope and give others something to join in on.
  15. 7 points
    That's silly. They have no such friends.
  16. 7 points
    They might as well just delete their own YouTube channel at this point. They keep up those garbage Vegas performances but get their knickers twisted over a video where Axl sounds good and has all the appropriate sources credited? Pathetic.
  17. 7 points
    Since the mood isn't so happy thanks to this superaids virus and the Not In This Lifetime album I'd like to introduce Catrick Swayze. He was a gift from my mom in a period where I was isolating myself and was suffering from depression. He helped me a great deal.
  18. 7 points
    Remember when they released something from the tour? Get to work Fernando, you useless prick!
  19. 7 points
    Took me months to figure out what '4D' screenings were at cinemas. Turns out it was just water being fired at your face and the seat shaking when you watched an awful film.
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    The problem I have with Doug Goldstein is that he took over managing the band when they already had dates booked for the Illusions tour and that tour would undoubtedly be successful - he couldn’t get Axl to do anything after that up until he was sacked. A lot of those tour cancellations etc were on his watch. In essence, I think he’s a gobshite.
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    Now I'm convinced it will be released.
  23. 6 points
    PROS to being in quarantine: I recorded six new song demos tonight. I’m thinking of splitting my planned album up into two EP’s (each EP would be centered around a different loose “concept,” so to speak). I’m writing a lot more short stories and flash fiction pieces and also coming up with more ideas for new ones. I get more work done for my job. I’m collaborating with a friend on some fan fiction (not the erotic kind, mind you). I may be doing a podcast with another friend, who also may be setting up a weekly virtual group trivia thing. I’m also coming up with rough ideas for a blog I might do. Have more time now to catch up on movies, shows, podcasts, albums from bands I like, etc. Also have more time for house chores now. CONS to being in quarantine: I don’t eat as healthy as I used to. My sleeping patterns are all fucked up now. I worry about my family more now. I also worry more now about the economy and therefore stuff like my job, my parents’ jobs, places I like that may close forever now, etc. I feel fatigued more often. I spend way more time than usual now dwelling on flashbacks of mistakes I made in the past or times I made an ass of myself. The concerts I was planning to go to got canceled (not really a big deal, but it’s sad to see all these bands that were supposed to reunite and/or team up this year being forced to stay home now). As I said earlier, I’m getting into more debates and/or arguments with people online than usual. OVERALL: I’m fine, for the most part. VERY thankful to still have my job!! I’m trying to make the most out of this whole situation, but hopefully the world eventually goes back to normal.
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    No, I am not depressed at all. I am slightly concerned for my parents and quite bored with staying at home. But not depressed. And it will be over. It is not like I am being sent to war or anything. I have to endure being at home with my family and Netflix. If this is the most challenging my generation will have to go through, I think we should count ourselves fortunate.
  25. 6 points
    yes, it's different for Gn'R. When other artists like Trent Reznor can simply release regular records, Axl's musical vision is so complex, the years of delays are actually required for him to dumb it down for us. (so our faces won't literally melt like those Nazis in Indiana Jones)
  26. 6 points
    Wait..........what?? But there's SO many reasons to not release new music right now! How are nine inch nails able to accomplish this sorcery??
  27. 6 points
    @Gordon Comstock This is how I hear it. What do you think? I fucking love this song. State of Grace What can I say? Free will is blind today The choice that you made Is not a road that I would take To use and betray The simplest power play Now far away With tears that go unexplained, now... Oh, oh my love Can it be? I'm falling from your grace with me now Oh, more than ever I still remember... They're sayin', it's just a passing phase. No more like a game Problems of the human race Goes right to your brain Caught down in a hidden place With no sense of shame The secrets out and you can't erase it... Oh, my love Can it be? I'm falling from your grace with me Now, more than ever I still remember Your name... When do ya think you could tell me? How long you'll think I can wait? (oh no, I just...) I never, never said I was sorry Now all you've got's egg on ya face, no, you'll never learn The storm is comin' to get ya, oh I sense a shivering doom You thought you had it...damn... You thought you had it figured out But you're still the same... Haha, ha You're killin' me You've fallen from your grace with me But oh, my love, ah, yeah I am the temple I believe in 'Cause now, more than ever I still remember Your name...
  28. 5 points
    At 1.47 Guns n Roses Welcome to the Jungle. From coachellas official youtube. Wonder if this new documentary will have much proshot gnr or even a interview. It's released April 10 on youtube originals.
  29. 5 points
    According to Fernando the album is releasing today! Who's excited? Maybe we should open a new thread for discussions on it. I'm personally getting the special edition that includes the new wristband and iPhone headphone jack dongle!
  30. 5 points
    This is wild. Now REM's Michael Stipe is out there releasing new music. Someone should help GNR figure out how other bands are able to do this in today's musical climate. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/michael-stipe-new-song-no-time-for-love-like-now-974822/
  31. 5 points
    I'd settle for a 2d release to be honest.
  32. 5 points
    Obviously Izzy absolutely matters to the history of the band, but the fact remains that GNR has put out some GREAT music without his assistance.
  33. 5 points
    I think Pearl Jam deserves a ton of kudos. Not only is their new album really good, but they were one of the first major acts to postpone their tour and they caught a ton of shit for it the day of the announcement from a ton of COVID skeptics. But I think they deserve props for taking the initiative to see the writing on the wall and act accordingly right then and there
  34. 5 points
    Stranglehold is still one of the best rock songs ever recorded, but damn, Nugent be crazy.
  35. 5 points
    Of doing nothing? They’d love my work ethic by the same logic.
  36. 5 points
    That quote is both not surprising in the least that Ted Nugent would say something like that, and also another quote in a long line of Nugent quotes as to why I don't take that guy seriously at all What a nutjob
  37. 5 points
    Great idea! They should play One In A Million
  38. 5 points
    Trump B. Johnson, Bolsonaro, and now Lopez Obrador too seem of the same dumb family.... While now in China yesterday the cinemas opened again.....😑
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  40. 4 points
    Former GNR manager Doug Goldstein returns to the podcast. A live taping held on Facebook, Doug answers YOUR questions.
  41. 4 points
    Will somebody please flag that video for copyright. I mean, this is highly unacceptable.
  42. 4 points
  43. 4 points
    Urban dictionary has a few entries dating back to 2003, saying it means you're both hardcore and old school at the same time. I had never heard the word before this song though.
  44. 4 points
    Hardschool (1)to be hardcore with attributes of an old schooler. (2)to be gnarly as hell on a banana board/riding sheer ice/brutal choppy wake. (3)Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Shaun Palmer, JP Walker are all pretty fucking hardschool It's like watching the kids who acted in "lords of dogtown"...they are doing old school tricks but doing them pretty fuckng hard core. Thus the name hardschool. learn it, live it, love it. ex. "Man that dude is rippin it fuckin hardschool" https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hardschool It's really an ode to Slash, as he was gnarly as hell on that axe, dude.
  45. 4 points
    @Gambit83have you tried to get the vocal coach Anderson??? That would be fkn great
  46. 4 points
    Posted the details about this in the "Self Help" thread, but I'll be going live on Facebook in about 90 minutes. Spinning records, taking requests and just hosting a hang out in general. Anyone who needs it is welcome to join
  47. 4 points
    His wife’s name is Sheman? I did not see that coming
  48. 4 points
    They start some mini-Wuhan, and spread some fucking disease...
  49. 4 points
    The most depressing thing about that is the fact that 208,000 people approve of what he's said and what he's doing.
  50. 4 points
    I went back and watched it. I don't know what you all are complaining about; it wasn't supposed to be a formal interview, just two friends chatting about whatever. It was pretty obvious that Duff wasn't going to be asked about new music. As a musician myself I enjoyed hearing him talk about the monitors and the other stuff; I really wish I could hang out with him sometime and just talk about stuff and jam in his basement. And anyways, even if he was asked about it he probably would've given the same vague answer as before. He's not going to make a major announcement on Instagram Live while talking to his buddy. As I said before, I wish Slash and Duff would do one together, just talking about whatever. Or Slash and the SMKC guys.