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    The only thing that matters to me at this point is whether whatever new they release (if they release something) will be good for my taste or not. I don't care if it's CD era stuff or brand new stuff. An album consisting of CD leftovers can be good or bad, same goes for an album based on Slash's riffs, and even Izzy's contribution doesn't guarantee a good album. I don't believe in the romantic concept that the same five guys, if put together in the same room at any given time, can make magic again. They're different people now and the circumstances are different, too.
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    that guy does an outstanding impression of Axl. and I'm proud to say I heard of him before he becomes Steven Adlers next singer!
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    To date I still don’t get all the hate for Dizzy. After all these years he still places himself in the background and is doing nothing but a proper job. He is not screaming for fame or attention like other people (would) do being in his shoes. Indeed, he is no guy with rockstar charisma BUT in no way he pretends to be such a guy and that is why he gets my respect.
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    Its on AXS TV channel July 28th. I'm sure it will be very informative and punk as f#ck. We will learn all the inside information about GNR that we have been craving for so long. He might even discuss his brand new album Tenderness if we are lucky. So set your DVR and enjoy.
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    we'll hear about how much duff reads, how he was off social media while on tour witwh gnr, our political divide and yup that pretty much covers everything. Oh yeah he'll compare his daughter in the pink slips to iggy pop again lol
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    Day 12 – Song with title that starts with an F
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    I still don't agree with that last point. I get Izzy's importance but I just don't think the gereral public does.
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    Duff is clearly motivated by money. Izzy isn't there according to some of you solely because he didn't get an equal share. What's the difference? Such hypocrites.
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    Frankly, it's delusional to expect that Izzy would've made the same amount of money as Axl, Slash or Duff. Even when Slash and Duff weren't in the band, they were still part of the business partnership. They were still involved with legal and business issues surrounding GNR. Izzy has had nothing to do with GNR since the early 90's. He was integral to the classic line-up, but this isn't 30 years ago. Why would he deserve an equal piece of the loot?
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    It's interesting that some of you take a very simple and honest answer to a question and turn it 360 degrees to suit some peoples narrative and wish. There is nothing in that statement that reads there to be any intent of malice or being disrespectful towards Izzy. Duff, was being open and honest. I see the same people on this forum take childish potshots at band members for speaking their mind, because what they say does not suit what they believe. These people are the same people who continue to bitch and moan because the band or its members don't talk or communicate with the fans. Duff communicated with you and the first thing some of you do, is to knock him down and call his character into question. Why dont some of you put that aside, be objective and take it for what it is, Duff is simply answering a question, being open and honest. Some of you remined me of children who don't like what they are hearing or choose to ignore, so they place both fingers in their ears and make lala, lala sounds. These guys will never please some of you no matter what they say or do. In Duffs case, after becoming sober and healthy in life, writing and speaking have become a big part of that life something the he enjoys and is good at. The statement in the article is simply Duff being himself. Thats something that should be appreciated and respected.
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    Whoa! Religious loony alert!!!
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    Never cared for Van Halen with Sammy.. Way to sterile and poppy... Sammy might be a cool dude and have a better voice but there is only one Diamond Dave.. Hoping they pull it together for one more tour.. I don't care what condition Dave's voice is in.. I will be shitfaced anyway..
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    Day 14 Day 15 - Song with title that starts with a G
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    Day 14. Song with 'FL' in the title.
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    They did “The One You Loved Is Gone” yesterday This is my video:
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    God, i miss those songs.
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    But Trump doesn't even believe all of these things you espouse. Remember he was a Democrat. I have read a few of the Trump books that are out. One of them said that when Trump decided to run as a Republican (because he believed Democrats would never vote him in) he needed to be instructed on what his position on abortion would be. The hypocrisy of Trumpers astounds me. I think of myself as a left leaning Republican who is being chased away by Trumpism. I believe Trump is in it for the money and prestige. And that is it! I don't think he is a white supremist, but is happy enough to align with them for votes. I don't believe he is against abortion but will align with pro-lifers for votes. He is the epitomy of con man. It is time for people who have been marginalized, robbed of their wealth, sent to wars to vote out the old men who did that to them. I see the teamwork of people like Trump, Graham and McConell et al and I fear for America. There is always a hidden agenda in what they do. Maintain tariffs for aluminum and steel for one example, while Russia's operative works with McConell to move aluminum manufacturing into Kentucky. I believe the Trumpski government is selling out to Russia. Not all Republicans, just Trump and his cronies. Honestly, is he the only guy we have? And don't get me started on the abortion bullcrap going on in some states. These old white men don't give a crap about babies. They want control, to marginalize anyone unlike them, to control women who are becoming just a bit too powerful for their comfort. Trump yells "pro-life" while his stone age son stands over a beautiful elephant that he slaughtered. Is life precious or isn't it? I'm telling you if I don't see clear thinking men stand with women against this and get loud in defending women's rights, my knees are going to lock tighter than my wallet, and you would be hardpressed to get a dime out of that. Sigh. I need chocolate.
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    Don't sell your tickets and tell him at the show.😄
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    Don't all jump at once!!! hahah
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    My take on that is that Slash wasn't running around under the Gn'R name. The Guns N' Roses name alone will sell tickets. I also don't think there are any pure guitarists that don't sing who play Arena's or anything like that. Has there been any ever? Not even Jimmy Page's bands... Slash, Duff and Matt were playing arena's with Velvet Revolver though.
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    Day 9 – Song with title that starts with a D
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    Well, i kinda get what you are meaning with all of this, but... - i dont´t get that impression at all. Duff is not that kinda person (imo). He has opinions about things but so do you and so do i. - We (hardcore GNR-fans) have heard this xxxx-times, others may not. It was very important issue to him because he changed his life completely after that soooo i kinda get this too. - Well, i don`t know what prolific! means, but Axl is kinda special so he might be just that - Duff kinda did just that. He was part of that scene that later came "grunge". He is not bullshitting anyone with that. Don´t get me wrong, i know what you meant...there are some issues that we get to hear and/or read over and over again. I gets bit boring to us, but it´s his life. I tell same stories over and over too
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    You shouldn't take it seriously. Dizzy is just an easy target, he got the gig because of Axl's loyalty, but then he ends up playing on only half of the songs, and by now he's the longest serving member, yet most people still forget about him, so it's easy to poke fun at that. I'm sure he's a nice guy and good at what he does.
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    Day 8 – Song with title that contains a “CR”
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    Day 7 CH They should add this ^^^^ to their set this fall (but idk about Frank )
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    Dizzy is great! I love watching her bounce around with her blue hair.