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    It's a mindfuck for a GNR fan. The recent tracks that surfaced a few weeks back show that there is really good stuff in the "vaults". They could have EASILY dusted some of that off at any point from 09-14.....But they didn't. And ultimately, there's really only 1 reason why, and we all know what that is. Our only hope right now is that the pressure of having Slash want to create and put out...something...and Axl will throw him a bone in some way to keep him on board. Maybe that means an E.P. similar to what the Smashing Pumpkins did last summer. If he's feeling particularly generous, it may mean a new album. In nearly every interview, Slash mentions that the plan is to record after this upcoming small tour leg. If nothing materializes after that, we'll know why.
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    Queen Montreal 81 was originally filmed, which is why it benefits from a blu-ray. There's a massive difference between something that was filmed and something that was video taped. Video tape was a low resolution format, typically maxing out at under 500 lines of resolution, no matter which way you cut it. Film is almost infiniate in resolution (for lack of a better term) so concerts that were filmed can always benefit from a blu-ray or 4K blu-ray transfer. Something that was video taped can't benefit from any amount of upscaling because the source material will always be stuck at the low resolution it was shot at. To give you an Queen based example; when you're looking at Queen Montreal 81, you're looking at a concert that was filmed and it's actually being downscaled to HD for the blu-ray. Go check out the blu-ray for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and you'll see the difference. That concert was video taped and although it's on blu-ray, there's nothing that can be done to make it "HD" because of the resolution of the source material. So really, you aren't gaining any advantage buy viewing the blu-ray. Having said all of that, there's absolutely NO reason why GN'R shouldn't be releasing DVDs of the video taped concerts they have in the vault. On top of that, I'm sure they have PLENTY of te UYI tour that was filmed that could benefit from a blu-ray release. In the end, none of the above facts matter though because GN'R just isn't interested in selling their fans art to buy.
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    Good question. Why do they do a lot of the stupid shit they do?
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    He rolled them up and smoked them.
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    Reloaded had two things going for it. That 20 minute car chase and Monica Belucci
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    But we do have the marks, we just call them differently: Mark 1: Pre-AfD aka the Tracii era Mark 2: AfD aka the treasure trove Mark 3: UYI 1 aka AfD sans Steven goes chorus (1991) Mark 4: UYI 2 aka it’s not the real GN’R, part I. (1992+) Mark 5: 2000 intentions aka nobody knows what the fuck is going on (97–2001) Mark 6: CD 1 aka this even has nothing to do with GN’R (02–08) Mark 7: CD 2 aka no Tuesdays left / ChinDem tours 4ever (2009+) Mark 8: The holy trinity aka it’s not the real GN’R, part II.
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    Look how many birds were in my garden yesterday
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    If Slash, Duff, Matt and Dave ever want a VR reunion (very doubtful), Jeff is the man to call
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    I would kill for an awesome Blu Ray from the Appetite Era... Preferably something besides the Ritz although a completely unedited/uncensored version of that would be pretty sweet.
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    They really have to put out something soon, it doesn't even feel like there is an incarnation of GnR to me. Most dangerous band? Most boring band.
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    I'd rather see this than Marvel movie number 68, so I'm in!
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    It's worth noting that post AFD the joint band photos became less and less. I think the first UYI lineup (with Izzy) did all in all two photo shoots as a band (the "Dead!" one that was featured in the albums and the one for the September 1991 Rolling Stone issue). The second UYI lineup (with Gilby) didn't do any photo shoot together, if I'm not mistaken. Separate pictures of the members were featured in the 1992 and 1993 tour programs. I think that was the case in the pre-CD era, too, but maybe I'm wrong. There is a band picture from the post-CD NuGnR lineup. The current band has released two band photos, I think.
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    Yeah, the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert was exactly what I was thinking of. You'll get a higher bitrate because of the increased storage capacity of a Blu-Ray vs DVD but there's nothing that can be done about the native resolution of the source video and most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, so a DVD would be good enough for concerts shot on video.
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    No thank you then. Sequels which go on, but pretend previous sequels never happened always turn out badly.
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    Nah, I thought it was funny actually Not the imagination bit though, that hurt my feelings, me, lacking imagination?! I'm gonna find em and shoot em now watch, I'm gonna be the next fuckin' shooter and yankers and gonna be all up in the shooting thread all smug
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    I hated report card day so much... that walk home from school would be the worst, I still remember them vividly, hahaha.
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    I would say Tommy Stinson was more that just a hired gun. He was literally leading the band on stage at some point.
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    HAHA, yeah I guess droids and wookies could have been hit or miss Im gonna hop on some EU audio books just in case. Throng and all that. I just learned that Resistance season 2 will lead into Ride of Skywalker, do you think that makes it mandatory watching? Will they actually do strong set ups for 9 on the show?
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    Came across my old school report, last year of primary school, fuckin' hell, I weren't half a thick bastard, this report is dreadful 'takes a while to respond to things', 'finds it hard to organize himself effectively', 'reluctant to join in', 'writing can lack any depth, insight or imagination', 'needs to concentrate very hard and to think about what he has to do', 'work takes a while to be completed', fuckin' hell, they make me sound a right spaccer
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    I deleted my first post cause I didn't get that "all dutchs are assholes" was meant as a joke But still I agree with LOVENESSNL, while the rest of Bob Jovi (even without Richie) sounds very tight, it is an embarrassment what JBJ delivers every night.. And even more so, when you consider that the ticket prices are around 100+€. If I paid my hard earned money to see a good rock show and then I get something like the 2019 Bin Jovi shows, I would be pissed as fuck as well (and yes I still spend hundreds of Euros on GNR concerts but even Axl sounds good these days compared to JBJ) And while there are some Bon Jovi songs that are hard to sing (and some of them are the big hits), John struggles on every song in their set, no matter if high range or mid range or whatever, he is constantly a couple of notes flat. And if he doesn't want to ruin the bands legacy he should definitely do some work before the next tour (even though I start thinking, that this won't change anything and nothing can bring his voice back) Didn't get that at first, sorry
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    A note on this: I consider West Arkeen a much more prolific and relevant contributor to GNR than Dizzy could ever dream to be. As for the topic off the thread: fellas, it's simple. You can stick and slap any narrative you want, free to use your illusions, but the Members of Guns N' Roses as they were signed to produce music were 5 (FIVE!). And we all know who they are. All the rest is a diminishing of the formula, to the point of total alienation... LMFAO
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    Sounds a good book, I'll keep in mind. I did my last race in 2016 and plastic was ubiquitous then, but looks like they are onto it now: https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/first-plastic-free-sport-events-waste-sustainable-triathlon-swimming-surfers-against-sewage-a8279521.html
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    Perhaps you should have thought about the possibility that the EU might not simply give you all you want in negotiations, before fleeing the EU? First you complain about the EU not changing to accommodate your desires, then you complain about the EU not giving you what you want when you scurry off. Tough shit.
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    Not necessarily. When you restored or remasterized you can get the big stuff. Try looking "queen live at Montreal 81". That shit is crazy man. Imagine that on GNR. I can pay us 100 in advance if gnr do some project like that.
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    Jeff for VR!! That would be Epic although I doubt STP would be OK with that 😑 Also, almost joining Alice in chains? Now that would have been Interesting...
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    The reason is that he beats Trump. No more reason needed at this point.
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    I would hazard a guess that these parents do not study history or take in theatre. Yes, they would even deny their children of panto at christmas if one can believe it?! #pantostrong Googling panto. Panto is too cool! How do y'all come up with this stuff?! Wish we had that here minus the audience participation.
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    I hear ya. I used to be that guy. I gave Axl & GN'R every single excuse in the book. Not even an excuse really, because that implies I was making it up and/or didn't believe it. But yeah, I used to defend their lack of productivity at every turn. I think it was around 2012 where I finally got it through my head that Axl just isn't interested in sharing art with his fans so that they can buy it.
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    Y'know, I used to argue that "recording is a complex thing for a band of GN'Rs size, give them time." but it's pretty damn clear that we're in the 2009-14 timeline right now and Axl is just refusing to release anything.
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    Once they can't sell the large venues, they'll repackage, raise the price and move on to smaller venues.
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    Haha thanks! Yeah I’ve been reading about starwars since I was a little kid. Has always been a big hobby for me. oh, and I was just speculating about them making more stuff from Legends canon. I’m not sure if that’s actually gonna happen or not. Hopefully some of it does, tho. and yeah I’d pay top dollar to see Lucas’ experimental art-house film about droids and Wookiees trying to talk to each other without any dialogue. That’s an Oscar-winner right there! XD
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    I agree wholeheartedly. I guess the way I use language I would say 'water is the most precious gift/right to humanity' because water has been "commodified" in plastic bottles. But yeah, water is so precious. And insult to injury, plastic - like that of water bottles - is of course contaminating the water!! Not sure if anyone outside of Canada would have heard of Maude Barlow - she's a water activists and author? She's awesome. Blue Gold is a book she coauthored early days in water privatization, you might enjoy it. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/382177.Blue_Gold I never thought about how ubiquitous plastic cups and bottles are in a race. That is a trickier one. Have things generally moved on to biodegradable options like those corn "plastics" that pretty much look the same as conventional plastic? Any races coming up of you?
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    My opinion. Axl, Slash, Duff , Izzy, Steven WERE Guns N Roses. They formed and founded the company. These 5 created AFD which launched them all to be where they are today. Today they are doing their own thing as middle aged, rich men. These 5 men made Lies, and maybe some parts, even minimal ,of UYIs . Steven was fired from the company and took the company to court for him to secure his financial future and he was right to do that. Izzy left the company and took a buy out. The Big 3 own various parts and percentages of the company.. I am not a business person . I don't know how that business works. Everyone else is a hired , contractural, temorary, seasonal, and paid employee to AxlSlashDuff. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the company included Matt and Dizzy, I think. I never understood that because they were hired by the owners of the company after the foundation was laid. How can you be part of the company that was completed before you started working for it and the business stalled and kind of went out of circulation until the The Big 3 owners just brought it back .
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    Cover band since 1992. "They’re a different type of band – and I use the word band loosely. It’s a guy and some other guys." - James Hetfield
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    When the ex stopped back by on his way through he had a book on personality types. Really pushy with me wanting me to take the test. Okay fine, but you know you're in my profession and I know how to answer those questions to make me look a certain way. Fine I'll answer honestly. He's a little annoyed I'm just not answering off the top of my head and considering my answers. Couldn't wait to grab it out of hands and total up my scores. So he's studying it. As usual I'm tied on two personality types. Yeah, I am a gemini. He goes, "you're female and a thinker, that's very rare" all perplexed like. You know, get the fuck out of my house and take that book with you! When was that written, the 50's?
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    What the fuck has this bullshit to do with a possible new album?
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    I hope you won't take offense but you are very wrong regarding Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy being business members of GNR. The owners of GNR has been Axl, Slash, and Duff since Izzy left and Adler was fired. There are legal filings in that regard. Additionally, the situation with Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy was very similar to Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones. Since 1976, Mick and Keith would say that Ron was a member of the Rolling Stones. They considered him part of the family. However, he wasn't made a full fledged member and partner in the Rolling Stones until 1990. Both situations were very similar. I've been a fan of GNR since 1987 and everything about them. I didn't consider the three of Gilby, Matt, and Dizzy as the core GNR since they weren't. Gilby replaced Izzy. Matt replaced Steven. Dizzy was an add on. Good musicians but they weren't the core of GNR.
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    Not sure about that. Some might argue that putting a bicycle on the cover is very political. Because riding a bike instead of driving a car makes you a dirty commie.
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    that's a lot of fire going around... so it's probably chlamydia.
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    Fanny - Beat Club (11-23-1971) Full unedited performance of one of the first all female rock bands. This is from the German TV show Beat Club.
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    No. Mentally speaking they were no where close to being ready. Axl still didn't release CD at that point. Slash didn't release his solo album either. Also Slash and Duff still had VR at that point. Additionally, Duff wasn't even speaking to Axl. Slash released his book in 2007, which caused further issues. You then had Slash dealing with his mother's death causing him to quit smoking. The infamous cancer comment by Axl right when Slash's mother was dying. All these things happened. If they had reunited in 06, it would have been a disaster for all parties involved. Like I said, I would have loved that the reunion happened sooner but each of them just wasn't there mentally. I analyze it from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional standpoint of being a fan, which brought me to the conclusion that they simply weren't ready.
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    I know what you mean. And I see their point too. It's hard when you grow up with a band and it changes and becomes something different. I came into guns when I wasn't even sure if GNR was still a thing, so I was excited to see the new version of the band when they played the VMAs... it was a crap performance, but I watched it a million times It's like Metallica and everything after And justice, I love the black album and load albums, but other fans hate them because they are slower, the hair cuts and some of the grungier influences that crept in. Basically, I arrived after the fact, so I got to experience it with a fresh perspective, rather than having to compare it against what was. To me it's a simple, is the music good. if it is, then I'm going to listen to it! whether or not it's popular really has no significance!
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    Quality control on the LAL cabinet is not good. Not for an item with an original MSRP of $1000. My cross is glued crooked and they must also hand glue each skull because Adler is a little off-center. If you pay close attention to people's photos, due to the "hand-made" nature, they're sort of all like that. Cross is slanted slightly one way or the other and the skulls are not always in the same spot. I ended up exchanging mine and the new one they sent is pretty much the same as old (crooked cross), except a little beat up. It has a couple dents on the door. So I'm keeping the original, but my original, in one spot on the top of it, it's a little distressed and not glued down tightly. Almost as if someone glued it, then lifted it up to straighten it and re-glued it. I am considering taking off the beat up doors on the replacement they sent and putting my original doors on the replacement cabinet. Probably as perfect as I'll get the cabinet to look. ALL THAT SAID, it's still very much worth the price. The thing, even with the flaws of the "hand-made" design, looks pretty rad. The painted skull and cross look awesome. I love it. I want to build a custom little stand for it so I can prop it up higher next to my TV. Right now I have it in my bedroom on one of my dressers.
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    That's a great tee shirt Slash is sporting, love me some Blondie.