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  1. No, just one glance at a setlist will do nowadays. It's not like things have changed much since the "reunion" started.
  2. Yeah, but "back in the day" there was only 1 unnecessary drum/guitar solo as opposed to the countless lengthy covers, instrumental jams and irrelevant songs from Chinese Democracy. Sure, this band plays 3 hours, but I'd rather have a tight, 1,5 hour show than the snoozefest that's often this band nowadays. Changing the set won't change casuals and mileniums' opinion on their good night out unless you take out a huge hit. At least half of the set could be replaced by something else and no casual would notice.
  3. I'd much rather have all the solo's and cover songs disappear than have the rants return.
  4. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    The Not In This Lifetime Tour was shit.
  5. We all know Michael Jackson was weird. Sure, even some of his friendships might've been inappropriate. But a child molester? Nah... There's so many details out there from the case in court that's neglected in the documentary just to make sure these 2 can make their case with accusations they just can't prove. It's a shame the Estate can't get its shit together and release an in depth documentary about the allegations just so everything's out there and all these supposedly molested people will shut up.
  6. The thing is, I don't go to concerts to chat with other fants, drink expensive overpriced lager and then wait 3 hours. I've also no idea in which universe heckling a comedian is funny? If anything, Axl's supposed to be the one to get heckled I reckon? I mean no disrespect, but I just don't understand it. I've no idea how you can justify the lateness in any other way other than saying it's disrespectful. If I show up late for work I can't go out and say everyone "I'm doing it for the mystique and aren't I badass?"
  7. Yeah, and people were upset about the late shows back then as well. There were plenty of curfews back then as well, it's not something of the last few years. The band started late back then but not 1 at night kind of late like Axl did on several shows during the Chinese Democracy tours. I've never felt walking out late after a show adds to anything other than frustration as to how to get home and how to make it to work the next day without feeling absolutely fucked. It's irresponsible to do so, there's more to life than see Guns N' Roses and it's not "the 11 o' clock news".
  8. I've tried this and there's no difference, the album's still an unlistenable overproduced mess.
  9. Yeah yeah... Axl now knows the importance of starting as scheduled... We're not talking about the difference between a toddler and an adolescent. He always knew, the pressure was just a lot higher this time as I'm sure several promoters wouldn't pay out would the show start at 1 at night.
  10. Yeah... This is nonsense. In the end Axl signed up for the tour and knew he had to start early and then didn't for whatever reason. Now that the band's half reuinited he's suddenly able to start at the right time? You can't just book a tour and have them start at whatever time the band sees fit. There's curfews almost everywhere and people needing to be at work the next day. It's impossible to do so.
  11. I'd like the UYI mixes Slash supposedly has in his vault or whatever. The ones without the slick production. I don't really care for official UYI bootlegs or official releases of proshots. What's the point of an official release of a pro shot that's already around it good quality? And those who've listened to the bootlegs of that tour which aren't that widely circulated like Paris know the band sounds off quite a lot of times. That tour was long, but half of the gigs weren't really that good. I've really no desire for anything from last tour other than video of the band getting back together for the first time and discussing the past. I've my doubts video like that exists as I've a feeling they've decided it's water under the bridge and left all that baggage behind.