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  1. GN'R is my favourite band of all time, but one thing that GN'R isn't is under-rated.
  2. "Sheryl Crow says the original tapes of albums including Tuesday Night Music Club and The Globe Sessions went up in flames in a fire at Universal Studios." Crow, who had seven US top 10 albums between 1995 and 2008, is the first artist to confirm the loss of their recordings since the New York Times' investigation was published two weeks ago. Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48745638 Inb4 all of the "that's great news for music fans" or "that's not even music" predictable jibes re: Sheryl Crow's back catalogue. Bigger picture here is that it's very possible that some of your favourite bands have had music lost in this. More importantly, having followed this thread, is that Sheryl is the first of artists to speak out about this and confirm that her music was destroyed. The article even suggests that this is the first that Crow even knew that they had been destroyed, so looks as though we will have more artists come out of the woodwork as they are made aware of the scale of devastation. Finger's crossed that GN'R stuff is ok!
  3. Is this the first time Moby has ever publicly talked about this? I've been following this band since '04 and I genuinely can't recall him ever discussing the project. Everything he says seems to line-up with all of the rumour and innuendo of the time (re: vocals especially)
  4. Assuming the headline is one translated from the original language into English? I say that because the prose is quite odd. "I don't think it will finally happen" is quite grammatically strange and I would guess the actual sentence has been slightly lost in translation. In any other time I would probably think that the headline was right, but with all of the other comments/speculation this would lead me to suggest that it has just been lost in translation.
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    My unpopular opinion: Nightrain sounded much better live performed by Nu-GNR.
  6. Most of my stories involve waiting around and shooting the shit, but one that stands out to me...: 2016 - Vegas, night 1 - a woman slapping me on the leg telling me to wake up as I was dosing a bit waiting for Guns to hit the stage. I had flown in from London the night before and GN'R hit the stage around midnight which was the equivalent of watching Guns play at 8am! I opened my eyes pretty quick once they started playing looney tunes!
  7. A quick question

    @WhazUp has absolutely nailed the explanation.
  8. Awesome show Brando - like others I really enjoyed the bit about General's chicken. To think, we have speculated on that title for 15-20 years and how powerful and ominous it sounds...only to find out it's inspired by fried chicken!
  9. AC/DC line-up discussion

    I'm basing this off of minimal speculation and others (absolutely nothing definitive), but I think they will play shows but maybe not extensive touring. Cliff retired because he didn't feel like it was AC/DC anymore but if Brian can come back in then I think its a goer. If the plan is for Axl to play all songs at all live shows then I think it will be sporadic.
  10. ACDC New Album News

    I think also a counter argument for this is Van Halen's "A Different Kind of Truth". Hugely successful both from a sales and critical reception point of view, and this was based off of old Van Halen riffs from the 70s.
  11. Compared to the others on that list its very good. Compared to 2016/7/8 in general its good. Mixing of the show is a bit off but I would still suggest giving it a listen.
  12. Staying up all night to watch Rock in Rio 2011, Bridge benefit, Metal God awards, Rock in Rio 2017, Live at the Apollo (ok thais was actually pretty good) and still never learning!