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  1. I always thought it was funny that Axl was OK with Bucket pulling that stuff but Ozzy had a huge problem with it lol
  2. Extra GNR Stuff For Sale!

    I'll take the first one then. I'm 90% sure the mix I want is on there and worst case scenario, I'll just have a cool GN'R 12" single lol. Shoot me a PM with your PayPal info and the total including shipping and I'll shoot you a payment some time today
  3. Wasn't sure where to put this. If the Slash fans would rather me move it to The Jungle, that's fine: http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/16/slash-ex-wife-perla-ferrar-new-beginnings-divorce-party/
  4. I got around to watching the first episode last night and noticed that was well; it's not a show you can just leave on in the background. I'll get to more of it later this week I think.
  5. Extra GNR Stuff For Sale!

    This has the alt / "dry" mix of Mr. Brownstone, correct? ISE Germany 12" picture sleeve 920 710-0; I have 2; $15 each If so, I'd love to get one of them from you! Any idea what condition you'd grade the actual vinyl?
  6. Wow, what a random and cool use of the Better lyrics.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Thanks and yeah, I can only really do it due to having them in bins instead of spined. Room may become an issue soon since I don't spine them, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it lol
  8. To the rest of the music fans that don't visit these boards, GNR are very much "just another band from the 80s"
  9. A new GN'R album would sell about the same as any other legacy act: It would go to #1 initially, then quickly lose steam. There would probably be one single that got a lot of play upon release, then also quickly falls off and doesn't get played much after the first couple of months. That's just how it goes with legacy acts and I'm sure that's part of the problem we're facing now: there's really no money or history to be earned from releasing a new GN'R album now.
  10. I wonder if reviews will be out for this soon. I'm not excited at all from everything I've seen so far. I'm going to have to see some amazing reviews first to get me to the theater.
  11. Anyone watch this yet? Looking for opinions:
  12. Movie Credits

    I think these might be my favorite opening credits of all time: