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  1. I tried, but whenever I randomly select a song on youTube I always find myself bored with it, mostly due to it sounding just so so familiar. I can't get excited over this. For me they sound like outtakes from Apocalyptic Love, really. Leftover melodies.
  2. This thing also didn't take off because he was online for barely an hour, answered about 20 questions and never engaged with people there. Promo like that won't work.
  3. A lot of people seem to have no idea as to how these AMA's work and are dismissing them based upon their gut feelings. The fun thing about these is how every user can see the questions, including Slash. Once an artist bullshits himself through these Reddit gets pissed off and takes the piss out of the artist. And for those hating on the idea; all you've got to do is start asking questions. If it's a good one a lot of readers on reddit will upvote your question and thus it will end up on the top. I've yet to read a boring AMA. Sure, most answer the obvious questions but the artists who cop out are easily dismissed and don't end up on the front page, thus don't generate the publicity they want.
  4. Why oh why can't Rocket Queen just die already? The song drags so much and has been overdone. We get it, Slash. You like noodling around. Do it in your basement as half the time you've lost a large part of your audience by the time the song is done.
  5. He's spend 20 years talking on how GnR split up and then says there's nothing to say when everyone wants to know how they got back together. Oh well.
  6. Scott, because he was singing, as opposed to whatever Axl's doing nowadays. I've yet to hear a rendition of Slither with Axl on vocals that sounds somewhat decent, and this includes all the performances he's supposedly nailing.
  7. Sure, it all sounds better than Berlin, but in the end it still sounds like an angry Micky Mouse.
  8. Well now, this was shit. But as usual, there's excuses, excuses.
  9. I feel indifferent. Despite the reunion he still sounds awful so why should I care for it? This band sounds most like GnR when Axl isn't singing.
  10. Do you rate Lenny Kravitz as a musician?

    Half of his studio stuff is pretty good, the other half is bland and generic. Live he's quite the poser nowadays, tries to sell his songs by his supposedly sexy moves but avoids all the risky vocal stuff. His shows have become predictable, he's been playing the same setlist for about 20 years now with the exception of the odd 3 new songs. I could also do without the lengthy "spontaneous" jams he does, half of it goes nowhere. Meh.
  11. Just drop the covers and play a maximum of 3 songs of Chinese Democracy. No one's there to hear that stuff anyway. Replace it with some UYI stuff that wasn't a hit, there's a reason why Coma was so well received among die hards.
  12. You're citing Buzzfeed as a source...Buzzfeed gets its information from sites like Reddit and the likes, citing random users as official sources without providing any context. And even so, I very much doubt Michael Jackson personally sending MTV a letter. It's probably his press camp coming up with the stuff which, from a marketing point of view, makes sense. Have MTV call him the King of Pop and within a few months everyone will say he is the King of Pop.
  13. As if it matters anything... They're not going to get into the reunion and the how and when and why it happened.