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  1. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    I keep hearing about this band, but I keep forgetting to look into them. I really need to check out those tunes you mentioned.
  2. Floyd Discussion

    Funny thing about Not Now John; I have the 7" single for it which has the "radio edit". They changed out all the "fucks" for "stuff". So yes, you hear David, Roger AND the backup singers saying "Stuff all that!". It's really poorly punched in too, so it sounds even worse than it should. One bright point about the 7" is that it has The Hero's Return Part II which is not on the album. I'm sure it's available on YouTube, but it's near to have it on a 45. You really should give The Final Cut a closer listen. It's way better than most people give it credit for. David's solo on the title song is one of my favorite solos he's done. Also, you're 100% correct. Brick III is by far the best one. My ranking goes: III, I, II
  3. Infectious Groove - A Music Podcast w/ RussTCB

    Btw, if anyone who has listened would like to follow us on Facebook, here's the link: https://facebook.com/infectiousgroovepod
  4. I can't predict, but my hope is- New single on the morning of 01/31 News that morning that an album is soon to follow the single The NITL line up plays a kick ass show that night which features a drastically changed setlist Axl turns in an ACDC level performance for the Fox cameras Some sort of sustainable, positive buzz is created The forum erupts in joy
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    There's absolutely no chance that ACDC opens for GNR in any country, let alone Australia.
  6. Infectious Groove - A Music Podcast w/ RussTCB

    I'm crossing my fingers that we can make that happen
  7. Infectious Groove - A Music Podcast w/ RussTCB

    Thanks! We had some issues with my co hosts mic, but we'll fix stuff like that going forward)
  8. Infectious Groove - A Music Podcast w/ RussTCB

    Thanks for the feedback! I actually have "music in movies and television" down as an upcoming topic. Sorkin is first in my mind when I think of music being used effectively, so I'll be covering that!
  9. That's a solid theory actually. If they're looking at this as a one off pay check, then Axl will sound as unprepared as usual. If they're looking at this as a big promotion platform, he'll probably sound excellent
  10. After YEARS of putting it off, I finally started my own music podcast! You can listen to the first episode right here: https://anchor.fm/infectiousgroovepodcast/episodes/Side-A--Song-1---Pilot-ea929m?fbclid=IwAR3-Bratci1Az0KabR6uCWPB8x82cbRa4R1KkQ1sUksZDRKwmiFbQ7ux8sg This is my very first attempt at recording so it's probably got some rough spots lol. We're shooting to put out a new episode every Monday, so I'll share a link in this thread every time there's a new episode. If anyone has the time to take a listen, I'd love to hear any and all feedback
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I think he's serious and don't call him Shirley.