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    So my beautiful wife @Whiskey Rose and I were digging thru some old photos and stuff today, and we found these old GnR ticket stubs. Hers is on the left from Toronto, mine on the right from Saratoga Springs NY, 3 days apart. It would be 26 years until we knew each other, yet we both held onto these stubs. We are gonna make a cool photo/ framed thing with these, because for us, it all started because of GnR... Anybody else have old school ticket stubs to post? Or GnR love stories? 😆 There’s gotta be something...
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    31 pages on a thread for a new GNR album we have no proof exists says otherwise.
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    You mean you're wondering if GNR will act like every other band? Come on now, this isn't a fan fiction site!
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    Here's an idea of how hopeful I remain even though there's seemingly no reason to be: No joke, I wake up literally every day and check the forum thinking I'm going to have to merge and/or lock a dozen threads about confirmation of a new album. I kid you not, every single day I have hope that will be the case. Then I check D&N, see that it's the same topics and it takes the wind out of my sails haha.
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    We just need to make a “Fortus Vaguely Talks About New Music” thread that we just update every year at this point
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    So we got our official "Hoping for new music" quote from Richard for the year!
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    So I met Fortus yesterday, super nice guy. Honestly I don't think he knows about new music and tours any more than we do, because I asked him if there's going to be a US run this year and he said he didn't know but would like to do it. Then he gave some bs reason for the increasing ticket prices. I met Matt Sorum today, also really nice guy. Talks a lot but he seemed genuinely interested in hearing about my band and stuff. And I hung out with Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz a little too.
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    There's a faction of fans (not saying Soul Monster is one) who believe you have to be positive about GNR 24/7 or you're not "a fan". Horseshit. I've been a big fan for a long, long time but that's never going to stop me from calling a spade a spade when I see/hear bullshit from them. I'm more than happy to point out when positive things happen, but there haven't been a lot of positive things to point out lately IMO. If that changes, I'll be happy to change my tune along with it. It's in my existing attachments on here, so it's always available upon request haha
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    For a band like GNR it is normal to release nothing at all and tour the same setlist nonstop
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    Axl is one of my childhood idols, but I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. The biggest mistake that Axl made was not letting go of the GNR name. If he had done that and started a new band with a different name, he might have had success with it. The casual fanbase didn't want to see Buckethead nor Finck in GNR. I had people asking me wtf happened to the band when they performed on MTV. I also had friends that went to the MSG show in 2002 and hated it due to BH being the guitarist and not Slash. Axl should have created a new band with a different name. Heck, you had Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, and Alter Bridge at this time period that did so and had success with a name that that had core members. The casual fanbase, especially those in the 35-45 age range, sees Axl and Slash as GNR.
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    Huh? The setlist is nearly identical every single night. If Fortus needs to know the setlist well before "go time", he can give me a call any time after 6am EST every day and I can give him the 411.
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    Read the other comments in his profile. No one else could be that pretentious.
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    2011- There will definitely be a new album! They took 10 months off 2012- Maybe there will be a new album, its technically a new tour 2014- I think there might be a new album! Axl said maybe and there were weird studio pics! 2015- Its quiet! They have to be working on the album 2017- NITL just ended, next they have to do an album Etc
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    I agree as far as the verses go, but that chorus is fire.
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    Hi @Fernando Back in September, in the below Reddit conversation, you said that an album would drop "within the next 6 months". Is this still the plan? I'm not sure if you realize, but your comments have spread like wildfire in the online fan communities and we want to know whether we should check our expectations, or whether there is some king of forthcoming release happening "soon". Regardless, we're looking forward to an exciting 2020 in regard to all things GNR. Thanks!!
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    Spaghetti Incident should get more attention live IMO. I'm not talking about adding more covers to their sets, but rather switch out some NITL covers with songs like Down On The Farm, Ain't It Fun and Human Being. Edit: Human Being might not fit Axl's voice too well these days, but the other two should be very OK. Maybe even bring in Duff on the chorus of Ain't It Fun, idk..
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    Astonishing myself, I'm actually maintaining hope until March, and think this Miami show will see nothing change. I'll feel like you do now about the first date of the March tour I think.
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    I could not imagine myself having over 6,000 posts on a message board dedicated to something I detached myself from and 'abandoned all hope' of 29 years ago. You're recommend that people should do the same or just generally have zero passion for or emotional investment in their passions and interests that they follow and post about on the internet? That is some bizarre reasoning.
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    That's bullshit.. The screams differ in length and intensity every night.. They sounded natural and easy in 2016 and sounded more forced (and shorter) since 2017/18 Axl deserves to get shit for many things, but lip-syncing ain't one of them
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    The latest post actually uses 'Fuckin'. Sounds like their social media guy is monitoring the forum, lol.
  23. 5 points
    Snoop Dogg opening for GNR might be the most exciting decision GNR has made since 2016.
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  25. 5 points
    I actually like these BTS pics, especially when Axl's there. How else would you ever get to see these things? Sure, with the social media, one might feel over-saturated these days, but imagine/remember 20 years ago - you would have loved to see even a single image like this (not to mention Axl's then "don't-let-them-see-me-in-public" policy)...
  26. 5 points
    Are people actually asking why the negativity, when we were told “soon” from 1995 onward, then got the layered mess that is called CD? Then told “soon” since 2009 all over again?
  27. 5 points
    Absolute bullocks suggesting it’s a “small amount” or adding that they are “constantly negative”. The most ardent GNR supporters from the old days of this forum post some of the most negative vitriol these days because they probably know better than you. Being a GNR fan is akin to being in an abusive relationship. Everyone reaches their personal limits eventually. I’ve abandoned any hope on a new album. As long as Axl maintains his position as the gatekeeper, we are all in for more grief.
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    Guns n’ Roses Pearl Jam Nearly all original members X Steady lineup since 1999 X Ambitious X Creative X Releases new material regularly X Regular special releases X Long live shows X X Variation in setlists X Singer sounds good X Band seems a coherent unit X Offers live shows for download X Communicates well with fans X Appreciative towards fanbase X Has a free online fan forum X Online fanclub offers great perks X Sells yoyo’s X
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    I put this in the unofficial social media thread but thought I should put it here too.
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    These are not my actual tickets, mine are in my loft.
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    @soon please stop with this false quoting stuff, it's tiresome. I have looked back and cannot see what you are accusing others of. Either post the full thing as asked or take it to PMs
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    This is the night Duff got hit in the head with a bottle. GNR / Metallica / Motorhead
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  34. 4 points
    Tool's gap between albums was 13 years. Guns still have time then, no rush...
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    Axl Rose madafaka 🎶 😂 I got a feeling that the mindset would be, why should we release a record or a single? We gave you a gig that has snoop dogg in it. And Fernando would probably start acting and talking like he's from the hood but he ain't one of them G-thang. 😂
  36. 4 points
    Oh damn... I didn't even think about that! It's apparent Axl now sees the advantage in "riding around in limos and jamming with Snoop Dogg or whoeverthefuck"
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    It’s not just the voice, you need a serious amount of aggression that Axl understandably doesn’t have onstage any more to pull off Perfect Crime. If they did it now, it would need to be an acoustic interpretation like You’re Crazy. I only know it from that batshit crazy performance from the UYI tour and that’s how I like to remember it.
  40. 4 points
    Josh was such a wasted opportunity that Axl let it slip. His drumming on "Oklahoma" was top tier. I love his tracks more than Brain.
  41. 4 points
    Yeah, and Dizzy's mom confirmed that Chinese Democracy was for sure definitely 100% being released in 2003. If you were a fan back then, you know I'm not making that up. That's what constituted for news back in the "dark days." I think the fact that the reunited GNR released a goddamn b-side that we've all had for almost 30 years and pretended it was a new song probably means they haven't written anything together. Gee....I wonder why......could it be......Axl?
  42. 4 points
    The moment Slash mentions going back to SMKC to record an album/tour. I think we can give up at that point.
  43. 4 points
    Yep. What they need to do that weekend is 1) announce a new album, with the release date 2) drop a single on that Friday 3) have the single used as commerical bumpers during the game
  44. 4 points
    its actually the worst time. This is not a gnr concert, its a superbowl party. Casual fans partying etc. You play a few hits and move on.
  45. 4 points
    Gentlemen - please accept my apologies. I waited a couple days to get home and get my laptop so I could open up audacity and put them all together to prove my point and at the most basic level I actually had the labels on my iPhone wrong (I had the Brain version incorrectly labelled as Atlas Shrugged (1999) - all kinds of wrong... the Josh version as Atlas Shrugged (2001) - again, wrong - and Atlas Shrugged (RM01)). When you guys were saying "its Josh", I'm thinking you were mad because the opening toms are SO different between the two. Glad you made me go and check it and prove me wrong ha! To all the others I can definitely say it's Josh! Funny as well as this was always my one example where I thought the Brain drums were better than Josh, now I realise I had it wrong all along.
  46. 4 points
    Weren't the Jungle's from the 2019 leg all decent though? Dunno why Axl opted out from the intro, but for the most part I thought they were alright. Lets see what happens. I just hope to fucking god they use this as a platform to do something that indicates something will happen this year. They won't, but I've been hopeful for the longest time that I may aswell continue to be so
  47. 4 points
    Can't wait to hear an unprepared and rusty Axl sing Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o Mine and Paradise City on the live highlights. It'll do great for the band.
  48. 4 points
    You are missing the point of my post. It's not just about having the rights to the name. It's about managing your brand and the expectations of that brand whether it's music, sports, corporate, etc. There's a certain level of expectations involved when that brand is very well established. Axl's vision of GNR when everyone left didn't have an ounce of a chance to succeed since there was already expectations built previously by the AFD 5 and UYI lineups. Additionally, GNR is a blues based hard rock band. People are not willing to go to see a GNR that changed their music. The expectations are just not there. If I wanted to go see or hear a different type of band or music, I would follow that. Creed is actually a good example since GNR didn't have much juice in the late 90s. Creed was HUGE when they released their album. You heard them on pop and alternative stations in the NYC area. Scott then became a mess. Creed fired him and got Myles. They could have stick with the name like STP has done recently. They didn't. They chose a different name and was freed up on expectations. Look at Audioslave. Even though RATM was popular, they went with a different name and produced a different type of music. The name of a band matters when it's an established brand. Axl nor Slash would have been able to continue with the success of GNR by themselves.
  49. 4 points
    It's a bit of chicken & egg for me. It usually takes something catchy (musically) to get my attention but then it takes good lyrics to keep me hooked. Overall, lyrics are super important to me. However, something has to be happening that interests me musically first.
  50. 4 points
    All of this is horse shit conjecture. Sorry, bro. The Finck/Bucket/Stinson era GNR were awesome. The Ashba/Bumble GNR were a good live touring act. Glad they didn't release a record with those two goofballs on it though. But CD is no farce. It contains so much of what makes the band Guns N' Roses. You can deny its existence or say it sucks because it doesn't feature Slash, but what are some of the things we all love about GNR? Great solos? Huge codas? Ballads? Chinese has 'em in spades. It's a guitar-driven rock and roll record. It just doesn't have that vintage AfD sleazy/bluesey Izzy vs. Slash thing going on. Which, yes, that's amazing. But Illusions didn't have that either.