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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah fair play, I managed to find it through twitter but was taken down pretty quickly! Never saw a link on here so definitely possible to have missed it.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    There’s nothing to dispute about the sound check video - it’s absolutely conclusive proof. Not a shred of doubt.
  3. Funny I actually really like the vocals on it, something so raw about it and so undeniably Axl. Hope they keep these vocals if there is an official release.
  4. There’s nothing to suggest Axl did another vocal take of this (yet). All other vocal tracks made on these songs remain virtually untouched, apart from some additions - Chinese democracy as an example.
  5. Oh fair play. I've grown up here so kind of used to it but doesn't mean it doesn't grind my gears! If you need recommendations give me a shout!
  6. Greatest city in the world - there'll be PLENTY to do without a GNR show.
  7. Which bit are you referring to specifically? Never noticed an editing mistake on the final Catcher. Funny though finally having the good-quality Brian May version has made the final album version completely unlistenable for me.
  8. For me what is fascinating about the leaks and then corroborating that with the stories from the time - RTB made them re-record the album but the vocals remained untouched.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    The idea of AC/DC opening for GNR is preposterous, especially suggesting this in Australia.
  10. Gentlemen - please accept my apologies. I waited a couple days to get home and get my laptop so I could open up audacity and put them all together to prove my point and at the most basic level I actually had the labels on my iPhone wrong (I had the Brain version incorrectly labelled as Atlas Shrugged (1999) - all kinds of wrong... the Josh version as Atlas Shrugged (2001) - again, wrong - and Atlas Shrugged (RM01)). When you guys were saying "its Josh", I'm thinking you were mad because the opening toms are SO different between the two. Glad you made me go and check it and prove me wrong ha! To all the others I can definitely say it's Josh! Funny as well as this was always my one example where I thought the Brain drums were better than Josh, now I realise I had it wrong all along.
  11. Just re-listened to them and the RM01 version of Atlas is definitely Brain’s take!
  12. Fair point, thanks for that. I like it less because I think the guitars suck compared to the other versions.