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  1. It's near 8 Mile, yeah. 8 Mile is very big though and covers a lot of area. It runs through very affluent areas as well.
  2. No joke, I once found myself over that way about 6 - 7 years ago. Most of Detroit is so much better now, but that area remains pretty much untouched. Very scary area IMO lol
  3. Yep, we've got a lot of great musical heritage in these parts, that's for sure!
  4. **FAKE** GNR 2019 Leak? Found on Youtube

    Lol, no. Thanks for finding that Jan. We'll go ahead and close this
  5. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    We know they have the wallcades and cocktail games coming, but I'm also curious what else they could have up their sleeve. I saw the NBA Jam cab in person at CES but I never post that on the fb page because I don't want the world to come down on my head lol. Having said that, the problem is exactly what you said; licensing. It's one thing to have a prototype hidden at a trade show, it's another thing to get the licensing to bring it to market. As far as I'm concerned, I would only be intersted in NFL Blitz from that line of games anyway. Games with unique controls would have to be their next direciton. Qbert, like you mentioned, then maybe 720 like I was saying. QBert would have the far bigger audience, so I bet they'll get on that. I just don't see what else they could do that would keep people interested. Maybe light gun games? I know their CEO has hinted about doing something with pinball but I'm not sure how they'd pull that off. I'll be watching E3 very closely as I really think we'll have a much better idea of what the future holds then. I do think they'll announce TMNT and The Simpsons. If they announce NBA Jam, things could get interesting.
  6. **FAKE** GNR 2019 Leak? Found on Youtube

    Bummer. It's clear that whomever is uploading to that channel would like us to think it's a genuine leak, but apparently it's not.
  7. It just says "Keep abortion safe and legal"
  8. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    I'm running a RaspberryPi currently and I'll probably just stick with that. As far as A1U cabs going forward, I might buy a QBert if the do that due to the unique controls. I would love for them to do a 720 cab but I know that'll never happen. I'm gonna check your video out in a minute.
  9. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    I think I'm good with my 3 cabs. I modded SF into a Pi machine, then I left GT & MK stock. They would really have to announce something incredible at E3 for me to consider another one.
  10. Black Mirror Season 5

    Yes, yes, YES. Can't wait!
  11. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    Hell, if I was going to be in the Boston area at that time, I'd just go with you to the show.
  12. I still don't agree with that last point. I get Izzy's importance but I just don't think the gereral public does.
  13. Duff interview.

    So sad, but so true. It's way more about the merchandising with these guys than anything to do with art.
  14. I think pretty much anyone is bound by the "no GN'R questions" thing, but I hope Bill can get something good out of Duff.