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  1. Love the early rawness of Don’t Cry. Especially from the guitar solo onwards
  2. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    Really enjoyed watching those. Kinda funny - the energy in those videos is not too far away from how the band actually played in their prime, with all the running around and jumps and shit
  3. I'd say it's more insulting to his bandmates that he brings his A+++ game for another band, whereas they get a falsetto-fest and a guy that can't dig deep for one of their biggest shows
  4. You know, if Axl's voice is shot - the hardcore fans would accept the show for what it is. But we are all too familiar with the way he sung on the AC/DC run. Pretty much every show on that tour he wasn't only hitting it out the park, he was hitting it right out the city. Also telling is his comment in the press about Angus (and I quote) - 'I don't want to let this guy down, almost more than anybody I ever known.' And you saw it with rehearsals and probably his best vocals since his prime. I'd even go as far as to say that in some of the footage it's the best he's ever sung. Full on rasp with perfect control, every note smashed with conviction. And he maintained it right to the last show. Now he's back with Guns, and he's pretty much nailing it for the most part. But he's cutting corners and it shows. And it's frustrating as hell he can't get his shit together for such a prominent, proshot gig with a lot of history for the band. Especially after the last monumental fuck up Slash and Duff stood in the audience when he played with AC/DC, no doubt open mouthed. Now they're on stage 3 hours a night seeing their guy either rein it in or struggle. If Axl tours with AC/DC again and comes out full on rasp - you've really got to question his commitment and passion for GNR And I don't for one minute buy the 'GNR songs are harder to sing than AC/DC songs' argument. Axl took Bon's best songs and nailed them with no exceptions
  5. Wonder if the band are pissed at the technical difficulties/mix of the feed. Not a single twitter 'thank you' so far 😳 Wouldn't surprise me if they comment on it given the one way view of the show on the net
  6. But even his high voice sucked badly. He seriously cuts corners with that weak head falsetto
  7. This was pretty much bang on a year ago. I'm actually completely perplexed at to how he can go from this level of take the roof right off bad-assery to the consistently struggling falsetto efforts he can't get away from. Not only is he short changing his fans, but his band members too. Imagine those vocals on a GNR global live stream. Instead, we have to watch yet another proshot concert through our fingers
  8. Steven Tyler's voice, energy and non-stop showmanship is incredible. Those guys looked and sounded pretty damn good. You could play that entire Aerosmith setlist at volume and enjoy it start to finish
  9. The only way forward is a new album of bitchin hard rock in Axl's lower registers with the occasional high rasp. Even some AC/DC-esque songs that he's confident he can sing a la Out Ta Get Me. Then tour the new album with selective cuts from the back catalogue. Time to finally put Coma, YCBM, Jungle at al to bed. It's a young man's game singing an entire setlist of such songs. An album full of songs like ITs So Easy, DTJ would still be cool - and at least they'd sound consistently good live
  10. True. But we've been here many times and tours before
  11. The thing I find sad about it all is I see a different Axl up there when they're in the trenches. If they were in a tight spot back in the 90's, they'd either give a collective fuck you and play their asses off or storm off stage. Now when Axl is struggling, you can almost see his confidence sap as the songs progress and he almost gives up. There's no real fire there anymore, just a guy trying to sing falsetto for 3 hours and get off stage to his hotel
  12. Sadly , Axl really needs to work at his vocals to sing his back catalogue. Unlike Tyler who's voice just seems to be part of his DNA, no matter what his age is. If GNR write new music - they need to 'do a Bon Jovi' and write tunes that fit a lower vocal register. It's the only way they can consistently sound powerful and at the top of their game on the road
  13. Good point. Still, over a decade and multiple tours ago