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    That would be wonderful and I truly hope that happens. That said, I'm not sure that such a path, if one exists, involves this forum or myself. I've tried to be as reconciling as possible while focusing on solutions and ways forward. But it would seem there isn't much apparent interest or intent with management on those fronts, as any correspondence has been of late, at least in my opinion, counter-productive. Attempts by myself to address and resolve matters have been returned with outright hostility and contempt for this forum. I really don't have the time nor interest to invest anymore than I have in this.
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    I thought so too, but recent communications have led me to believe otherwise. I have made it fundamentally clear that fan forums such as ours should not interfere in the business of Guns N' Roses. Previous administrations have made the mistake of involving themselves in the business of guns that I viewed as detrimental to said business. This and other places like it should serve as places to harness and promote positive fan energy to help fans and the band alike. Yet despite our efforts the last three or four years it seems like we're never going to shake whatever impressions management has of this place and those who are most committed in supporting the band.
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    I whole heartedly agree. I still can't fathom why we exist in some respects. GNR's official forum should have knocked this place off as the primarily place for fans to talk about all things GNR. But it has been so poorly mismanaged (allowed bitter and racist posts to remain, poor discussion and member moderation) and run, with short-term business calculations (i.e., kept behind a paywall) that it has allowed this place, a relic of the pre-social media era, to remain viable and relatively popular among GNR fans. I use to believe Facebook pages and groups would eventually sap energy from this forum but it's a completely different medium and not really well set-up for fan discussions (difficult to review topics and little to no anonymity). This place won't last forever, but it has continued despite the fact that other online destinations should have usurped its place a long time ago. I wouldn't say full. It's the 90-10 problem. 90 percent of the problems are caused by 10 percent of the participants.
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    Jesus Christ... That guy couldn't be any more full of himself.
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    *Posted in main section with permission from RussTCB* Hi fellow GN’R fans, I’m a longtime MyGNR member, mostly lurker, and have been a member of the other forums since their inception. Back when I was a kid, I used to be a part of the AOL message board community. Perhaps some of you were as well. Anyhoo, I’m a lifelong musician/songwriter and also work as an attorney in California. A couple of years ago, I had a pretty serious health scare involving six months or so of some pretty intense hospital treatment. I’m alright now, but it definitely made me re-evaluate my life and my priorities. As a result, and with the help of coming into a finite amount of money that I wasn’t expecting, I decided to quit my law job for all of 2018 to live off my savings and get my entire catalog of music recorded that I’d written throughout my adult life and never really had the chance to pursue properly due to always working and/or being in school. It’s multiple albums’ worth of material, and the first batch is being released today. I also recorded several tribute covers to the bands who inspired me the most as a musician. Guns N’ Roses are obviously very high on that list. I chose to cover “Locomotive” in part to show how much I love the band, and also because I’ve long considered it to be the great white whale fan favorite that perhaps never got its due. I of course had no idea they’d start playing it live again a few weeks back. In fact, I heard my final mastered version for the first time at the exact moment they played it for the first time in Kansas. I got my completed mastered album delivered to me that weekend, listened to it for the first time that Monday night, logged onto the internets right after, and lo and behold, they played it! You just can’t make this stuff up. I wanted to share this with you guys since this is the place I’ve gone for a decade or longer at this point to hear from GN’R fans who are just as passionate about the band as I am. Whether it was posting a dingy garage-recorded cover of “Pretty Tied Up” in 2007, the Axl chats in 2008, or being at opening night of NITL in Vegas and posting a review, I have a lot of fond memories of this place. The album and these tributes were recorded without any sort of expectation of money or fame or anything like that. My music is just that important to me, and getting it done really turned out to be good for my well-being. I’ve never been happier. It’s safe to say that life’s a lot easier to go through without a head full of unfinished business. With that, I hope you guys get a kick out of this! Cheers. Youtube: Spotify (Entire album + GN’R & Pantera tributes): (Search for artist Marla Hooch) The album can be found at most other streaming sites including iTunes under Marla Hooch. And for all you downloading motherfuckers, album can be downloaded here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/marlahooch
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    On vacation in Germany, I was perusing a place called Second Hand Records in Stuttgart and stumbled across a copy of Its Five O’Clock Somewhere for about $165 USD, so of course I had to pick it up. The record is near mint with absolutely no markings (only played once) and the sleeve is in very good condition I would say. So stoked to give this a spin when I get home!
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    Remember how Bumble treated the fans? that's how someone who truly gives a fuck will behave imo. Not condescending, trying to give the fans as much as he can, puts himself in our shoes. Even when he couldn't really give new info he always tried to be gracious and accommodating. Fernando comes off as cocky and as you say, entitled. Not even confirming if it was really his Reddit account, calling SOYL a brand new single and labeling fans pretty much as "haters/naive/misguided" is not going to help with the fractured relationship between the band and it's hardcore fans. Beta comes off like she doesn't understand basic interaction with fans of a band of this caliber either. This is just how I view it, but they do seem to look at us as the enemy and my general feeling is they would prefer it if this forum didn't exist at all. They came from basically an average life just like most people so you'd think they'll be able to at least see where we come from with our frustration with the situation but it's like Axl corp. now and they seem to think the job is to protect Axl. They could accomplish it without turning fans against them all the time imo but it's so black and white with them and they're not very open to listen to the fans it seems.
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    No, but entitled people who completely lucked into a life of luxury sure do
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    I like the image of a tipsy Slash being like “Ax check it out” and playing the Coma instrumental. Just an interminable power chord slog for 10 minutes... Axl just kind of looking around like... tf? And a montage of Axl leaning against the shower wall, chopping vegetables and doing this demo... trying to figure out what the f to do with it for weeks on end.
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    Finally got the new Soundgarden live album on colored vinyl to complete my first pressings SG set.