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  1. Haha, wrong on so many counts. It's not "90% identical to Robin's". It's not even close To claim that I of all people am on any sort of bandwagon is absolutely hilarious.
  2. You're correct, I just posted something similar. I was thinking "Lady, your husband never played that place. He played the place that's about 4 blocks east and less than 1/4 the size"
  3. "I have not seeing a show since my husband played with them in that same Arena a few years ago....Only one song touched my heart by bringing me back many special memories and magical moments spent together with Dj when we first met.. “This I Love”. On those notes, I fell in love with the guy" A couple of things to note: Your husband never played that arena with GN'R. Also, his version of the TIL solo is one of the worst things ever in the history of music.
  4. That shit Slash does at the 4:31 mark in that video is my favorite part of his version of that solo.
  5. In the case of Chinese Democracy related material, GN'R and/or their legal team have always been far more aggressive. Since we know that from past experience, we just go into these things with a better safe than sorry stance. I've said this a couple of times in the thread, but just so everyone knows; we think it's kinda silly too. I mean, anyone who visits the board has probably already purchased CD. If they haven't in the 9 years since it's been released, a leak of a really old song from it certainly isn't going to stop them from finally deciding to buy it It's a weird/irritating position for us to be in, just know that. As for allowing posts asking for PMs, we've been a lot more forgiving this time out for exactly the reason listed above. If there were ever a full leak of a completely unreleased GN'R track that has potential to be commercially released someday, I think we'd have to take a far harder stance on requests for PMs/links.
  6. Member Picture Thread

    I always want to post in this thread then I realize that I'm never happy with any picture of myself EVER
  7. Describe a forum member with one gif

    @ZoSoRose on GNR leading up to any Detroit show: ZoSoRose on GNR after any Detroit show:
  8. After thinking about for years, I've come the conclusion that I don't like one more than the other. Pretty much whichever UYI I'm listening to is my favorite at that moment.
  9. I've always said 4tus looks like Adrian Brody!
  10. There's nothing else besides this "new" version of Madagascar. Everything else is BS
  11. That's my thing: I don't want KOHD gone, I just want this version gone. There's absolutely NO reason for KOHD to be a 12-15 minute affair. I'm one of the biggest Fortus fans around here and even I don't think there needs to be a break after every other lyric for him to noodle around for 2 minutes.
  12. I have to be out in Vegas for work in two weeks. Would've been nice for this to line up to see them at the same venue again.
  13. Removed some posts discussing a very well known banned member here. As a reminder, we don't allow discussion of banned members for several reasons. One of which is that they don't have a way to defend themselves. Please keep the thread on topic and concerning the newest leak of Madagascar.
  14. No problem. While we can't allow links to be posted in the open on our forum, we're always more than happy to allow discussion of leaks if/when they happen
  15. This "new" version of Madagascar is the only thing that's actually leaked. As others have pointed out in the thread, none of the other "leaks" being discussed elsewhere actually exist.