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    I don't know if it's a sign of that. It could be that he "grew up". Or that he saw the rants as part of a past he wanted to put behind. Or that he regretted that he had opened up too much in the past (not only with his rants, but also with his interviews) and "silence" was his new way to deal with things. This is someone who suddenly went from being accused of "talking too much" to disappearing from the public eye for years. And I'm not sure if the years before 2012 were really great. It doesn't look like they were in that alleged e-mail list leak. ------- Some stories Axl told during NITL: When we recorded that song [Don't Cry] originally, we were driving the engineer nuts in Hollywood, and Steven wanted more high hat. And finally the guy cracked and he pulled a gun on us. Unlike Ryan Lochte and his gun, our gun was real. [Onstage in Sao Paolo, Brazil, November 11, 2016] I heard that in the Cheap Trick song that says "they are out to get you". Yet, when this was in our song, I was the paranoid fucker. But you know, I didn't write it; that was the only line I didn't write in that song, "out ta get me". That was Izzy's [Onstage in Lisbon, Portugal, June 2, 2017] The person I wrote that song [This I Love] for, said "thank you for the gift of your soul". Well, it took a while but I got that fucker back. [Onstage in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 27, 2017] I wanna introduce the band, but before I do that I want to share a little piece of trivia on the song Coma. When we recorded that song, when we recorded Use Your Illusions, everybody was involved in different parts of writing it but only one person came down, once, to help with the vocals. And that was the help with one word. Slash came down to make sure I got the word "God dammit!" right. Just sharing that with you. It was very, very, very important to him that I got the right pronounciation and the right inflection on the word "God dammit". Just saying. [Live on stage, Buffalo, USA, August 16 2017] I remember when we wrote that Used To Love Her song. It really, really wasn't about misogyny or anything. It was just that... there was another band in town, and they had written a song; and Izzy and I were sitting around, and it was all about how a woman kicked the guy's ass. And we were like "wow, what a bunch of pussies!" [Onstage in Hartford CT, October 23, 2017]. http://www.a-4-d.com/f8-gn-r-song-archive
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    What is it like to be 15 years old, creating one of the 80's premiere rock bands, but then only to be booted before they went famous? Would you have regrets or did life actually work out for the better? That's only part of the story of singer/songwriter Josh Lewis. Having gone to Fairfax High School along with Slash, Tracii Guns, Flea, Hillel Slovak, and many others who would go on to create a name for themselves, Josh is no different. From starting Warrant, being a roadie for Hollywood Rose, to VH1 Fantasy Camp, Lewis has built up quite a resume which continues today. At the end of the interview, enjoy a FREE stream/download of Josh Lewis' "Lay Down Your Guns." You can also email Josh Lewis for MORE FREE MUSIC at josh@joshlewismusic.com. Also mentioned in the episode is a fan petition to ask Izzy Stradlin to play 1 show. You can sign up here --> www.change.org/p/izzy-stradlin-p…ou-and-your-music https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/ https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-78-josh-lewis-original-guitarist-of-w
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    I mean, talking about saving your own life doesn't exactly conjure up visions of summer whimsy, I gotta tell ya.
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    This song top-down is brilliant; the changes, the guitars, Axl's vocals, bass Had Axl stuck with the Oh my God theme (heavy industrial metalish sound) for CD the album could of been 100x better, i think the initial reaction to oh my god put him off industrial which ultimately was a mistake. People were expecting CD to be from the beginning some sort of Appetite classic rocker album (thank god it wasn't) but it seemed Axl wanted to advance as a musician (CD being much more complex than appetite in general)
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    I would say it's probably my favorite CD era song. I remember the first time I heard it in promo for End Of Days, the film, on MTV, I was fascinated by the sound. What was amazing was that I had no idea it was GN'R because I just assumed GN'R was dead (I had heard nothing of Chinese Democracy at that point as far as rumor). When discovered it was a song by one of my childhood rock heroes, I was floored. That was back when I still thought the album release was imminent and I couldn't have been more excited for the new band and the new sound.
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    The “This is how I spent my summer” is supposed to evoke a sense of a kid writing about their summer for a project at school, I think. Isn’t that a common thing in schools in the US, to write about how you spent your summer? As in, those wilderness years for Axl are kind of like an extended bizarre summer vacation.
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    I still can't work out if it's genius or a piece of shit.
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    It was an amazing memory. I still slightly prefer the KC show I went to in 2016, but I will always cherish both shows. I still keep my ticket on my desk.
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    Dude I was there. The whole story about the meat locker and the FBI was pretty fuckin funny. Best show I've ever been to
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    These are currently the games I have on my radar til the end of the year: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC - September 14th, 2018 Spyro Reignited Trilogy - September 21st, 2018 Valkyria Chronicles 4 - September 25th, 2018 Mega Man 11 - October 2nd, 2018 The World Ends With You - October 12th, 2018 Soulcalibur VI - October 19th, 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 - October 26th, 2018 Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! - November 16th, 2018 Darksiders III - November 27, 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th, 2018 I won't get all of them. Xenoblade DLC, Spyro, and Soulcalibur VI are probably the ones I want most right now. Mega Man 11 is probably the least-likely. I can't imagine there's going to be enough content in it to warrant a $40+ price tag.
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    Great song. Some of Axl's best, most intense and intriguing lyrics.
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    Climbing a mountain called Beinn an Lochain in the Arrochar Alps northwest of Glasgow.
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    Despite the opening paragraph about the album not being made for himself and it being made in an effort to raise awareness of the likes of Riad, I feel the last paragraph beginning with "This is how I spent my summer" rings more true, at least for the songs that made the final album. There are still songs about political/social issues such as the title track, Riad, and Maddy, but we also know that Oklahoma/Berlin, The General and perhaps others would have been more in that vein than, say, ballads like Better and TWAT. The whole thing was an attempt at some kind of catharsis for Axl, but I don't think he really got that catharsis until he spoke with Slash in 2015. I think, besides money, that may have been a reason he went for the reunion over releasing a the second part of Chinese that he seemed to be working on with Pitman in 2014 and 2015 for a potential 2016 release.
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    Not to compare the artists by any means, but the rapper Wiz Khalifa released an album called "Deal or no Deal" and it was basically a bunch of songs from a bunch of different mixtapes. It sounds like what happened to CD. Clearly way more value in "GnR unreleased" songs. I bet if there were more GnR albums out there, there would be way less of a demand for unreleased music!
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    I do think that releasing it as a solo project is the only way we will ever hear those songs. Although I doubt even that will happen.
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    My mom is 65 and she still plays her music loud. She's loved GNR since the beginning and I doubt she'll ever stop. Any cd she plays in her car has got to be loud! As the musicians get older, they seem to still be rockin heavy, so why can't their fans still rock out too?
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    Oh My God is the best New GNR song in my opinion they have wrote. It's a perfect cross between the old and new GNR. It also has the best lyrics Axl wrote so far, since the break up.
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    I don't think you can "grow out of" art. I think your tastes can change but you can't really grow out of it.
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    If I'm not rocking out to Gun's tunes on my local rock stations while driving, then I am listening to them on their Pandora channel. Either way I hear their songs daily and that will always continue!
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    I guess i'll always be a fan of the classic era.
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    2 Oh My Gods: EoD, BBF single channel 1 Silkworms: BBF single channel
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    You are right. A few days ago I was reading old Chinese interviews and posts. Axl did say that old GnR fans probably weren't ready for a full blown musical change. He said the first album will be a way of pleasing the old fans while changing their sound a bit. The 2nd album is a full on change with tons and tons of electronic sound.
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    I was pretty hardcore from sometime in 88 till 93. I stopped listening to GNR from 94 till probably 99 that i discovered oh my god on the End of Days soundtrack. I got interested in GNR again pretty hardcore before the RIR 2001 onwards.. lose interest sometime in 2012... back again on fire with Slash and Duff back
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    It had nothing to do with the quality of the songs, it was all about line up bias or what fans wanted being interpreted a certain way. If CD sold 10 million copies we’d have a follow up. Those looked like statements of fact but were truly open ended conjecture. In a way your right about A list songs though. You get the impression Better, If the World, Sorry, Shacklers, Scraped, This I Love weren’t going to be on 2000 Intentions. So CD was actually CD II, and anything done with Costanzo was CD III.
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    The film missed a great opportunity in having Arnie say ''go to heeelll'' before machine gunning Satan.
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    I'd never bash a celebrity for being angered or impatient sometimes when crowded. It can be really annoying. I wouldn't bash Axl, particularly, as he never pretended to enjoy this part of being a public person. He is not a person who craves fame and really tends to avoid exposition at most times. When he does have interactions with fans they are mostly genuine, such as when he wandered around Europe while on the AC/DC tour, the China Exchange stuff, videos of him chatting with fans at bars etc. No human being will be in the mood for that all the atime, at least Axl is coherent and doesn't milk interactions for money.
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    Rose was crazy as a March Hare in 2002.
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    I’m going to stage my own death and make everyone listen to If the World at my funeral.
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    I'm a Greta Van Fleet Fan now, because Greta Van fuckin' Fleet are interested of new songs
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    Tbh watching the old 2002 clips, i miss all the rants and shit
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    I dont wanna open up the whole 'Was UYI two double albums' debate, but as far as a shortage of material goes it can be misleading to speak in terms of GNR albums compared to other artist. Because Neil Youngs Harvest runs 37:11, The Beatles Please Please Me runs 32:45 and even Pink Floyds Wish You Were here only runs 44:28. Whereas UYI 1 runs 75:56 and UYI 2 runs 75:52. They are 'double' the length of many heralded albums. Between leaks and box set, we kinda have an albums worth of 'new' stuff right now. Plus, hopefully CD 2 comes out in time for my 65th! And we wont need to rock out if its too much, we can listen to Wichita Line, Patience and You Aint The First.
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    I outgrew them and got back into them. Once I saw Nirvana on the Jonathan Ross show it was over. The attitude, the voice, raw as fuck. I didn't listen to GNR very much for maybe 15 years. But I listened to them minus the bullshit around them, and they are a classic band. They're up there with The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, The Doors etc etc. They released great albums including the spaghetti incident... Iconic songs, great deep cuts, great live band..... Great singer, great guitar player, great songwriters, great rhythm section.. Some of the production and material is dated but the body of work stands up. Izzy's tunes have really stood the test of time. I'll listen to them when I'm 85. Why the fuck not! I intend to grow old disgracefully.
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    I gave up on the autograph thing as I found it rather subservient, and rather get the impression that the majority (of celebrities) don't enjoy given their autograph.
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    At the same time, you got to understand that for them this is a job. I'm sure that it gets on their nerves when they have bad days. I know that my acquaintances are not "Ebayers", but they probably do annoy the heck out of the celebrities who don't want to be bothered sometimes. Working for a financial news company and being in NYC, I've seen celebrities. Once I walked side by side with Angelina Jolie at the office. Another time I was walking to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and I saw Rod Stewart taking a break and smoking a cigarette by himself at Rockefeller Center. Neither times did I ask for an autograph nor pictures. I kinda figured that they just wanted to do their thing and leave them be. The only time that I got a picture with a celebrity was with Jon Bon Jovi. He was at my job for a charity event. Since the charity event was also a meet and greet for employees with Jon, there was a photographer there. Speaking of Jon Bon Jovi, there's a video out there of him at a wedding. A woman was doing Living on a Prayer for karaoke at the wedding. She pulls Jon by the arm to come up and sing with her. You can tell by his facial expression that he was annoyed and didn't want to sing. He did so anyway, but it was obvious that he just didn't want to do it. I think people need to be more cognizant as to how celebrities may or may not want to be bothered sometimes.
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    As for autographs mentioned above, you can sign hundreds a day but the one you didn't sign is the one that's being talked about for ages. Comes with the territory and hardly qualifies as mistreatment of fans. At airports there's usually extremely annoying people hanging around just waiting to ruin the day of anyone remotely famous with stupid provocation, recording every step you take on their cell phone or rubbing hundreds of cheap and unrelated guitar pickguards in your face for them to sell on Ebay. Those people are not fans and it's hard to tell when you're on the go and your mind is in a general annoyed and avoidance mode.
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    Hardly mistreatment. If you're following any rocker around, forcing his staff/family into conversation to coerce your way into an autograph or picture...being ignored or met with skepticism due to the widespread and real eBay issue...? Don't be surprised. Dude is on an insane schedule. Let him live and tour in peace so we can all enjoy 👍
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    Of course we'd love to have Axl stop by again, but it would have to be under the right circumstances. Too often it seems like some on this forum speak with the clear intent to provoke Axl into logging on and giving some sort of vitriol response. I've received numerous PMs from various members about strategies to coax Axl to come back to the forum - all of them involving pissing him off and provoking a response. We do the best we can to dissuade and shut down these attempts. Our biggest fear is that their attempts might actually work and Axl would use this platform not to converse with fans but to fight fire with fire. We have a strict rule with respect to attacking people personally and that would apply to all members, including Dexter.
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    Music fans are actually quite similar to sports fans. Pizza companies don't have loyal fanbases, but bands do. The pizza analogy works if one day Pizza Hut stop selling pizza. Instead, they put all their efforts into travelling around the world and saying, "Hey, do you remember when we used to make pizza? Gee, that was fun!". Then, they put plastic replicas of pizza into a box and sell it for $1000. If Pizza Hut did that, consumers would be pissed.
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    More like california cheese-ish bread-ish something. You serve that as pizza in Europe you can close your restaurant the same day.
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    I’ve lost all my baby weight! An entire stone! Just one more stone to go before I’m at my target weight.
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    About the 2nd quote :No!I mean absolutely the opposite!And as I reread my whole text,I find it hard to see why you interpret these isolated lines in reverse....I mean, it IS a problem for men also, in fact,i just can't understand why some don't consider it as a problem(that's why I said "aren't problems"), why they don't give the same importance that apply on women...And i believe they should take better care of their personal hygiene,should be more concerned about it ...Many do it,others out of a macho,brutal MANLY attitude,are quite careless and they think that as long as they've taken a bath the job is finished...Anything else,is a woman's job.. There are some women who support it.. I am not one of them!.I've written more on the previous text,so I don't think that repeating could add something.... We are humans and we produce many odours in certain circumstances,we can't get completely rid off them no matter how much we've tried beforehand ...But,there are limits and when they're about to get crossed,I think it's up to anyone's self-respect to point things out. As for the first, i was talking about a grown woman's basical ability to feel her own self needs, and into this i include all the intimate hygiene stuff, and the following ability to take care of it! What has this to do with your general mention on P.T. ? For the history, yes i use it on an almost daily basis so we don't need to share details...And so what? People like it or not get used to it... we are humans, we can tolerate each other to an extensive extent... especially when there is no choice... I get that you mean that taking this for example , heavy, sour smells have a little to do with your conscious trials sometimes ...or your own ability to simply sense it... Yes, indeed... No doubts... Also some people are more sensitive to smells n dirt than others, a fact also... Finally, i quoted you just to point out the pic you posted, and to say something about it, and then i was just trying to say that i agreed with your POV on your latest post,the one before you quoted mine. Hope i made my self clear now and i'd ask you politely, to stop this topic here , as far as i am involved,regardless of any potential misunderstanding or disagreement... I've happily noticed that you've already moved on, so my apologies for bringing it back... I wanted to answer to you, out of courtesy also, but i have really nothing more to add and I won't.