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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Still think Contraband is the most cohesive and solid album Slash has been involved in since GNR. That and the first Snakepit album >>>> anything SMKC, in my opinion
  2. Every SMKC album has had 6 months longevity on my playlist - the second album maybe a little more
  3. No interest at all in another SMKC album
  4. Well, I think the fact they had to temporarily close the thread right after the show tells you Just as much as actually keeping it open and reading the general view
  5. Yeah - they’ve had real limited rehearsal time of late 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Would be cool to play it as the penultimate song before PC. Rather than buried in the set list
  7. Thank fuck Witchita LM has gone
  8. Superb You’re Crazy
  9. Doing well vocally. Maybe he’s pushing the rasp go a little bit more than usual given the cancellations and he has less to worry about show wise
  10. I’m signing out for a while, won’t be posting again until there’s new music to discuss, at a minimum No point hanging around a forum posting negative comments . I saw 4 shows on this tour, including the infamous Abu Dhabi formula 1 show where they finished early. There were highlights and lowlights in each of the shows. More good than bad I must say. But I can’t support a never ending tour on a half assed setlist, draining the fans for all they can. Hope you all get out of it what you want Adios
  11. At this stage, people have no idea what they’re buying tickets for
  12. Im not so sure about that. If you buy into the argument ‘he holds back so he doesn’t blow his voice out while on tour’ then this was a prime opportunity to give that little bit more. He knew he’d be on national TV, and there’s a decent break until the next show get his vocals back in shape. I just don’t think he can sing the GNR ballads anymore - and it’s been that way for years. I don’t think people would care about the aesthetics of his appearance if he still sounded like Axl. But the combination of how he looks, moves and sings in a weak falsetto makes him look pretty cringe at times. Like I said in the previous post - a new album of great tunes in his low-mid register and they could just move on from playing live and him being by far the weakest link in a super talented band
  13. Thing I really don’t get, is he sang Thunderstruck and For Those About to Rock We Salute You like a demon possessed. And he sings Sweet Child like a grandma
  14. They should just write a new album where Axl sings mainly in his low-to-mid register. Then tour with a setlist of new material plus a few older safe bets like Its So Easy, Brownstone, DTJ etc. Coz these whiny Mickey versions of SCOM, NR, YCBM, Estranged etc are getting worse with every passing year. Besides, they’ve been absolutely toured to death the past 20 years. Thats why this tour is so damn frustrating. We’ve already heard Axl struggle through these songs a million times already. And other than a few songs towards the beginning of the show - it gets a bit cringe to listen to. It’s basically the band carrying him at times. It’s high time to just get in the studio and stop beating the cash cow