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  1. Is there a link to the youtube stream? Thanks.
  2. lol, your really not joking though.
  3. That Is awesome and I understand where you are coming from about the drives. We don't do vacations, so going all out for a Guns show has become our yearly habit.
  4. What Is nice Is when your significant other doesn't mind your obsession and Is willing to attend as many shows as you are willing to take her to and actually asks If there are anymore shows close enough to attend.
  5. Pretty cool video. Kurt 19's post above Is spot on. Spend the money and check out at least one of the final shows of this tour, you may not get the chance again. The covers, extended jams and Chinese material actually went over very well and sounded great live.
  6. In need of 2 pit tickets for the forum on the 29th. Thanks
  7. They certainly have come full circle. They always seem to give 100%, but some shows just seem to be better than others and I have to believe that fan Interaction and response plays a role In motivating the band. Certain songs last night seemed to get the crowd jumping more than others, with Nightrain leading In that category. Axl also made a point to let the crowd know that he was satisfied with their participation on KOHD by commenting on how loud everyone was. As you said L.A, NYC and Las Vegas seem to be the "Important arenas" and they brought their A game. Speaking of the weather, It was PERFECT.
  8. Thank you very much. It was a tremendous show that exceeded my expectations by miles. They could tour for the rest of their lives and I would continue to show up. Their Is not a touring act that comes close, In my opinion. We are paying premium prices, for a premium show. I think you are spot on with the Chinese material, they sounded great live and the people are responding to them.
  9. Thank you very much. I just think that the atmosphere for this particular show was the best that I have ever experienced, other than the UYI tour. Slash was dead on withe his solos and I thought Axl sounded great. Every section of the arena seemed to be on their feet for the entire 3.5 hour show. I also didn't think that the show was hampered In anyway with Chinese songs and the crowd responded well to them all. I actually had the worst seats that I have ever had for a Guns show and It turned out to be my second favorite show out of 9. I am sorry that you missed out, but your assumption of missing them In Las Vegas, Is correct. It Is a special venue and a special crowd, with people that I met coming from Germany and Mexico to see them. I don't drink, so this Isn't alcohol talking, It far exceeded my expectations and I have actually become a fan of a few Chinese songs.
  10. What an excellent show last night. It was my 9th GNR show and my second favorite behind the 1992 Use Your Illusion show. I am not a fan of Chinese Democracy material In anyway, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sounded live last night with Prostitute and Madagascar being my favorite. It may be time to give Chinese Democracy another chance and It Is certainly time to start looking for tickets to Los Angeles. Anyone else run Into the Axl and Slash look a likes? I first met them In Los Angeles at Dodger stadium last year and ran Into them again last night.
  11. Hey guys, I am at the New York New York hoping to land 2 pit tickets. If you find any laying around on the sidewalk, hit me up first. Thanks.
  12. Pretty damn good version of Civil War.