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  1. I was 16 when they were released. Showed up at Records off the wall In Somerset Pa for the midnight release and was stunned at the turn out. Just thinking back to those times Is actually a little depressing only because of how fast time has gone by. We didn't have any responsibility and thought we had forever. It seems like we went from 16 to 41 over night. I remember getting together with a bunch of buddies on a regular basis and playing football In the field with those albums cranking from the car stereo. Actually I don't think we did much of anything without blasting those albums. When we weren't listening to the cassettes on a stereo system, MTV was playing either November Rain, Estranged, Don't Cry, Live And Let Die or You Could Be Mine at least once an hour. When we couldn't get enough of the albums or MTV we popped In the Live from Tokyo VHS tapes. Guns N Roses was everything and everywhere back then. I wouldn't trade being In high school at that time for any other time. The surprise element Is what I miss most, when you got an album you couldn't wait to listen to It and you really didn't know what to expect until you did. The Internet has definitely taken that away. I was naive enough to believe that the Chinese Democracy album would be similar to the UYI release and woke my daughter up to ride along to best buy and we ended up being the only ones at the store when they opened.
  2. That singer for STP dancing and doing his best Scott Weiland Impression. Come on man, GTFOH.
  3. The Boxing Thread

    I had the Canelo/GGG fight even at 6 rounds a piece and I see no problem with a scorecard of 115-113 In Canelo's favor. I thought Canelo won a lot of the early rounds with GGG winning the second half of the fight with exception of the 12th round which I scored 10-9 for Canelo. Very good fight, a third fight Is a must. I was a fan and was pulling for GGG but he showed what he was all about by leaving the ring without giving an Interview.
  4. Watching Ozark and Californication on Netflix. Both are very good.
  5. The Boxing Thread

    Boxing has always been corrupt and about outside influences. Adalaide Byrd, who was an official judge for the first fight made it quite clear with a score of 118-110 for Canelo In the first fight. No one In their right mind who has followed boxing and who watched the fight could have possibly come up with that ridiculous scorecard. GGG needs a knockout or at least two knock downs or he loses the fight on the scorecards .
  6. The Boxing Thread

    Khan Is a much smaller guy and moved up two weight classes to fight Canelo. I am not an Amir Kahn fan but he deserves some mad respect for taking the fight. He was doing pretty well up until he got caught and put to sleep. GGG has no chance on the scorecards this Saturday night, I am also picking Canelo by decision, although I am pulling for GGG.
  7. Good job. and true. Sorry I missed that.
  8. If you can't get through a post or two without someone complaining about his voice then that should tell you something. Biased GNR fan? Did you skip the part where I also stated that Axl does not sound good at this point either?
  9. Maybe not proshot but seems to be good quality.
  10. I guess It Is a matter of preference but I can't ever get through more than a line or two of a song due to the singers voice. Granted Axl doesn't sound very good these days but this Myles dude Is just plain awful in my opinion.
  11. Great albums then and now. I prefer them both over Appetite and I prefer UYI 2 simply because of Estranged.
  12. I am not going to continue to go back and forth with you because you have a clear agenda that Is obvious to everyone following this thread. Slash was permitted to play Guns N Roses songs because that Is what he Is "best known for" yet Steven Adler Is not, even though that Is what he Is best known for. Your argument Is ridiculous to say the least.
  13. Did Axl play Appetite material after saying he wanted to "bury the album" and was the only original member of the band? Did Slash and Duff play Appetite material when they were no longer members of the band?
  14. When you say "he played on a popular bands debut album 30 years ago" you make it sound as if he was not an original member. Axl was the only original member at one point and played AFD material ,as well as Slash and Duff. How Is it any different? Why would he stop clinging to that? The material is that strong that people want to hear it 31 years later.