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    Things are getting out of hand, and people who take pleasure in doing shit like this have to be unstable. The audience recording of this has been online basically since the show took place.
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    I can't stop listening to this. I am utterly shocked with how much I love it. It is one of my favorite Axl vocals, ever. Its so cool. Incorporating parts of Robin's solo throughout this could be cool as fuck
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    Well now we know what next year's April Fool's prank will be...
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    Off the top of my head? Shotgun Blues.
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    These people are utter lunatics
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    @downzy tell @Fernando to log back in. @MrMojo needs to have a 3 hour meeting with him. Thanks.
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    Dear @Fernando Any chances of releasing the show? We all would buy it
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    I had a great experience these days, i met a gang member,a stradlin sister even that we met for while in firenze festival.It was really nice that i saw a gnrforum member. I hope one day meet and other people..
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    While we're on the topic of this somehow ever getting released...............now that everyone's seen it, who would still buy it? I say this being 100% honest; I would.
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    Ok. I like this outfit much more than any other clothes he's worn for the last 3 years but ... does he have only one pair of shorts? Sometimes it looks like he hasnt changed his clothes in days
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    How stupid is it to take a pic and pretend youre sleeping
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    I am currently home alone and watching XAVEL's San Diego 2017 Blu-Ray set at full blast on my 65 inch Ultra HDTV. It's just like being at the show without the high ticket price or hassle of actually attending the gig! XAVEL's San Diego concert video is the best video recording from the "Not In This Lifetime" tour at this point! A+ audio and video!
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    It was with @baileyredrose. I came to her city due to firenzerock festival,and i send her a message. Unfortunately we didnt speak so much due to thw program of the festival but we take a picture together. The irony was that i meet accidentally richard lortus with his family...
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    Isn't the first time I'll disagree with a fellow GNR fan and it won't be the last lol
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    On the polar opposite, ironically since they leaked together, Silkworms might just be the worst thing Axl’s ever written. I cannot fathom what Axl was thinking while writing them. It kills me someone who wrote November Rain and Coma regressed to...that.
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    Agree.. It's taking the life out of things
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    I think that 96 album material was used by Izzy and Duff solo. I think Duff has credits on 117 Degrees. One song, Mean Bone or Serial Kilker was used on Smakepit? The Bad company type songs Scott threw out of VR must have been Izzy stuff. But still Fortus was saying they were working on a Slash riff that came from before CD started. So Axl might have saved some of it, Izzy and Duff took some. Izzy said Axl has 3 or 4 Izzy songs. There’s the fantasy situation where they made this great album then walked away. That would be cool I always thought that but Nobody mentions it. It’s like the next YCBM. Neither can I is also pretty good, like an IRS type song. I like the “rhetoric of life” line. Parasite would need Axl and Slash work but it’s a Perfect Crime 2. Suckertrain is like the opener to UYI 3. Always thought Izzy must have written it. Bomb could have been included bu t Just Don’t Know is like the best riff since Mr Brownstone. Old Hat is a left field one might be a cover. River is a great song but Jump In Now, Head on Out have more GNR potential. Loving the Alien is great but not sure it’s really GNR style. Last Fight, Gravedancer also possible.
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    I think AFD is just their first album. Lies was already a deviation from AFD, and UYI pushed things even further. Can you imagine if we were so obtuse we decided to limit or define an artist by their first or most popular work? We wouldn’t have Bowie’s Berlin trilogy, Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory, TMWSTW... I get that a lot of fans have a special attachment to AFD, but Axl always wanted to distance himself from that, his vision of GNR is what ultimately defines de band. I would consider there are only 2 ballads in CD: SOD and TIL. Sure, there are more slow songs, but those are sort of a thing of their own individually. I’ll take whatever the ginger throws my way. Sure, I wish CD was released in 2003 with song along the vein of OMG, but as I said, I’ll take anything, and since Axl likes to venture into different territories, setting one’s mind on something specific when it comes to expectations is sort of shooting oneself on the foot. Personally, I love that, I like being surprised, I find it exciting when an artist doesn’t play it safe and comfy. Also it could be that gnr discography is so limited, we’ve heard the staple ballads over 20 million times each and now they feel boring and even tedious to listen to, but that’s their fault for not releasing new stuff. As tired as you might be of the ballads and slow songs, i’m sure you and a lot of fans felt a jolt of excitement when you listened to The Blues or Maddy for the first time. To me even great heavier songs feel boring... but that’s only because of the lack of new material. I’m hanging onto the more “obscure” tracks but even those are losing their spark.
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    I like how Cheeto Dipshit blames the Democrats when the idea comes from his ass kissing right wing darling aid, Stephen Miller.
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    omg OMG has some of my all time favorite Axl lyrics. I dig the new solo a lot
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    yes Axl actually referenced this exchange on the House of Blues audience bootleg - after Sweet Child O' Mine he seemingly looks at Paul and says something like "I dunno, it sounds fine to me!"
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    @warrocksis a french bulldog ,nice dog 🌞
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    Y’all know Fernando is going to say “the focus is on the current band and that we shouldn’t be trying to force our deluded opinions on what a band should and shouldn’t be at the expense of other people’s lives. The current band works their asses off to put on a great show night and night out for the real fans and their efforts shouldn’t be taken for granted by “certain” fans who are trying to block the current efforts of this lineup.” or atleast that’s how I imagine they respond to everything
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    Iron Maiden's set from Rock in Rio III was officially released on DVD in 2002 by Sony Legacy: https://www.amazon.com/Iron-Maiden-Rock-Bruce-Dickinson/dp/B00006G8G1 For an example of what can be done potentially with GNR's set, here's the original broadcast of "2 Minutes to Midnight" from a TV broadcast: And now here's the same song re-edited for DVD:
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    But that Izzy is totally Kurt Cobain look! Also the loose ripped jeans, great combo! He never wore loose jeans.... I like him better wearing these grunge clothes and his dreadlocks. You wil have to deal with it for a month or until each of our teams is eliminated There are people who are fans of a non-existent band that they never saw live and that it never released anything
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    If it was released properly by, let's say Eagle Rock, on an SD Blu-ray. I would
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    YES! Bought from you before, Soon can't come quick enough
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    The 2006 and 2010 documentaries are even more interesting to me than the Perfect Crime documentary. I used to think there was no chance we'd ever see them, but I didn't think HOB would leak and this thread would exist either so, what do I know
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    At berlin Show people were going wild days before the Show startet 😀
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    It's the first GnR lineup (that lasted two rehearsals, lol) from March 1985. Another one (better view of Izzy's t-shirt ) More from the same photoshoot: https://www.razcue.com/fullscreen-page/comp-jh9jygev/42c6735d-2798-41b7-b0bc-2c2f842083db/24/%3Fi%3D24%26p%3Dgueco%26s%3Dstyle-jhfgm1ez
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    Thank you for linking this. Its always a good read. What a fucking insane lunatic. Must be drugged up on something.
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    Scraped is indeed utter dogshit. I wonder why the song is called that, I can only assume even Axl knew it was something to be scraped off the bottom of your shoe. I'm not a huge fan of With Teeth (the song, the album is actually one of my fave NIN records), but it's a damn masterpiece compared to Scraped.
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    German Team has only ONE JOB!!!
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    I think Mr. Brownstone is a bigger song than people realize. Song still gets played on the radio all the time and known by a lot of casuals. Basically a hit that was never really classified as a hit.
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    Take If The World, Riad and Scraped off CD and chuck on Messages, Slither and Serial Killer and you'd have a pretty cool fucking album.
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    No, the diplomat is @Andy14 I doubt Axl or anyione in TB are diplomats.
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    Yes. You can ask this to everyone of Central America and will tell you the same. We are rooting for Germany!!!!
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    When I allow myself to think about Trump, my brain starts to freeze up when it thinks about all the reasons this guy is a lousy excuse for a president and a man in general. It’s like I’ve overloaded the computer and it’s started to crash. I live in an area of the country where 99% of the people who will speak their opinion on politics publicly are loyal to Trump til their dying day, and it’s starting to drive me a little crazy. I just can’t connect with where their head is. These people are not bad people, mostly. I don’t get how they can continue to support such an awful man. We’re talking human rights abuses, here. We’re talking about kissing the ass of a brutal dictator who, just a year ago, sent back one of our nation’s sons as a vegetable after being senselessly beaten, so that he could be made a message to the world and die, suffering, in front of his family. Trump humiliates me as an American, and he repulses me as a human being. I live in a place that’s all about trying to out-patriot your neighbors. Yet the people support this? I find this sickeningly unAmerican. This leads me to another thing. This whole copyright on patriotism thing that the Republicans have imposed on the people of America until they started to believe it has got to stop. That’s not to say it should be reassigned to the Democrats, because that wouldn’t be productive either. Any opinion that is dissenting from the Republican platform is painted as unpatriotic. It’s a fraud and it’s a bully tactic akin to McCarthyism.
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    I think they play the hits+a couple of deep cuts for the fans and the covers for themselves. For Axl in particular, the covers are like AC/DC: he enjoys singing them because they are something "new" to him. The 2 hours of the set are the "job" they have to do and the additional hour is for them to have some fun, hoping that the audience will enjoy it too. Why do they prefer the covers over deep cuts that haven't been played since 1993 (including NuGnR) so they would be in a way "new" to them? Maybe for some of the reasons listed above (difficult to sing, disconnection with the lyrics). It seems that, apart from the obligatory hits, the songs in the set are songs Axl feels like singing. For exampe, it seems he prefers singing Yesterdays and TIL because they still mean something to him, although he doesn't sing them very well, over a song like Bad Obsession which would be much easier for him to sing.
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    Axl better not sing 14 years without Izzy. That won’t be cool.
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    I've listened to it twice and I feel the same way.
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    Worst kind of people on this planet: rapists, child abusers, racists, murderers and paparazzi
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    Here too mate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_Era_'87–'93