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  1. Typical "brand" versus band bullshit. How lame.
  2. Holy shit @username! Awesome work! Thanks for this!
  3. There were two fakes. One was a tribute band rehearsing it, the other was someone just playing the studio track trying to make it sound like a rehearsal. In short, it was probably never soundchecked.
  4. https://www.thetapesarchive.com/ Hit the link above to hear Shannon Hoon's last interview which was done about month before he passed away. The interview was just released for the first time yesterday due to the anniversary of Shannon's death. I'm putting this in D&N for the obvious GN'R connection, plus he mentions Axl at one point.
  5. It's just SO labored now. I cannot imagine anyone involved in playing it really like what they're doing while they're playing it.
  6. I overheard this being discussed during the morning news on CNN today. They did mention that it's several years old but I'm still puzzled as to why this is causing such a shit storm now.
  7. Fuck. Yes. Michael is so insanely under rated it's not even funny.
  8. Ads

    Same here. I have a ton more ads today and they're extremely intrusive. Hopefully @downzycan look into what's going on.
  9. It's awesome that they had so much fun. That's also interesting / cool about the speakers.
  10. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I merged this with the existing thread about the movie.
  11. Absolutley. I was just listening to Little Brother Is Watching again the other night. I forgot what a REALLY good album that is. I would have loved to hear what Axl & BBF could have done together.
  12. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    I hear what you're saying. My initial issue was that the comment was made that this is "a shitty forum". The implication was that the forum is shitty because we allow all opinions. That's the part I disagree with. I do agree that many people bitch just to bitch. On top of that, I think there's some users with impossible expectations, but t I also think those people are in the minority. I really do believe the greater majority of users here only want what's best for GNR. A lot of times when they express that, it gets twisted and or labeled as complaining.
  13. I think we'll keep hearing Locomotive off and on. I think they'll play Dead Horse at some point but I don't expect Axl to play guitar on it. I think Hard School is only on the alt list to fuck with fans and that's a total dick move.
  14. I didn't know it had been opened to the public again, but I'm not surprised at all to hear it's dead now. I would assume the Nightrain forum is dead too.