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  1. I just posted this in the the "There Will Never Be Another GN'R Album" thread, but the mods, admins and I thought it might be good to have a thread discussing all of the rumors that keep bubbling around lately. Here's the post I made in the other thread which seems like a good starting point for this new thread: Just an FYI for everyone-There seem to be more than the usual amount of rumors being shared here and elsewhere lately. I've personally heard everything from "New studio album coming with an announcement in January!" to "there's a live album coming with some bonus studio tracks" to "the only thing coming is a live album and a studio cover or Witchitaw Lineman" to everything in between.The sources on these things range from the semi-reliable; "this guy was right about (insert rumor here) in the past" to the ridiculous; "a guy from another board knows a guy who told him".Either way, I'm hoping where there's smoke there's fire. I would LOVE for a new studio album from GNR to be in the works and for it to be released in 2019. Personally, I have zero interest in a live album and/or a few studio tracks. I would really, really want a full, new, studio album from GN'R but that's just me.Most importantly, I'm just hoping something happens. The most frustrating part of these situations is when nothing actually happens. Then our "insider" and "folks in the know" get to fall back on the "Well, that was the plan but things changed" excuse which is so tired and played out already.
  2. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    I won't be able to watch this until late tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    @Iron MikeyJ I hadn't heard of them until I downloaded this image. I'll be able to install it on Saturday and I'm looking forward to it. Those games seem like so much fun.
  4. I was at CES last week and made it a point to get by the Arcade1Up booth. I meant to post these pics earlier this week but forgot. Here's some of the stuff I saw. Overalll booth: GoldenTee cabinet. I will absolutely be buying this: Tabletop machines forthcoming: Wall mounted cabinets coming, another great idea: MKI, MKII & UMK3 machines. This is the reason I wanted to see their booth: Close up of table top cabinet: Cocktail cabinets coming, another awesome idea: Game specific risers coming: A couple more MKII shots (again, this is the reason I went to their booth):
  5. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    I downloaded an image that has openbor games and I'm going to try them this weekend. I totally agree with what you're saying about too many games. I plan to start deleting a bunch soon so I'm not searching all of the time like you said.
  6. http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/deal/deal-alert-guns-n-roses-mega-box/ The discounts have started with the above alert from Germany. Only a small discount for now, but I expect discounts to continue and ramp up through the holidays. When this was released, I predicted that we might be able to purchase it for around $500 USD by Christmas and I'm hoping that comes true.
  7. Very nice. You'll be happy with it. I was very happy with mine when it arrived. I remain convinced it's not worth anywhere near $1000 but it's pretty awesome for the prices we're all getting it for.
  8. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    I bought the Street Fighter II version of this: https://arcade1up.com/ then I modded it from there.
  9. Ask and ye shall receive! Please post and discuss all GNR related but non official social media in this thread. I only ask that you keep it to social media posts. Please do not post weblinks to articles, fan art, memes or anything like that. Thanks!
  10. Lol, yes. Please search the board for the multitude of threads already talking about this.
  11. Arcade1Up (Cabinets, Mods, Etc)

    Yeah, I played the Genesis game a ton when I was a kid so I wanted to dig into the arcade version first. I'd been using the Wolfanoz 32gb Arcade Only image so far and it's been a lot of fun. I'm gone for work this week so I set this one to torrent while I'm gone: It'll be done by the time I get home, so I'm going to install it on Saturday. Then I can mess with a ton of console games!

    I'm an idiot lol. I have no idea how I didn't scroll down long enough to see.......again.....I'm dumb lol

    Did you shirt happen to show up yet? I'm very curious to hear about the quality. I'm gonna order one if yours is ok.
  14. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    WOW! I haven't even listened to the record yet. I really need to do that.
  15. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Did a search and couldn't find a thread dedicated to vinyl LPs in general. Does anyone collect and/or use them? About 70% of the music I listen to is on vinyl these days.
  16. Motley Crue's Sixx/Lee and Bob Rock in the studio

    This is seriously one of the worst things to ever happen to my ears. Fucking terrible.
  17. You're going to need to narrow that down.
  18. Worst experience I've had waiting for them was Detroit, 2002. Mixmaster Mike was terrible / stupid. The cky got booed off the stage. Then the sound guy played the Audioslave album on repeat (SERIOUSLY!) until GN'R finally came out. The worst part about it was watching a 3/4 full Palace, slowly filter down to about 1/2 full by the time GN'R finally decided to take the stage. Best experience I've had waiting for them, hands down was the first Hammerstein show in 2006. The room was electric through the whole wait. GN'R could've pulled a Vegas NYE stunt and came out at 4am if they wanted to that night. The energy in the room was off the charts.
  19. Axl's ability to make up excuses for everything in the world is simply unparalleled. A tip of the hat.
  20. I'm 100% certain a ton of the original L&L Sets are still available. There were many users trying to make it seem as if WAY more were sold at first, but 10,000 was a ridiculous number to make. I'd be stunned if there's still not 7000+ boxes left at this point. As for the turntable, I'm not sure why they claimed it was limited. Pro-Ject makes many varities (as in same turntables with other band branding) and they've never been limited previously. I didn't see any reason why the GN'R one would be the only one limited.
  21. https://www.whathifi.com/news/pro-ject-announces-guns-n-roses-turntable-aint-it-fun ^^^^^^^^^^^^ That was posted in the Unofficial Social Media thread yesterday but I thought I'd post it here too. It would appear all of us who bought the bundle got an AMAZING deal. They're doing to start selling the turntable on it's own for more than we all paid for the bundle!
  22. Lol, no, it wasn't just a turntable mat it was the entire turntable. It's basically a Pro-Ject Essential III with the GNR branding on it. They also included the acrylic platter, which is usually a $120 upgrade. I feel fantastic about my purchase. I got a $1000 boxed set and a $500 turntable for about $500 including tax and shipping
  23. Wow, that's the same turntable may of us got bundled with our Locked & Loaded Sets. We got an even better deal now considering the pricing of the turntable on it's own!