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  1. Why not? I was at Ullevi Sweden 2018. Best concert ever and I have seen them a couple of times before. If you love the music then you love to see it live. No matter if it's the same song.
  2. Wow! I guess they will quit now after that strong comment 😜
  3. Just tired of all the negativity in every thread. Just wait until the release a new album 😂
  4. Omg! Here we go again. Guns play something different and some of you just can't be happy. Please go and find another band that is so fu..ing perfect in your eyes... and let us who really love this band do that 😠
  5. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    OMG! No Thanks! Can't stand that voice 😉
  6. I disagree! If you are into music of course you will listen to music.
  7. But are they open minded to industrial music? I hope they are not. It feels so passe.
  8. I would like them to try to remake that magic moment they once had and just make a new wonderful album I think thay can do it if they are ready to work together and look back at all the great things. In the end it´s what their fans want I guess.
  9. Do you still think that Axl are still into the industrial/synth genere? I don´t think so. It seams that he is more in to classic rock again. (my opinion) I think that if something from all the leaks will be used it will be more classic sound and reworked.. Or maybe it´s just whishful thinking What do you think?
  10. Hmm don't like many of this leaks. General? What's that? Hope the never release some of this songs. Hardschool and perhaps works for me.. But the rest.. Really?
  11. When I was a kid I watched the UYI VHS over and over again. Never got tired. Youtube have destroyed the passion for live music. Internet have destroyed the whole music industry more or less. People just want more and more and will never get satisfied.
  12. Sorry but you are so wrong man 😉