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  1. Dunno but I can guess
  2. I agree, to an extent. But no matter which way you slice and dice it - he played on 2 of the 3 most important albums the band has ever done (and ever will do). That in itself demands respect
  3. I recently really got into Love Spit Love. Great band, Richard Fortus on guitar with the brilliant Richard Butler on vocals
  4. I kinda felt sorry for him while reading it. Yes, there were times when he behaved like an imbecile. And Im sure he’s embellished a few points here and there. But he got fucked over quite a few times from Slash and Duff. Plus, he was one of the few that didn’t cater to Axl’s diva behavior back in the day. He said it like it was, maybe honest to a fault with the red- headed one, which ultimately was his demise (and still has a major impact on his ability to work and make cash with the band to this day).
  5. That video is hilarious. The kid just keeps nodding ‘yep!’
  6. I lost count of how many times Matt loses his shit at not being treated as an equal. It was one of the running themes throughout the book The big GNR 3 going for an extra bow after one of the shows, being listed as an additional musician on Live Era, he got mad at Slash for wanting a different manager in VR, issues in the Cult, not getting in a red carpet photo shoot with the Hollywood Vampires etc etc. Not saying it’s without merit in some of these cases, but the guy has drummer syndrome and is super sensitive to being seen as less than equal. At times I kinda wished he focused on his blessings and the opportunities he was given by other musicians. That said, I think the way Slash and Duff handled the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was piss poor. You don’t treat an ex band member like that - esp one that played on 2 of their 3 most successful albums. If they had their way, he wouldn’t have played, wouldn’t have spoken and wouldn’t have even have seat at their table. Friendship out the window after a move like that
  7. Why did he was removed from the album ?
  8. Is the book still available to purchase via download anywhere ? Or completely canned?
  9. I’m an original line up kinda guy. But that show def stands out in my mind as a great show for ‘Nu-Guns’
  10. NITL live videos on youtube

    Love for them to dig into the vaults and put some of the unseen UYI tour stuff
  11. Bravo Umbrella Lima Lima Sierra Hotel Indigo Tango
  12. Slash - Rig Rundown at the Whiskey

    Very cool. That guy talks too much though
  13. Still think Contraband is the most cohesive and solid album Slash has been involved in since GNR. That and the first Snakepit album >>>> anything SMKC, in my opinion
  14. Every SMKC album has had 6 months longevity on my playlist - the second album maybe a little more
  15. No interest at all in another SMKC album