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  1. A matter of music taste. Imho overproduced ( at least so called rockers), a filler or two too many (shotgun blues, get in the ring), and most of all the thing that really annoyed me was low volume of Izzys guitar.
  2. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    So ok we will all ignore the fact we know a person who came from Indiana, who made fun of arabs during mtv rock, who wrote OIAM, who made homophobical and rasist lyrics, who pleaded a deal with Erin and Stephanie, and i remeber in Slashs book when he specifically told MEghan to leave it alone (Erin etc), ok lol. I must say I understand ( at least I think Ido), but to build a reputation through a 15 year old girl. lol, lol, lol, lol I rmean, lol
  3. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    What s your name on fb?
  4. Izzy was already missing in the parking lot.