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    Ok. You got me. I thought we would finally see a picture of Izzy playing in Naughty Women...
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    Sammy Hagar kicks ass. I saw him Friday night. The Circle is such a great band. And for age 72- Sammy is better than ever. Vince Neil opened up and ----yikes. Looks horrible and sounds bad. But he's a legend so he was fun to see too. Can't say enough about how awesome Sammy and The Circle are though. Here is an example (not my show but a good clip none the less)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc7O7lcdXBE
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    I'm gonna miss The Big Bang Theory. For twelve years it ran.
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    Cheap fertiliser?
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    I'm curious to learn his thoughts on the 1980's Seattle punk scene and whether or not he follows the Seahawks...
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    I remember Moby telling Rolling Stone that Axl "seemed like a beaten dog". I wouldn't be thrilled with someone saying that about me either.
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    Hadn’t ever truly focused on the fact that Moby was entering his Play-era when the Guns opportunity came along. Guy was on fire at the time. 18 and Hotel were great too. Would have been interesting as hell IMHO (and perhaps wildly successful) had he produced the ‘99 version of Chinese... BTW- I love Axl, Moby, & Eminem!
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    Colin got attacked by a dog today. He had to be put down. Goodbye forever Colin