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    I think boredom reached the casual audience regarding GnR. If they won't put out (good) new music they will have a very hard time putting butts in the seats. Guns N' Roses is so boring now.
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    GnR would be lost without Melissa Reese, now i've heard it all.
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    Hi all, I have been revising the history section at Appetite for Discussion and thought I should give you a heads up about this. If this is new to you here's some background: I am currently in the process (and have been so these last years) of writing the history of Guns N' Roses based on what the band members themselves have said. The idea was to get a bit away from conjecture and biases and assumptions and instead handle each topic in the band's history from what they themselves have said. The good thing about this is of course that it at least tells their story from their perspective (not necessarily the truth, of course, but hopefully also not exaggerated stories to sell a book or to display a bias), the drawback is that it will be less informative on things the band members haven't wanted to talk about, or be biased towards band members who were more vocal than other. I expect this work to result in the most comprehensive source on the history of Guns N' Roses, ever and wherever. The format (or my prose) doesn't necessarily make it very entertaining as a long-read, but hopefully it can serve as a reference source whenever people want to go back and check up on something or to fact check statements. It should also be a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to write their own version of the history of the band. Pick and choose quotes and you can basically write whatever narrative you want. The way I go about doing this work is plowing through articles and interviews from the beginning of the band's history and forward in time. This means that the history section won't be finished until I have gone through everything ever written about the band (which is a lot). I update the older sections of the history whenever I come over newer articles that shed light on those periods. So it is a living document that is constantly refined and expanded. I am currently working on articles from 2002. To do something like this having access to a large repository of articles and interviews is crucial. Thankfully we have just that over at A4D, much to @Blackstar's credit (who we all know is awesome). In addition to having a memory and overview that is mindboggling to someone like me, she is also a skilled researcher and scholar. Currently, our database contains in excess of 2,500 unique articles and interviews, but it is growing day by day. I have copied all the articles into a word document and to give you an idea of how massive this database is, the document is currently comprised of 138 pages (font size 9) containing 1,836,917 words. Trust me, there is no book on Guns N' Roses that is anywhere as comprehensive as this, and what authors have done is start with a much smaller set of articles to basically create the story they wanted to tell. What we have is the real deal. The unabridged, unshortened, ultimate collection with its warts and all. If you want to browse this section and read contemporary articles from the band's history, this is the link to the index https://www.a-4-d.com/t2861-interview-and-article-index (By looking around you will also find that the site contains more articles that have simply not been indexed yet (this happens as I write the history.) My history writing is currently focused on the year 2002, but most of this work takes place in a hidden section of the site. As soon as I feel a section is finished (it never is, though) I move it to the open area. Currently the open area only covers the time period 1984-July 1987 (I recently moved everything else in anticipation of the revision work). I expect to quickly add more sections to this area over the next weeks so that it will contain the history from 1984-2001. The new revised edition contains more chapters, images, and more quotes. You can browse this area here: https://www.a-4-d.com/f1-the-history-of-guns-n-roses-as-told-by-guns-n-roses This is all free for everyone to browse and read. registration shouldn't be required (except perhaps to see images). Keep in mind that no section of the history is finished until I have gone through all articles. Currently there are almost no quotes from after 2002. Still, I hope you will all find this valuable and appreciate the work that we have done to get where we are. This will only get better and better.
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    Do you have any thoughts of your own or are you just going to keep spamming the thread with other people's twitter posts?
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    She adds some nice diversity and youth to the band.
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    EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Melissa Reese, new member of Guns N’ Roses, gives us full insights to being on tour with the biggest cash grab in the world, and how her presence isn’t actually required on stage, nor does it make a difference. In our exclusive interview, Melissa reveals that she feels like she really does have a use, when Axl sings the lyrics “turn around bitch, I got a use for you” and she doesn’t think it’s just because Axl is bored, and has nothing better to do. Subscribe to Rolling Stone for the full interview!
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    But sexist people do not dislike being with a woman. Quite to the contrary. Racist people do not like other races and wouldn't choose to be around them, if they are not absolutely forced to. They wouldn't voluntarily be around them. So that comparison sucks really. Huh? Racist blacks towards blacks? Like whites towards whites? Or this that only something you assume black people would do?
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    "In other news GN'R hired guitarist and professional Izzy Stradlin impersonator Richard "Hopefully Soon" Fortus explains the possibility of another GN'R album dropping soon, if not hopefully sooner." Are we really desperate for a Melissa interview about nothing interesting? Sad!
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    Since people brought the Star Wars comparison, I'll make my predict here: - Old Guns (AFD, Lies, UYI and TSI) - the original trilogy - New Guns (CD) - the prequels - NITLT Guns - the sequels. So yeah, I believe whatever new GNR album will be, it will try to recover some of their roots, but at the same time being less creative and kinda messy. I do like the prequels (especially considering the Clone Wars series) and the sequels, even though my heart will always be with the original trilogy.
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    How bout we dont have him recite any stats and just get new music out there
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    Then end it by Axl reciting all the statistics in about the police about blacks and compares it with white statistics. Then Axl saying fuck, the numbers. I should have re released One In A Million.
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    Yeah, and look at you now
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    What, staying at home and doing fuck all for 6 weeks? Sounds like every fuckin' summer holiday I ever had as a kid
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    Chris Pitman and his sub-bass strike again!
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    I think it's safe to say that the setlists from March 26 and June 6 were almost identical.
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    commendable work. That site is a goldmine and very easy to navigate as well
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    I dont know i have US version and it is totally great, no skipping or any other sound issues and yes it has FBI anti etc sticker
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    Great song, been listening to it a lot lately.
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    I wonder if they'll put Covid-19 on George Floyd's death certificate. Apparently he was asymptomatic.
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    I hope that youth can rub off on the band to release new recordings, and release music like creative bands in her age group.
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    I look forward to hearing what excuses we will have as we get closer to the end of the year. Then when the year passes without new music someone will remind us that the band never promised anything and it was just someone’s wife that started the rumor based off likely half-baked plans. Then the new rumor mill will start swirling with hopes of a 2021 release....
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    Right on. Yeah, my wife came out of nowhere with that idea. They look even cooler on person than they do in pictures.
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    I wish the estate of Eazy E would release the collaboration between NWA and Guns N' Roses now. The timing may help with easing tensions.
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    😂 It's the fucking spice girls not Kraftwerk.
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    Meanwhile in Norway, this just happened: https://www.vgtv.no/video/197861/raset-i-alta-her-forsvinner-husene-i-havet (It is not on Youtube yet, so you have to watch the amazing footage by following the link above).
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    Even David Bowie has albums of his vault coming out, and he’s been dead nearly 5 years now. He’s released more material posthumously than the entire career of Guns, as he laid out plans for his entire vault to be released. How hard can it all be for ONE album. Very, apparently.
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    That's funny. You know what? Most other bands aren't on that list. In fact, most other bands from the 1980s aren't even active anymore. They are dead and buried. So if you are going to compare to most other bands the fact that GN'R is still actively touring and working on new music is pretty damn good. But of course when making that inane "GN'R exceptionalism" argument you weren't comparing GN'R to any other band, you were comparing GN'R to those bands you want GN'R to be more like. So compared to those bands Guns N' Roses is an exception. Thanks for pointing that out, Einstein As for your second "point", no, realizing that GN'R has material that can be released and realizing that the band likely has an intention to do just so, doesn't imply that anyone expects anything in return from the band, nor is it akin to burying one's head in the sand It is just a matter of adding one and one together and actually end up with two. But keep on getting three. It is entertaining at least. This is pre-2008 all over again.
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    To summarize, here is a list of upcoming albums, Guns N' Roses not being among them, https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8504489/2020-album-release-calendar To create these convoluted explanations and reams of complicated mitigation, vis à vis every other act/artist/band that has ever walked the planet (and a few that are deceased!), is to argue for absolute ''Guns N' Roses exceptionalism''! They are not going to thank you personally, you know, this rotten band? They never even acknowledge you the fanbase, so they are hardly going to thank you for all these fudgy lengthy explanations in their favour, so I don't know what you expect to get from it all? Maybe burying your head in the sand is easier. I once talked myself into believe The Phantom Menace was not shite, so I can understand! Beaten housewife syndrome. Or Stockholm syndrome.
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    I sadly don't think posting black squares really does anything, just saying they could do more with what power and resources they have to do something. Anyway don't wanna go too far off topic in a thread about new material, was just kind of thinking that this is exactly the time when artists should release stuff and there are good altruistic reasons for doing so.
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    No. What I am saying is there is absolutely no reason why one cannot release music now anymore than there was a reason in the past. Music has been released during the plague, small pox, Spanish flu and two world wars. Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and (young) Sinatra all released records during the Second World War - the greatest human catastrophe to have ever befall mankind! Music was released during the 1950s, the 1960s - the Cold War, when mankind faced nuclear annihilation, coincides with the very birth of rock n' roll. Rosey fans waffle on and create these messy fudge like convoluted explanations in order to ''explain away'' GN'R's shortcomings.
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    Making music with Brain among other things...he'd have been mid 40's too!
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    I was listening to the Apollo remix the other day and I can def hear the slide guitar effect in the Chinese Democracy's verses trying to mimic Bumblefoot fretless.
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    A better statement would be, Guns N' Roses can't release music full stop! And regarding Guns N' Roses not being ''an overtly political band'', it is a little difficult to say that with much confidence considering they never release music to remind us about what (lyrically) type of band they actually are!
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    Indeed. This reminded me of Axl talking about the KKK. Both the KKK and parts of the media in the early 90s thought Axl was a racist/supportive of the Klan. Axl reacted strongly to any such assumptions. Here is a collection of quotes from my chapter on racism allegations (soon to be included in the history section at A4D):
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    Oh, did you forget in 1992 there was a little song called Cop Killer, after the riots in LA? Bodycount was asked to support GNR back then. That's 28 years ago. Don't make it as if Axl Rose just got woke and jumped on the bandwagon. We aren't all too young to still remember. After the promoter in LA asked to replace Bodycount by another act for the LA shows, this is what Axl had to say:
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    Yeah they did. and the video is from 1997, but the video and audio quality some how are better than GNR’s from 2019. this begs the question: which mormons were better, GNR’s or Metallicas?
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    Thanks. Well, I was watching a documentary about a capital murder case. The courts were trying to determine if the accused was able to understand what he had done and if he was mentally competent to stand trial. He was subsequently deemed competent, was convicted, and placed on death row. He was eventually executed. But during the entire process the only person to have any contact with him was his older sister. I can't remember if her name was Stella so I might've taken poetic license there.😊 Anyway, I decided to write the song in first person because I thought it would be more impactful.
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    Awesome work guys. I wonder if you would be willing to provide some format for e-readers like Kindle. Also, don't you think you could use an attachment document with @zombux tables of the recording sessions? Just a suggestion, of course. Dude, how can you use such a tiny font size? I'm old hahaha
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