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  1. American Horror Story:Cult

    Second episode wasn't any better IMO. I'm giving it until next week then giving up if it doesn't get better. I can't just waste whole hours of my life watching Sarah Paulson scream at the top of her lungs, drool and mumble/cry about clowns.
  2. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    There's enough arguing going on about Melissa in the Social Media without bumping a year old thread to stir up more.
  3. I don't get it either. I now have a work trip that means I won't make it to the show until like 8pm, so I'm kinda nervous.
  4. Exactly. I like Gilby and all, but he would in no way "add to the legitimacy" of anything to do with GN'R these days.
  5. After completing the series I firmly believe:
  6. When I think "GN'R Riots" I usually just think of Montreal, Vancouver and St. Louis.
  7. Still nothing listed for Detroit with the concert getting very close now. I'm guessing that I'll end up skipping whomever it is. If it were a big enough name, it probably would've been announced by now.
  8. I actually had that thought just before scrolling down and seeing your post. Would it really matter? My guess is the greater majority of the audience wouldn't have any idea who he is anyway.
  9. I was rolling through that whole episode.
  10. Very well done and pretty damn funny:
  11. I totally get what what saying but I just don't think that much thought has been put into it. I think Axl's proven he just doesn't have any interest in releasing new music.
  12. Because of the length of time between 1994 and 2008, then the length of time between 2008 and now.
  13. Yep. I was just telling my wife last night that the upcoming Detroit GN'R show will probably be the last time I see Axl Rose perform live in person. I just can't bring myself to care if he doesn't.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    I still haven't even played Mario Kart even though I bought it months ago :/ in the event that I do, I'll add you on the Switch for sure
  15. Lol @ "The Simple Solution" being used in a sentence for anything to do with GN'R lol