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  1. I just posted this in the the "There Will Never Be Another GN'R Album" thread, but the mods, admins and I thought it might be good to have a thread discussing all of the rumors that keep bubbling around lately. Here's the post I made in the other thread which seems like a good starting point for this new thread: Just an FYI for everyone-There seem to be more than the usual amount of rumors being shared here and elsewhere lately. I've personally heard everything from "New studio album coming with an announcement in January!" to "there's a live album coming with some bonus studio tracks" to "the only thing coming is a live album and a studio cover or Witchitaw Lineman" to everything in between.The sources on these things range from the semi-reliable; "this guy was right about (insert rumor here) in the past" to the ridiculous; "a guy from another board knows a guy who told him".Either way, I'm hoping where there's smoke there's fire. I would LOVE for a new studio album from GNR to be in the works and for it to be released in 2019. Personally, I have zero interest in a live album and/or a few studio tracks. I would really, really want a full, new, studio album from GN'R but that's just me.Most importantly, I'm just hoping something happens. The most frustrating part of these situations is when nothing actually happens. Then our "insider" and "folks in the know" get to fall back on the "Well, that was the plan but things changed" excuse which is so tired and played out already.
  2. Hey, remember when this thread was about Estranged being dropped from the setlist and not one man's crusade against the band that was Guns N Roses after Izzy left? I sure do.
  3. Wasn't sure where to put this. If the Slash fans would rather me move it to The Jungle, that's fine: http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/16/slash-ex-wife-perla-ferrar-new-beginnings-divorce-party/
  4. Right on, thanks for the help!
  5. I could be wrong, but I think what you're talking about is a pinch harmonic. Slash does them across a couple different GNR recordings but never does them live. I always thought Ron would do it for sure but he just never did.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Did a search and couldn't find a thread dedicated to vinyl LPs in general. Does anyone collect and/or use them? About 70% of the music I listen to is on vinyl these days.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    The 3 pressings I have sound pretty awesome. I have an OP (actually has the MJ Fan Club sheet inside too), the I have reissue from 2011 that has Leave Me Alone but sounds about as good as the OP. Then I have the 3LP Bad 25 set which has the whole album including Leave Me Alone and sounds every bit as good as my OP. The second and third LPs are all demos, outtakes and rarities so I don't have anything to compare them against. At the end of the day, Bad pressings come down to whether or not you want the song Leave Me Alone. Personally, I love that song for many reasons. I also like how it fits in with the flow of the album. I think it makes a MUCH better closer for the album than Smooth Criminal does. If you don't care about that but you just like the song, then you can always get the 7" for the song itself. If you don't care one way or the other about the song, then you're all set
  8. Believing facts is an old habit of mine.
  9. Well you ended up getting the best deal of all of us Good on you for staying on top of things and getting it handled! I honestly wouldn't be surprised one bit if that happened!
  10. http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/deal/deal-alert-guns-n-roses-mega-box/ The discounts have started with the above alert from Germany. Only a small discount for now, but I expect discounts to continue and ramp up through the holidays. When this was released, I predicted that we might be able to purchase it for around $500 USD by Christmas and I'm hoping that comes true.
  11. Axls teeth (I know... but really!)

    It wasn't @soon's fault. We had a spam account approved that bumped the thread with a link to some dentistry site, then soon and eveyrone else replied lol. I removed the spam post and banned that account but now it looks like soon just bumped a random thread about Axl's teeth haha.
  12. This! @Gambit83, see if you can work your magic and get her on. I bet she'd make a great guest.
  13. Ask and ye shall receive! Please post and discuss all GNR related but non official social media in this thread. I only ask that you keep it to social media posts. Please do not post weblinks to articles, fan art, memes or anything like that. Thanks!
  14. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    I kid you not, a shorter KOHD is a Top 5 setlist request for me.
  15. Here's another question I have: Who cares? It's not like the story paints Axl in a bad light or anything? If anything, it makes Axl seem pretty cool (as so many of these stories do) so who cares if it's 100% accurate or not?
  16. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Bad was released at a time when the record companies were still trying to get all music buyers to fully switch over to CD. So Leave Me Alone was only included on the CD to entice people to buy that over vinyl or cassette. Leave Me Alone was eventually issued as a single and was added on to the vinyl pressings of Bad from there out. It was done quietly, no big reissue campaign or anything.
  17. Never in one million years would I consider taking credit for co worker or subordinates success in private, let alone public. Then again, I'm an actual professional. Couldn't agree more. Why not a simple "Congrats!" instead of acting like a child? I'm guessing that's one of those things that Fernando just hopes the greater majority of fans have either forgotten or didn't know to begin with. Haha, I was thinking the same thing. There's probably this woman who does the actual work, then there's the other two who seem to head up the "Don't Give A Fuck About Fans Department"
  18. He's on about the same thing he's always on about: derailing every thread he can with his "that's not Guns N Roses" schitck. Which is not only old, but boring and laughable at this point.
  19. Nah, we'll just call them Guns N Roses songs since that's what they are
  20. From what I understand, Guns N Roses played all Guns N Roses songs on that tour. Outside of the regular covers like Knockin' On Heavens Door, Live And Let Die and so on.
  21. Ghostbusters Sequel

    I think this will be one of those situations where the internet decides this movies fate LONG before it actually hits theaters.
  22. The T.V. Show Thread

    A friend of mine keeps encouraging me to watch a show called Letterkenny. I've never seen or heard of it.
  23. Star Wars IX Thread

    Y'all got links to what you're talking about? I don't mind if it's spoiler-y
  24. As was the case several times. It's just easier for some users to post things that aren't true in hopes that it'll become fact someday.
  25. Axl Rose has a solo career??? When?