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  1. It's a fantastic recording. Kudos to whoever did that.
  2. New Jersey borders Philadelphia (PA).
  3. I will usually go with a live track due to how much better the band's instrumentation sounds live (imo). There is an intensity in Axl's voice that a lot of the studio tracks lack (to that level). When he's on his A-game, the dude just pours his heart out. Moreover, Slash's solos and live guitar licks are like cotton candy to my ears.
  4. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    Just got floor tickets for their Friday show in San Diego--can't wait. This will be my first U2 show (been a fan since ATYCLB). Considering I saw Jane's Addiction and RHCP last weekend (among others), this is just the cherry on the cake...!
  5. Tommy smashed his bass at the Download Festival (same year).
  6. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    I have been repeating the same thing over and over again since 2003. However, few have listened. Axl turns his "rasp" on and off. Evidently, he is doing this to preserve vocal stamina. Back in the early 1990s, he did not have this ability. He has been doing this since 1999 or so (perhaps earlier). This is most likely the biggest difference between his heyday and post-Y2K vocal techniques.
  7. Sorry (Apollo)

    "You like to have me jump and be good/ But I... Don't want to do it" "You talk too much/ You say I do" "Difference is nobody cares about you" I can see why people like them, but I don't. Axl plays the victim card in his lyrics quite often (it definitely works in some cases), but I think he pushes that narrative too hard here. Here, his words don't sound imaginative nor do they sound particularly original. I do like this stanza, however: "It’s harder to live with the truth about you than to live with the lies about me"
  8. Sorry (Apollo)

    Sorry is a fantastic song with mediocre lyrics. In regards to the Apollo show: I listen to Chinese Democracy and Better from this broadcast on an almost-daily basis (especially during my workouts). The Sirius mix gives them an edge that I haven't heard in them before.
  9. Best Nightrains ever

    This performance is incredible. His vocals cut through the music like a razor.
  10. Mainstream: Slither or Fall to Pieces Deep cuts: Suckertrain Blues or Come On, Come In
  11. Gotcha. I saw NWA (loved their show--it was awesome), but you could feel the mood change when GN'R came on (in a good way). People lost their minds on the hits and steadily watched album tracks/lesser known singles. Through out the festival, there were hordes of people wearing GN'R gear...specifically shirts showcasing the classic logo (like the one in my sig). I felt like I was in some sort of twilight zone because when I was a teenager, the band was not considered to be "cool" at all. The opposite was true at Coachella.
  12. Dunkrik (2017)

    What did you think of Fury?
  13. I watched them 5 times last year, and it didn't get boring. That's probably because I didn't follow every minutia of their set list and overall tour--not interested in being a sports analyst-type for this band anymore. I do think the internet can hamper some of that showtime magic.
  14. I don't like the sound effects or voice overdubs. My favorite version is the one they performed in 1988--simple and to the point.
  15. That is not true. I was at Coachella, and people loved them.