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    At the time there was speculation that it would be an important show, as in new music being played
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    Don’t agree at all. First Black Sabbath albums are maybe not technically better but they had a incomparably bigger impact on the Rock/Metal music than any of GNR album Blizzard of Ozz, Diary Of A Madman, No More Tears are as good or better than Chinese. Lack of emotions and soul? listen to Ozzmosis, you can’t tell me there are no emotions or soul in See you on the other side. Just because he doesn’t sing about how his girl left him, or Iommi fired him doesn’t mean it’s emotionless Chinese is great but Ozzy stuff is awesome too. And in hell of a time that 20 years is I’d rather hear 5 albums on Ordinary Man or Scream’s level than just one Chinese Democracy.
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    Chinese Democracy is better then anything Ozzy has released. Most of Ozzys stuff is great heavy metal but lacks emotion and soul CD is completely emotionless with various members in to record, cut and paste pro tools recording. Theres more emotion in randys playing in mr crowley then all of the songs on CD. Some CD fans amuse me.
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    Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Oz are classics however, I don't know if I would honestly take much from CD over most of those two albums lol
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    If this scares you, listen to this: there is another flu outbreak happening right now that has caused tens of thousands of lives this year. The common flu. Brace yourselves.
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    I find it a bit crazy that people have created this image of him being lazy when it comes to his voice and doing absolutely nothing. The dude had dozens of different voices throughout his career, and whenever he had vocal issues (and he had them a lot) he kept finding different ways to sing and to bring something out of his voice. We are at a point where he had to remove a song he really enjoyed singing from the setlist, after butchering it live and being unable to belt it out. Cardio and weight loss are really, really not the answer here. Losing weight would do absolutely nothing for Axl's voice or his performance except making him possibly look better for some people. That's the extent of it. Bon Jovi is in terrific shape, has been for years and can't sing anymore. Doing the full rasp thing destroyed Axl's voice in 2010, and he started 2011 sounding like a joke. He recovered, but never fully, never to the same level. He then spent 2011 to 2014 carefully dosing how far he would push his voice, and being shat on by us (me included) at every mickeyed phrase. 2016 came, he took the AC/DC gig, and suddenly was under insane amounts of pressure as the lead singer of one of his favourite bands with most people expecting (and some rooting for) him to fail. Against the wall, he did the full rasp thing again, this time also singing ridiculously above his register. This is the range that obliterated Brian Johnson's voice in his 30's in 3 years. It once again destroyed his voice, but now he is 60, and I can't thing of a single vocalist that sounded shot like he does at that age and made a recovery. There were loads and loads of signs along the way. The cracks started appearing with AC/DC in the NA leg, and then transferred themselves to GRN songs where they had never, ever appeared before. They got worse and more frequent, and Axl kept singing through them, his voice becoming less gritty and sharp progressively from 2016 onwards. RIR 2017 was terrible. The Forum is all over the place, with Axl looking for new voices to be able to sing some songs, and a forced and really unhealthy rasp at some songs like Prostitute. Then came the Berlin show where Axl couldn't sing, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Although his first few gigs are always extra rough, the decline is a progressive thing through years. I don't think Axl will ever sound like he did in 2016 again. I don't he would be able to perform with AC/DC today, and I don't he will ever be able to do that again too. It's been almost 4 years since he sounded good, and ten years since he sounded like proper Axl Rose. The insane vocal range/rasp era is done, it's over imo. Expecting it to return at all, even in a diminished state, is setting you up for disappointment. What I think Axl could do was recognize that and try to seriously study a way around it, something he is very capable of. Tune everything down if possible, use his regular register (which is still great) as much as possible, the increasingly weak falsetto as little as possible. Work on song selections that suit his capabilites, choose carefully one or two moments per show to belt out a scream, not more, and stop going for notes that are too high. Maybe record some new stuff in line with his current voice. A concentrated effort would wield better results than current ones. It's really, really bad right now. I sound better at a karaoke singing some GNR songs than Axl Rose.
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    Mine hasn’t changed much. Being too young to have lived through the original era, I never really had either of them high up on a pedestal or any grandiose expectations of them changing the entire direction of the band again if they came back. My disillusionment and disappointment with Axl on the other hand between the Chinese Democracy era and now has grown immeasurably. Looking back on classic GNR, the stories, the videos, everything about them, it was Axl and Axl alone who was responsible for making them “the most dangerous band in the world.” Sure, the rest of them were a bunch of semi- or fully dysfunctional drug addicts - but that’s neither unique nor particularly dangerous to anyone but themselves. Drugged out rockstars are a dime a dozen. It was Axl that was unique both within the band and among rockstars of the era, because he was basically at war with everyone and everything. The critics, the media, the fans, the bandmates, the management, other bands, the women in his life - anyone he crossed paths with, he might explode in spectacular fashion against them, seemingly out of nowhere, without regard for the consequences, at times even to the point of unleashing physical violence. That was what was dangerous about GNR. Axl was hardly the first guy to wage a one-man war against the world, but this was the first time you had a highly talented, world famous rock band tethered to such a personality. And well into the Chinese Democracy era, even past the release of the album for a time, Axl remained a compelling figure because this hadn’t changed. Axl was still at war with everything, no longer as a Napoleonic conqueror but instead as Colonel Kurtz in the jungle. You may still love Axl as a musician (indeed I do), but that mystique he once had is dead now, and it’s dead because Axl is now at peace with the world. He let go of his old grudges. He stopped exploring new musical directions. He shows up on time and turns in predictable performances. He doesn’t pick fights anymore. He gives friendly interviews to the media. He holds conventional liberal political opinions. He never says anything that would offend mainstream sensibilities. He doesn’t even sue anybody these days, the lazy rich man’s way of war. Axl is a 100% tamed monster these days, and while that’s probably great for his own emotional well-being (indeed he’s probably never been happier or more comfortable than he is now), from a dramatic standpoint there’s no thrill or adventure to him anymore. All that’s left is his performance as a musician, and with his diminishing vocal abilities and refusal to take any new creative risks, it all adds up to a very boring and familiar figure, the aged out, washed up musical has-been. A long way to fall in just a few years for such a legendary artist, and an especially grave disappointment for those of us who were invested in Axl’s creative vision from the era of Chinese Democracy.
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    Show some respect...weiland was a troubled genius,so underrated
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    Untitled is a pretty good title for it. Or Unreleased....or Unrecorded...or Can't Be Fuckin' Arsed.
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    Am I not supposed to talk GNR at a GNR forum in a topic that is posted under MAIN GUNS N ROSES / DISCUSSIONS ?
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    Axl was still pretty good on it up until 2012 IMO. When I saw them in Seattle (in late 2011) Better was just as good as some 2010 shows, it was one of his raspiest songs of the night. It hasn't been very consistently good since 2010 though IMO and I can see what you mean about DJ's tone... I'm not a fan of the NITL version either, and Axl sounded the worst he's ever sounded while singing it in Miami. They really should drop it, play Madagascar or CITR instead if they wanna keep some CD songs.
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    New album talk is just speculative, dream-scenario banter between fans. I don't think many people on here are still holding their breath for a new GNR album. Plus, the general consensus seems to be 'why are they doing this tour without anything to promote?' so obviously new music will be talked about.
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    I think it'll be the latter and I agree it'll be boring. I'm sure it'll be a lot of "Oh I remember shooting that scene because you kept cracking up!" lololol. That type of sfuff and / or "we were really a family and we still are" etc etc.
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    Great, now they can fuck him and have the rematch anyway and leave him hanging
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    This is why CD tends to divide people. Id be more of the opinion that straight up rock or metal is fantastic. Simplicity is key. Listening to CD is a real buzz kill for me. Too much whinging from Axl about how everyone wronged him.
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    Lets hope theres no drug testing scheduled because looking at that video the Gypsy king is 100% back on the chang for a couple of days at least 😄
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    NO doubt but like I said they don’t have soul or emotion. Straight forward Heaven Metal TWAT, Better., Madagascar This I Love and Prostitute and compare them to those albums
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    I love how it’s supposed to be a topic about Slash and Duff on the new Ozzy Abum but it’s the same old bitchfest about how GNR don’t have a new album Chinese Democracy is better then anything Ozzy has released. Most of Ozzys stuff is great heavy metal but lacks emotion and soul
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    To be fair, Slash and Duff have a new record out. And I don’t see anyone here bitching about Ozzy’s voice or Chad Smith’s drumming. So maybe that’s it and it was a soaring success?
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    I've come to the opinion that this was actually in the back of Slash's head when he quit, and he didn't leave to really leave, but hoped/believed that Axl might call him and he could be back on better terms: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4046p360-the-history-in-their-own-words#17402 And probably Axl thought similarly and believed that Slash would eventually go back on Axl's terms. So for about five years or so it was one expecting the other to take the step - but neither did.
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    It's not. These are just rumors without evidence, and some people, people like you, like to pretend these rumors are facts. All Slash had to do is apologize to Axl through the media. Not a big deal if that was really what he ever wanted. In fact, he just wouldn't have left the band in the first place. What a great idea... "All I ever wanted is to be part of GNR, so I'll just leave them, maybe they beg me to come back." That's just stupid. He left the band and toured the world for a few beers with bluesball. He isn't the money whore you all try to make out of him
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    Ah man, wish I could, I wasn't that invested to keep or memorise things. Can remember crazy details from '99-'10 but after that it's fuzzy. There's a few savants around here though like @Rovim
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    Man, it's boring now. But every time I think it's boring, I remember 2003–2005 and think "shut up".
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    I honestly think Scott was the weakest link on VR. Id be fine id they reunited, but that will never happen.
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    Unfortunately No Scott No STP and No Scott No VR
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    Why should Axl use social media, I dont blame him at all especially with such disgusting comments from folk who have nothing better to do but be unkind (maybe a reflection of there own lives). He has every right to comment on politics, many well known people do, it shows an intelligence that many of these commentators dont posses .
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    I am of course writing about this, and although I have only come to 1997 interviews (and thus miss Niven and Goldstein discuss the splitting of revenues), I have some information: Source: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4046p60-the-history-in-their-own-words#15842
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    For those of you who happen not to know this... I've stumbled upon this interview with Doug Goldstein (what a name for a manager, huh?) describing how the old band used to split the loot. Could be legit. “Publishing splits were 20/20/20 [for] Duff, Slash, Izzy, and then 25 [percent for] Axl, and 15 Steven. “That was a gift to Steven – I mean, Axl used to say that all the time. I wasn’t around for the writing, but he was like, ‘Look, they were trying to force me into even splits.’ “Steven never wrote anything, so he considered that a big gift to Steven.” https://metaladdicts.com/site/former-guns-n-roses-manager-doug-goldstein-talked-about-how-the-band-members-used-to-split-their-publishing-rights-back-in-the-day/
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    He was right about that singer and they ended up with Scott. Matt should be a Judge on American Idol Matt is awesome as was Scott who was a much better fit for Contraband than Axl
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    When you’re being paid the amount of money Axl is I’m sure being bored through a few songs is worth the sacrifice for him.
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    yes my opinion changed. before NITL Slash was a media friendly guy who could be counted on to either be on his way to a city near you with a show or a new album on it's way. He did interviews and made himself accessible to his fans after shows. So when the reunion was announced, I truly believed he did it for the love of his fans. think about it- Axl cost him money and integrity with his nonsense on the UYI tour. he wouldn't let Snakepit tiur with Gilby and Matt and then pulled the plug on the snakepit tour in 95. he then bans Slash t shirts from GNR shows and destroys Slash in the press for years. So I truly believed Slash reunited for the fans who have been asking him to for 20 years. the NITL shows started and it was clear to everyone that Slash was the star of the band. Axl sounded pretty bad for most songs, but it was all good as I thought it would be a really cool reunion for a few months then he'd go back to SMKC. Instead he now barely does interviews, and when he does you can't ask about GNR. hes in a band that will sell you a VIP concert ticket for over a thousand dollars, but wont actually let you meet a band member as part of that, let alone give a free download of the show that you just attended. His face continues to be readily available on mech that you can buy featuring the AFD cross- along with 2 other guys that they cant figure out how to reunite with (for the fans). And now they are more than willing to let you buy a toy truck, or GNR air jackets for a small fortune, but cant communicate to their own fans on a new album. but they are more than happy to ban a lifetime fan from shows for life, or pull your own concert footage that YOU TOOK to promote the band off of YouTube. What changed for me is Slashs integrity. you cant tell me he is the only person in the world that cant hear Axl butchering half their songs as well as Slither. And he is the star of a band that doesnt treat their fans very well at all. So my take on his return now is that he needed the money due to the divorce and will likely stay until his financial people have enough money invested to pay his obligation to Perla for the next 30 years. and until that's done he will let Mickey sings songs he shouldnt while sporting a little Bo Peep hairdo, have his name on overpriced stupid ass trinkets and obey "dont ask dont tell" GNR media policy. he will always be my favorite musician of all time, but his integrity has definitely dropped a bit in my book.
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    He's a good drummer but he comes across as someone who gets on people's nerves very easily.
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    I do not know why people bash Matt so much... he is great drummer at first, I really do like his work with Neurotic outsiders, The Cult ,,Beyond good and evil" and of course Velvet's ,,Contraband", It has that power and precise drumming i know i was blown away when I heard Contraband and wished it was Axl on vocals, it would be my AFD II on steroids 😎😎😎 as far as his book and all about him, he never hide he was honoured to play with Guns and it gave him recognition fame cocaine atrocity and financial security so i am looking forward to his book as he was a little bit less train-wreck than Slash and Duff so I am sure he has great stories than are unheard but first I have to read Duff's Its so easy book in next two months
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    This, i read horrible comments about Roger Waters because him bash Trump all time too. Don,t think it can affect to Waters.
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    Wait a minute, there's stupid hate speech on the interwebs?? This is really important!
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    It was more like a nice little joke to me; some of these comments are really stupid. Like, he didn't alienate anyone now, as he's been quite vocal about his stance towards D. T. since the beginning, etc. Then again, we're talking about social media here, these things don't matter at all, fortunately.
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    This whole thing exists to cash in. Everyone is egging it until the cash stops
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    An Axl/Slash interview could be a problem. In Axl's China Exchange June 2016 interview he was still saying how Slash's book had lies in it. If an interviewer brought that stuff up (and since it was a major part of the feud I don't see how they couldn't) it could get very awkward.
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    It's kinda sad that this article starts to spread and ends up hurting the band/tour sales, but GNR deserves it. They kept hinting about how they were working on new music and nothing came out of that. If they just publicly acknowledged and said 'we have no plans to release new music' and just named this leg of the tour NITL: Summer 2020 or something like that, this article would have never been made. Instead, they branded this leg like this 'new chapter', an 'all new show'. If they simply were sincere and openly said everything would be the same for years and years of touring, nobody could blame them for that. But that kind of honesty doesn't sell tickets.
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    This article seem wrote for anybody of this Forum. Maybe RS read the Forum.....
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    I'm just glad Axl is happy. I really wish they would come back to Oklahoma. I can't afford the drive to Dallas or the tickets.