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  1. That swinging around with the microphone sticks is definitely something I think Axl liked about Freddy
  2. For all the fans some kind of group interview, or at least with the three of them would have been really great. But hey, it's Guns and they never really were into doing that kind of stuff I guess. It does hurt a bit when you think what could have been when they re-united already 10 years ago, but hey... When it see thing happening live like the new start of Better I feel there is hope for new music :-) But I'll guess we all dream on...
  3. What is it with al these people walking around on all these live streams? You’re at a Guns N’ Fuckin Roses concert, great music is being performed! 🤔🤘🏻
  4. I love this version, don't get me wrong but although is a better quality I somehow hoped to hear something new compared to the demo I had of this on the Make My Day bootleg. I already had played that a lot of times, so it's missing the surprise a bit.
  5. Fly GNAIR

    Yes, this is the most random thing you can imagine for a rock n' roll band. If they would be a bit more creative I would love to see the 'safety instructions video' though. Put 'Knockin' on heavens door' underneath it as a warning in case of an emergency
  6. Little off topic, but I went to a Pearl Jam concert last week and with them it starts of really slow. Their opening song was Release from Ten which is this beautiful but really really slow and calm song. It was a great concert, but an opener like that really feels like an anti climax for a concert start, not sure why they do it... Eddie Vedder lost his voice yesterday so 2nd London Show was cancelled; fingers crossed but that hasn't happened for GNR for a long time
  7. It's great how he's one of the few that acknowledges the fact that G n' R was the band shaking up everything before grunge did. Most critics always give Nirvana all the credits for that, but Guns was definitely the first to do so.