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  1. Did you wear a hat or bandanna? How about cowboy boots? Did your pants have holes in them? Did you find the time to serenade her in your It's so easy voice or You Could Be Mine? Did you hit the gym afterwards In order to lose some of that bloat? You don't have corn rows or a mustache do you? Did your mother also attend dinner? These seem to be very important questions on the forum here.
  2. From pictures that I have seen, This entire leg of the tour(not counting Italy) has been a disappointment attendance wise. The crowds have also been lethargic(again, not counting Italy).
  3. Looks like the band finally got a decent crowd on this leg of the tour.
  4. People are all over the board when it comes to Axl and always have been. I remember being in high school and seeing them on the Metallica/Faith No More tour and there were people even then who thought he sucked live. You can't please everyone, but I am willing to bet that the majority that attended yesterday enjoyed themselves and thought Axl sounded just fine.
  5. They certainly would not have the success they are currently having or playing stadiums without Axl, just as Axl wasn't without Slash. Axl and Slash are Guns N Roses In most peoples minds, that's just a fact. No one would take the band serious as being Guns N Roses without Axl, period.
  6. Well that was a little bit of entertainment between swishtz and Santacruz. What a hell of a pic from marlingrl03, thanks.
  7. Yet, Axls voice Is gone, he Is the worst he has been since the 2002 VMA'S, he Is using technical difficulties as an excuse, he is unprepared, he should dress differently, he should maintain a certain weight, he is out of shape and the tour Is in trouble. Meanwhile he ran all over the stage for thee hours and managed to give a decent performance. I bet those people with there hands In the air at the end of the song had a terrible time.
  8. Are they saying that Axl sounded awful, or that there were technical difficulties? Which Is the reason as to why they had an awful experience? I have no interest In social media what so ever and was just curious.
  9. The closest we got to a vintage Axl was 2010. So It Is amusing to see some of these negative comments directed at him when he has been giving these type of performances for the majority of the second half of his career. It certainly hasn't hurt ticket sales considering the NITL Tour Is the fourth highest grossing tour of all time. With those numbers, It would seem as If the people attending the shows are most likely having a good time and enjoying what they are hearing, as many people attended more than one show.
  10. He was not at the top of his game coming off of a 6 month layoff, but some of the the comments in this thread are beyond ridiculous. The few songs I listened to Including Jungle were certainly not his worst performance as certain members on this board are trying to make others believe. He isn't the Axl from Houston In 2016, but even that Axl didn't sound like vintage Axl on numerous songs and hasn't for many many years now. It Is what It Is at this point. Certain songs are listenable, others need to be skipped. We are all disappointed that certain songs or parts of songs that we love are not being performed the way that we remember(example ,second part of Estranged). But there Isn't a damn thing we can do about it. The Axl from Paris In 1992 Is gone for good folks, enjoy what we got now, because I wouldn't be at all surprised If this Is the bands final run.
  11. GnR Slither!

    This Is a crazy Idea but since this Is a Guns N Roses show, how about Guns N Roses songs. I think any one of the following would suffice, Breakdown, Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive, You Ain't The First, Bad Obsession, Dead Horse, Think About You, Right Next Door To Hell, Perfect Crime, The Garden, Your Crazy.
  12. Out Ta Get Me in Cincinnati

    Not to derail the topic and turn it into how Axl sounded, but that was an excellent performance on both out ta get me and My Michelle.
  13. The holy grail of bootlegs. This Is the Guns N Roses old people like myself know and remember. I would be happy to donate to the member who bought this and Is releasing these videos. We might as well go all out and release the entire show.