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  1. Unreal how healthy and well J Page looks for his age. Considering the Led Zep lifestyle
  2. Niven lives on the past more than GNR do - and that’s saying something
  3. You need to open it then slide sideways
  4. I get your argument - I really do. But for many (myself included) - as harsh as it sounds he’s a long term hired hand that’s got them through their tours. Yes, he’s been around since 2002 - but it’s quite striking he didn’t have a single song credit on Chinese (please correct me if I’m wrong). IMO, the only way to change the perception of Fortus from a hired hand to an official member is if he actually contributes something original to the band, rather than being a (long term) stand in for someone else
  5. You sound surprised 🤔 He knows his place in the grand scheme of things - no matter how long he’s been around
  6. Slash Talks About GN'R In Past Tense

    He can talk about GNR in the past tense and still be in the band now lol
  7. I probably wouldn’t want it to. Even the fact we are now calling it a ‘brand’ rather than a ‘band’ tells you what you need to know. The fans have been milked for 20 years. Don’t think anyone has the stomach for watching the back catalogue anymore. Or another new guitarist for that matter. If Slash left at this stage, it would be the death rattle for GNR in my opinion.
  8. Could this simply be an agreement Axl made with the bigwigs at Looney Tunes - I’ll sing on a fun little tune in one of your cartoons if you let me use the Looney Tunes theme tune as the opening jingle on the NITL tour? It is what it is, a fun little tune on a cartoon. I must say Axl sounds pretty fuckin good. The song and lyrics are shite - but his straight up ‘rock’ vocals are better than his vocals on 90% of Chinese IMO
  9. This forum is so funny at times. People actually sat on the internet on Christmas Day discussing Axl Rose singing on a Looney Tunes cartoon. Couldnt make it up! 😂
  10. Song quality aside, it shows Axl still sounds 100% killer in the studio
  11. You don’t need data analytics or fancy charts - just look at the songwriting credits 😂
  12. Lol - it’s a long time since this band were the most dangerous in the world
  13. When you’re in a hole - stop diggin 🤦🏻‍♂️