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  1. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Thanks Love Frank’s drumming at the end of the outro - intense!!
  2. Fuckin great effort if you ask me. It’s complex, the drums and rhythm is all over the place, the vocals are pretty relentless at times, even Slash’s basic riff takes some concentration to play effortlessly and without ‘losing it’ Sure a little rusty at points, but great set of balls all round to throw it out there. If someone told me 10 years ago that (1) GNR would reform, (2) they would tour the world, and (3) they would play Coma and Locomotive - I’d have thought they needed a straight jacket and padded walls
  3. I’ve never seen anything to prove this correct. Not even song credits on CD. Fantastic player for sure, and great for the tour. But his songwriting ability is anyone’s guess
  4. Never really dug KOHD from any era - they always over do it. The slimmed down Freddie Mercury tribute version was the only one I ever enjoyed
  5. To be honest, I’m kinda glad GNR haven’t got 10 albums out. Don’t get me wrong I’d love a new album with the original members - but so many bands crash and burn as time goes on Bon Jovi should’ve stopped at These Days, U2 at Pop, Oasis at Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, same with Aerosmith, AC/DC etc etc GNR have at least kept their mythical status coz they’ve never really released a shite album of original songs
  6. Unless he has a hair growing superpower, yup
  7. If he were to play - I’m sure it would be YCBM
  8. Did Fortus get any songwriting credits on Chinese?
  9. Did Fortus get any songwriting credits on Chinese?
  10. Wasn’t specifically aimed at you 🙂 Seen Brad Pitt mentioned as a reference many times in this thread - including someone posting a picture of a shirtless Brad in his latest movie. It was just a general comment given the previous fixation. Peace ✌🏻
  11. I don’t pay to see a body beautiful on stage. If that’s your thing, and clearly it is for many on this board, go see Brad Pitt sing FFS