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  1. The video is awesome, and its quality is fantastic as well. As others have stated, this version features different scenes and angles (in my opinion, this is the original 1989 version). I highly recommend you all check it out.
  2. I think he's a horrible performer. I also saw him live in 2008, and it was one of the most horrifying concerts I've been to. He's a legendary lyricist/songwriter, but as far as his performances go...yikes.
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    It looks ridiculous. I will probably watch it in theaters, laugh my ass off, and have a blast. In a more realistic universe, Claire and her employer would have been decimated by lawsuits/criminal charges. They should at least be haunted by the ghost of that poor personal assistant (there's a movie right there ). What a horrible death. Having said that, I do recognize that this is a dinosaur movie after all. It's the perfect, mindless summer flick.
  4. Yes. This is the correct set list.
  5. Not trying to beat a dead horse (but I will)...the quality, nuances, and texture of his voice don't come through here. After watching this video, he sounds pretty good but not as incredible as it sounded in person. I've seen Axl sing in 10 different shows and he put an edge to a few songs in San Diego that I hadn't heard in the past. For some songs (or parts of), he sang in ultra 1991-mode...in others, he sounded a bit winded and weak. For example, the first verse of Madagascar sounded out of this world. As he went through the song, his voice became weaker on the verses as it became more powerful on the choruses. He honestly has 10-15 different voices. Coma was weak (for the most part) yet Nightrain sounded as good as it did in any 1987-1993 show...seriously. He turns "it" on and off whenever he wants to. It's weird yet fascinating. I will post pics of the program (grabbed the very last one!) and shirt later today. Another point: Slash is a BEAST. His guitar playing is out of this planet. I've seen 3 of his solo shows, and this is the best he has sounded...by far. Moreover, he jumped and ran as if he was 25-30 years old. My only criticism is his This I Love solo--Finck's is better. When he played the Godfather theme, people around me started to loose it. I suppose this might have to do with how close San Diego is to Mexico, lol (it's on the border). For the most part, I've never seen people react that way to any guitar solos for any band (in person). We know how intense Latin American fans can get. I also saw as many young people as I did older folk. This is something I did not see for Axl's version of the band (for the US at least) Overall, I think this tour will re-certify GN'R as a "legend" status type of band. Quite frankly, right now...they're on top of the world.
  6. Hah. No pictures on my end! Having said that, it was definitely cray cray
  7. Excellent show. It was nice to see them in a smaller arena. Slash was the star of the night. Axl's voice was strong throughout but shaky on Chinese Democracy material. However, he rasped his way through most if not all songs from Appetite...My Michelle in particular. Paradise City and Nightrain were incredible. Two girls around me stripped their clothes off. One of them rocked out to a couple of songs while topless and wearing a Slash wig/hat combo...! The crowd was wild to say the least. I bought a tour program and a t-shirt. I can post a pic of those two items if anyone's interested.
  8. Hah! Definitely fired up for this gig.
  9. 11/24/17 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center

    This show is amazing. That's all I can say. Rasp is on par & showmanship is excellent.
  10. Take the verses from Hammerstein (2006) and the intro + chorus from Apollo (new sinister voice) and you have a perfect live performance.
  11. 11/24/17 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center

    See y'all there.
  12. 10/12/17 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center

    It's a fantastic recording. Kudos to whoever did that.
  13. 10/08/17 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

    New Jersey borders Philadelphia (PA).
  14. I will usually go with a live track due to how much better the band's instrumentation sounds live (imo). There is an intensity in Axl's voice that a lot of the studio tracks lack (to that level). When he's on his A-game, the dude just pours his heart out. Moreover, Slash's solos and live guitar licks are like cotton candy to my ears.