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    *Posted in main section with permission from RussTCB* Hi fellow GN’R fans, I’m a longtime MyGNR member, mostly lurker, and have been a member of the other forums since their inception. Back when I was a kid, I used to be a part of the AOL message board community. Perhaps some of you were as well. Anyhoo, I’m a lifelong musician/songwriter and also work as an attorney in California. A couple of years ago, I had a pretty serious health scare involving six months or so of some pretty intense hospital treatment. I’m alright now, but it definitely made me re-evaluate my life and my priorities. As a result, and with the help of coming into a finite amount of money that I wasn’t expecting, I decided to quit my law job for all of 2018 to live off my savings and get my entire catalog of music recorded that I’d written throughout my adult life and never really had the chance to pursue properly due to always working and/or being in school. It’s multiple albums’ worth of material, and the first batch is being released today. I also recorded several tribute covers to the bands who inspired me the most as a musician. Guns N’ Roses are obviously very high on that list. I chose to cover “Locomotive” in part to show how much I love the band, and also because I’ve long considered it to be the great white whale fan favorite that perhaps never got its due. I of course had no idea they’d start playing it live again a few weeks back. In fact, I heard my final mastered version for the first time at the exact moment they played it for the first time in Kansas. I got my completed mastered album delivered to me that weekend, listened to it for the first time that Monday night, logged onto the internets right after, and lo and behold, they played it! You just can’t make this stuff up. I wanted to share this with you guys since this is the place I’ve gone for a decade or longer at this point to hear from GN’R fans who are just as passionate about the band as I am. Whether it was posting a dingy garage-recorded cover of “Pretty Tied Up” in 2007, the Axl chats in 2008, or being at opening night of NITL in Vegas and posting a review, I have a lot of fond memories of this place. The album and these tributes were recorded without any sort of expectation of money or fame or anything like that. My music is just that important to me, and getting it done really turned out to be good for my well-being. I’ve never been happier. It’s safe to say that life’s a lot easier to go through without a head full of unfinished business. With that, I hope you guys get a kick out of this! Cheers. Youtube: Spotify (Entire album + GN’R & Pantera tributes): (Search for artist Marla Hooch) The album can be found at most other streaming sites including iTunes under Marla Hooch. And for all you downloading motherfuckers, album can be downloaded here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/marlahooch
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    Geez people actually still think it's the label and not TB who's the initiator of it all. First of all Universal is known for monetizing the shit out of fan posted copyright material. And as you can clearly see in these screenshots, they were not on a mission to stop gnr content from being posted. They monetized almost every single video from my channel and many other gnr related channel too and im not claiming we made them rich but still every penny is one. Take a closer look to these (re)posted shots from my old channel, its a pretty good summary that shows that universal was liking the money gnr content created for them. As i said before UMG removed a lot of those demo's included in the box right before the box was announced, so they went manually through my channel blocking all content that was about to be released but UMG never striked me as you can see on this screenshot. Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part In this next screenshot u can see UMG claiming a video but this time they choose to let is stay on my channel but they will monetize it, which is fine by me because i even didnt have the monetizing option turned on and nearly all my video's where monetized by UMG anyways Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part Then suddenly the IFPI comes and claims the same video and gives me a strike for it, which i find very strange because the IFPI works for companies as UMG making sure any YT money goes to the right copyright owner which in this case is UMG. So here comes the IFPI overruling a decision made by the real content holder UMG and by doing this they make the company they work for LOOSE money. Please note the Takedown issued by IFPI part So when that happened it raised some questions and I contacted the IFPI about it and at first, they didn't react at all but after multiple emails asking them how they could overrule a decision made by the one and only copyright holder they gave me some automated bullshit reply, not even responding to my original question. Ofcourse i replied with screenshots proving the overuling story but they never responded again. So I knew I was working with copyrighted material and I also knew that one day this could happen. Therefore I'm not complaining, my whole point in this is the way TB executed their plans. First they monetize certain channels for years and years and then suddenly out of the blue many channels where being terminated. And instead of just sending an email or make a statement that they want the video's gone they'd hired some mentally disturbed tards to do the dirty work for them. Remember when the strikes added up TB was reached and nicely asked what was going on and they ignored it from the start until screenshots were given to them and they noticed the claims came from Uzisuicidal LLC. An account that was owned by GNR/TB, the minute they saw that action was taken and the copyrights stopped coming from that account. Soon after that, the claims began to come from the IFPI which is an organization that protects content holders and it's main goal is to make sure the revenue that comes from YT adds goes to the right content holders. Many content holders can get an account from them after making clear and providing proof that the content they claim really belongs to them. When the proof is verified a content holder gets a "license to strike" which makes it as easy as sending the IFPI an email with a link to the content they wish to have removed and then the IFPI will report to YT which always leads to the removal of the provided YT video. All of this is an automated process IFPI doesn't verify they links they get offered because they would need to hire a ton of employees to be able to verify every single link that gets forwarded to them which is way too expensive. Besides that, all account holders have already been verified anyways. YT also doesn't verify all the links they are offered because the IFPI is already a known company to them, besides that YT doesn't want any copyright bullshit to deal with. So they block any claim coming in, afraid to be sued by the claimer and basically tell the channel owner, hey you're guilty until proven innocent. So yeah more and more people blame TB for not being responsive and the tone against them get much rougher every day and in my eyes there's plenty of legit reasons for that if you consider these facts: - When noticing strikes came from Uzisuicidal they stopped it within 24 hours and now they say they can't do anything about it. I bet they never even tried it - Beta saying she doesn't know who's behind the claims but she does know it's not a fan and it will continue - Anyone can remove some video's through a scam but to remove them on this scale you need a verified account - How did them tards gain control over Uzisuicidal LLC which was proven to be tied to Wankers personal email adress - How can them tards remove vids on this scale when they don't own the copyright to it...... indeed do the math - Companies like UMG always use algorithms to identify their content so how come certain fb pages are being killed and others not while they have the same content - Almost every single claim on facebook says its from a third party that reported it which means someone personally reported it and not an algorhytm - If Universal was responsible they would kill every FB page that has video's and not being picky - Beta bashing a very dedicated fan that never disrespected the band nor stalked them and is always very helpfull to other fans - Selling a very expensive AFD box you know only hardcore fans will buy and cutting the price by 500,- within a few months without compensating the day one buyers so basically rob them for 500,- - Hiring tards to do your dirty work while they are known as a malignant tumor in the community for years and banned from nearly every gnr related platform for obvious reasons - Ignoring a disturbingly racist meme on your main forum without a permaban - Paying lots of money to the wrong person to keep leaks from happening but still have it leaked and killing peoples dedicated channels earning money for you with no reason - Asking to be tagged in video's in order to strike their channels easily - Terminating peoples non gnr related youtube channels which sometimes was their life's work without a warning because they went to a show and posted a small clip of it. I can go on for hours but for it's these kinda things that all add up on the bashing of TB and yet there are still people who can't understand why TB is being criticised more and more. Must be losing my mind, are they blind?
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    Just dropping in to say TB are trash managers and ruined GNR
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    those clowns were in no way responsible for bringing the two back, so there's no need to thank them. I guess it happened pretty much despite them.
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    That recent video of Axl falling was given a copyright takedown by Blojo, so here's a compilation of Axl falling that has no GNR music and so can't be taken down. Suck it, Blojo.
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    Well, it's a long story, but you asking this is another reason to create an explainer video, the same goes for the numerous 'innocent' YouTubers that suddenly lost their channels which they, in some cases, had for years without any problem. All because TB felt the need to put some idiots in charge of removing videos from YT. While they could have easily made a statement about it so people would know and have peace with it. But no instead of that they asked people to share and tag them into any gnr related video for easy removal. What a way to treat your fans, think it's about time to repay them with an unremovable video and tag em all over it. /end of rant.
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    Fuck me! It has been explained my many people many times. Everything you keep saying we should has been tried. It falls on deaf ears, we have wasted a lot of time and effort providing the evidence for TB. I honestly think you know this but find it amusing for some reason. If TB are so fucking nice to you, you tell them, maybe then you will have some understanding and compassion for those who worked hard on their channels only to have them removed.
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    if you call "fanatical fans" all the people who'd just like their favourite band to be releasing stuff just as every other band in the world, and would like to have some normal communication from the band/mgmt just as every other band/mgmt is doing - I see. then probably all of us must be fanatical, maybe besides huge piles of super casual fans who just go to shows to sing along KOHD and buy tshirt and toy truck. it's sad that these are the only target audience of the band for nearly a decade already, and definitely since the NITL reunion. the band and management showed numerous times (and keeps doing so) that everyone else who's more than super casual can just fuck off. this band's and this bands psychopathic management's attitude towards all of us is flat out hostile. everyone is frustrated because the fat axl memes are probably the only thing we can talk about for a long time. yeah, childish as hell, but hey - don't tell me the fanbase is to blame. every other band in the world and every other management in the world is trying to have a nice relationship with their fanbases and both parties are super happy about it. in GNR world - not so much. GNR management is probably the only management in the world, which has been and still is actively working on alienating the band from its fanbase. so no wonder people are frustrated and fed up with those incompetent clowns. all they can "manage" is probably selling some merch online and make Axl a cup of tea. everything else is massively successful almost despite their tryings. if the "management" just packed their things and went to hell, this snowball would still be massively successful, just for being there (and the label would probably make sure everything would make sense from the commercial point of view - but again - just the reunion itself is a cash generating machine, so why trying to "improve" something which generates billions without even trying) rant end.
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    Why do you keep spreading this nonsense? You do know that YouTube is not the only place where videos are being removed from, right? Facebook fanpages with literally hundreds of thousands of likes have been deleted forever because of copyrighted videos that were uploaded to the pages (and not copy-pasting YT links, I mean by actually uploading the videos to Facebook). Instagram posts have been deleted, which also have nothing to do with YouTube (Instagram is Facebook and YouTube is Google). I lost the main Twitter account of my fanpage, with 15k followers, because they took down videos that were uploaded there (again, not YouTube links, by uploading them myself). So there you have Twitter that isn't Facebook's property nor Google's. Discord users have been banned from the platform (and Discord users that were owners of servers, so those servers are gone too) because "someone" reported them for spreading "illegal material". Just to name a few. So please stop trying to justify this. You are wrong. Thank you.
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    His head looks too big for his body, it looks strange. Must be the angle, he kinda looks like those funko pop dolls now.
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    These are magical demos 🧙‍♀️ When you press play, Axl pops up out of the ground right in front of you and begins to do the snakey dance while singing. When you press “stop” he thanks the lame ass security and says he’s going home, slams his mic down and vanishes in thin air
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    Yes, and Margott can't be accused for hurling abuse at TB Yet she got a nasty remark from Beta. If even a huge fan who has been nothing but supportive for many years can't get through to them, no one will. I honestly think it's a lost cause. It is what it is though.
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    EPISODE 1 SLASH Slash, legendary guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, and countless other projects sits down with host Dan P. Carter. An iconic Marshall fan and player with almost 40 years of stories to share, Slash covers topics such as why he picked up a guitar in the first place, the sound he aims to create, and what it’s like still playing in front of thousands of fans years later. https://marshall.com/live-for-music/the-marshall-podcast
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    Not sure the 'press schedule' troubles the GNR tour too much!
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    Seriously. Either tell us who you are and release the transcripts of your communications with TB or just stop. This thread is giving me motion sickness.
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    if you haven't given up, wouldn't it be better to try to contact TB and make the first step towards better relations, yourself? I mean, you put so much energy in trying to convince @RussTCB to do something, but why not put that energy in actually doing so yourself? Obviously, Russ is desillusioned by TB's arrogant behaviour (and who can blame him), you are not, so maybe take it directly to TB? Don't rely on others: act yourself. Start with the man in the mirror. I'm curious to the results you could provide us then.
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    Remember how Bumble treated the fans? that's how someone who truly gives a fuck will behave imo. Not condescending, trying to give the fans as much as he can, puts himself in our shoes. Even when he couldn't really give new info he always tried to be gracious and accommodating. Fernando comes off as cocky and as you say, entitled. Not even confirming if it was really his Reddit account, calling SOYL a brand new single and labeling fans pretty much as "haters/naive/misguided" is not going to help with the fractured relationship between the band and it's hardcore fans. Beta comes off like she doesn't understand basic interaction with fans of a band of this caliber either. This is just how I view it, but they do seem to look at us as the enemy and my general feeling is they would prefer it if this forum didn't exist at all. They came from basically an average life just like most people so you'd think they'll be able to at least see where we come from with our frustration with the situation but it's like Axl corp. now and they seem to think the job is to protect Axl. They could accomplish it without turning fans against them all the time imo but it's so black and white with them and they're not very open to listen to the fans it seems.
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    No, but entitled people who completely lucked into a life of luxury sure do
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    A shedload of grandkids were born. My kids have all left home. Slash. Working at a job I love. The bloke and I are still in love. and Slash.
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    The reason that video is still around is most likely because it doesn't have Guns N' Roses in the title because that's how the usual inbreds search for new youtube uploads. A well-known member of this board posted a black picture with GNR in the title and it still got blocked which is fucking lame and the worst part is that he countered that claim but there was no response at all. All in all, it's a shame to see that the management nor any band member responds to this bullshit and that they just ignore it all, hoping it will all blow over soon. So to prevent that from happening I'm looking into doing a narrative explainer video with all the recent happenings in chronological order. But in order to create a good one I need a good script. So I'm looking for volunteers who can write a good script that I can use to create a decent explainer video. The ultimate goal is to reach the mainstream media hoping they will pick up the story!!
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    People on the comments asking for Sweet Child... gotta be kidding me
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    I'm not sure what you're not understanding, but I'll say it again: All of the above has been tried. It's been explained to TB in private many times takedowns hurt the band. In addition, we've tried to show them the value if the voice of the fans (i.e the forums) and they just don't care. The GN'R organization, whether it's TB, Del or Axl himself, are VERY good at playing the victim. The bands fans are not to blame for this current situation. The band, it's management and its associates are. How or why you think that the fans need to keep playing nice with a group of people who have nothing but open contempt for them is beyond me. We (as in, the fans, not this forum in particular) have done more than our fair share to support TB and GNR over the years. All we've received in return is insults, so how is it on us to try to salvage this? How is it not on TB to lift a finger and make an actual attempt at fixing this??
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    Yeah, definitely the kids being born. Best days of my life. 2012 - My first daughter 2013 - My son 2017 - Baby Erica Oh, and wedding day was nice too (2019).
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    The letter was to TB overall, but Del got ahold of it. His first reaction was to insult fans. His second reaction was to rant about bootlegging. Then his third and best reaction was to share a fan video of a different artist on his social media the very next day. That letter I wrote is a prime example of exactly how far "being nice" to TB, Del and the entire GNR organization gets you.
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    The one thing about cassettes that is completely unique is when you're listening to them on a walkman and the batteries start to die. It doesn't just shut off but the songs get slower and slower so it sounds like the band have all been at the ketamine.
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    The president of the United States extorted a foreign government for dirt on a political rival and you’re annoyed that a few crappy soap operas have been cancelled?
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    And spoken with some authority, as a big lump that has fallen over plenty of times 😂
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    Our band is warming up for The Bonnevilles the 30th this month.. pretty cool!
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    Probably an even more helium variation of MacDaddy. Also, I've heard a rumour it was written by Nando and it means "Still Counting Our Money". It could also be written in some mysterious, lovecraftian language, with other words like KOHD, YCBM, Yog Soggoth, Nyarlathotep, Cthullhu, etc., who knows.
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    Again.. The setlists are fine.. They gradually change as the months go on. When they return to a city the next time around there have always been a handful of songs that weren't played the previous time they were there.. They have a few rotating slots. They do more than 90% of the bands out there to keep it fresh. That is a fact. The encores are mixed up. They busted out a handful of songs we never would have thought they would play. Sure they could shuffle the order a bit but people's expectations are way to fucking high.. Metallica basically tours with two alternate setlists and rotate them from show to show with maybe one additional flex song per night. The band doesn't do everything right but to bitch about the setlists is just crazy considering they make more changes than most bands out there. Most bands play the exact same set every night for entire tours and then maybe only change 1 or 2 songs the next time they tour..
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    Hey Beta, If you're reading this, This thread is about secret discount codes for your amazing Laundry Bag, nothing else. ... and yes Stephanie Seymour photos must not be posted. ... and yes also noted: the individual who was taking down youtube links has nothing to do with the take downs. ... Thank you Beta by take care Axl. We now believe even more.
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    First of all, GNR can easily do an 80-90 minute set like most bands out there. Then they'd be able to "change it up" every night. Instead, we get three hours of nearly all their hits. But to specifically answer your question: At Louder Than Life, I got "Madagascar" and "Yesterdays" and "Patience." At Voodoo Fest, I got "Dead Horse," and "Don't Cry." "Slither" and "Shadow of Your Love" were performed at both shows, but were new for me compared to previous shows I attended in 2016/2017. The last show I went to prior to this year was 2017 in Chicago where I heard "This I Love," "There was a Time," "New Rose," the Godfather theme, "Used to Love Her," "Sorry," and "My Michelle." And again, they play for three hours and play most of their hits and I've still seen variation in the set lists during different legs. But keep complaining on a message board. I'll keep going to the shows and having some of the best times of my life.
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    - Before anyone asks, no I did not ask about new music. It would have been a waste of time and made me look like an amateur. If you hear his response to if Not in This Lifetime is over, he wouldn't have had an answer anyway. So enjoy! NEW! Dizzy F'n Reed and Alex Grossi talk Hookers & BLOW and Eddie Money | Ep. 157 Hookers & Blow, the now legendary project formed by long time Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi, have announced a string of winter tour dates. Also they are debuting their brand new song, a cover of Eddie Money's Shakin. The very 1st song Hookers & Blow have ever recorded. Get a world premiere taste right here on the AFD Show! iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2pdP0Wo Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2O8FagZ SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/33LQLcr Spotify --> https://spoti.fi/33L66tV Apple Podcasts --> https://apple.co/350KZDQ
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    I don't disagree that we should always try to keep a healthy communication going. the fact that you have tried, is an important factor. Because, to communicate you have to be with two. One can try to keep communications going, but if the receiving party (TB in this case) isn't even interested in that, then you can try to find 1.000 more fans who also want to communicate: it don't change the fact that the receiver is not interested. That's why your experience, first hand, is important to consider. If your intention is real, you would have already posted your experience large and wide on here. But ok, you refuse to shed a light on your experiences with them. You're not genuinly concerned about this, you're just showing off and being half-mysterious about having had contact with TB. Ok then, move on guys. Nothing to see here. Next.
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    well maybe, just maaaaaybeeeee it might be time for some HC fans to stop being humble and polite to Ax/TB/Del and whole bunch of that useless fuckers and treat them like they treat fans, ex members, people from their past... People here have tendency to down play reality. Why not say truth? Frank is shit? Sure, but so are Rich and Mel. NITL is reunion tour? Sure as hell it ain't! It is a half assed attempt to grab some money and have mediocre musicians play the parts of the ones that should be there but Axl doesn't want to share money with. This is practicaly Slash and friends show. Nobody is there for Axl's singing today or Duff's playing. Surely not for Frank/Rich/Mel. Remove Slash from equation - this team is back to club sizes. With every line up, this band was less and less Guns N Roses. Gilby and Matt were not GNR? Well how many generations down the line from them are Rich and Frank? Today is 2019, when was 1991? What did Axl do post 1993? Nothing! Let's stop pretending CD was any good. None of the songs there had any potential of the UYI level. If you were to remove one track of UYI's, no CD track would have potential to replace. OK...My World could have easily been on CD... Apart from Slash playing his parts, Duff playing his, Axl's singing is at the low point, Frank and Rich play other ppl's parts - but worse and that is about it. It is all being managed by people who transfered from house cleaners to rock managers and failed wannabe authors to people who live of Axl's money, while telling him people who helped create the music they all live off from last 30 years should not be let back in the band or share equal amount with. CD, the leaks, the tours, the merch - it is all a far cry from what it once was. The passion, the edge...nothing there anymore. Just Slash's playing, big lights, XXL screens and Mickey Mouse trying to sing GNR songs with 1/3 of selist being covers. Welcome to GNR world 2019. Kind of forseabe with Live Era release - 1999. One big scam.
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    You call that a knife...?
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    Dude I try to explain this to my wife with the caveat "I know you won't care, and I know you'll think this is ridiculous, BUT.....". Everytime I explain to her the latest drama she just laughs and says "that's ridiculous".
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    There should not be even a fucking suggestion made by anyone that Fernando is anything but a complete and utter douchebag. Normal, well adjusted, "nice" people don't talk to others the way that he does.
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    The staff here has been more than outgoing with respect to TB. Their (TB) attitude in general towards the fans is "fuck off" though, and that's what upsets me.
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    I'd just shorten your post to just this. and I can't see why people should try talking to them about it, because they don't want to. actually people were trying to talk to them since the shit started (was it this Spring or the Spring last year? I don't remember) and all they got in reply was (in shortened form) F OFF. so there's clearly no point in further waste time trying to talk to them again and again.
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    Tbh, from 2009 until now has been pretty horrid. A real shit show so I'll only do this year: 1. managed to quit smoking cigarettes and weed, and the most I'll do is have a couple of beers now and then. 2. Started reading and actually finishing books which is something I've always wanted to do but lacked the focus until now. It's a different experience, I like it. Got 20 books to read on my list, I'll treat myself to a shelf or two when/if I finish all 20. 3. got into psychology, philosophy, and a little bit of history. I like shit like that, especially psychology. 4. learned how to play the piano. Other than that, not much is best: I play my guitar, I feed my ego, I talk to the cat. It is what it is: shit, but could be worse.
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    2016 - moved back to Atlanta, ended a bad marriage 2019 - divorce finalized 2019 - started relationship with Donny ❤
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    For me the best part was graduating from high school this year and moving out (yes I'm young lol). For me the next decade will probably be the best decade in my life, I can finally drink legally lol, new GNR / AC/DC album (hopefully), get married and have kids. The next decade looks promising and hopefully better than this one.
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    The real question is- does Slash know he's in love with you?
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    They had nothing to do with Slash and Duff coming back.
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    At best Team Brazil allow it to occur and implicitly endorse it by failing to clarify situation and condemn culprits, who let's not forget have delivered up threats and abuse to fellow fans. At worst Team Brazil certainly are sanctioning it and the individuals are merely worker bees. Either way, Team Brazil (and Del) are utterly dire people.
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    2010 - My first daughter was born. 2012 - My second daughter was born.
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    I like the image of a tipsy Slash being like “Ax check it out” and playing the Coma instrumental. Just an interminable power chord slog for 10 minutes... Axl just kind of looking around like... tf? And a montage of Axl leaning against the shower wall, chopping vegetables and doing this demo... trying to figure out what the f to do with it for weeks on end.