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  1. How can you hate someone you don't know? Why are some people still here if this band sucks that hard? Everything is just speculations as no one knows a shit what is going on.
  2. Maybe that they will play PC as opener and end with The Seeker?
  3. It's strange that all other bands can and will release new music in the classic format as cd/vinyl.
  4. We will hear new music this year.. I have talked to a source close to the band 😜
  5. 1. Back Of Bitch 2. Locomotive 3. Don't Cry 4. Pretty Tied Up 5. Estranged 6. Perhaps 7. November Rain 8. Don't Damn Me 9. Breakdown 10. Welcome To The Jungle 11. You Could Be Mine 12. Hard School 13. One In A Million 14. It's So Easy 15. Perfect Crime
  6. You really think hes voice is great at that show? It's terrible if you compare to how he sound on the duet with Springsteen in my opinion.
  7. Fortus interview in Forbes

    Already posted in the new album thread 😊 But maybe it deserve its own thread. Hope for new music this year... Nothing more 😉
  8. No not a joke but you know what i mean. As you say. Take a break when it's bad vibe.
  9. I'm glad they broke up. Just look at Metallica.. What a joke after the black album...or maybe even after ... and justice for all. If Guns had kept going I don't think they would be as huge as they are today.
  10. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    IDIOT! Find another place where you can troll people
  11. Solutions

    Member since 2003.. 15 years but only 56 posts.. 57 now 😜 I love this forum and I'm here to read news and others discussions.
  12. He is sober now! Good for him but I guess it has take away the feeling and the soul in his playing 🤔 Just my thought