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    On my mobile this thread was abbreviated as "Guns N' Roses to Release Chi.." and I open it to find this
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    Hello MyGNR Fam I've made a very hard decision that I'm going to share with all of you now: as of this post, I am leaving the MyGNR forum staff. I have a lot of things I'd like to share with everyone as part of this process- My GN'R-online story started back on a forum called newgnr and I moved over to a forum called GNRevolution after newgnr went away. I was part of the staff at GNRevo from quite some time before I ended up leaving that site in a very bad way which was due in great part to my own faults. The staff and majority of users were always very good to me during my time there. To this day, I remain ashamed of myself for the way I handled things with that situation. That really has nothing to do with MyGNR, I just wanted to say that in public. I continued to read MyGNR, mostly My World in the weeks that passed and I really had no intent on joining leadership of any GN'R forum ever again. However, I kept seeing little things that I thought could improve and kept getting the itch to help out. I reached out to High Voltage with a random PM and asked if he'd be intersted in me joining. We went back and forth a bit and he ended up deciding it was a good idea. No matter what's happened since, I'm glad that he did. I won't bore everyone with stories of what's gone on here since. There's a long history that many of you know. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Always with the best intentions. I've never claimed to be perfect and I hope I've never given anyone the impression that I thought I was. My intention was always just to hopefully build a medium place for fans of all opinions to meet up. I believe I had varying degrees of success with that in my time on the staff here. I am now and will continue to be proud of my work here. So why is this happening? This is happening now because to be honest, my heart hasn't been in the band for a very long time. My heart was with the forum though, so I stayed on the staff much longer than I probably should have. I relayed my thoughts to Downzy earlier today and he's understandably upset but supportive of my decision. Downzy's handling of my decision is another in a long line of great things that add to my time on the staff here. I am extremely grateful for the friends I've made through the GN'R community both online and in real life. So what happens now? I am *NOT* leaving the forum but I am leaving the staff and mostly likely any GN'R discussion. As I said before, my heart just isn't in this band so I would most likely only contribute negative things to the D&N section that I worked so hard to help rid of negativity. It's best for me to hang out in My World & Seen That Movie Too when I stop by. I'll be posting in the usual threads in those sections, so you can look for me there and/or shoot me a PM whenever anyone would like. I want to say THANK YOU to the entire GN'R online community for all the memories. Thank you to the online and real life friends I have and I'll even say thank you to the people who are probably celebrating right now haha. Every person I've interacted with has made me a better person in some way, whether they liked me or not. Being made a better person through this whole experience is something I'll never forget, so as I said many times; I'm grateful for this whole experience. This isn't goodbye, it's just "I'm stepping down and I won't be giving anyone warning points anymore" haha. I truly hope for the best in the future for this forum, the online community and even this band who seems to disappoint us so much, but connects us all in some way. Thanks for everything and see you in the non-GN'R sections! -RussTCB
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    There's nothing to say that hasn't already been said in the thread For once, I literally have no words. This is the biggest face palm day for me as a GNR fan.
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    Hi all, I have been revising the history section at Appetite for Discussion and thought I should give you a heads up about this. If this is new to you here's some background: I am currently in the process (and have been so these last years) of writing the history of Guns N' Roses based on what the band members themselves have said. The idea was to get a bit away from conjecture and biases and assumptions and instead handle each topic in the band's history from what they themselves have said. The good thing about this is of course that it at least tells their story from their perspective (not necessarily the truth, of course, but hopefully also not exaggerated stories to sell a book or to display a bias), the drawback is that it will be less informative on things the band members haven't wanted to talk about, or be biased towards band members who were more vocal than other. I expect this work to result in the most comprehensive source on the history of Guns N' Roses, ever and wherever. The format (or my prose) doesn't necessarily make it very entertaining as a long-read, but hopefully it can serve as a reference source whenever people want to go back and check up on something or to fact check statements. It should also be a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to write their own version of the history of the band. Pick and choose quotes and you can basically write whatever narrative you want. The way I go about doing this work is plowing through articles and interviews from the beginning of the band's history and forward in time. This means that the history section won't be finished until I have gone through everything ever written about the band (which is a lot). I update the older sections of the history whenever I come over newer articles that shed light on those periods. So it is a living document that is constantly refined and expanded. I am currently working on articles from 2002. To do something like this having access to a large repository of articles and interviews is crucial. Thankfully we have just that over at A4D, much to @Blackstar's credit (who we all know is awesome). In addition to having a memory and overview that is mindboggling to someone like me, she is also a skilled researcher and scholar. Currently, our database contains in excess of 2,500 unique articles and interviews, but it is growing day by day. I have copied all the articles into a word document and to give you an idea of how massive this database is, the document is currently comprised of 138 pages (font size 9) containing 1,836,917 words. Trust me, there is no book on Guns N' Roses that is anywhere as comprehensive as this, and what authors have done is start with a much smaller set of articles to basically create the story they wanted to tell. What we have is the real deal. The unabridged, unshortened, ultimate collection with its warts and all. If you want to browse this section and read contemporary articles from the band's history, this is the link to the index https://www.a-4-d.com/t2861-interview-and-article-index (By looking around you will also find that the site contains more articles that have simply not been indexed yet (this happens as I write the history.) My history writing is currently focused on the year 2002, but most of this work takes place in a hidden section of the site. As soon as I feel a section is finished (it never is, though) I move it to the open area. Currently the open area only covers the time period 1984-July 1987 (I recently moved everything else in anticipation of the revision work). I expect to quickly add more sections to this area over the next weeks so that it will contain the history from 1984-2001. The new revised edition contains more chapters, images, and more quotes. You can browse this area here: https://www.a-4-d.com/f1-the-history-of-guns-n-roses-as-told-by-guns-n-roses This is all free for everyone to browse and read. registration shouldn't be required (except perhaps to see images). Keep in mind that no section of the history is finished until I have gone through all articles. Currently there are almost no quotes from after 2002. Still, I hope you will all find this valuable and appreciate the work that we have done to get where we are. This will only get better and better.
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    Cant beleive its taken the band 3 months to do this, and Fernando only agreeing to do something like this when told to him directly by the fans. If GNR want to look at being a top tier band this stuff should have been done months ago. Being appreciative isnt the point and we shouldnt have to be appreciative and kiss the bands arse when they do something like this. If the band want to keep the band in the public eye once we know what the future show dates will be doing these vids and putting them on the website keeps people interest. Its in the bands and TBs interest, not ours. The backstage video footage that was put on the GNR website, and the fact that every NITL has video footage means that the band has access to video footage as it sees fit. Whoever is the video company , whether thats Universal or a third party is beside the point. Who knows. Whoever manages the video footage, maybe fans like us. Who have approached the band numerous times to offer their services to put something like this together only to be ignored. Sick of fans thinking we need to give praise and be appreciative when they do things like this. If GNR want to look at being a top tier band, doing these sort vids should be par for the course not just an excuse to throw the fans a bone every now and again. GNR should be seen as being the leaders and not the followers when doing these sorts of band promotions.
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    DJ Ashba - Quitting Pitman - Quitting
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    Titled "Sweet Child O' Mine" and to be released this September. No, this is not a joke. Quotes from James Patterson (the author) and Fernando himself both in the link below. https://people.com/parents/guns-n-roses-childrens-book-sweet-child-o-mine-exclusive/ Updated with the tweet from the official account promoting the book:
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    Wow, 4tus hate outta nowhere? The guy is super respectful and does everything to make the BAND sound great and never tries to make it all about him, unlike some previous guitar players, especially ones with top hats who HAVEN'T performed on the classic albums. He actually adapted his gear and technique to better suit playing with Slash. Gilby did the same many years ago. Do you know how annoying and embarassing it must be to change from your preferred gear to something completely different only so that another person can shine through in a band? Well they both took it like champs with no problems and never had any issues with it. He's most of all a professional. He did not come from an "underground band making it big" background, but from "well known and respected session player" territory. He happened to have the right feel and find a great opportunity to do something that allows him to play music which is true to his roots with GNR. Funnily enough I remember him saying he never really liked GNR before he joined. Dig into his material and you'll find many cool bits. Especially with the Compulsions if you don't believe in him as a rock player. The Dead Daisies were cool, but they're not really a band, just a rich Australian man living out his rock n' roll fantasy camp dreams with daddy's money. I lost interest in them the moment the current lineup appeared, that was the moment where I understood that it never really was a band. And you can find my name in the credits of their last album with John Corabi... so yeah, was a fan. And FFS... if you think he's an "Izzy lookalike" get better glasses. If every man with medium dark hair is an "Izzy lookalike" then I take it up to another level and say they're Ronnie Wood lookalikes. That statement is just as dumb. To top it off, he's a nice and loyal guy. I've had the pleasure to talk to him once. Very respectful and kind. (Though out of GNR members I've talked to/exchanged messages with the highlights will always be Robin and Bumblefoot, who was the coolest guy ever, I feel bad that I hate his contributions to ChiDem because he's such a cool dude.) Fortus is the right guy for the job. I hope he stays until GNR ends.
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    Nearly not photoshopped, no way... ⬇️
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    The children book put you over the edge eh?
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    The most dangerous band in the world
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    Look, I'll be honest that having Fernando or anyone directly connected to GNR pop here is a double edged sword. While it's great to give fans access to someone who can answer their questions (even if most answers don't really provide for any real clarity), it is also a huge pain in the ass for me as the owner managing the hosting costs associated with that kind of visit and the workload for the staff. While I was certainly happy to have Fernando or anyone else stop by for the fans, it's not without its challenges and costs for the staff and myself. So for me it's kind of a benefit to having Fernando address fan questions elsewhere with us allowing any reports of what was said to be discussed here. With respect to why Fernando has taken up residence on Reddit and Discord and ignoring fan forums, only he can answer that. The forum's tangential at-best relationship with TB was severed last October when Fernando likened the forum's willingness to allow discussion of leaks as criminally and civilly culpable. Regardless of how clueless that opinion is about established law around freedom of speech and liability and how hollow those comments were at the time, at that point I had zero interest in maintaining any form of relationship or communication with TB or anyone at GNR for that matter. It's just not worth the time, energy, or aggravation to keep communication lines open in an attempt to promote the fan perspective to GNR if we're being accused of criminal or civil liable activity. Keep in mind that this forum enforced some of the strictest restrictions around the leaks at the time. The forum held, and still does, a zero tolerance for distribution of leaks, whether it be sharing download links, open requests for leaks, PMs asking for leaks, or even vague posts that could be insinuated as asking for leaks. We were literally warning and suspending tens of accounts every day during August through September; using a very heavy hand and doing everything we could to ensure that the forum was in no way being used as a distribution hub for illegal activity around copyrighted materials. The only thing we allowed at the time was for people who had heard the leaks a place to discuss what they heard. Allowances for discussion of leaks has been present since the very founding of the forum, with leaks discussion occurring in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010/11. It was October of last year that I reached out to both Beta and Fernando about another matter (I believe it involved the ongoing issue of YouTube strikes and concerns I had at the time that they were being fed bullshit by a well-known degenerate who had his fingers all over the takedowns) when I was hit with the accusation concerning the forum's complicity in distributing leaks by virtue of allowing discussion of them. And that pretty much killed any interest I had in maintaining any form of communication with TB or GNR. Fernando using this forum I can take either way; unfounded and baseless accusations from an organization with hundreds of millions at its disposal? No thanks. Keep in mind that as of today you can still find open discussion on Reddit about the leaks. Discord, as I understand it from reports from others, was the platform of choice for the distribution of leaks last year. GNR has its own fan forum that could be used for these kind of discussions. Even if Fernando or a member of TB doesn't want to come to this forum where most GNR fans congregate (in terms of fan forums), it's still baffling to me that they won't reward paying members of their fan club by providing access and answering questions. So in terms of trying to make sense of everything, my advice would be not. There is no sense to any of this. There's no rhyme or reason to it. But this is GNR we're talking about. If Fernando truly thought he could jump on discord and expect people not to record and get his answers out there, I don't know what to tell him.
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    Guns N' Roses drummer Frank Ferrer joins us via Zoom to chat about his band "PSSR" on Golden Robot Records, his other NYC band "Mule Kick," and of course Guns N' Roses. How did he join the band? What's it like playing with the biggest band in the world? What might new music sound like? Special co-hosts Mark Alexander-Erber (CEO of Golden Robot Records) and Kristen Tully (Artist Development Manager - GRR) Video - https://bit.ly/3ctktqV Podcast - https://ihr.fm/2LrUc0t - I had fun. I always was and will remain a fan of Frank. Hope to have him on again. FYI he went to hang with Brain after the interview.
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    But do you realize how silly it is to complain when they finally do something, perpetuating the myth that fans can never be pleased? I am dying for a new record. I want new material more than anything. But they are finally at least putting some shit up on youtube for us to watch and people instantly complain. I know for a fact once a new record does drop (if ever) there will be people here immediately bitching about it.
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    Can you all stop fuckin' complaining and at least wait to watch and listen? Jesus fuckin' Christ.
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    To suggest that losing @RussTCB as a staff member is a shot to the gut is a definite understatement. When I began to take over as owner of this forum back in the winter of 20/142015, the first decision I made was to elevate Russ to the administrator position. Honestly, I had to beg - he was doing a great job as the forum's main moderator carrying most of the load of moderating duties at the time and understandably didn't want to add to his responsibilities. While I totally understood his position, I still begged until he did me the huge favour and became an admin at MYGNRFORUM. It was important to me and to the forum to have Russ represent the forum through a rocky transition period. Many of active posters then and now loved and respected the job he did as a moderator and I wanted to reassure the community that with Russ taking on a more senior role that things here would only improve. I can't say I've made a lot of great decisions, and not to give myself too much credit, but having Russ become an Admin at this forum was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made since becoming the forum's owner. Russ was instrumental in shifting the tone of this forum; away from constant negativity that drove many people away and towards a more respectful attitude that still accepted differences of opinions and criticisms of the band and all things GNR. We both agreed that the forum needed to change in order for it to survive but it was largely through Russ's commitment, along with great help from every other staff member, that this strategy came to fruition. There was a time when the forum was receiving numerous complaints a day because of nonsense and disrespect, Russ and fellow staff have transformed this forum where we receive very few complaints about other posters or posts. Russ is largely deserving of that credit. It has made this forum much easier and enjoyable to moderate and administer. Quite simply, Russ has been the heart and soul of this forum for the past five years. I cannot imagine this forum surviving and remain as popular as it has without his fair and measured watch. The entire fan community, members of this forum, the staff, the band itself, and myself all owe Russ a massive thank you for his contribution to the GNR fan community. Being a staff member here is largely a thankless job, without much in the way of perks all the while shouldering endless frustrations and personal dramas between forum members. That is to say nothing about the amount of bullshit staff members have to manage in terms of this forum's attempts to bridge the divide between the band/management and the fans. This is not an easy job and wears on anyone who has joined the staff. It is testament to Russ as a person that he has stuck around for as long as he has despite everything. So a big thank you to Russ from myself for being the kind of Admin/Moderator and friend this forum needed these past many years. I can never repay the debt I owe you in terms of your contribution to this space on the web. I truly believe this forum means a lot to many people who have enjoyed discussing a band they love in an environment free from assholes, egos, and bullies. You are owed a world of debt from people who visit this forum and myself. I would also like to congratulate Russ on moving forward with something that brings him a lot of joy and drives his passion for music. It's not easy to walk away from something you have devoted a lot of time and energy towards for years on end. Life is short and it's great to see Russ direct his talents and passion for music towards something constructive like his fantastic podcast (Infectious Groove Podcast; it's a great listen and everyone should check it out). I'm always inspired by people who choose to build, create and act in a positive way despite the challenges and difficulties. So congratulations on your new direction and I look forward to hearing more from you on that front. I'm also glad to hear that Russ will still be around to contribute his thoughts on music and other topics. He's an opinionated guy with a lot of great insights so I'm glad we're still going to benefit from having him around. If GNR is finally able to get over the hump and release new music I'm sure we'll see Russ back in the D&N section again. Thanks Russ!
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    Has anyone tried switching Fernando off and then switching him on again?
  22. 15 points
    Fernando? More like Fernandon’t!!!
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    Welcome to the forum, This band is pretty lame. We've got nothing to discuss, It's always the fucking same! We need the people that can find, All the things we need. New music up on Spotify, Instead of children's books and greed. At the forum, Welcome to the forum, We're begging on our Sha-na-na-na-na-na knees, knees. 200 pages new music, please!
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    Fernando gives us children's books. Brando gives us a Matt interview. Thanks man
  25. 15 points
    This band makes me want my money back from something I didn't even pay for.
  26. 14 points
    Fernando's 7 day free trial of Final Cut Pro ran out.
  27. 14 points
    Let's celebrate by taking down GN'R videos on YouTube. First let's start with the pro footage of Utah 2019.
  28. 14 points
    The constant bitching on here is really something else.
  29. 14 points
    We know for a fact they soundchecked Hard School. Obviously SOMETHING was planned, it's kind of hard to deny that much... unless they really wanted to put that much effort into trolling us. That being said, I'm pretty sure them putting Hard School on the alt setlist and soundchecking new music is what led to this pandemic in the first place, because why shouldn't we get a fucking worldwide pandemic when they FINALLY get off their ass to plan to release something. Axl being productive irreparably fucked the world.
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    NEW! Ep. 193 - Matt Sorum Matt Sorum joins us to discuss producing Cherie Currie's new album, the effect of Coronavirus on the environment, his upcoming book, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, and more! iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/35CulMD Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2YEhwzX SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2SJAVvg Spotify --> https://spoti.fi/2yBdYUo Apple Podcasts --> https://apple.co/3dtR0x5
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    I'm pretty sure that: Slash and Myles Kennendy can - release a New Album - doing a Amerian & Europe Tour - release a CD+DVD Box of a live concert BEFORE Guns N' Roses release a YouTube Clip
  32. 14 points
  33. 14 points
    Probably some 30 second snippets from Kat. It we're lucky, they're not black n f'n white though
  34. 14 points
  35. 13 points
    Fernando still working? My god that guy never rest.
  36. 13 points
    Then it will almost certainly happen.
  37. 13 points
    I spoke directly with Fernando. He had to order a disc drive for his Macbook Air in order to rip the Tokyo DVDs for upload to YouTube. He hadn't considered the technological inferiority of his device when he made the promise of video footage and will be speaking directly with Apple on the matter. He is looking very seriously into the matter.
  38. 13 points
    I think Slash's opinion is: alimony.
  39. 13 points
    This book will be a bestseller in Lisbon, Poland
  40. 13 points
    There are shitloads of technically skilled guitarists...take a look at youtube...the real skill comes from writing memorable songs, riffs, solos..making people emote...Fortus has no track record of doing that...it's absurd how he is highly rated by some on this forum
  41. 13 points
    I, like Axl, live in California..probably about 35 minutes from where he is and I absolutely agree with the point he’s making and actually care more about this than the current lineup of GNR. Our state and local areas shut down early which has made a significant impact. Now we have a bunch of idiots not very far away protesting to go back out and going to beaches etc. Its fucking ridiculous and a slap in the face to everyone who is still staying at home. So, maybe it’s you who needs to get off your fucking internet soapbox and realize that musicians and other entertainers have the same level of citizenship we do. In reality, it’s the opinion of whiney fanboys and girls like you that no one truly fucking cares about.
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    Fernando and by extension Guns N' Roses deserves all the opprobrium received for some truly embarrassing merchandising and fan communication, yet you finally obtain something of interest, and, - the editing (who gives a toss? It is FREE stuff!) - the mix (ditto. Have you never listened to soundboard boots?) - the band are sloppy (doesn't seem so bad to me. Slash was brilliant on ''Double Talkin' Jive'') - Slash noodles (as he has been doing for his entire career!) - Slash's tone!
  43. 12 points
  44. 12 points
    Not upset and I understand where you're coming from. To be honest with you, I'm not trying to build a rep by asking "hard-hitting" questions yet. I'm generalizing a bit because depending on the guest, the interview approach will vary. But overall I want just a "fun" and hopefully interesting approach. I will give real examples. Tommy Stinson's people really expressed to focus on Bash n Pop and Cowboys in the Campfire. My first contact to Tommy was nice enough to suggest I change my original email to write GNR lower down in the body as a topic before it was sent to Tommy. Same with The Replacements. Not that Tommy didn't want to talk about them, but he needs to promote his new stuff to earn a living. And mainly, this is important, he has been burned before by interviewers. Many have. This is all to common. Promises to promote something new (their job) with barely a discussion to only focus on the "famous" parts of that person, if that makes sense. I didn't take it personally and they have every right to be cautious. Tommy came on twice. Who knows if I would have gotten 1 with wanting to ask hard questions. I have no doubt Susan McKagan would not have come on again nor confirmed new music on her own...I didn't ask her. Listen to Gilby's interview. He's sick of the same old questions. They all are. I don't blame them. There are a lot of bad interviewers out there. Another reason I do it this way is because I am not Howard Stern. Howard, and other big interviewers (From Rogan to Barbara Walters) are known. Guests know what they're getting into. I'm not famous nor is my social media huge. These guests probably have no idea who I am. While I majored in Broadcast Journalism in college and have had a professional career, the name "Brando" doesn't exactly come with cachet. All the articles in Blabblermouth, Loudwire, etc def helps! That all being said, believe me when I say I either try to make the best of the opportunity or honestly get mad at myself afterwards for not asking certain things. It's a dance. Episode by episode.
  45. 12 points
    There's a polite way to ask that? As a non-drummer/regular person, his drumming sounds fine to me.
  46. 12 points
    First on 200 page !!! First on 200 page !!!
  47. 12 points
    I disagree. The stadium shows I went to at least half the fans didn't know who Slash was and were just excited to see a Team Brazil production. Many of them were clamoring for information about the daughters of the management team saying that's why they got into Gnr in the first place.
  48. 12 points
    I don't think his point is that health care personnel shouldn't treat patients who went to the beach - it's a rhetoric technique to should how absurd it is for sheriffs to not enforce social distancing rules by saying, "Well if the sheriffs can choose not to protect others, why can't doctors do the same to morons who got themselves infected by refusing to social distance?" And do I agree with Axl on this? Yeah, of course.
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    Salt Lake City 2019: It's So Easy, Chinese Democracy and Double Talkin' Jive ---------------------------------------------------------- Just so it doesn't get lost in the General Musings thread or something, I thought this deserved its own thread. Fernando is posting on Reddit again: If they actually do post old shows on youtube, I'll add all the links to this post. Hopefully this works out and we get to see some cool stuff.
  50. 11 points