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  1. Scott, because he was singing, as opposed to whatever Axl's doing nowadays. I've yet to hear a rendition of Slither with Axl on vocals that sounds somewhat decent, and this includes all the performances he's supposedly nailing.
  2. Sure, it all sounds better than Berlin, but in the end it still sounds like an angry Micky Mouse.
  3. Well now, this was shit. But as usual, there's excuses, excuses.
  4. I feel indifferent. Despite the reunion he still sounds awful so why should I care for it? This band sounds most like GnR when Axl isn't singing.
  5. Do you rate Lenny Kravitz as a musician?

    Half of his studio stuff is pretty good, the other half is bland and generic. Live he's quite the poser nowadays, tries to sell his songs by his supposedly sexy moves but avoids all the risky vocal stuff. His shows have become predictable, he's been playing the same setlist for about 20 years now with the exception of the odd 3 new songs. I could also do without the lengthy "spontaneous" jams he does, half of it goes nowhere. Meh.
  6. Just drop the covers and play a maximum of 3 songs of Chinese Democracy. No one's there to hear that stuff anyway. Replace it with some UYI stuff that wasn't a hit, there's a reason why Coma was so well received among die hards.
  7. You're citing Buzzfeed as a source...Buzzfeed gets its information from sites like Reddit and the likes, citing random users as official sources without providing any context. And even so, I very much doubt Michael Jackson personally sending MTV a letter. It's probably his press camp coming up with the stuff which, from a marketing point of view, makes sense. Have MTV call him the King of Pop and within a few months everyone will say he is the King of Pop.
  8. As if it matters anything... They're not going to get into the reunion and the how and when and why it happened.
  9. I don't really care what they'll do. No amount of changes in the set will fix whatever the fuck is wrong with Axl's voice. And Axl's voice is the reason I still haven't seen any show.
  10. I've always thought the first Snakepit album was utter garbage that lacks direction and sounds like a band jamming on unfinished songs. Ain't Life Grand, their second album, sounds and feels much more like a real album. It has an updated Appetite feel and it's the only album Slash has released with a vocalist that fits his guitar sound. It's easily one of my favourite records. Anything else he's released has a filler or two, with World On Fire consisting of almost nothing but fillers.
  11. Spot on. And said fanbase is incapable of talking about other music because they've never heard it and thus think Jon Bon Jovi is the one inventing all that new shit, while pretty much all they've released the past 15 years has been rehashed pop songs in the hope of having another big hit like It's My Life. I don't understand why everyone's got such a problem with just accepting that out of all the headliners neither Bon Jovi or Guns N' Roses put on a truly great show. Both acts are nothing of what made them famous and both have their own problems. The only similarity is that both bands feature lead singers who've lost it, whatever it may be. Out of the two, Axl Rose is a lot more interesting though because he is just Axl Rose, while Jon Bon Jovi is always busy trying to create that image of a serious songwriter and a generous person.
  12. I've still not seen a show because of Axl's voice so I think I've been doing just fine. What they're giving us now is not GnR.
  13. Eh? Apart from the small group of fans that adore Chinese Democracy there's really no one buying tickets to hear a song like Sorry. Out of this board I've yet to meet someone who's buying tickets because he/she's going to hear anything of Chinese Democracy. No, not really. You're bringing up Bon Jovi as an example of a band that releases new stuff people care for. All he's saying is Bon Jovi might've released new stuff, yet no one cares for it and thus people will go see the shows simply to hear the old stuff. Like with GnR.
  14. Don't pretend Bon Jovi's all that nowadays. Their last decent record is over 10 years old and despite them playing to sold out crowds it's not really a band playing their but Jon and his whatever street band that's joining him. Bon Jovi sounds as much as Bon Jovi as NuGNR sounded like GnR. Many die hard fans lost interest when Sambora left and they've not really got a critical audience anymore since they went pop with It's My Life.
  15. What's mainstream about Bon Jovi nowadays? As for the rest GnR live is nowadays te same shitty, soulles, streamlined, played the exact same set every night Guns N' Roses does? As a matter of fact Bon Jovi are mixing up their set more often than GnR do, with their endless stream of covers and guitar solo's. There's no flow and despite the show being very long, it's just a lot of noise. For a band with as much experience as they have it makes no sense do play shows like these.
  16. I'd have paid good money for this edition of Rock In Rio 10 years ago. Steven Tyler wasn't hoarse back then, Jon Bon Jovi could still sing and Axl's voice resembled a bit of the good old days. What you get now is Aerosmith playing just 17 songs, Bon Jovi doing a 2 hour set with at least an hour of songs no one cares for and a reunited GnR with a singer who sounds like Mickey Mouse. It boggles the mind how anyone, really anyone, could think either Bon Jovi or GnR was any good.
  17. I'm not hearing any of the Slash is awesome. His timing is very off and him adding all these random notes to the original melody line isn't working. It sounds messy, as if he can't keep up with himself. Oh yeah, and Mickey.
  18. Jon Bon Jovi's voice was never meant to do multiple 2 hour+ gigs in a week, let alone 100 shows in a year. Yet that's where the money's at, and Jon Bon Jovi loves money. Thus for the last 15 years 100 shows a year had to be done, because Jon had to buy a football team; The New York Buffalo Bills. 2 huge world tours later and he's left with a silly band that sounds nothing like what Bon Jovi sounds like, his original guitarist left, his voice is gone and he's incapable of singing pretty much anything without the help of the band. Oh, and he wasn't capable of buying the team either.
  19. Have you been living under a rock? Sambora left Bon Jovi 4 years ago.
  20. Yay, let's hear what other stuff Axl can butcher live.
  21. Nobody wants Jon Bon Jovi to sound like he did in 1987 either. All fans really want is a singer who sings. And whatever either is doing isn't singing. And yes, I'm quite sure Axl sings a certain way and it is a conscious decision to sound the way he does and I agree he should sound the same way he did with AC/DC. But he doesn't, and there doesn't seem to be a real excuse for it either. Something that clearly shows that, when seeing the band live, you just don't notice how awful he really sounds. Me, personally, I don't enjoy any show from any artist if the guitars are out of tune, the sound is off or the singer can't sing. But you're not the only one, the majority doesn't hear the vocal flaws of a lead singer unless it's pointed out to them. Yet you are here telling everyone else they should lower the expectations because age has crept up on them. The way either of them sounds is not an age related issue.
  22. Bon Jovi fans have been complaining about his voice for a good few years now. Just because you saw them twice and thought the show was great doesn't mean that it should disqualify how die hards feel about the vocals of Jon Bon Jovi. Every night, 65.000 people think Axl Rose sounds wonderful yet when listening carefully it clearly shows how his voice is completely shot and the man just can't sing anymore. The way most singers' vocals have detoriated have nothing to do with age, but mostly with abuse.
  23. But you must remember that on here nowadays if Axl sounds great from 0:20 to 0:24 it's a great performance.