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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    He almost sounded good, he was almost rasping but changed it to his mickivoice...
  2. OK Been listen to some clips ... its downhill since 2010 .... Dont get it ... been superfan since 88.... So sad right now
  3. I doubt a new album .... but who knows? they can have recorded since 2016 on and off ... but someone would have leaked information about it ... Maybe they re-record 5-6 axl (not released chinese songs) plus a couple slash/duff songs .... but what a legal mess it would be... who would have writing-credits for chinese songs ... i don't think axl wants the newera guys cash in ...
  4. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    The money Will roll right in... haha tjis is funny.. they have time to record a new album before...😂😂
  5. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Sweden rock in sweden.... The have say the original guns n roses ??
  6. Im glad these didnt leak before the album... i would been very disipointed about the album... like the song chinese democracy.,. Much better raw ..and alot more tracks that should been on the album if you ask me....but im glad Now...
  7. I like the way he is playing ....But ...in 86-93 he was "often" under the influence ..witch made him more into he's playing ... More soul back in the day ..... Back in the day he was very soulful ..... So what happened? ...What happened to axl? ... time time time ... its a big money machine ... ...
  8. You are right ... we should be happy and enjoy what we got ....
  9. I always thought that axl's voice was bad after 2010 ... But when I'm listening to 2012-14 now ... its a hell a lot better than now ... its a pity.... Love the Ax and have always been with him ... I don't know him so its hard to say what's wrong .... He's a smart dude so he should know that he's voice is pretty bad.... Mabybe he should loose 30 kg ...but maybe not .... He's seems to have fun ... but his anger in the past was mabe the force that made his voice so good ... i know ac/dc was a weird thing ... he sounded like a beast ... so its a fucking puzzle ... Time has gone so fast.... Wonder what's next ..
  10. Some real gold in these leaks ...a shame that it went down as it has ..... An album 99, 2003 , 2008, 2012 ..etc.... Would been great .... wonder what went wrong ..... Many things i guess ....and now its too late ..... But i feel really greatful that I've heard these fucking great songs .....
  11. The same show 3 years... the money keeps on rolling in... very good way to earn money... they dont earn more money on change thkngs up
  12. I hope they do something diffrent.,, but if we are unluckie they started rehearshsls like a week ago..,