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  1. Explain - haven’t heard of it
  2. Any chance of putting a few lithos from previous shows for sale on the merch site? Id pay good money for the Dubai litho - don’t think anyone managed to get them
  3. Golden circle tickets purchased today - boom!
  4. ^they played Abu Dhabi at the same arena - but not as part of the Grand Prix
  5. I heard on the local radio this morning that GNR asked the organizers for a full 3 hour slot to do their whole show
  6. Yeah they’ll be well paid for playing, for sure. It’s the last race of the season so the organizers make a big deal about the post race concert. Headliners in recent years have been The Who and Rihanna (I’m sure Prince played one year too). I saw The Who a couple of years back. It’s def not the same as vibe as a crowd full of fans - but it wasn’t totally flat either. A lot of folk drinking and enjoying themselves
  7. ^yeah he did. Think they had to go off-road across the sand dunes to the venue. He mentioned it at the show
  8. Should rename this leg the ‘Twice in This Lifetime Tour’ lol 😂 Cant wait till Abu Dhabi - I missed a chunk of the Dubai show due to the outrageous traffic going to the gig. We literally parked up in some random spot in the sand and walked the last stretch. It was mayhem
  9. https://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/music/guns-n-roses-to-perform-at-abu-dhabi-formula-one-after-race-concert-1.728310
  10. Just announced earlier today over here in the Gulf. Seems they will continue to tour towards the end of the year https://m.gulfnews.com/leisure/events/guns-n-roses-returning-to-the-uae-1.2218179
  11. Probably posted, but it’s on Spotify
  12. If they could somehow give you a NITL tour litho of your choice I’d part with whatever they wanted for the box set. What i’d give to have a litho of the Dubai show. By the time I got to the gig they’d all gone