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    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/guns-n-roses-reunion-las-vegas-2016-947513/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Quite a few digs in there. Best bits: And:
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    I think I have a good perspective as I saw NILT 6 times, including night one in Vegas and the amazing Apollo show in NYC. Here is my takeaway from the show. I’m not going to even mention the setlist because I already know that is a hot topic. And yes, I now don’t care or at least just am not hoping for new music. Whenever it happens it happens, but I am now over it too. The tour merch did not have the NITL badge. It said Tour 2020. Snoop Dogg was the most exciting opener I have seen, even more then then Lenny Kravits at Met Life Stadium. I am not a musician, but the band seemed amazing last night. Like mid tour form. Frank I really like now, I think he fits right in. The only 2 songs I didn’t like his style were KOHD and YCBM. An older guy next to me said this was his 36th GNR show, and it was “ the tightest the band has ever been “. Maybe he was drunk or just filled with the excitement of Super Bowl Weekend in Miami. But those were his words. They were by far the best I have seen as a band. Axl at the beginning of the show sounded the best I have ever heard him live. Hands down. Maybe it was the sound system ?? His voice was really good and in lower register the first half of the show. From the middle on, started to get a little in the higher register, but still was totally fine to me. The guy is in his 50’s and overall I think he killed it. Slash is why I am a superfan of the band. He was just slash. I never personally saw him not have a great night in my 6, now 7 shows. He was great as usual. Hi light for me was his Solo on Chi Dem. I am not even a fan of the song. Richard is a fantastic guitar player, I think he is great, I think he knows his role in the band and does it well. Is he the Izzy songwriting low key heart of the band ? No. But he’s the next best thing, and definitely a better guitar player. Intro to Better with Slash, Duff and Richard in a tight little circle was bad ass, would love to find a video of it. It looked and sounded great. I don't like to nit pick, but Slither and the Kobe tribute were the low points. The energy was good, I was in section 106, pretty close on Slash side, and I didn’t see 1 person not having the time of their life the entire show. I had no premonition about writing such a puff piece review of the show, but I think they killed it. Amazing I went to this show thinking this is the swan song for me with them, and it made me like them even more. Sucks they won’t give us music, and they probably have albums and albums of material they could release. Whatever, it is what it is.
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    The GN'R brand deserves every bit of this from Rolling Stone.
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    Good, they deserve the scrutiny. This is getting ridiculous, or worse, just plain boring.
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    I like the idea of being on my death bed, saying "just refresh that page one more time for me....I'm pretty sure that insider was full of shit, but I want to be totally sure....."
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    "Maybe in 2026, they can do a 10-year anniversary tour of the reunion tour."
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    With all due respect, coming from a guy who travels to the UK often for work and has many friends there, why do people like you feel the need to attack/trash/insult an entire country? Yet, here you are, on a forum for a band from the USA (a rather drab band at this point, mind you), insulting all Americans. I can confidently say you don't speak for all Brits, as the ones I know have a lot more common sense to not blindly throw insults like this around. But I digress. I, too, find these tributes to Kobe quite tacky. All low-flying aircraft that day were grounded in LA due to the weather. Someone made a foolish and selfish decision to fly... probably Kobe himself... and it cost him and 8 others their lives. It's a tragedy, but tragedy's happen every day to common people all over the world, including 'classless' Americans, as you've so dubbed all of us. They're all a shame, but tributes to the uber-privileged are just so tiresome. We can agree there. That aside, did you ever consider that Axl lives in LA and is a HUGE Lakers fan? As is others in the band? Kobe was known to be quite the stubborn arse, just like Axl, so they, I'm sure, connected on that level in a way we couldn't possibly understand. If I could offer a bit of advice, if they want to pay a tribute to somebody they admired, whether you or I think it's tacky or not, let them do it and try not attack an entire populus of people from another country... on a forum for a band from that country. Does anybody on here ever attack Brits for their obsession with a defunct monarchy? Can I insult you because all that's all over the papers and news channels in your country is all about Harry and Meghan? Two people that have absolutely no bearing on any of our lives. Is it tacky when your country pays tribute to Princess Dianna at every turn, to this day? Can we Americans call all Brits lifeless fools for the constant obsession over the royal family... the most uber-privileged group of people in the world that your hard earned money supports via taxation? Will you be upset when Elizabeth kicks the bucket? Will you be okay with the 'tacky' tributes to her when the time comes? This is my first post ever on this forum, and probably the last (I like GNR and like to see photos and videos from their concerts... this forum seems to be a good place to find that stuff), but I just had to chime in when I read this comment. It's incredibly insulting coming from someone in a country where it's people do the same types of things, and practically adore anything American. A quick look at the 20 most popular websites visited by people in Britan in 2019 based on user traffic (https://www.lexiconnect.co.uk/top-20-uk-websites.html) finds that just about all of them have their home or origins in America (Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc.). #16 on that list? Pornhub. That's classy. American too! So, what's really tacky here is someone from across the pond who feels the need to attack/insult an entire nation because he doesn't like some tribute to some American sports hero at some American band's concert, in America, on a forum for said American rock band. As if his people never put their celebrities up on a pedestal as if they're some kind of Queen or King or Prince or something. How silly would that be in the 21st century? Pot, meet kettle.
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    Just thank Christ Kobe never had a song, otherwise that'd be the next 5yrs on the set.
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    Narr fuck them. They have had so much time to record and give us even 1 song tonight but nothing. Not even 1 new song. So fuck this band. I give up on them. This fuckhead singer can go back to his Malibu mansion tonight with 1 less fan. Hate to say this but i now hope slash leaves and makes some new music elsewhere because we wont be hearing fuck all from guns n lazy fuckin roses ever
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    I was on MyGNRForum the night of the show while in Paris, because I'd flown there for the Bercy show (Bercy was my first GNR gig). I remember thinking, "Wow, wish I could go", and then thinking, "Well, guess I could go to the club and try my luck". Got there 9pm, tried to get in with a couple of different groups who had friends who couldn't go for various reasons, kept getting turned away by a bouncer. Midnight and a couple of guys approached me and some other fans and said they couldn't be bothered waiting any more and if we wanted their wristbands. They only wanted 10 or 15 euros for them, which I couldn't believe and handed over the money in a heartbeat. Put the wristband on, the bouncer had changed to a cooler dude, and I got in I remember seeing Beta almost as soon as I walked in and instinctively said "Hi Beta!" and she waved back and smiled awkwardly at the stranger who had said hello to her The band turned up at 1am. Axl said "I would've got here sooner but... <rubbing his head to imply a hangover from partying the night before> that just wasn't possible" Whole thing was surreal. Hung outside the club with fans after the show to get Axl's autograph finally at 5:30am.
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    From Merck Mercuriadis & Irving Azoff to this: Appetite for Self-Destruction.
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    Civil War 2 Civil 2 War Civil War: Tokyo Drift Civil and War Civil Five
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    I blame Axl and Axl alone for all things wrong with GNR in 2020. No new music? That's on Axl. Poor vocals? Axl. Endless touring? Axl.
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    Went and wow, You’re Crazy was a pleasant surprise! Axl crushed it especially the ending. First time seeing them live too, I had a blast!
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    Just to show how easy it is for so-called ''legendary frontmen/singers'' to get albums made as a ''collaborative experience'', Duff Mckagan and Chad Smith jammed with Ozzy and together they wrote and recorded an album - Slash guests on two songs. This must have all happened whilst the NITL tour was active. Listening to the album yesterday, I found it good with two-three stand-out songs, which isn't bad for a 71 year old in the full throes of Parkinson's (and other health concerns).
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    I find it a bit crazy that people have created this image of him being lazy when it comes to his voice and doing absolutely nothing. The dude had dozens of different voices throughout his career, and whenever he had vocal issues (and he had them a lot) he kept finding different ways to sing and to bring something out of his voice. We are at a point where he had to remove a song he really enjoyed singing from the setlist, after butchering it live and being unable to belt it out. Cardio and weight loss are really, really not the answer here. Losing weight would do absolutely nothing for Axl's voice or his performance except making him possibly look better for some people. That's the extent of it. Bon Jovi is in terrific shape, has been for years and can't sing anymore. Doing the full rasp thing destroyed Axl's voice in 2010, and he started 2011 sounding like a joke. He recovered, but never fully, never to the same level. He then spent 2011 to 2014 carefully dosing how far he would push his voice, and being shat on by us (me included) at every mickeyed phrase. 2016 came, he took the AC/DC gig, and suddenly was under insane amounts of pressure as the lead singer of one of his favourite bands with most people expecting (and some rooting for) him to fail. Against the wall, he did the full rasp thing again, this time also singing ridiculously above his register. This is the range that obliterated Brian Johnson's voice in his 30's in 3 years. It once again destroyed his voice, but now he is 60, and I can't thing of a single vocalist that sounded shot like he does at that age and made a recovery. There were loads and loads of signs along the way. The cracks started appearing with AC/DC in the NA leg, and then transferred themselves to GRN songs where they had never, ever appeared before. They got worse and more frequent, and Axl kept singing through them, his voice becoming less gritty and sharp progressively from 2016 onwards. RIR 2017 was terrible. The Forum is all over the place, with Axl looking for new voices to be able to sing some songs, and a forced and really unhealthy rasp at some songs like Prostitute. Then came the Berlin show where Axl couldn't sing, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Although his first few gigs are always extra rough, the decline is a progressive thing through years. I don't think Axl will ever sound like he did in 2016 again. I don't he would be able to perform with AC/DC today, and I don't he will ever be able to do that again too. It's been almost 4 years since he sounded good, and ten years since he sounded like proper Axl Rose. The insane vocal range/rasp era is done, it's over imo. Expecting it to return at all, even in a diminished state, is setting you up for disappointment. What I think Axl could do was recognize that and try to seriously study a way around it, something he is very capable of. Tune everything down if possible, use his regular register (which is still great) as much as possible, the increasingly weak falsetto as little as possible. Work on song selections that suit his capabilites, choose carefully one or two moments per show to belt out a scream, not more, and stop going for notes that are too high. Maybe record some new stuff in line with his current voice. A concentrated effort would wield better results than current ones. It's really, really bad right now. I sound better at a karaoke singing some GNR songs than Axl Rose.
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    2010 was peak Axl Rose: 1.A monster vocally 2.Caring about new music, playing almost all of CD, playing CD II at parties. 3.Showing up sometimes as much as two hours late, walking off stage, refusing to leave the stage when going overtime. 4.Attacking a MYGNR moderator in an extremely profane rant. 5.Extreme Slash hate, his subtle dig "when he says he never killed no one that ain't exactly true" was by far the worst thing he ever said about him. In late 2011 Axl emerged a completely different person, but what a way for the real guy to go out!
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    New album will be postponed because of the coronavirus. You heard it here first! Slash will address this in the upcoming interview "World is not in a good situation to release new music right now!"
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    What? The Stones are in another stratosphere. They released highly relevant music through most of the 60's all the 70's and early 80's and have a catalog of almost 450 songs. They have had close to 50 top ten singles never mind all the mindblowing album tracks. Guns were huge for about 5 years.. Disappeared for almost 25 and are now a shadow of their former selves.
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    Shadow of Your Love (re-remastered with overdubbed cowbell by Frank)
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    Met him walking the street near checkpoint charlie the day after the Berlin show. I was super nervous, but he was really nice. Told us they were all jetlagged. Asked us where we were from, I told him we'd see a few more shows and thanked him. We took a pic afterwards. He also saved me from walking right in front of a car crossing the street So in a way he saved my life. So since that day Duff can't do any wrong anymore
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    Happy birthday, thanks for the tinniest catalog a band can have in a 35 years career.
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    I don't want to vote in case something happens in regards to new music, where I will then fully jump back on the wagon of "that ginger cunt is the greatest of all time".
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    For anyone who wants it, the Live Nation pre-sale is Thursday at 10am local time. The password is SOLO. Please, please, please do NOT waste money on Nightrain
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    Don't know why some beat themselves up so much, as the way i see it, its all self-inflicted. Until some understand and accept that they as fans cannot control what the band does or the fact Axl at 57 years of age cannot reach the level of expectations some of you have. Like all people as they reach their 50's, it does not matter how much effort goes into preparing your body, that body can only do so much, the older you get. You cannot compare Axl to others, as we are all different in terms of our make up, genetics and individual circumstances. What works for some, won't work for Axl. Axl Rose is not a superhero from a Marvel movie, he is a normal person like you and i, he will get older, and won't return to the Axl Rose seen in the past when much younger, both in a physical form or via his vocals. It is what it is.
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    I watched it up to Rocket Queen and enjoyed it. Might be time to stop following the threads on this site. The band isn't perfect but it was a good show.. This was more like a one off show warm up show and was better than others like it in the past. The tour isn't even for another month on a half. They changed the order around a bit.. The dropped a couple covers. They added the slow version of You're Crazy for the first time in 27 years and did a damn fine job with it. The last handful of shows played before this they brought in Locomotive and Dead Horse. Most of their peer hard rock bands don't change one song for a whole tour. It is what it is at this point.. Take it or leave it because it isn't going to last forever. These threads are like a morgue but I can tell you while watching it real time all you see is a constant stream of Facebook Hearts being clicked the entire stream. Better was the only song played all night that I don't care for. Looking at that setlist, I would have had a blast the whole night. I love those songs.. I am as outspoken as anyone but this place is definitely getting old
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    Fernando saying 6 months is like when the missus asks me when I’m doing the washing up. I say half an hour. 3 hours later it’s still there. We’re all fools for believing this shite.
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    There was a guy, Pete Makowski, who said he had filmed the band rehearsing before the third Marquee show (it's not clear if he filmed the actual show, as well). He said he then gave the footage to the band. From Classic Rock, April 2005:
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    Axl should do a solo acoustic piano tour (maybe with Fortus and Reese, for example) and play ballads and covers. Perhaps singing with his lower range. Reinvent himself a bit. I would pay a decent amount to see/hear that.
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    https://uk.ign.com/articles/nasa-spots-potentially-hazardous-asteroid-rapidly-approaching-earth?sf117407075=1 I hope his voice is in good shape lol
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    I completely agree with Vicky's assessment. Izzy was almost certainly the songwriting glue that knit Guns together.
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    Maybe they can use some of their loot to hire him as a writer....
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    It’s not meant to be curved. Axl just sat on it.
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    The Looking Very Seriously In That Regard Tour 2020
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    They added You're Crazy to the set. I bet the people who didn't believe there would be an "all new show" feel like dumb assholes now. lol jk fuck this band
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    People who are disappointed over this had naive and unrealistic expectations. Just sayin.
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    Playlist looks fine to me. And they’ll add other stuff as the tour goes on, as usual. everyone should chill out for once. We are lucky to have them on the road at all.
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    They swapped DTJ and Slither. What more do you want?? complaints complaints complaints
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    Okay, it’s getting old guys. Please refrain from posting song titles that have not been played. It just clogs up the thread with people asking if it’s true.
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    Only if Brad Pitt appears and asks what's in the box