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  1. I'm waiting on two GN'R related deliveries. Both are extremely delayed. How fitting!

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    2. gunsguy


      Canada post strike is over but the backlog continues... If that was not bad enough now we have other unions protesting and blocking the shipment plants and also other groups that I can only describe as unemployed people with nothing better to do blocking the shipments.  I normally get Amazon orders within 2 days, these last 2 weeks of orders have been a nightmare, I am just starting to get orders I placed Nov 25th lol.  Its crazy and wont be better for some time.  Once it starts moving hopefully it doesn't take long for ya!

    3. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Don't worry, your Stephanie Seymour fleshlight is on its way Russ, settle down.

    4. RussTCB


      UPDATE- My End of Days vinyl is finally supposed to be here next week. Still no ETA whatsoever on my L&L boxed set.