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  1. When you’re in a hole - stop diggin 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. https://www.cartoonstock.com/cartoonview.asp?catref=mfln6578 The Abu Dhabi litho is truly awesome
  3. Don’t really see what the fuss is about - most of the crowd actually took it on the chin and went about their way either to get a beer or made their way home. Youre talking about a very small minority moaning - but there was no booing in the slightest. Slight disappointment maybe, but not a biggie
  4. It wasn’t the fact it was a 2 hour set - it was the composition of the set
  5. Just to clarify - there were many people that paid for the F1 tickets just to see GNR (myself included) - it was buying the package or nothing. I forked out on the basic tickets with access to the Hill to watch the race (which isn’t even in the stands) and a pair of tickets with Golden circle add-on cost 3,000 dirhams (over $800)... I didn’t even go to the race. So anyone doing the same as me forked out a fair chunk of change to see the gig - without even considering transport, hotels etc. I enjoyed the gig, and you can’t kick a man for being sick. But I also understand a minority being pissed off - because the show was very strange for those that don’t follow the tour closely
  6. Health issues aside - Axl sounded great. Slash stole the show, as per - but Axl gave it his all and did pretty well considering. Havent listened to any of the YouTube uploads - as has been said many times before - huge difference in listening to the recordings and what you actually hear at the show in a live setting.
  7. Kudos to Axl for even making it on stage - as soon as he came out he looked terrible, looked ill as fuck on the big screen. I thought the show was great - but it was massively bizarre for the casual fan. Huge Slash jam, extended DTJ, Wish You Were Here, Johnny B Goode, Godfather, extended Rocket Queen, Duff’s solo spot - this was essentially the show. No LALD, Nightrain, KOHD, PC etc. Most people were fucked right off leaving the arena considering how much the tickets cost. BTW - they sounded great. Most casual observers left thinking Slash was an absolute beast on the guitar. But very strange concert He was on stage for very little of that. Slash and Duff earned them their Abu Dhabi dolla
  8. Kick of in 5 mins - must be 9pm start
  9. Lithographs available at the merch store :-)
  10. Roughly 7.30pm I think (6.05pm just now so an hour and a half or so) I am track side. The crowd tonight will be interesting - it’ll largely be a Formila 1 crowd, and it’s just started raining slightly. Seen quite a few GNR T-shirt’s kicking around tho
  11. Looking forward to the show - got golden circle
  12. What’s the model of the new red and black Les Paul Slash is playing this leg of the tour?
  13. What’s the model of the new red Les Paul Slash is playing this tour?