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  1. there was a clip I found that was about a minute long, titled 2019 atlas. It wasnt those songs people are referring to on this thread, Ive heard them too. This was different than the old fake atlas clips. It was up, then down a day later
  2. so was that new atlas clip fake as well? It appears, then disappears fast. I heard it and it sounds legit
  3. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    ok, your 5 mins of fame is over, go away!!!
  4. Axl doesn't have the power Slashs sub par riffs Duffs storytelluy Are you sure you are on the right forum? This is a GNR fan forum, and you seem not to like the 3 people who ARE gnr?
  5. how old are you? You have never heard of Beck? he is the only other one I know though :-)
  6. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    I really like it. Something different
  7. The GnR version is 10000000X better IMO. They own that song
  8. This guy hates GNR. Just another blow hard.
  9. in YOUR opinion. I happen to really like the dirt. Sounds like classic MC.
  10. Most gnr fans have unreal expectations IMO. I just want new GNR music. Its not going to change the music world or cure disease. Motley Crue just put out a few new tunes, and guess what they sound like? MC music, that's all I really want. Just write some music and put it out