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  1. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    I couldn't agree with you more, specifically about Derek. I really wish he would stop trying to make this band an updated version of 70s Rainbow. I don't mind keys and Derek is a great player, but the keys just don't need to be as upfront as he seems to think they should. Ron, Jeff & Billy should be the ones with more control over the song writing process IMO. Side note: we have had a Sons of Apollo thread in the other music section, but it got little to no attention. This one seems to be getting a lot more discussion than that one did.

    lolwut... I love Lies and Animals, so I'm not sure where you got the impression that I don’t. I have to say I find the GN'R comparison humorous coming from you though seeing as Dark Side of the Moon is considered their AFD while Momentary Lapse is universally regarded as their Chinese Democracy. Oh man, I couldn't agree more! I could go on and on about this, but yeah, I can't stand it when people call Floyd stoner music. Most times people are trying to be dismissive but it bothers me when people think they're being complimentary too. Like when people mention that they love getting high and listening to Comfortably Numb. I'm always like "Have you actually listened to the lyrics? Because it's actually an anti drug message...."
  3. It has, yeah but there's a big public outcry / backlash about it. People use lame excuses like "BUT WHAT IF AN EMERGENCY HAPPENS DURING THE CONCERT AND I DON'T HAVE MY PHONE?!" My answer to that is: "the emergency could be handled the same way it was in the entire history of concerts prior to cell phones..." In any case, I personally think there's way too much money in viral / social marketing for corporations to care. They gain a ton of free advertising and buzz from people using their phones at shows. In the end, major corporations are always going to take the cash instead of trying to do what's best for the customer.

    I couldn't disagree more overall, but different opinions make the world go round lol. Having said that, I saw Floyd two nights in a row on The Division Bell Tour (07/14 & 07/15/1994). Both shows were fucking amazing of course.
  5. I get what you're saying and I applaud when artists do that. Jack White pioneered alot of ideas to get people to put their phones away at shows, but none of it is going to catch on IMO. The major corporations know exactly how to use social media as a promotional tool, which is all linked in to fans use of phones at show. So it's just not going to go away any time soon. Don't get me wrong; it annoys me to no end as well and I wish it wasn't a thjng. I'm just saying the reality of the situation is that it's never going to go away.
  6. I used to be all "get off my lawn!" about cell phones at concerts too, but it is what it is. It's not going anyway any time soon.
  7. I'm happy for people when they get sober, so I can't disagree with that at all. However, I really don't think his sobriety has anything to do with it. He comes off as just not giving at shit, at least to me.
  8. Concerts in 2020

    I think @Powerage5is finally going to his first Maiden show next year too
  9. Concerts in 2020

    I have the following shows lined up for January and February: Sons of Apollo The Lone Bellow Garth Brooks Tom Keifer Sturgill Simpson
  10. Disney+

    I thought the exact same thing!
  11. I thought that was a really good doc. Side note; I finished the last season of You're The Worst since it was finally on Hulu. Really awkward season but it had some good moments.
  12. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    Jesus Christ... That guy couldn't be any more full of himself.

    Glad you really took a listen to that version of The Wall. It's stunningly good IMO. I'm not too sure how to feel about the Delicate Sound remix / remaster after I heard that Run Like Hell yesterday. First off, I'm super pissed that you have to buy the over priced boxed set just to get the blu-ray. I've only ever seen the film on VHS and would have loved to have seen it on blu-ray, but I'm not paying for that whole set just to get it. Anyways, the thing that concerns me with that Run Like Hell is that it sounds like more than a remix and remaster to me. I know the original Delicate Sound like the back of my hand and I'm certain there are different vocals being used here and there. There's also some different guitar parts and keys from the original too. Doesn't sound bad per se, just different. I'm kinda concerned about hearing the rest of it now. Edit because I forgot to address the two drummers on The Wall Live- Yes, everyone in the band was doubled up for The Wall Live. Two drummers, two keyboards, two guitarists and even two bass players. They needed everyone to accurately replicate everything on the album. I believe the tightness of the band at that time came from Roger's stern hand. Gilmour is so much more laid back that he probably didn't care so much about that by the time they did the Momentary Lapse tour.
  14. At the advice of @Nikki_Sixx, the old thread had to be removed. Please use this thread to discuss the show. DO NOT REQUEST OR POST LINKS IN PUBLIC! Thanks!
  15. Last full album you listened to?

    Bob Jovi - New Jersey The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds The Black Crowes - Three Snakes And One Charm
  16. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    I changed the name of my thread so it's more of a general SoA thread. First single is a very good example of the rest of the album. Anyone who liked the first album should love this one.
  17. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/222961-coma-and-jungle-demos/?page=1
  18. Which cover do you prefer to the original?

    I like the original and the GN'R version equally. One that comes to mind for me is the Everclear version of Brown Eyed Girl. They took a really worn out song and totally made it their own.
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    Yep, and that's why I've been so actively involved in this. Truth be told, I haven't watched a GNR video on YouTube in ages. I used to watch a ton from 07 and before, but I haven't used YouTube to watch GNR much since then. So overall, this really doesn't effect me directly. However, it really has a bad effect on many GNR fans and that's why it matters to me so much.
  20. Copyright Strikes....

    I can't keep wasting time going in circles on this. I have made myself clear more than a few times.
  21. Copyright Strikes....

    Did you miss the first part of my post? I'm not talking about "tagging them in a post". I'm talking about having direct contact through email and phone. There's nothing special about having that access as their email and phone numbers are common knowledge to anyone who wants them. And again, the only people who usually want access to TB are people trying to promote something of their own, like say, a GNR site. We've been through the pattern many times before where someone wants a connection to GNR to promote something for themselves, so all of a sudden they try to become TBs white online knight. Also, I've never said TB shit on me in particular. I have mentioned that they shit on the fans though. I'm able to make that statement because it's absolutely true. Calling me childish isn't going to change that, but you're welcome to post things like that if you feel if justifies your point. I'm not playing victim at all because, as I've said before, TB has never shit on me personally. The only reason I'm involved in this is because I very much care about my fellow GNR fans. I have absolutely nothing to gain from saying and doing these things outside of trying to defend fans who have absolutely no reason to be treated the way they are by the bands management.
  22. Not sure on that one, but it certainly couldn't hurt to wait a couple weeks to find out. It'll really depend on how many they were able to unload on other sites. A couple of months after it was released, they somehow managed to unload some onto sites like Music Direct, etc. Then they started with the huge discounts through their own site, but the price has been pretty steady for a while since then. If they are still sitting on a ton of them, then I don't doubt they'll go to $199 or $249 to blow the rest out.
  23. Copyright Strikes....

    First things first; of course "others have access to TB". They're not some secret organization that is hard to get to. Their email addresses have been posted in public many times as well as their phone numbers. So anyone who has direct contact with TB hasn't really pulled off some special feat. Dozens and dozens of people with fb pages & fan sites have easy access to TB if they so chose. Really, anyone who wants to can shoot them anything they want. It's usually something along the lines of "Hey, I've got this great new GNR site and here's how I can help TB!", then they hope for some special connection to GNR somewhere down the line because of it. Secondly (and again) it is not on the fans to try to repair anything at this point. TB have created this toxic environment themselves, not the fans. As I said before they, like GNR in general, are very good at playing the victim. They have a proven track record of shitting on the fans, yet somehow we're the ones who need to repair this? That makes absolutely zero sense.
  24. Copyright Strikes....

    I'm not sure what you're not understanding, but I'll say it again: All of the above has been tried. It's been explained to TB in private many times takedowns hurt the band. In addition, we've tried to show them the value if the voice of the fans (i.e the forums) and they just don't care. The GN'R organization, whether it's TB, Del or Axl himself, are VERY good at playing the victim. The bands fans are not to blame for this current situation. The band, it's management and its associates are. How or why you think that the fans need to keep playing nice with a group of people who have nothing but open contempt for them is beyond me. We (as in, the fans, not this forum in particular) have done more than our fair share to support TB and GNR over the years. All we've received in return is insults, so how is it on us to try to salvage this? How is it not on TB to lift a finger and make an actual attempt at fixing this??
  25. Copyright Strikes....

    The letter was to TB overall, but Del got ahold of it. His first reaction was to insult fans. His second reaction was to rant about bootlegging. Then his third and best reaction was to share a fan video of a different artist on his social media the very next day. That letter I wrote is a prime example of exactly how far "being nice" to TB, Del and the entire GNR organization gets you.