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  1. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    It’s very entertaining.
  2. Okay then. Instead of debating whether or why a child might want to share a bed with an adult who wasn’t a family member, let’s take a minute to focus on the adult who went out of his way to share his bed with children he had no familial relationship to. The sane amongst us will wait over here.
  3. EXACTLY. All of that. And the ‘Peter Pan’ bullshit. I would politely ask if anyone has ever heard that used as a defense in relation to any other grown man in the universe who, regardless of abuse and exploitation in their background, has obviously unhealthy ties with children. (Spoiler alert, you haven’t, because it’s also not a thing).
  4. Let’s be REALLY CLEAR - having the slightest urge to regularly share a bed with a child you have no familial relation too, free of any sinister context, is quite simply (and fucking obviously) NOT a thing. Let alone with multiple random children (...oh and who mostly happen to be of a similar physical type). Seriously WHAT THE FUCK.
  5. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    🤣🤣🤣 To be indelicate I’m currently surfing the crimson wave, so NOT QUITE BUT THANK YOU.
  6. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    It’s not a ‘birds thing’. It’s a nerd/geek thing though. In the best way. I have watched all 144 episodes a terrifying number of times and love it more than most things and will fight you 🤣
  7. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    90210 is objectively bad but I grew up on it, so sentimental attatchment. Don’t diss on Buffy however or we will have an ISSUE.
  8. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    🖕 🖕🖕it’s true 🤣😞 You would like it, probably. There aren’t any swans but Ashley’s sweater puppies are unleashed on multiple occasions.
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    My inner 14 year old is still struggling with Luke Perry’s death and I thankfully remembered this was a thing that existed (that I still can’t believe I’d not seen). It was directed by John McNaughton and based on an actual INSANE true story and besides being Perry’s best performance ever I am now happily willing to argue that Ashley Judd delivers what amounts to one of the top ten/twenty performances of the nineties in it. Definitely worth a look.
  10. Forgot about this entirely (she later retracted her statements and alleged her husband forced her to make them) Had never seen this. The lacivious material isn’t as unnerving to me as the house itself is.
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his quote is Onion worthy
  12. Oh absolutely that’s a potential factor.
  13. Yes. Although both were exploited and ripped off by their parents as kids, so they were vulnerable. But as I attempted to delicately suggest above...possibly not pretty enough.
  14. Corey Feldman says the same thing. But nether of them are the type the accusers are (that Chandler, Arvazio, Robson and Safechuck were all similar looking as kids is one of biggest red flags for me) Maybe MJ was the John Derek of pedos?
  15. Nope, it’s not a crime. Of course, it’s also not something anyone who wasn’t a pedo would do in a million years. ‘It’ being sharing a bed with a child (let alone multiple children) they had no familial relationship with, specifically for the sake of it.