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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    This band does nothing "for the fans" and that's ok, It's a business and I get that, same with the $1,000 boxset release and $300 stadium seats. Ridiculous prices to boost their bank accounts, the fans mean absolutely nothing and nothing they do caters to the fans.
  2. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    The band will never change, unfortunately.
  3. Will the new album contain the following sticker on the front This album is dedicated to all the Gun's N Fuckin Roses who stuck with us through all the wanna be, pretend band members who made us look like a circus act. We ask that all fans listen to this latest release knowing for certain that it was written and recorded by the only members worthy of being called Guns N Roses. Please disregard our last release as we are fully aware that it took 17 years, was recorded using 485 different musicians, 14 studios, sounded terrible and featured a guitar player who wore a mask on his face, a bucket on his head and masturbated in a chicken coop.
  4. New album hasn't started yet, what a shock.
  5. It must be Axls opinion also. After all he did pick up the telephone and call the guy who makes "boring generic" music.
  6. Slash created the song long before Weiland came in the picture, although Weiland did write the lyrics. Sounds like your comment was an attempt to diminish Slashs role but like i said, Axl hasnt created anything near as good as Slash has since the original band broke up.
  7. Not sure about this. Nothing Axl has created since the original band split comes close to Fall to Pieces IMO, a song Slash helped create.