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    https://imgur.com/a/EtWY5zK This has been an amazing journey for me. And I thought I'd share my story here because maybe it'll worth someone's while. I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I started listening to GN'R when I was 14, and practically learned English through all things related to this band ever since. In 2008 I, along with two guys on the internet, collaborated online to translate Slash's autobiography into Chinese. The project did well, though as I grew and as my English level got better, there was this gnawing feeling that I could've done better. But I didn’t do anything about it for six years. 2008 was also the year Chinese Democracy was released, which sealed the fate for GN'R because they were officially banned from performing in mainland China. I knew I had to go abroad to see them live, something I had never done before. During college I realized that the goal of seeing them live would be perfectly fulfilled by going to a grad school in the US. So I studied hard for the GRE, got admitted to USC's PR program in 2012. During those two years I saw more than a dozen GN'R and ex-members’ gigs combined, including the 2012 SMKC's show at Wiltern Theater where I met Slash in person. Then came 2014, which was the year my grad school program would come to an end. I thought before I graduate I should deal with the gnawing feeling while I still have relatively more free time. So, in January 2014, I decided to re-translate the whole book. My goal was a thousand or so Chinese characters a day, and I never missed a single day. The translation process halted during summer and resumed in September, and then finally concluded on December 31 2014, with a total duration of about 9 months. I had no idea what the "proper process" for publishing a translation work was. Turns out you should almost never translate a book first and then look for publishing companies willing to undertake the project. But that's what I did. The next year saw two failed attempts at finding the right publishing company; then slowly but surely, I found the right one, which was a well-intentioned but unbelievably inefficient organization. About three years after my translation was done, in July 2017, the book came out. The Chinese version was surprisingly both commercially and critically well received. And I began to hatch the idea of giving the book to Slash himself as a gift. Would it be an awkward gift since Slash can't read Chinese at all? Maybe, but it's worth trying. I waited patiently for the right opportunity. As I had no personal connections that would allow me to inform Slash of my intention, I had to improvise. After the book was published, I went to two GN'R reunion shows (2018 Taiwan and Hong Kong) to see if there was a chance to find leaked information as to his whereabouts. But it didn't pan out. Then I learned that SMKC would perform in Beijing and Shanghai in January 2019. This sounds like my best shot. I arrived early at the venue of the Beijing show, lurched around the entrance to the backstage, talked to one of the roadies who said he'd talk to the guy handling VIP arrangement. While waiting for the other roadie who would hopefully get me inside the backstage, something magical happened: A nondescript Chinese middle-aged man who looked like a scalper walked up to me (I was with some other fans), and dropped Slash's hotel name and flight info in thick, almost unintelligible, dialect. And then he disappeared. My jaw dropped. I looked up on my phone to try to make sense of what he said. Turns out the only flight whose first class tickets almost sold out was the one he told us about. That was a promising sign. I hesitated but decided to try my luck and bought a first class ticket. Fans verified the validity of the hotel info later that night as well as the next morning. Seems like the flight info was legit indeed. I arrived at the airport, passed security check, and was advised to relax at the VIP lounge. I stepped inside, looked to my right, and there was Slash, having his lunch with his bodyguard. I waited for him to finish lunch. When he sat down with his band, I approached him, telling him that I was the translator of his book, and that I wanted to give him a copy as a gift. He seemed amused, and said: "My book? In Chinese?” And gladly accepted my request. That's how I took the photo, which was, in a sense, four years in the making. Thanks for your time for reading my story. I just got back from SMKC's Shanghai concert, and decided to share my excitement while it's fresh. P.S. I also translated and published Duff’s autobiography. Look forward to the day I present the book to him in person. Chris Liu
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    she must do the "real job" of a tour manager while Fernando designs more useless merchandise and Del visits museums or takes photos of his toilet in his Portugese hotel room.
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    They probably put more stock in people who have actual experience and are real managers as opposed to those who pretend
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    Based on the info available I'm guessing the person who does most of the tour managing without needing a boatload of attention for doing her job. Given the award I'm assuming she's good at what she does.
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    what a weird metric for a chart. Top facebook live video? like, sure. Congrats I guess
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    She seems to have achieved everything Fernando has not, and she is same age as him, lol. It must hurt his macho ego
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    Yeah, and the answer is, not very grown up
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    What??? she doesn't even IG her food and drinks!!! I thought that was the TM job
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    Still... Del has the most essential role of torch bearer...lighting the way to the toilets and back for Fernandos VIP guests.... nobody can take that away from him.
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    Well, to me TSI is better than Chinese Democracy! Yep, I said it!
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    If you want an inexpensive upgrade, Id just get a Boss Katana instead of a nice drive pedal. A drive pedal can be $100-$200. For a little more you can get a 50 watt Katana. These are the best bang for your buck amps out there and they get great Marshall tones. A good drive pedal in front of a Fender Frontman wont really get you quite where you want to go. I had a Frontman for years
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    Angie is getting nominated for her role with the AFD box set besides tour manager. The AFD box set has nothing to do with the tour. I think that makes her something more than a mere person who is just booking tours and hotel rooms. At best Del is just the coordinator of the road crew members. He is the guy saying "Hey you crew member put those guitars inside that black box over there on the left side of the stage" Of course somebody has to do that job. But that person in charge of crew members can't call himself manager. Nor anyone else can call him manager. And Fernando didn't mention Beta nor Vanessa. He mention some guy Issuto or whatever his name is. The problem here is that Fernando, Beta, Vanessa, Del and maybe others in the Axl inner circle gave themselves titles and positions they don't have. Being an Axl's assistant, aide or crew member is not the same as being a manager of any kind. I guess they had more of a manager role after Azoff left but not now.
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    Day 14: The Liberation of Jessica Rabbit...Jessica divorces Roger after a loveless marriage and goes to Trinidad and Tobago on a clear-her-head holiday, whereupon she runs into a young Robert Mitchum....sparks fly
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    It's like sports stats now, like how they track everything, so that there is always something "special" going on... "Wow, this is pretty incredible, this is the first time since 2006 that a blonde quarterback has thrown for 400 yards in a night game after week 13. This really says a lot about the coaching staff and their preparation..."
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    Gambit, any chance of setting up an interview with angie warner especially in light of her award?. Im intetested in her background and the inner workings of the day to day responsibilities of her role as tour manager.
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    With the amount of money live nation was pourng into the tour its only ri ghht they protect their own interests from a business perspective. Maybe they didnt have any faith in tb"s management skill to pull a tour like this off.
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    It's not like that little guy got anywhere in life cause he worked hard and had to pay his dues. He got his life in a silver fucking platter without having to do anything for it. He was born into the life he has. He should be the most grateful motherfucker on earth. But he decides to just be a little douche with bad taste
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    Never in one million years would I consider taking credit for co worker or subordinates success in private, let alone public. Then again, I'm an actual professional. Couldn't agree more. Why not a simple "Congrats!" instead of acting like a child? I'm guessing that's one of those things that Fernando just hopes the greater majority of fans have either forgotten or didn't know to begin with. Haha, I was thinking the same thing. There's probably this woman who does the actual work, then there's the other two who seem to head up the "Don't Give A Fuck About Fans Department"
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    You mean this? ^^ It seems like the equivalent of a director reacting to someone in his film getting an oscar by saying: Yes, but I hired him! He was only part of what made this film a success! Jesus Christ, he sounds like a little kid. Duff's reaction is the only one that is appropriate. Nice for Angie too, whoever she is. Winning an award and then having your boss belittling it and saying you're only a part of the success. Duh. I'm sure she realized that not all the fans were there for her. Might be time Fermanager realized they're not there for him either.
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    The more important question is. Why Estranged is played very early in the set. It is absolutely out of place. The first songs are there to fire up the crowd. I saw the NITL... tour three times and so far this song has brought down the mood after the audience was so hyped up. In my opinion, this belongs in the category "Epic". And I think epic songs should be played towards the end. I also ask myself why the trilogy is played backwards. First Estranged, then November Rain and finally Don't Cry. Estranged does not feel right at the beginning of the concert, especially in summer on a bright day. The song screams for epic proportions. It needs lighting effects
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    It just isn't the same without Slash...
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    have you ever listened to "bleedin"? izzy wrote this song "bleedin'" right around the time that "homie was in deep" as you mentioned (its from the 117 album released in march 1998) if i remember correctly some of us in forums were speculating that this song could very well be about homie "dying" for the stephanie lady now if you ask me id say that there are a few lines on the song that look like dead giveaways for "homie"... She'd always be out late a-drinkin' You'd always let it go down Now she's gone, why you bleedin'...let it go You gotta know better now you're older This ain't the end of the world So get off your ass and get over her Let it go Let it go Whatcha dyin' about, ya gotta let it go No need to be crying for her man, come on now You should know Now time has passed, you're an old man Way up there high on the hill Back on the streets it ain't changed much Yeah I know Let it go Whatcha dyin' about, ya gotta let it go No need to be cryin' for her man, come on now You should know
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    Once you meet the man, nothing's the same anymore. Congrats, I've been there too, know the feeling. Keep it up!
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    If they tour in 2020 he can change it to "but I'm only 58."
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    This! @Gambit83, see if you can work your magic and get her on. I bet she'd make a great guest.
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    I hope Rangers don't stop paying Stevie G's wages at any point... He could probably afford a much bigger bulldozer.
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    ''Guns N' Roses''. Every year. Without fail.
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    Thanks, I only saw her recent post Then Del's job is Chief Crew. Assuming his job is to give orders to crew members. Tour manager is another job. Probably Del has to communicate with Angie. I don't see why Fernando has to be out there giving titles and positions around to other people and himself. As I said, before the reunion things were different. But the day Angie Warner was selected Tour Manager she is the one in charge. It is clear they don't have 3, 4 nor 10 managers.
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    With a resume like that i think shes way, way over qualified with working with guns amateur management team. Sounds like she got into the music biz at a young age and good on her. I can only imagine the juicy tidbits she would know of the behind the scenes of what tb would be like to work for.
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    Day 13. Roy Lichtenstein
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    She was also briefly with them in the early 2000s. That's according to one article posted the social media thread. The article even called Axl "problem child"
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    A prostitute, an illegal immigrant and Len’s cousin walk into a bar. The barman says “what can I get for you sir?”
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    That song came out like 3 years ago. Eddie apparently is kind of clueless about GnR... Izzy and Matt have done plenty of live shows together. Big Gn'R shows too.. Rock In Rio was HUGE.. The whole first leg of the Illusions tour.. Then in 93 when filling in for Gilby.. He also was involved with Velvet Revolver for awhile and was part of their first performance. He also did some guest appearances with Velvet Revolver. There is footage of them playing together in the Live and Let Die and You Could Be Mine videos... Izzy Matt and Duff were the backing band at that hard rock special with all various singers like Bo Diddley and Iggy Pop... And does anyone ever remember anything about Izzy showing up and playing in a bar anywhere?
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    Day 13 The Stranger by Albert Camus Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
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    He's on about the same thing he's always on about: derailing every thread he can with his "that's not Guns N Roses" schitck. Which is not only old, but boring and laughable at this point.
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    11. A song from a movie soundtrack in the 1970s 12. A song suitable for a war film. Gotta put this one here, cause I used to humm this while playing war as a kid. The track is from a movie, but not from a war movie like it should be.
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    Slash’s story about him running around one of those golf resorts that Goldstein brought him to. He was tripping out so hard he had to escape out of his room because millions of weird little critters were chasing him. He ended up running around the golf course like a mad man avoiding the army of little shits of his imagination. So whacked out
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    I think a thematic thread can be drawn between the two. Appetite is exactly the type of album a group of raucous wayward youths would write. Illusions is the fracturing of that core identity and a lead singer grappling with issues of fame and his place in the world. But the back half of Appetite is rubbish and Illusions is more bloated than Duff at an open bar. Chinese is also a logical progression with a very intelligent bipolar guy making a very intelligent and bipolar album but ultimately one where the fox outfoxes himself.
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    Thanks @liqddynamite - Your help has been instrumental to making this collection a reality. It's kinda funny that you mention the time and effort because it took more than I could have ever imagined back when I started. If I knew then what I know now... I actually wonder whether I'd do it all over again - hard to say. The concerts, without a doubt; I loved all the travel and meeting great people and making new friends. But the sacrifices made all in the name of this silly collection... Anyway, it's all done now! A few people have asked me to list my "Top 10" favorite litho designs of the tour, so here they are. This is just a list of my favorite designs - rarity, value, size, print type, print quality has nothing to do with it. 10 - Wellington Maori - Still think this is significantly underrated. It's just beautiful AND a great cultural reference to Maori culture. 9 - Odense - Europe 2018 had several viking-themed designs and this came very early in the leg so I feel like this didn't get the love it deserves. The colors are magnificent and as much as I love the 'classic' Guns N' Roses font, I still think it kicks ass when they choose a different font that just ends up feeling 'just right'. The warm vanilla sky white also wins me over. 8 - Los Angeles Skater - One of the first lithos I ended up purchasing. Those colors are just fucking amazing. Every time I see it, it almost makes me want to pull out a copy of California Games and pretend its the 80s again. 7 - Cincinnati - Clearly a favorite around here. It took me a while to warm up to it but it does pop in real life. I personally would've loved to have seen it with a white border but still a masterpiece. The way that space is speckled with stars is gorgeous and almost makes me think it might have been even cooler if those stars had been foil or glow in the dark. 6 - Foxboro pair - Okay this is two lithos and not one but I think this is a reasonable exception. A really novel idea that was executed perfectly. I've seen some of these multi-poster designs done by other bands and they're never great on as many levels as this. Both designs look amazing on their own and the artist's signature style really works well with the composition. Plus I am a HUGE fan of designs that reference famous works of art. 5 - Zurich - This one just freaks me out every time I look at it, it's that awesome. Like I mentioned, I am a huge fan when poster art references an older composition but combine that with another love of mine (distinct art movements) and you've got yourself a winner in my book. I'm also a big fan of both LIFE and TIME magazine so it made me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside when I saw both their logos had been used. 4 - Philadelphia (2016) - I am a huge fan of punk and this just sorta screamed Sex Pistols to me. And then again, mix in the art reference and it wins me over instantly. I think this was the first litho I ended up buying on Ebay and I'm glad I did because they became very hard to find for a long long time. There's a couple on Ebay now but those are like the only two in the past 18 months or so. 3 - Osaka - My first show of the tour and naturally my first in-person litho purchase. I won't go into too much detail about the concert or else I could be here all day but this design is like the gift that keeps on giving for me. I liked it a lot but didn't LOVE it when I first saw it but the more I had it on display, the more I looked at it, the more I realized how amazing it is. There's so many subtle aspects of it that hit you over time. The red really pops in real life; the ghosts of Duff, Slash and Axl hidden in the smoke and flames; the way the windows are done in such a way that the litho almost look like they're illuminated from behind; the beating heart of the beast being the GNR logo. Just magnificent. 2 - Madrid - I think it's a real shame that many people will never get to see this design in person. The art reference itself is already magnificent and using yellow as a contrast color on a blue sky is just dreamy - but what is hard to see unless you look at it in person is the pseudo painting textures that Arian Buhler has managed to bring to life on a print. He manages to not only create an impasto effect in some areas (making it look like there's thick paint textures) but in others, he makes it genuinely look like the canvas texture is showing through the paint layers. 1 - Kobe - I think this speaks for itself; I think many have said plenty about this design already, including myself. I guess it's possible that my list could change, especially the order of them - but at least for now, I think that's an accurate representation.