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  1. Looks like the time has come to lock yet another Izzy / Steven based thread. In the future, we'll just move these to Civil War in the first place.
  2. Ridiculous question. Also, it's laughable that people continually act like this site is the problem. Take a look at GNRs fb or YouTube page and you'll see far worse things said about Axl on a regular basis than you'll ever see here.
  3. Allowing users to express their opinions isn't an odd position to take. 100% this. The original user was attempting to insult a past member of GNR. When that got turned around and aimed at Axl, it all of sudden became unfair in that users eyes to insult a band member.
  4. No one here insults Axl just to insult him. The criticism of him is deserved and brought on only by himself.
  5. A Quiet Place (2018)

    Anyone else see the movie A Quiet Place? My wife and I saw it this morning. I liked it a great deal. Don't want to spoil anything, just wondering if anyone else saw it.
  6. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    I'll be surprised if they're still doing Coma on the next leg of the tour. I'll be equally surprised if Locomotive replaces it.
  7. I would be stunned and amazed it anyone on Earth thought what Pete Wentz thinks about any topic at all, let alone what he thinks GNR should do.
  8. I know, I know, I know. That's what I included this "Clarification Statement: I AM NOT SAYING THAT MEANS THAT THEY CONTRIBUTED MORE THEN EITHER IZZY OR STEVEN OR BOTH TO GN'R!" lol Having said that, people used to confused Gilby with Izzy too. In addition, there's a LOT of reasons why Fortus & Frank aren't recognized by fans and they all pretty much start in the same place: Axl.
  9. I just can't stand AC/DC. They've just never been my thing.
  10. Here are some facts: 2 of the 3 of these "strangers" have been in Guns N' Roses longer than Steven & Izzy were. Clarification Statement: I AM NOT SAYING THAT MEANS THAT THEY CONTRIBUTED MORE THEN EITHER IZZY OR STEVEN OR BOTH TO GN'R! I am merely stating that they're not "strangers" by any definition of the word. The third "stranger" is only that because the guy doing her job previously got hammered, insulting the band, threw a fit about his birthday being wrong on a site we don't own, then called all the users here dildos and they needed someone else to do his job.
  11. I agree with this statement except I'd add "...except for an AC/DC album"
  12. It's from the red hand cover version of CD. There's a paragraph in that booklet from Axl about the album and it starts with "this is how I spent my summer"