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  1. One thing Is for certain, November Rain Is actually listenable now. Really nice to have some rasp back In the song and Slash's solos are right on with the album version, particularly tonight. Ok, just listened to Paradise City, another song that Is usually dreadful live, well not tonight. Axl seems to be making a slow comeback. I am grateful to actually be able to listen to some of these songs In full again. I truly appreciate the honest effort from Axl.
  2. Why not let them continue to tour, they all seem to love doing It anyway and the likely hood of getting a new album Is very very slim. Rearrange the order of the songs and mix In some Illusion material and have them hit Europe for round two next year. If the above Idea Isn't reality than Axl can resume with AC/DC and Duff and Slash can go solo.
  3. I attended the Pittsburgh show and there couldn't have been more than 8-9,000 people there. There Is no mystery IMO as to why the tour was a failure. You have a guy on stage calling himself Axl Rose who was absolutely unrecognizable, along with a guy wearing a bucket on his head and a mask on his face along with Robin Finck and you have the balls to call that band Guns N Roses? It was an Insult to the fans, who at one time made them the biggest band on the planet. It was a disgrace and It Imploded. The fans have made It crystal clear that there Is no such thing as Guns N Roses without Axl, Slash and Duff.
  4. I think when the words "hope and "soon are used when discussing touring, It has a little more legitimacy to It as opposed to discussing a new album.
  5. I like the line up and am grateful to have Slash and Duff back but Slash's altering the solos and Axl's vocals have been a real let down over the last year. Last night was a pretty good show all the way around and one of the best of 2017 IMO. As far as the band being incapable of learning different songs, I don't think anyone truly believes that. Although option B Is far more likely. I would go with lazy as opposed to not being able to sing other songs. If he can pull off Coma, he can surely do Pretty Tied Up or Bad Obsession.
  6. I guess we will see where It goes when the tour Is extended Into 2018. They plan to shake up the setlist by having a 3 hr show with a five song setlist and a guitar solo. The show will consist of 30 minute versions of KOHD, Estranged, NR, BHS, guitar solo and PC. Ticket prices will also be a minimum of $300 as Axl has guaranteed to rasp one line per song. On a side note, Axl sounded decent last night and made a serious effort. I am not sure how the show was tonight as I have yet to watch any video's, going to do that now.
  7. Most bands do stick to a similar set list night after night and playing the hits Is a must, but they have so many great songs on the Illusion albums that are not being played. After three nights In the same venue how difficult Is It really to remove This I Love or Black Hole Sun and play Pretty Tied Up? I don't think the fans are asking to much, just one song here and there.
  8. You would honestly think so. It must really feel like a job at this point. That or It Is just so routine that they don't even think about It anymore.
  9. I would think that "I hope soon" means Axl Isn't ready to throw In the towel just yet. With all of the guys now In their 50's I would think we will probably get one more big tour before It Is officially over, hopefully with the five original members and a new album. But, I wouldn't hold my breath on the last two.
  10. Got you, makes sense now. Wasn't actually thinking of the construction of the building. Nice job as usual.
  11. Thanks for the update, I also have high speed and do not usually have buffering on anything else. Very strange that a big area like NYC would have bad internet. There should be plenty of videos as the night progresses as usual.
  12. Think I might wait until It Is over and than catch some videos. Not sure If It's just my computer or If everyone Is experiencing It , but I can't seem to get through more than 5 seconds before It freezes.
  13. Let's make Angus a full time member then.
  14. The guy Is Impossible to figure out and maybe he likes It that way. It's crazy that he can go for a half of a year with little to no rasp and than have a show like last night. Hopefully we get a repeat performance tonight.