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  1. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    I don't think you can "grow out of" art. I think your tastes can change but you can't really grow out of it.
  2. I'm actually quite surprised by the reaction in this thread. I've thought for years that I was one of the only people who liked it a lot.
  3. I talked about this recently on @sidman69's podcast. I just wasn't willing to give a Slash-less GN'R a try when OMG was released. A couple years later I broke down and listened to it a few times. LOVED it from that moment on and it ended up being the thing that left me far more open to the future of Guns w/o Slash.
  4. What is Axl up to these days?

    That's 100% true for me too.
  5. The Ulrich Schnauss Incident

    The thing that's always bummed me out about this whole deal is that the samples in question are just another example of CD being way overblown. Riad can and should've just started with the guitar and kicked in from there. The samples in question add absolutely nothing to the song IMO.
  6. I just unpinned by open letter as it seems neither the people who were threatened want to contact the proper authorities nor does Team Brazil want to acknowledge the issue. Looks like the whole thing will end up just being one giant non-issue.
  7. Haha, yes, all of us in different countries all over the world on totally different devices...........anyway......... Seems this issue is solved now, so we're good here. Myself and the 10 other fans of the album can rest easy again
  8. "Do as I say, not as I do" right? That seems to be the one thing TB is good at. They have a history of insinuating and openly insulting the fan base, yet we're supposed to be all happy go lucky, thankful for anything we get and never say anything negative? Nah.
  9. Yeah, I agree it's on odd situation. The first part of your is what a lot of the mods have thought too. I see both sides of it, but still wish they'd give the fan base a simple "we are not associated with that person in any way" type of statement. I also agree with the second part. If something like either of these threats hasld happened to me personally, I would've contacted the authorities immediately.
  10. That's the thing: they're very aware of all of this. They've had all the details for over a week now, yet choose to not even make a public statement saying they have nothing to do with this person who's threatening families and doing so while saying he's working with them.
  11. It's still up on Tidal as well, but there are a lot of albums still on Tidal that have been removed from Spotify. Bad Obsession, It's So Easy and The Garden have never been missing from Tidal either.
  12. Pearl Jams fan club gets a lot of love too. Third Man Records has a Vault system that's oretty awesome too.
  13. I was doing a thing.... Think about the first line of the song, then re-read my post. Points deducted from your overall score, sir.
  14. Well that's not what I was thinking or how I'd imagined having to look for that song.
  15. What is Axl up to these days?

    It's not really that we don't want him to. We've just never made any requests for it and I don't think we will any time soon is all. That's also just my opinion but like I said before, I do believe downzy feels the same way.