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  1. Last full album you listened to?

    Jawbone - Jawbone. Great new band, but members have already earned their stripes, having played with Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Ten Years After, Van Morrison Robert Plant, Dave Gilmour, Seth Lakeman, Cliff Richard, Ginger Baker, Ronnie Wood, Shuggie Otis, Laura Marling, James Hunter, Phil Manzanera, Garth Hudson, Jimmy Carl Black,...
  2. The big stoner/space rock thread

    Maybe you should try this song called "Dopesmoker’’. It tells the story of a caravan of ‘‘weed-priests’’ traveling across the ‘‘sand-sea’’ in search of the ‘‘riff-filled land’’ so as to fulfill their ‘‘desert legion smoke-covenant.’’ It's completely bonkers, 63min long, but considered a landmark in the genre.
  3. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I am orignally from Ghent and live in Brussels. I can give you some recommendations. Send me a PM with what you would like to know.
  4. The big stoner/space rock thread

    Already have my ticket in the pocket. Using the opportunity to leave this absolutely epic live video here:
  5. Ghost

    I'm always surprised to see concert ticket prices from other parts in the wordl. 75 fucking dollars for Ghost? I payed 41€ earlier this year for GA. The previous concerts of Ghost I attended it was 20€ and 28€.
  6. Rammstein

  7. Rammstein

    Hope it's good. Looking forward to their show in july!
  8. Concerts in 2019

    Became a father a little bit over a month ago, but still managed to squeeze some concerts in this year. 2019-03-05 - Laibach @ Botanique, Brussels 2019-03-26 - A Pale Horse Named Death @ Elpee, Deinze 2019-04-05 - Tyr, Heidevolk, Dalriada @ Baroeg, Rotterdam 2019-06-10 - The Smashing Pumpkins @ Lotto Arena, Antwerp 2019-06-16 - Metallica, Ghost @ Koning Boudewijnstadion, Brussels 2019-06-28 - Tool, The Cure @ Rock Werchter, Werchter 2019-07-10 - Rammstein @ Koning Boudewijnstadion, Brussels 2019-08-09 - 11 Alcatraz Festival, Kortrijk 2019-11-17 - Heilung @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
  9. Concerts in 2019

    Ha, I'd love to see Frei.Wild once, but they don't seem to play outside of German speaking countries. Guess I'll have to travel for it. Luckily it's not far, since I live in Belgium. This is my favourite song by them:
  10. Let's keep this thread updated with great stoner bands. I will start.