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  1. I never got closure.
  2. It was surprisingly good, I'd go as far as saying it was better than the show I saw last year in Vienna. Axl exceeded my expectations. He wasn't perfect but did a decent job with the voice he has left, along with several standout moments, and was quite entertaining. Even sounded passable on the ones he usually sucks on (Estranged, TIL, YCBM). Nailed all the hard rock songs to the point where I'd happily take a set that's half as long and made exclusively of rockers - an AC/DC type set if you will. Speaking of, Shadow was one of the top songs of the night for me, such a good live piece! and it was fast, like they used to do it in the 80s. The bit that's somewhat frustrating is he couldn't quite get a song 100% perfect, without losing his voice at least once, including most annoyingly right at the end on Nightrain and Patience. He was so close on those two! He was only outright bad, I thought, on Coma, which was an overall mess after the slow part. Slash is usually reliable but that was a wtf level of bad on the solo. Underrated songs: Double Talkin Jive has been one of the highlights of the night each of the last three times I saw Slash (twice GNR and once Conspirators); The Seeker is pure electricity, I love it everytime! But yeah, less bloated, cracking jokes, and all that. PS that motorcycle chair still looks fucking stupid.
  3. I'm surprised at how much I enjooyed Silkworms!
  4. On a more negative note, I still don't like Finck. Not having Buckethead as the sole lead was and still is a crime.
  5. Damn, this is a great day! I don't get as excited by GNR or music in general as I used to, but right now I'm sitting here watching the video with a huge smile on my face! I can't believe we actually got it, after all this time!
  6. So do people here actually have it?
  8. Street of Dreams is so good! What I wouldn't give for a Madagascar from that era...
  9. Just listened to TWAT - it's really good! Overall I still like the album version better, because of the Buckethead solo, but the vocal track on this version is much better.
  10. Damn. I haven't been around much, I guess things have changed.
  11. Wait! is it being freely shared, or just among the traders community? Also, what do you mean copyright? Is this supposed to be released officially in any way? How is it different from all the other pro-shots that we link and watch on a regular basis? Yes, some were on TV, but some of those UYI shows were stolen tapes and there's no restriction on those. Also, where the hell are all of you getting your leaks from? All I see are posts saying 'they're out there' or circulating or words to that effect. What does out there mean?
  12. The setlist getting shorter and more predictable as the tour goes on is the case for almost every tour GNR has ever done. I disagree about this tour ending up disappointing on grounds of performance. Axl's that is. He kinda sucks at the beginning, but gets a lot better as it goes, and for those European shows at the end I would say that's Axl at his best ever. On topic, I think one of the Modena shows was broadcast on radio.
  13. Should be interesting!