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  1. I believe slash wouldnt give a shit whether it's reworked musak or not..... Kerrr ching
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    I bought appetite upon release.... And have followed the 'band' quite closely ever since, this to me, is the fkn pinnacle of bullshit, the manager... The 'wee' in the band, is talking through reddit, is this an actual fkn piss take? (yeah wee and piss take.... Sadly intentional)
  3. This, a 100 times this! I fkn love that middle, it really is outstanding!
  4. What absolute fkn horseshit! I stupidly, like an often burned idiot, decided to stick my hand back into the optimism fire and held out hope for something new next week. That interview has pissed all over that optimism fire, put it out and left a poxy, stinking puddle of molten smelly piss behind. Bunch of useless cunts, guess slash is now drinking uncle axl's kool aid
  5. I can't find it anywhere..... Are we sure it has leaked?
  6. Intrigued to see what you do with that, it's up there as one of my favorite of the leaks.
  7. Love it I immediately thought of jump man listening to shanklers!
  8. I cannot get over the difference between shank and shack-lers My mind is blown! Hands down the most exciting few weeks in Gnr land since 2007/8 for me and yes, I include the reformation in that!