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  1. False. As I posted previously, you should watch a documentary called Square One 2.0 on Amazon Prime which will clarify things regarding the 93 case for you. In addition, Michael Jackson was found innocent on all charges in the later case.
  2. Anyone who'd like to get educated on the 93 case should look up a documentary called Square One 2.0, which is free on Amazon Prime currently. Regarding the second case, Michael was found innocent on all 14 charges.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'm going to assume it'll be a lot of insults and not much else lol
  4. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Oh, that would he cool. I have a custom slip case of sorts for my Deja Entendu LP by Brand New. The GN'R thing would be full color as opposed to a die cut like the Brand New thing but still, it'll be cool.
  5. WTF Finck Solo

    Totally agree
  6. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Mine shipped today, so I should be able to report back on quality when it arrives in a few weeks.
  7. The latest bonus tournament episode is out now
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    What a piece of shit.
  9. They'll retire when people stop giving them money for doing next to nothing.
  10. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    If you're ever near Detroit for any reason, hit me up!
  11. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Will do. I'll spin it as soon as I can after I arrives. I want very badly to hear the rest of the album correctly on vinyl! There are VERY high quality scans of the Red Hand cover available. Not sure on the Grenade cover. I have no clue how much it would cost to get custom LP jackets done, but I would be very interested if one of you guys looks into it.
  12. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Yeah, I've seen/heard about all the bootlegs out of Russia. I know about those CD / CD bootlegs too. I'm crossing my fingers no one went to the trouble of making a bootleg of the vinyl haha
  13. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    That's great news. Thanks!
  14. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Everything you just posted has nothing to do with the question I asked in the first place.
  15. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Yeah, I wasn't sure either but we'll see what happens.
  16. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    I grabbed one off of Discogs just now. It was listed as being sold from the Russian Federation, so here's hoping it's right. With tax & shipping the total was around $60 USD.
  17. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Limited number of them pressed. It was released at a time where vinyl just wasn't produced in large quantities.
  18. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Yeah, I'm close to grabbing one too
  19. Need your help!

    Tokyo was definitely taped but yeah, it would've been a higher quality tape. Beta, like you mentioned or something like that. But yeah, there's so much available from that time I just hope they choose the right stuff to include.
  20. Need your help!

    Universal would be handling this not Fernando, thankfully.
  21. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Damn! Well, I'll probably do the same
  22. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Hello MyGNR Fam I've made a very hard decision that I'm going to share with all of you now: as of this post, I am leaving the MyGNR forum staff. I have a lot of things I'd like to share with everyone as part of this process- My GN'R-online story started back on a forum called newgnr and I moved over to a forum called GNRevolution after newgnr went away. I was part of the staff at GNRevo from quite some time before I ended up leaving that site in a very bad way which was due in great part to my own faults. The staff and majority of users were always very good to me during my time there. To this day, I remain ashamed of myself for the way I handled things with that situation. That really has nothing to do with MyGNR, I just wanted to say that in public. I continued to read MyGNR, mostly My World in the weeks that passed and I really had no intent on joining leadership of any GN'R forum ever again. However, I kept seeing little things that I thought could improve and kept getting the itch to help out. I reached out to High Voltage with a random PM and asked if he'd be intersted in me joining. We went back and forth a bit and he ended up deciding it was a good idea. No matter what's happened since, I'm glad that he did. I won't bore everyone with stories of what's gone on here since. There's a long history that many of you know. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Always with the best intentions. I've never claimed to be perfect and I hope I've never given anyone the impression that I thought I was. My intention was always just to hopefully build a medium place for fans of all opinions to meet up. I believe I had varying degrees of success with that in my time on the staff here. I am now and will continue to be proud of my work here. So why is this happening? This is happening now because to be honest, my heart hasn't been in the band for a very long time. My heart was with the forum though, so I stayed on the staff much longer than I probably should have. I relayed my thoughts to Downzy earlier today and he's understandably upset but supportive of my decision. Downzy's handling of my decision is another in a long line of great things that add to my time on the staff here. I am extremely grateful for the friends I've made through the GN'R community both online and in real life. So what happens now? I am *NOT* leaving the forum but I am leaving the staff and mostly likely any GN'R discussion. As I said before, my heart just isn't in this band so I would most likely only contribute negative things to the D&N section that I worked so hard to help rid of negativity. It's best for me to hang out in My World & Seen That Movie Too when I stop by. I'll be posting in the usual threads in those sections, so you can look for me there and/or shoot me a PM whenever anyone would like. I want to say THANK YOU to the entire GN'R online community for all the memories. Thank you to the online and real life friends I have and I'll even say thank you to the people who are probably celebrating right now haha. Every person I've interacted with has made me a better person in some way, whether they liked me or not. Being made a better person through this whole experience is something I'll never forget, so as I said many times; I'm grateful for this whole experience. This isn't goodbye, it's just "I'm stepping down and I won't be giving anyone warning points anymore" haha. I truly hope for the best in the future for this forum, the online community and even this band who seems to disappoint us so much, but connects us all in some way. Thanks for everything and see you in the non-GN'R sections! -RussTCB
  23. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Is there anywhere to get one new still? You can't buy the US pressing new anymore, thankfully bit do you know of a regular store in Europe I could just order one from instead of taking a chance on Discogs?
  24. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Wow. Just wow. Well, that's for the confirmation. At least I know to avoid anything and everything involving him from here out.