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    Because it looks sexy. s e x y
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    So Myles is official working on a new Alter Bridge album Knowing Slash is a workaholic, I think it's a safe bet he's taking this time to work with Axl, Duff and the gang on some GNR material before the final leg of the Living The Dream tour.
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    Never noticed that going on 😳
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    Brain: It’s funny because how ‘The General’ came about was we were supposed to, you know, this was like building up to that show. Everybody was like “Hey if anybody has songs or shit you can bring them in. So that song, ‘The General’ was a song that from when [inaudible] and [inaudible] and I, when I wasn’t doing Guns stuff would just jam in my living room type of thing. I had a pro tool setup, we were jamming, we were trying to come up with songs for Guns and we had this song called, well we called it ‘The General’ because we were eating general’s chicken. Yet, when I turned it in to Axl [Rose] he thought it was called ‘The General’ because I was making fun of Tommy [Stinson] and Tommy was kind of the band MD, he was the musical director when we would have rehearsals and Axl thought i was kind of poking fun at Tommy like a general. Like sort of a ‘hey we’re rehearsing at this time’ and that kind of shit. I was like ‘no dude, it’s because we ate general’s chicken. [Brando laughs] Brain: Yeah, it’s funny because you said ‘The General’ and it all comes back around because we were writing all these songs to try and turn in. Xtract is sort of this old school DJ type, he’s a bass player but he loves old school break beats and you know, cratedigger type of guy. So, the shit we were putting together was crazy. We were going ‘OK what sample should we find for Axl? Well he’s sort of like Julius Ceasar’ so we were trying to sample stuff that reflected that. We were looking for old school, crazy shit and I think we sampled Ben-Hur, chopped it up, cut it up and that became a jam, I think we called it ‘Seven’.
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    I don't understand (1) why this is hard to believe or (2) why it's a big deal. I can easily see any artist being silly in the moment and doing the same once they heard their music being played in a situation like that. It's a bit of an ironic joke. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    I have to say I find it funny how different Myles is within each band, when I saw him solo he had a beard and was in flannel, with slash he is in sleeveless shirts and AB from what I've seen is almost a dress shirt. Clearly showing the attitudes of the bands in his image
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    Musically, it's catchy enough, but let's be honest: Duff can't sing.
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    Day 43 such a bad short snippet , but from my very first GnR show
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    I scrolled thru 16 pages of bullshit and still didn't find the one and only interesting thing - the link to the interview itself. here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/jieehws42fz4hgd/EddieTrunk-Q1043_2019-02-22.mp3?dl=0
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    Buckethead was fuckin’ cool and the nunchucks were sick, I see Axls reasoning there, only way to follow the caricaturey iconography of real Guns is to just go over blown with it, theres a touch of the Bootsy Collins Funkadelic type thing to it...plus he can play his fuckin’ bollocks off, behind Slash Buckethead was the next best guitarist they had, I have a great affection for fuckin’ mentalness in bands and Buckethead is proper mental, as unique a character as you can imagine.
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    Maybe she is using this:
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    Genius Soulie, sheer genius, must be the scientist in you
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    NEW! Ep. 110 - Brain returns to talk Chinese Democracy, new music, and tennis Returning to the AFD Show is Brian "Brain" Mantia. Brain tells us all about his upcoming new projects, including with current GNR member Melissa Reese. He also shares the history behind the naming unreleased/unfinished Chinese Democracy songs called "The General" and "Seven." Brain even opens up about the 2001 House of Blues show, his first appearance with the band. If that's not enough, he gives his thoughts on this years Super Bowl halftime show and his emerging pro tennis carer. He hopes to challenge Lars from Metallica in a match! Also another co-hosting opportunity is given away to Conie from Greece. He apologizes for his Greek accent, however is really worse than Brando's Fran Drescher voice? All this and so much more! Please follow/subscribe/leave a comment! iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2ukODZj Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2O7f9OA SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2TIW5fT Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC Google Play --> https://play.google.com/music/m/Drz6g6lvh34gefnffbf7tk7o5oe…
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    I have hope it will come out one day Axl was playing it at party's as late as 2010
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    Spunks is great. I’d love the three of us to go out on the lash. We’d all be dead or in jail by the end of it but I’m sure it’d be worth it.
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    I want to marry her. good track thanks bro
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    BOO-RING. Where are the martians? Give me a martian and I'll become a student of science tomorrow.
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    If you like that one by Anouk, you might also like this one.
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    Science has done bugger all of interest since the moon landings really. No Martians. No time travel. No hoverboards.
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    You would think they would have solved that, wouldn't you? Especially considering the fact that it is a male issue and science has been a bit of a sausage party for most of its history.
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    By default, he was. He actually wanted to adopt Wade Robson for an entire year - (to mother) ''leave Wade with me for a year and I'll further his career''.
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    Since the scientific method is the only method for figuring out things about our world that has been shown to consistently give good results, there really is no other sensible way to look at it.
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    AND LEADING US THROUGH THESE REHEARSALS, GENERAL TOMMY STINSON. So The General predates RIOIII. I still want to hear a good quality version, and that of Seven, but after years of mystery for them to be announced as sort of jokey sketches makes me wonder WHY the mystery? I assume they were worked and reworked and reworked again. Hope to see it soon.
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    Ah yes the good old "swing low, sweet chariots" on stage
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    Listen to the album Hold Me Forever, it flows like one long 30-minute track, and it was dedicated to his mom shortly after she passed away. It's not a sad album at all though, I think it fits the term 'epic'. Here's a couple of my other favourites:
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    Duff loves that polka dotted shirt, lol, God bless him.
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    Then click on the damn link LoL
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    Rose would merely turn up at three in the morning.
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    Probably because they don't have a song called "Rocket King"
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    Photo taken by me at the show in Amsterdam, Feb 24th
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    Lol if think you're such a "macho man" and needs to go to concerts to see girls dancing, onstage, you're probably doing something wrong. Its fuckin cringey, it was somewhat bizarre back then and its way out of line today. It just doesnt fit the atmosphere anymore, I wouldnt mind it if they still had the vibe for these things, but it just seems out of place with GNR now.
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    Most of my stories involve waiting around and shooting the shit, but one that stands out to me...: 2016 - Vegas, night 1 - a woman slapping me on the leg telling me to wake up as I was dosing a bit waiting for Guns to hit the stage. I had flown in from London the night before and GN'R hit the stage around midnight which was the equivalent of watching Guns play at 8am! I opened my eyes pretty quick once they started playing looney tunes!
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    I think it's cringeworthy , personally.
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    I think you factored how much you pay for gaming a once a month like Netflix fee would be very appealing. Sorry, not going to give Nintendo $300-$500 to for the privilege to play a Mario and Zelda game. Happy to buy one main console (in my case, Xbox One X) but will be even happier if in the future all I'm paying is $10-$20 a month for 4K, 60 frames per second games that use to cost $80 brand new to buy (in addition to the $10 a month free for online game play that Sony and Microsoft now charge). If Rockstar jumps on board then Google has me hooked.
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    If only he would put 2% of his wasted energy on finishing an album instead of spending it on bullshit like this...
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    Nah he survived Thanos' finger snap in Infinity War, but he might get torn apart in Endgame
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    As much as I love Appetite (it truly is a masterpiece), it really gets annoying to watch the Illusion records get so little respect. It's like people forget that the Illusion tour was their biggest and their popularity at it's highest thanks to those two little albums.
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    Well the fact that Gn'R have only put out 3-4 records and are able to be selling out stadiums on tour all over the world makes them even more legendary in my book! Just saying... Anyway most people my generation (old farts) don't really seem to care about any new Gn'R stuff, certainly not CD... Still they're the first to buy tickets to whatever Gn'R tour hits town... Maybe it's the young people - new fans that are actually into hearing a new Gn'R record....could be.
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    Which leads to the old philosophical question - if you release two albums and nobody knows or cares that you did, did you really release two albums?
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    LA Guns were terrible cheesy 80's butt rock. It is a shame that their name will forever be ties with Guns N' Roses.
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    Let's get something straight here - fact is that Guns are a living legend kind of band (like the Stones) already - actually they do not need to put out anymore new music ever and would always be able to tour indefinitely the world with their current catalogue. They've earned it - because they're that good. Respect for that. This doesn't mean that we're not gonna have a new album and music coming - but that music will only be relevant to a very small percentage of Gn'R causal fans out there. Everyone else will always want to hear just the 'greatest hits'.