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  1. Depe Depending on price + shipping to the UK I’m, at the least, very interested.
  2. According to her LinkedIn she is now working for Post Malone (beg. Jan 2019, ending GNR in Dec 2018) Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angie-warner-225450aa/
  3. 1. Estranged. 2. Nightrain. 3. Jungle. 4. TWAT (2006 long solo demo). 5. YCBM. EDIT - Honourable mentions for CITR (Brian May), Prostitute (album), Better (2006 leak)
  4. The Leak History

    Not sure I agree with this - not even Blabbermouth picked it up to the best of my knowledge. It is more because the general public don't care what Axl did in his failed Chinese Democracy project 20 years ago. This batch of leaks is my absolute holy grail, so I'm personally delighted that I (may) get to hear this.
  5. Your comment was that this was written about Robin right? I remember questioning it a bit when you made this claim and thinking that it didn't make sense due to the alleged timings of the recordings, but can definitely see how these lyrics would relate to Robin leaving GNR the first time around.
  6. Such a grower... First lesson I just kinda thought "Yeah, its cool" then over the course of the day I keep singing to myself the chorus and the line about following your heart and what it takes to be a man. Also I'm sure people have mentioned it in this thread but surely 2019 Axl can definitely sing this one live?! Fingers crossed for the tour in a few weeks...
  7. Finck interviewed by Premier Guitar

    I actually have no idea. I seem to have a photo that I uploaded from the first reunion Vegas shows but no idea how i did it or how to actually do it. @RussTCB - how do you upload photos on this? Really want to see this guy with Robin!
  8. Finck interviewed by Premier Guitar

    Awesome man! Sounds great, very jealous!
  9. Finck interviewed by Premier Guitar

    Sweet! Where did you meet him?
  10. Imagine if you heard the last minute of Prostitute and that was your only context/reference for that song? Can't form a judgement based on 1 minute only.
  11. Yeah I'll be honest, I don't think Richard is being at all malicious in his comments. I think it comes from an appeasement point of view. The response seems to tick the box for "ask a future GNR-related material question" so there are not follow-ups to this point.
  12. Haven't listened to the video yet, but who do they cite as their source? In reference to your second point, Richard has talked about a follow up album since 08/09 and saying it will be "soon". God, this has brought back memories of 2004/2005 of everyone just going "soon"...! Couldn't agree more on this point. This is the thing that has always made me relatively ambivalent to material that clearly has Slash as the lead contributor. Always in a 4/4 time sig, and it's always verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/solo/chorus. On the flip side, what has always attracted me to Axl's music is the pushing of the boundaries musically. The first time I heard Madagascar was in '04 with a live version from Rio 2001 from Limewire () and I remember my 14 year old self thinking "I've never heard anything like this before!"