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    I think it's cringeworthy , personally.
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    NEW! Ep. 110 - Brain returns to talk Chinese Democracy, new music, and tennis Returning to the AFD Show is Brian "Brain" Mantia. Brain tells us all about his upcoming new projects, including with current GNR member Melissa Reese. He also shares the history behind the naming unreleased/unfinished Chinese Democracy songs called "The General" and "Seven." Brain even opens up about the 2001 House of Blues show, his first appearance with the band. If that's not enough, he gives his thoughts on this years Super Bowl halftime show and his emerging pro tennis carer. He hopes to challenge Lars from Metallica in a match! Also another co-hosting opportunity is given away to Conie from Greece. He apologizes for his Greek accent, however is really worse than Brando's Fran Drescher voice? All this and so much more! Please follow/subscribe/leave a comment! iHeart --> https://ihr.fm/2ukODZj Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2O7f9OA SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2TIW5fT Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC Google Play --> https://play.google.com/music/m/Drz6g6lvh34gefnffbf7tk7o5oe…
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    It was cringey when NuGuns did it, and it was just as bad when they did it in 2016. I thought it brought some of the 'Vegas tackiness' from the residency shows to the 2016 shows. It's cheesy as hell to see strippers behind some 50+ year olds on a nostalgia tour. That's the kinda shit I'd expect from Motley Crue
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    It's easy for some of us to sit behind a screen and type that sort of oorah stuff, but a lot harder to put it into practice. Now, let me preface what I'm about to say by admitting that I prescribe to the whole "confront and conquer" way of doing things. It's the way I've always done everything in my personal life. But I also understand that genetics and life circumstances play a heavy roll in my ability to do so. Axl Rose was an un-medicated, manically depressed teenager/young man who was raped by his father and persecuted by most of his family. He dropped out of high school and hitchhiked across the country before he was even a legal adult. Raised by the streets. Did gallons of drugs... you get the picture. He was about as far away from "mentally sound" as a person can get. By all accounts, he shouldn't even be alive. The guy even tried to kill himself once (could have been more, we don't know) by swallowing a bucket of pills. He was a mental headcase, with an itch for death. People like that? People who are mentally fucked up beyond all recognition? They don't see things like you do. Their reality is vastly different. It's not possible for most of those people to "wake up" and get their shit together. If they do, it's usually a case of luck.
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    Let’s be REALLY CLEAR - having the slightest urge to regularly share a bed with a child you have no familial relation too, free of any sinister context, is quite simply (and fucking obviously) NOT a thing. Let alone with multiple random children (...oh and who mostly happen to be of a similar physical type). Seriously WHAT THE FUCK.
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    This sort of tough guy shit gets me down. The leading cause of death in men aged 20 to 30 is suicide. This sort of attitude of basically telling people to harden up is a huge issue in society. Depressed? Just cheer up. Anxious? Don't worry about it. This attitude belittles mental health issues and leads to people feeling that a condition they have, often caused by a chemical imbalance, is their fault. It's so easy to sit at a computer and be a macho man about these issues but you're really just displaying a major lack of understanding. A little bit of empathy wouldn't go astray - try to understand the difficulties other people can have in life. Just comparing Axl to other musicians who handle things better is not reasonable. People deal with things differently. Check out www.beyondblue.org.au Might be time to update your thinking. Can't speak for others but your tough guy act is pretty unimpressive to me.
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    You're going to need to narrow that down.
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    He wishes he had MORE time?! Fuck me Axl, if everyone did everything based on whether or not they felt 100 million percent comfortable then nothing would ever get done, you think fighters feel 100% comfortable during a ring walk, or football players 5 mins before kick off? Of course not but y'know what they show up and put a shift in cuz of this word called professionalism. 'work on himself', fuck that new age hippie shit, the way you work on yourself is you work and then after a lifetime of said work you have a body of work to look back on so when its REALLY time to reflect, in the nursing home with the pissbag strapped to your thigh, you can cast your mind back and go, OK, what was all that about? Then turn to the body of work and cultural contribution and go 'right, yeah, THATS what that was about'. And that applies for everybody, from lead singers to shelf stackers, we're all fuckin' cogs in the overall machinery of society, if every shelf stacker in the world wanted to sit inside with a big bag of weed and a TV lisence to 'work on' themselves before they felt right to go out and fuckin' put a shift in there'd be some empty fuckin' shelves across the planet in much the same way that if every artist worth his salt stayed indoors working on themselves and reached their fuckin' 60s having released what amounts to 3 full albums (albeit one quite large one out of that) and an EP well then our culture would be a lot less richer one.
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    Just for clarification, in regards to Axl's claims: He claimed that some of the stuff was his own direct memories, it didn't all come through regression therapy. And some of the things he said about the context of the story are facts that can be confirmed from other sources - unknown if they were among the stuff he had memories of or he was informed about it somehow (e.g. from members of his family). Maybe he had some real memories and some of them were "misled" which he believed as true. But definitely it isn't all a "made-up" story. It has also been implied that there's more to it than what he said. Personally I believe that something happened, not necessarily what he said, mainly because of the other things that have been implied which are more believable. But there can't be evidence for things like that. Anyway, I think he probably regretted that he went public about this because of the reaction and that's why he stopped talking.
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    Arnie is GnR fan, it was him who asked to do the ''Gun N Roses'' scene and have GnR in the soundtrack of the movie. He sure still is a GnR fan, he was at the Coachella. He should get GnR to do a cameo in the next T movie. And a cool pic from the good old times.
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    Lol if think you're such a "macho man" and needs to go to concerts to see girls dancing, onstage, you're probably doing something wrong. Its fuckin cringey, it was somewhat bizarre back then and its way out of line today. It just doesnt fit the atmosphere anymore, I wouldnt mind it if they still had the vibe for these things, but it just seems out of place with GNR now.
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    I dunno if it is "old schoolmarms" as much as it is "not tacky" lol GNR in their 20's living on the streets of LA bringing their stripper friends and girlfriends to dance on stage? Authentic because that was their lifestyle. A bunch of multi-millionaire guys in their mid 50's hiring 20 year old models from an agency on stage to dance? Tacky af IMO
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    This is how it’s done. Take note America. Semi-automatic weapons will be banned – attorney general New Zealand’s attorney general, David Parker, has warned of a global rise in extremism and said the government would ban semi-automatic rifles, the New Zealand Herald has reported. He reportedly made the remarks at a vigil in Auckland’s Aotea Square to loud cheers. “There is a dimming of enlightenment in many parts of the world,” he is quoted as saying, asking how can it be right that the atrocity was livestreamed and broadcast by social media companies. His comments follow an earlier promise from the prime minister that gun laws will be changed. She said the main suspect had five firearms on him, including two semi-automatic weapons.
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    I went to a GN'R concert in oslo in 2018. the weather was extrem it was 32celsius I had never experience weather like that before, I live in the northernmost town in norway and the warmest I had experienced before was never above 12celsius. I also meet up early just to be able to get to first row, which I did I also got burned by the sun I had never been that sweat before. but still had a great day, I meet so many nice people I had a really great time. Also remember meeting a older guy from england he told me he was at one of their concert at monster of rock(donnington in 88, were some people got killer) he said that crowd could get violent. during a gn'r concert. I told him i don't think that would happened because the that attended those concert back in the day, would be older and slower, he looked around and laughed. It was my first time down in southern norway, first time travling with plane. and my first GN'R concert i would go again if they came back to norway.
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    Axl's ability to make up excuses for everything in the world is simply unparalleled. A tip of the hat.
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    Day 42 - Song title containing an R and "ING"
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    This is going to be on sale in the merch store next week for $275
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    Yea and he was raspy as fuck without any sign of mickey. Best his sounded since 87
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    You're talking about normality in reference to a man who sought out children to put in this position, and as he admitted himself, slept in the same bed as them. Nothing is normal about this situation from the jump. Abandoning a child, when you've made them dependent upon you (especially emotionally) and created a world for them, is indeed emotional/psychological abuse. That alone can damage someone in ways they may never realise.
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    Day 37 - Song title containing 4 vowels, A, E, I, O, or U
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    Axl had been prescribed medication for manic depression (lithium). This is at least an indication as far as his mental issues go, although no one here can determine what he had exactly. Then, in the Illusions period, he opted for (regression) therapy and other "alternative" treatments instead of conventional treatment, probably because he thought they worked better for him and made him feel better in dealing with what was wrong with him (as he himself had said, see quote from Musician magazine @SoulMonster posted above). As for the child abuse story he told, parts of it are true, documented in the local press at the time they happened (the kidnapping part and some other things about his father, who had some serious issues and his reputation was anything but good). The abuse part could have just been a "recreated" false memory that was "inserted" and mixed with real events through regression therapy - but who knows, really. (There's also the possibility that Axl told that story instead of another he didn't want to go public with or that he didn't tell the full story, because Tom Zutaut has mentioned a different abuse story that Axl hasn't talked about publicly). But what is relevant to this topic of discussion is that Axl believed that he was abused.
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    At a GNR show I was sat next to a group of women, a real "ladies night' vibe. Got chatting with one and she looked at her watch and said "its about to start!" I mentioned the late starts and she got mad at me - like shooting the messenger. Got all in a huff and got her group in a tizzy. They decided to leave instead of wait. They abruptly got up and filed out, each one hitting me in the face with their ass and hand bag. About 20 minutes later the show started
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    Looking at the collectible figures from T2 and noticed this listed. Nice little nod that I haven’t seen before.
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    I strongly believe anything related to "Chinese" on titles would be comercial suicide lol They'll probably change any known title of that period of time if it ever happens.
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    day 39. I was there and i was here too
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    When you noticed that the Axl poster in Georgie's room in Young Sheldon is from the UYI era, while the show takes place in 1989.
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    He was a 7 year old boy and Jackson was his idol. What were they even doing in his bedroom anyway? I know my kid has never sat with any adult they hardly know on their bed. Why would you even do that? Invite a kid over and get them in your bedroom? Do you know people who do that? I've never in my life come across that. Ever. Why is it so hard to admit that it's suspicious and the boy was obviously manipulated? It's ridiculous that all those boys just out of nowhere came with the question of wanting to sleep in Michael's bed. And even if they somehow all did come up with it themselves without any hints at all from Jackson himself: no, it is not normal, it is not appropriate and it will never be anything less than creepy to sleep with boys in your bed. Never. Don't pretend that it's somehow normal or say it was the boys who wanted to sleep in his bed. Seriously, the things I read on here
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    No behaviour is the product of one ideology over another. Both left and right have histories that are difficult to defend. So with that said, let’s not derail this thread with arguments over ideology. Please keep posts related to the topic.
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    Bottom line is that if Axl had not gone on that tour, he wouldn't have increased his fame, bank account and all the financial security that came with it. For his lazy ass, this was a bless, even if he thinks it was a curse and that he shouldn't have done it. What other moment in the 90s would have been the right time to do it? GN'R was already considered a dated band... they were in their limit, as other bands and other genres were becoming more popular than hard rock.
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    I don't see much point in blurring his face but I never want to go anywhere near that video. I bet that could bugger your head up so I'd recommend ignoring it.
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    I have all the sympathy in the world for people with actual real serious issues, all day long. But at the same time everybody that sits back and claims to have mental illnesses doesn't have em or at least doesn't have them at a severity to where it becomes a significant hinderance in people and their ability to get on with their lives. I ain't belittling shit, I'm just being straight up but answer me this, whats wrong with entertaining the idea that, sometimes, shit is your fault? Shaming blaming all this fuckin' shit has a magnitude these days to where its like you're sending people to the fuckin' gas chamber. No, fuck that, sometimes you gotta take responsibility for your shit. 'why are you such an arsehole?' 'because my Mum didn't get me a Nintendo when I was growing up' Whatever, life sucks, deal with it, everyone else has to. Whys it gotta be about macho, whats macho about saying get on with shit? If this shit was about empathy, if it was about understanding the difficulties OTHER people have in life I wouldn't mind in fact I'd be all for it but its got fuck all to do with other people, its got to do with oneself. Why am I like this, why do I act this way, how can I feel better about myself, what can I do about the way I am? THATS what a lot of this shit is really about. Self absorbed people, people that sit around with phoney fuckin' diagnoses of bullshit illnesses tweeting and facebooking about them while their kids ain't had a bath in three days and smell like shit. What do you think a person who mans up and goes out and does their fuckin' job and brings home the bacon to feed his family or look after his kids doing if not doing shit for other people? And how do you know what one person goes through over another, you don't know me, I might find life fuckin' unbearable on a day to day basis, I might have attempted suicide 40 times, I might think about shooting myself every night before bed...but don't because I know that to be a fucked with thing that wouldn't be no good for nobody. What is this obsession with 'frank and open discussion' and making your life into this open wound for everyone to peer at, its a bunch of fuckin' reality TV celeb culture driven bullshit. Let me end the fuckin' suspense folks, you're not that fuckin' important, or unique, or special, no one really gives a fuck about your feelings, all you got is this life and it'll be over some day soon so get to living it cuz you ain't got no better option, have some fun and if you wanna find out who you are go look at your fuckin' birth certificate. Honestly, sitting around with fuckin' plasma screen TVs, every creature comfort known to mankind, curled up on a sofa binge watching box sets with a vat of ice cream and acting like you've got it rough whilst there's people out there in the world that ain't got a home to go to or a hot plate to sit down to at the end of everyday, gets some fuckin' perspective about this shit. Everything to do with masculinity is somehow evil or toxic now, well fuck that.
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    Day 37 - Song title containing 4 vowels, A, E, I, O, or U
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    Had a meeting yesterday told Biffa i'm leaving got given a massive pay rise and put into my own Office from Monday .. Result!
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    Its really not, the majority of the world do it every day...but you don't hear about those people cuz they don't wear kilts and run up and down ramps and make you feel all tingley when they sing sweet love songs. The fact that you yourself do it should tell you something. Its nothing as dramatic as 'confront and conquer', its called doing your fuckin' job, just like everybody else in the world has to. I don't buy that shit. Raped by his father, says who? I'll tell you says who, says regression therapy, you know what regression therapy is? Some guy sits you on a couch and makes you try and unlock memories from when you were way too young to remember shit. More than that I think it was irresponsible of Axl to go around claiming he was raped at aged 2 because his fuckin' regression therapist told him so, thats some poor blokes reputation and good name he is putting on the chopping block based on a bunch of new age bullshit, 'regression therapy' is not conventional or textbook psychology, its hokey shit, most especially when its talking about shit that happened when you were in nappies. And manic depressive, thats the celebrities favourite fuckin' ailment cuz it fits really well into the personality type of an aggressive abusive cunt that doesn't respond well to pressure. Did gallons of drugs, again, Axl is not reknowned for his drug taking, in fact he's on record as being quite judicious with it. Having a chip on your shoulder isn't the same as being mentally ill. Now do I think its possible that he does have mental issues? Yeah, I think so but at the same time I haven't seen any evidence in any of his behaviour to suggest it was as profound as a lot of what is used to excuse away certain aspects of his behaviour. All in all your not wrong, it ain't for me to judge but what I can do is respond to judgements that appear spurious when they are presented to me. And its like I said earlier, if you're THAT mentally ill maybe just like not make music, not tour? I mean if the shit effects you THAT bad then your well being is more important than making music, at least to my mind.
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    Management at the time were struggling to finish the album, they couldn’t get Axl anywhere on time or where they needed him. He went off the radar for long periods of time and the label wanted results. So management went ahead and started booking for a massive tour, essentially told Axl it’s going to bankrupt him if he doesn’t show, and the blame will be on him. Slash and Duff and Izzy were losing their minds in drugs as they had no idea what to do with their free time. So it was reported to Axl that his “break” was killing his band mates and so he also got blamed for their addictions. So without much preparation Axl started the tour and did each show on his terms. He held everyone hostage to his demands seeing as nobody cared about his well being going into the tour and early on damaged his voice. So the UYI tour limped on with a super pissed off Axl.
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    There is no question that Michael was abusive towards these boys, whether or not you believe that extended to sexual abuse is obviously an opinion, but I struggle to see how he treated and then abandoned them as anything other than abusive. To pluck these kids out of humble backgrounds, introduce them to his lifestyle, promise them the world, claim to be their close friend, tell them he loved them... only to then abandon them once they got a bit too old for him, how is that not emotional or even psychological abuse? As for my personal opinion, I do believe he sexually abused them. Just like was said in the Oprah interview, the grooming of the children and even the parents began long before they even met Michael; his celebrity, the image he projected towards the world, the adoration... it was surely intoxicating and unlike other celebrities, that's all there was about him (at that time).