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  1. Come on guys. Maybe there is a lot going on right now. We dont know. I think they give the news when they are 100% sure how things go..all the dates, new dates etc. Maybe someone have the corona in the camp already..who knows? Just because they dont talk doesnt mean they dont care. Don't get me wrong they are a bit boring band nowadays. Autopilot mode..
  2. They can still cancel it. Wrc-rally already canceled in Mexico.
  3. Oh boy!! Guns playing tonight!? Feels weird.. Hope they are ok. Old guys. Hope so!
  4. How is this venue? Is the sound ok?
  5. Dirty Honey

    When Europe..
  6. Raw and real. They didn't fake it.
  7. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    Ozzy, while he is still alive.
  8. Dirty Honey

    This is a new band for me. Nice voice..
  9. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Gran torino was nice cover back in the days. "It's alright" is maybe my favorite. Axl with piano
  10. Saskatoon 93

    How I can find it from youtube here in Usa, but not in Europe?!
  11. Concerts in 2019

    Thank you. I'm from europe and now one week left in LA. Have to check those tickets tomorrow. Like also some songs. But quite young guys..but cant see them in my country. So now is the chance. Any other good "rock tips" for LA are welcome!? (Offtopic)
  12. Concerts in 2019

    How is Greta van fleet? Should I go to see them tomorrow when we are in LA? If tickets..
  13. Concerts in 2019

    Amorphis is great. Did u like it?
  14. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    They need Baz more than Baz needs them. Baz have great energy. Cant say how his voice nowadays..
  15. Sad. But have to say that mostly the sober rockstart's music turns to be boring.