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  1. Mean Bone?

    For me this record have always been the best of Slash's "solo" stuff. Even better than VR. Kick to the balls, you know. Straight forward.. Rod's voice is great. Myles voice is great on a bit slower songs, but somehow I don't like it on faster songs. A bit mickey mouse.. Too bad there isn't much videos of this era.
  2. Mean Bone?

    Finally this album is on Spotify!!!
  3. Steve Perry

  4. Steve Perry

  5. Mean Bone?

    Anyone have HD of that great music video? Youtube only has that blurr one. Best Slash song. By the way why spotify don't have this album? Much better Snakepit than the other one.
  6. Some of them are sleeping on the ground. 🤣
  7. Okay. Just realised these are on spotify. 😁
  8. So are you guys really buying that 999$ thing? Or is there some kind of "medium price" thing? 🙄
  9. So this is the first pro-shot for a long time, right?
  10. Great that Axl is getting rid of those hats. Enough hats on one stage..
  11. That would be too good to be true. Joe Rogan 💪
  12. I buy that new-gnr dvd. Axl are you ripping me off?? 😁
  13. Hey this is past..Forget it and move on. This was shit and we all know that. What about the furure?
  14. What u think guys? How is the sound here? Gelsen wasn't so nice. Should I try this one or is it waste of money and time?