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  1. This discussion is the entire reason why they shouldn't be playing as many CD songs live. Yes, fans who have seen them numerous times might be tired of hearing the same songs off of UYI or AFD, but they like or loved them at one time; that's different than the wild opinions of almost every song off CD. For example, I've seen people in this thread say they want to hear "Prostitute." I hate that song. Never liked it. However, I do like I.R.S., and I know that comes with the same criticism. Same with TIL. The studio version is OK, but when they perform this live it drains the entire energy of the show. You might be sick of hearing SCOM or KOHD, but the diehards and casually fans generally loved those songs.
  2. Easy $250+ for me. Hell, I was in my local record store this past weekend, and saw a couple of box sets Metallica and Zeppelin put out. Price was around $250. I'm not a huge fan of either of those bands, but the stuff included was incredible. For a similar GnR box set, with a bunch of stuff we truly haven't seen/heard yet? Again - over $250, easy.
  3. I don't think that's a fair criticism, though. When their tickets went on sale months ago, we had no idea how well they'd sell at 10AM on that first day. That's what happened to me for this MSG show. I bought them at the presale (citibank, not Nightrain), and was super happy to get nosebleeds seats, because "at least I'll be in the building," and "this will definitely sell out, because it's at the Garden." But as time wore on, I got madder and madder seeing how I could've waited. You just don't know what the demand is when the tickets go on sale.
  4. Really? People are bummed because there's no opener? They've had so many shitty openers in the past. Papa Roach. Bullet For My Valentine, who I saw three times at Hammerstein, and hated them more and more each time. People just love to complain about EVERYTHING.
  5. Buffalo 1992?

    Thanks ludurigan!
  6. Buffalo 1992?

    Thanks - yeah, I actually still have my ticket stub too, but never saw any video or pics from that concert.
  7. Buffalo 1992?

    Taking a total stab in the dark here, but does any video (or pics!) exist from their Buffalo show in 1992? There are a few audio boots on YouTube, but that's about it. Thanks for your help!
  8. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    This is awful. Terrible arrangement, Axl all over the place with his scream (trying to replicate his L&LD yell at one point), and just completely off-rhythm. I think some people in this forum are way too insulated when it comes to Gn'R. I've seen them numerous times over the past 30 years. But show this to any casual fan, and I'll bet 9/10 hate it. "But you weren't there! People were into it!" Well, from what I saw, people on the floor weren't dancing, and a ton of people in the other sections were getting up to leave for concessions or whatever. Let's just call a spade a spade. This wasn't good. Anywhere. Any performance.