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  1. True. But much better that, than being a mid-50 something trying to look 30
  2. New GNR on New Terminator (esp if the new film has James Cameron on board) makes perfect sense
  3. I worry that the current incarnation of this band has already played all its cards by touring. I have a feeling Axl won’t get an albums worth of Slash/Duff material that he’s happy to go in the studio with
  4. Looks like Axl might actually keep this thing updated during the tour (and hopefully beyond!). V cool. "So, this is a sound check!" 1 day ago "Relaxing in Taipei, love it here. Had a great time last night! Thanks all for the support." about 2 hours ago www.Twitter.com/axlrose LA http://twitter.com/gunsnroses http://twitter.com/axlrose