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  1. Appetite for Destruction reaction

    I don't think we have actually even though there's a lot of these "reaction" videos out there. I listened to a lot of it and it was really cool to hear a completely different perspective. Thanks for posting!
  2. GREAT post and thanks for bringing things back on track! To everyone else arguing if it's a solo album or not, if it sounds like nin or whatever in the hell else that's off topic; please drop it. Either post on topic as exampled here, or take your posts to a different thread. Thanks!
  3. So far, it's looking like there's no vinyl release: https://www.discogs.com/artist/556472-Dizzy-Reed
  4. OK... We're not going to go in circles about this anymore. I've tried to be nice but it's become apparent that you're unable or unwilling to reason on these topics. Here's some things you need to understand: Posters are allowed to share their opinions on here without fear of being attacked by someone who has a different opinion than theirs. That's what people have done in this thread, they've shared their opinions. It's not "claims" it's opinions. Opinions can't be proven right or wrong, they can merely be discussed and that's what we allow here. So after several tries to be nice, I'll say this again: you need to calm down. If you can discuss a difference of opinion without attempting to insult others, than great. If you can't, then you need to leave the opinions you disagree with alone.
  5. Their "claims" are their opinions. What something sounds like is entirely up to each individual. People hear things differently than others. It's not really a reason to get bent out of shape.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Picked up Culture Club Live At Wembley as I wanted to this morning. Came home and was browsing Discogs and came across a Michael Jackson album I'd be looking for. Blood On The Dance Floor is a really good later record of his that I've just never spent the money on, so I'm glad to have it on the way finally.
  7. I think you're reading WAY more into the comments than you should, but that's just me.
  8. Ok, it might be time for you to calm down a little. Remember that opinions don't make you or anyone else more or less of a "fan".
  9. It's so weird. I have a copy of Chinese Democracy right next to me so I double checked it. In 3 different places (cover, back cover and spine) it lists it as a Guns N' Roses album. I checked inside just to be sure, and sure as shit, there were pictures of the Guns N' Roses lineup that played on the album. Looking further, I found writing credits for the members of Guns N' Roses that were involved in writing each Guns N' Roses song.
  10. ...aaaaaaaaaaand we're done here. @ludurigan please take this stuff to the Civil War section from now on.
  11. Joke isn't lost, we're all aware that you don't like Fortus, the current line up or anyone who isn't the original five. Lol
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Picked up Encore by Anderson East but haven't had a chance to spin it yet. Hoping the Culture Club At Wembley 2LP set comes out this Friday as planned.
  13. There was some glitch on the forum that gave your thread a ridiculous title, so I fixed it for you
  14. [Sons Of Apollo] 'Psychotic Symphony'

    Great choice for a new single. Video is great too. Bumble's bluesy fretless solo in that track is bad ass.