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  1. ^ more power to you both If you like it then I wish I was you. IMO, pretty much every Slash solo album since VR has been forgetable tour bait
  2. From a long, long, long term Slash fan Really, it’s just the biggest fluffy, mundane, candyfloss, forgettable pish I’be heard. Be honest for fuck sake. I want to love this album, I really do. Trust me. Christ, people are arguing it’s the best SMKandtheC (?) album yet.... so this might be the best of 2 previous albums that are the equivalent of a shot in the heart Does anyone actually still listen to Apocalyptic Love on this forum? Let alone planet earth excl. mygnrforum? Nope World on Fire? (which actually I thought was a brilliant album) - double nope These albums are essentially disposable smokescreens so the guys can go on the road and make some dolla. Other than that- it’s impressive studio shit with no lasting value whatsoever. Dont believe me? Go listen to Slash 2010 and everything after it. Its nonsense
  3. Kinda grating how Myles seems to insist on filling his songs with the words ‘you’, ‘you’re’, or ‘yours’. Once you hear it you can’t unhear it
  4. Good to hear the mutual respect. Richard is so accomplished, and Slash is, well.. Slash. Have to say there were numerous times on the NITL tour that I think Richard outplayed Slash on Wish You Were Here. He’s a top drawer right hand man
  5. Not sure why they think your typical life long blue collar GNR fan would buy into a ‘FlyGNRAir’ merch range. Sure, we’ll buy the t-shirts so you can lease the plane. Great deal guys, thanks! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Not a bad performance. But I just can’t see past the fact that the actual song is shite
  7. All I know is - I’d probably donate at least my left nut to attend a show where Axl sings the whole gig on a par with the first Civil War chorus on that Farm Aid video
  8. Melissa ‘the most generous junk food advisor I know...’ Axl ‘yeah thanks for that’
  9. This. SMKC, VR and Snakepit is good with me - plenty of material for a great show. After the NITL tour, not fussed about hearing GNR whatsoever
  10. It’s ok - if a little bland. Sure it’ll be cool live but not something I could see myself listening to after a year or two. As it happens, I thought World on Fire was fantastic when it first came out, and it’s gathering dust now
  11. Wonder if they’ll drop Witchita Lineman and Blackhole Sun and add some Pantera
  12. Sounds a great show! Some great performances by Axl
  13. Hopefully they keep GNR out of the setlist now - they have enough of their own material to do a full show
  14. Other than a few songs (DTJ springs to mind) it was a pretty average show - at least compared to some of their top shows. The dark venue, subdued crowd etc didn’t help. Paris or any number of other shows would’ve been better as a lasting official release