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  1. Complaints, complaints, complaints!!!
  2. Anyone want to buy the Vegas lithos from 2016? Both in mint condition
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    My view is that the ‘hard core’ fans who frequent the forums are considered an enemy by Axl, Beta and Fernando. All we do is complain and download illegal music (and now videos, apparently).
  4. Listen to the orchestral arrangements, it’s got to be
  5. Just listened properly to all of the instrumentals. Holy shit there are some frickin amazing tracks there. If these had all had vocals we would have hit the jackpot. Notwithstanding, we’ve got more out of these latest leaks then I could ever have anticipated 🤘
  6. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    The man is a saviour. He stopped the few lording their goods over the many ( and boy did they do that) and brought music to the fans. Would like to shake the fellas hand.
  7. I like it. Not every guns song needs to be a full blown grandiose affair
  8. If only the hoarder would release the full size file version so we can enjoy it in first rate quality. He knows who he is
  9. If these tracks really are going to leak they’ll just drop out of no where. Fuck this guy
  10. Good point. Any idea what’s happening next in this saga buddy? Atlas?