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    That would have been fucking sweet. HD footage of that ginger cunt singing the way he did with AC/DC would have been the holy grail!
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    @Alja Give it a rest, the photo looks doctored. Kat is not a great photographer. If her work is posted then she must expect to be critiqued. i did.
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    I thought Brian was back in ac/dc? Axl needs to worry about gnr and put his effort into his own band
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    Back to work tomorrow- yuck. Hope you all had a great wknd!
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    I'm sure being told this the 1000th time in the last 20 years is sure productive. I don't disagree, I wish I could buy soundboards and have new albums; but that's just not the reality. Don't have to keep putting salt in the wound at every junction.
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    Maybe it is not Kat but the band. Boringness.-wise There aren’t any more together-times and smiles to take pics of. Aaaaalso Nando, Vanessa and a half-car are always around and all Kat can do is do a quick unfocused snap. Who knows?
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    Well they did give us the aquaduct! And the sanitation! And the roads... Medicine... Education... Health... And the wine... Public baths! And it's safe to walk in the streets at night now. They certainly know how to keep order... let's face it, they're the only ones who could in a place like this. ... but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the Romans done for us?
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    @soon, news reported that the dispensaryies are having a hard time keeping up with the demand in only a few days of legalization. 😆
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    Hey @janrichmond - you have a couple guys on a bye week in your starting lineup... I’m playing against you, but I thought I’d let you know in the interest of fair play.... You have a couple hours left to fix it...
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    Axl done an interview with the BBC for ACDC and it's quite funny.
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    According to their website they have only played it that once in 30 days!! https://absoluteradio.co.uk/music/guns-n-roses-5377/paradise-city-live--13938/ I have e-mailed the radio station to ask the source of the recording so let’s see what I get back. 👍
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    Before dissing Kat once again try a closer look, there is an object left down, most probably car, she couldn't go further to the left to get Slash into the picture. Most probably Kat was just passing around and saw an opportunity to take a quickie. Axl slouches, and, as he aged, his shoulder muscles went more robust, he is not long-necked skinny youngster anymore. So it became kinda difficult to get a photo with him having long neck. He must have had been aware of photographying and slightly pose with chin up and without that scarf, but it's quickie, after all... Photo is then contrasted (nothing you couldn't do in old-school lightroom) and selectively additionaly shaded a bit most probably, but not much. Buy a ticket, go front row and try possibilities and your photo abilities, okay?
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    Day 9 Any song with Axl and AC DC 😊 Day 10 - makes you sad
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    For the big homie diesel d uh what check it out
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    6.1m views, blimey...from such humble beginnings. Best anti war song ever! OK, so lets agree about the price, you want 10 jet liners for 10 prisoners? boats and tanks and planes is your game kings and queens and generals know your name i see all the innocents the human sacrifice and if death comes so cheap then the same goes for life BOOM, definitive song on politics and war.
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    the greatest false start ever...a lost gem 'oi the worse it is the better cuz its a load of shit anyway...i know, i used to know what its like but I ain't heard it for years...and you couldn't play it right'
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    Everything about his playing is better with this band than NITL
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    Yeah part 1 is a drama, part 2 is comedy
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    As a lifelong Slash diehard, I'll admit I was ready to HATE on this album. Weird because I thought WOF was a more than solid improvement over AL with some real highlights, but just thought the whole thing with Myles had more than run its course(putting it kindly). Had been listening to his tracks with Beth Hart recently and wanted him to do something different(from Myles) with the precious time he has left in his career. So didn't even care enough about the release to listen to it until this week. Started in the car and skipped through to small bits of each song and, as expected, was completely underwhelmed and depressed. Then I decided to give the full album a listen yesterday.--and haven't stopped since. A total 180 for me and still kinda hard to believe. Myles tones it down alot on this and I'm really enjoying him on most of the tracks. Slash brings it as always. That solo on Lost Inside The Girl! I don't get so many saying there's not the big tracks like on WOF. It is exactly like Slash had described, a shorter, more cohesive album and IMO probably their best. Didn't give it a chance as a single, but even Driving Rain now thoroughly enjoyable. A couple days ago I wouldn't have bothered seeing them again on tour, but now can't friggin' wait...
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    Just about everything she accuses Slash of is exactly what she herself has done. She wasn't sitting at home alone waiting for Slash to finish touring, she was out getting pissed and coked up. The nanny's and assorted help were working overtime because of her need to be seen, partying. It's an act, her whole demeanor when she's sober is what she wants the world to see. That is not her. She is not loyal to her friends. What Perla wants more than money or Slash is fame. That is what she's sad about, no Slash = no fame.
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    Nobody underestimate the devastation. But Brexit is not a magic trick that will change things for the better. You mentioned coal. We are in the era of clean energy. So yes, the days of coal are numbered with or without Brexit. You blame the EU for the devastation of costal and coal communities. When actually progress and a new era are to blame, not the EU. Those communities need to move into the 21st century. They should join clean energy business. They should move to other activities like electric cars, electric skateboars, scooters and everything that functions with clean energy. Or join to the service sector. Everything withing the service sectors is creating jobs, Those communities need to reinvent themselves. And they need their leaders to come up with new ideas. They can still keep a little bit of the old fishing industry or coal mining going. But that shouldn't be the only thing.
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    You just made me want to watch MP
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    looking forward to your snowy photos
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    Thanks! Great doc. Learned lots. Never knew that Ska meant "skinhead reggae." Seeing those young kids all dancing together in the early days was really eye opening (and precious). Its such an absurd thing what the NF did to the scene. But it felt very familiar as a Christian - the cooptation and subversion of something beautiful and unifying, by outside forces of division. Really cool about the ongoing reunions. That one artist fro the latter Oi era who was positive and quit the scene because of the attacks on his gigs was quite something. Reminded me of celebrities quitting twitter. What are "the terraces?" I know what a terrace is - a walled outside sitting area - but I couldnt make sense with the references to people being 'from the terraces'? Thanks! We had a nice dance party to these last night. Cool tracks!
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    He can sing this while always looking at Slash and Duff.
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    Speaking of pc, Kleenax have banned ''Man Sized'' tissues. The crazies have officially taken over the asylum and running amok.
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    Well the thing is they found multiple Freddie's, Sacha Baron Cohen was supposed to play him, he looks even more like him than the guy they casted. But I can't see anyone actually being Axl.. or Duff or Steven definitely not Izzy
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    Idk, they found someone to be Freddie Mercury, and from what I’ve heard he did a fantastic job. If someone can nail Freddie, I think someone can be found for the band.
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    Classy divorce of a classy couple formed by a classy gal and a classy guitarist from a classy band. It is consistent.
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    It always reminds me of a computer game called Road Rash i played as a kid.
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    Sometimes I think you don't understand Star Wars
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    Yep... as much as I like Dover's voice... there's only a handful of songs I _really_ like from the Dover era. ALG is the best album in my opinion. Saw them live a few times and Jackson can sing and be a front man. Loved Keri Kelli on guitar. That was my all time favorite slash group.