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  1. This makes me wonder... that's Duff up to since he won't be touring with Walking Papers...
  2. More Axl thinks, more reasons he'll find to not release new music
  3. Daamn, too bad no Greta Van Fleet in Tallin.... definitely the most interesting thing in rock music lately
  4. Axl Rose is the Donald Trump of Guns N Roses
  5. Wow, album is just as good as I hoped!
  6. Where did this rumor about DJ working with Axl start?
  7. Hope it's as good as first album! Still listen to it from time to time
  8. Oh, GNR comming to Estonia and Greta Van Fleet new EP... good day
  9. 10/29/17 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

    That Prostitute... must be most hardcore singing since AC/DC gigs.
  10. All European dates are included? Because this is mid year list... most of Euro dates were later. Don't know... just speculating here
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_concert_tours They have all the chances
  12. this is what you call stupidity
  13. Or maybe Axl sang just like he did for many years now and you finally got pro shot footage