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  1. A different or a new version? Just asking because there's a alt. mix on the b-side of one of the AFD singles...
  2. ...still haven't heard the BBF solo...
  3. 3min video recap with wttj snippets
  4. Just try again. Works for me.
  5. LiveNation/ Ticketmaster just started a promotional sale. Tickets for all 4 german NITL dates are on sale for 35€ only. ticketmaster I just bought 2 tickets for the show in Berlin. I was going to wait until the day of the show and see what I could get in front of the venue but I don't think it'll get much better than this....
  6. That's strange. Works for me. Even bought 2 Tickets. Tickets for 35€ are available for all 4 german NITL dates.
  7. sorry, wrong link. i just edited the one in my original post. should work now.
  8. could be you have to go through this special promotion site
  9. Tickets are available for 35€ via Ticketmaster (seated only) that's about the price I paid in 1993
  10. I believe that one is from the June 1986 Sound City session (produced by Manny Charlton) since it's much closer to the version released on AFD
  11. Thanks a lot! This is really great stuff! I was always hoping the complete first demo tape would show up some day and thought we had to wait until someone decided on releasing a AFD Deluxe Edition - containing that first tape in the same quality as the 1991 Don't Cry demo version.... (Soundcloud plays 128kb/s mp3 only, doesn't it? Is there any way to increase the quality?)