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  1. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    Yeah, it's a giant bummer. I'd agree with what you're saying about Axl, Slash & Duff too. The interview itself with Rich & Chris was just what you said.... off. Then the actual performances of the songs are just completely lifeless
  2. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    Yeah, that's what I mean. They literally cut out all living Crowes members just to make more money for themselves. Yes, I realize that's rich coming from a GNR fan, but I've made me feelings clear about NITL as well. Anyways, I watched the Stern interview and I just don't buy what they're saying. Everything about this is the exact opposite of what the Crowes were all about. On the Stern interview, they just looked like two dudes getting paid to say things to support this tour.
  3. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    No, no, no, no, no.....that's not "nailing" Hard To Handle..... THIS is nailing Hard To Handle: Yes all bands tour for money, but that's totally beside the point here.
  4. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    The drummer is worse than I expected :/ You're both absolutely correct. That's exactly what I was expecting from the sound of this version of The Black Crowes.
  5. The Mandalorian (Star Wars TV show)

    Watched it earlier, it's got a lot of promise.
  6. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    Thanks for this, I didn't even know about this podcast! I feel the same way about the drumming situation. I love to hear Steve talk about this stuff and can't wait to listen to this.
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    Just shot you a PM
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    Just tried to PM you about this, but it says you can't receive messages.
  9. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    They're doing "all the hits!" too... What a joke. Honestly, the only album of theirs I didn't love was Warpaint. I liked the first track, but that was it.
  10. Ask and ye shall receive! Please post and discuss all GNR related but non official social media in this thread. I only ask that you keep it to social media posts. Please do not post weblinks to articles, fan art, memes or anything like that. Thanks!
  11. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    Couldn't agree more. This is probably the most ridiculous interview I've ever read btw: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/black-crowes-chris-rich-robinson-reunion-910453/
  12. We'll still be fucked for two reasons 1) a bunch of casuals will ask for dumb shit 2) the band and its management don't give a fuck what the real fans want to hear anyway
  13. Coma and Jungle Demos

    Gotcha. Seems like there's always so much cloak & dagger going on with GNR tracks. It's crazy to me how a band with so little output can still have unheard stuff from the early days. Oh well, I appreciate the info. Here's hoping more stuff for us to listen to comes out
  14. Coma and Jungle Demos

    I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but what's with the supposed secracy around these?
  15. The Best Albums of the Decade

    Just gonna go off the top of my head with some of my favorite albums that were released in the past decade. Not ranking them or anything, just ones that come to mind- Gotye - Making Mirrors Foo Fighters - Wasting Light Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth Sturgill Simpson - A Sailors Guide to Earth Leon Bridges - Good Thing Taylor Swift - 1989 Brandon Flowers - The Desired Effect Parker Millsap - Other Arrangements Jack White - Lazaretto Mayer Hawthorne - Where Does This Door Go I'm 100% certain there's other I'm forgetting, but those are the ones that I thought of immediately.
  16. Last full album you listened to?

    I'm really glad to see this album get some love. I started a thread on it a few weeks back and literally no one replied lol. It's an amazing record.
  17. Setlist for 2020

    I was just saying the same thing yesterday about them simply changing up the order. If they played the same songs every night, but just switched up the order, it would go a long way to make the shows seem less robotic.
  18. ELVIS

    We can just use this as a general Elvis thread.
  19. ELVIS

    Wait. What? Lol

    Thanks! It's my own original theory that I came up with years and years ago. I've never seen or heard it from anyone else, but I think I'm right. At the very least, it works for me lol.
  21. Setlist for 2020

    Axl used to say it back in the 90s. DJ said it a lot during his run and Fortus used to say it too. It's always been hilarious to me each time it gets said.

    I've always seen Echoes as 4 pieces: The first verse is a man at the end of the day, with tons of thoughts going to his head as he tries to go to sleep. I think the funk sequence is a a trippy / fun sort of dream that happens soon after he's asleep. I think the entire next section is a nightmare. Then the last verse is the moment he wakes up and starts thinking about the promise of a new day.
  23. Setlist for 2020

    I don't even care if they add more songs. Them doing Coma nearly every night, plus adding Locomotive and Dead Horse here and there? Good by me. I just wish to hell they would change things up is all. Truly work without a setlist, don't just claim that you don't use a setlist. Walk out, open with whatever in the fuck you feel like and take it from there. At the very least, it'd be amazing to see them do a Crowes or Stripes thing and write the setlist 10 minutes before they go on stage. It would go a REALLY long way to take the stale feeling out of the whole show.
  24. Copyright Strikes....

    Hahaha, that video is great.