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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    The problem is that it seems like you can't edit posts in a locked thread. So even if I reuploaded the pictures in another place, I still couldn't add them to the original posts. I hate photobucket so much for suddenly deciding to screw all their users over. About these pictures...
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    This... this is a good sign, a really good one. Thanks for posting that. Slash is clearly talking about people like Doug Goldstein in that quote (and if we're really lucky, even about the Maynards). I really don't see how people are reading Izzy and Steven into this. Izzy and Steven caused their fair share of problems for them, but they never "kept them apart" and Slash even mentions "managers and business people" in the next sentence. The whole thing doesn't apply to TB because TB weren't around in the way they are now during the era of time Slash is probably talking about here (UYI tours). Pretty sure Stephanie Seymour's nanny wasn't a concern to Slash back then. Obviously TB got more influential and powerful later on and did end up playing a significant role in keeping them apart and prolonging this drama, but they can't be blamed for the original issues that broke the band up in the first place imo. (And obviously Slash and Duff also weren't going to touch the TB issue with a ten foot pole so soon after they'd just started getting along again. Who knows if they ever will...)
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I was talking about Andy and Axl, since they already got a nice engagement picture and everything... I'm aware people in other parts of the planet tend to be smaller (I've spent enough time in East Asia to have seen more than my fair share of small men). But most of the men I am surrounded by in day to day life tend towards the Duff side of things, so yes, Axl does seem pretty tiny to me. Still within the range of normal, but rather small. And people like Angus are ridiculously tiny to me. I felt like I could have picked the guy up and carried him off when I met him.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'm 170 cm and he wasn't much taller than me. I was nearly eye to eye with him. Yeah, I think his shoes help make him look a tiny bit taller, but in reality you guys are probably the same height, 174-5 cm. Made for each other
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Do we know who the woman on the right is? She's still around on the periphery of the freak show. I noticed her recently in a picture with Vanessa and Sante's girlfriend. I think that's a bit (about 2 cm) too tall. I'd say he's only 174 or 175 cm going by the impression I had when standing next to him and from what other people have said. He's tiny. Yes, I remember Izzy saying he doesn't like going barefoot because he can't handle grass touching his bare feet or something Izzy's the guy with the foot-related phobia in the band not Axl (Slash clearly doesn't have one either, there are a million pictures of barefoot Slash).
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I have lots of it, especially as I get older and more and more feel like I'd want to have a baby, the whole thing seems to get worse in general. And "poor little helpless puppy" isn't really it. It's more like I read about Axl (or Duff even) at a young age (like 4, or 16 or even 21 or whatever) and I just want to grab that child and protect it from the world. Or when I see Axl look particularly sad or lonely or whatever, I feel like giving him a hug or comforting him. I guess it's just empathy driven by maternal instinct at its core. Obviously I don't feel that way about Axl all the time, a lot of the time I also want to smack him or I mentally roll my eyes at him, but he definitely has the ability to bring that out in me sometimes. And empathy is not a limited resource, so I see nothing wrong with also extending it to "rich people", especially since our guys specifically weren't always rich themselves. Besides, feelings aren't rational and you either have them for someone or something or you don't, so I lose no sleep over that kind of thing.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    That's how I basically feel as well. I'm aware they all were douchebags back then (or at least products of their environment and society), so these lyrics don't really shock or offend me. I tend to look at them from a "scientific" (that's not the right word for it, but I can't think of a better one at the moment) point of view as well. Like I find it interesting to think about how they ended up at a point where they didn't even hesitate to write lyrics like that, or to look at current day Duff squirm when he's asked about the ISE lyrics as he struggles to justify them. That said, I don't really ever listen to ISE, UTLH, Back Off Bitch or OIAM. Mostly because I just don't like them though, musically speaking. The only GNR song with "questionable" or "offensive" lyrics that I enjoy listening to is Locomotive. It's the Sinead O'Connor thing again. Looking at them in some pictures or videos from when they were young or reading about some things that happened appeals to my (and many other people's apparently) maternal instincts lol. Axl brings it out the most in me. I can sort of feel the same way about all of them with certain pictures or stories, but with Axl it's like a feeling that is always there beneath the surface. Even with current day Axl, I still sometimes get this feeling, while I don't feel anything like that at all anymore for Slash or Duff for example. Probably because they're grown men in full control of their lives, while Axl is still a mess and still weirdly child-like in many ways. I've always felt that way btw. Even when I was like 14 or so, I somehow felt older than Axl and had that desire to protect him or wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup, as Sinead called it lol. Yes, I have that problem too. There's an emotional connection there that is hard to get rid of. I even learned English from reading Axl/GNR interviews and... other stuff . If it hadn't been for Axl, I might not be posting or discussing here, might have studied different thing at university, etc. I just checked and nearly all of my pics and GIFs are gone in that post I hate photobucket so much I can try to re-upload them for you, but I don't know when I'll get around to that. I'm having a hell week (or rather 3 hell weeks) and hardly have time for anything at the moment. You really think that? Wow. This world's a strange place. I think so as well. IMO Izzy's the one who's showing the signs of the lifestyle they lived most clearly on his face. With all the drugs, alcohol (and nicotine) they were consuming, you'd expect them to look older than they actually are, but only Izzy looks older than he is to me. Slash and Axl (now again after many terrible years) look their age or slightly younger to me, Duff's face is aged like Izzy's, but he manages to distract from that and appear more youthful by other things, like his body and his magical hair (and I also agree with the people who mentioned fillers, botox etc., I've suspected that for a long time as well). Steven aged surprisingly well too considering what he put himself through, but I was never attracted to Steven to begin with, so his looks aren't very important to me
  8. Axl is one of the greatest frontmen of all time (he and Freddie Mercury). Even Slash says so, so it must be true He's got more charisma and stage presence then nearly every singer I've ever seen.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Damn, you people talk so much I can't keep up I've only skimmed the last couple of pages (still got a lot of stuff to catch up on), but the Axl as a parent discussion reminded me of this little quote. In 1994, Axl apparently imagined his daughter would be as stubborn and headstrong as he himself Would Axl Rose let his daughter date a rock star? "My luck will be, if I have a daughter, she's probably going to do whatever the hell she wants to do," he said. Seems like he was aware the apple wouldn't fall far from the tree and didn't have any unrealistic expectations about any potential female off-spring lol. And since we were posting old radio interviews, I also came across this yesterday, which is new (to me at least, I've never heard this particular snippet or interview before). It's Axl talking about his piano playing and how it relates to his childhood. Radio host: "Axl, on NR you play some wonderful piano. Since when did you become such an accomplished player?" Axl: "Oh thanks. I can really only play my own songs and I really don't have the time to practice a whole lot. I m hoping to get a piano to take on the road and work with more often. I started playing when I was really little, kind of forced to. Something my father wanted me to do because he regretted he hadn't taken piano lessons, but they didn't really know anything about music, so they couldn't tell if I was doing my lessons or not. So I didn't really pay attention to my lessons; I'd only play my lessons for the teacher when I went in. Basically, I'd sit down at the piano for a half hour to do whatever, sometimes I'd sit there for a couple and I'd just make up things. I think I could have, you know, learned how to be a lot better if I'd have been more dedicated, but there was, you know, so many crazy things going on in my household, that I didn't really need to be doing any extra work like that and it was hard to stay dedicated to something. But I did like sitting down and just trying to express the way I felt with the piano there and it was also kinda like while I was playing the piano, I wouldn't really be bothered by anything else going on in the family 'cause "He's working on his piano now!" (imitating his father's voice). So I wouldn't be bothered by any of the problems or have to do more work or be worried about getting yelled at as long as I was on the piano. But in the 70s when I started playing rock n' roll, my dad started getting a little bit wise when I was playing Led Zeppelin stuff on the piano and he wasn't very happy about that..." Years later, Axl mentioned the playing Led Zeppelin on the piano thing again (in one of these 2006 radio interviews with Trunk I think?) and said his father hit him so hard he got knocked off the piano chair for doing that (or something along these lines). About the bolded, I actually wrote a paper about this once for a class I had at university. On why children from dysfunctional, abusive or disadvantaged households perform worse in academics and other activities. What Axl says here is spot on- too much of a child's mental and emotional resources are taken up by worrying about family drama, so there's not enough left to really focus or dedicate oneself to other things. In Axl's case, he most likely drifted through school with relatively good grades because he's naturally academically gifted and didn't have to try very hard (as his teachers have also said), but I'm not surprised to hear the piano playing suffered due to his homelife. I also really feel for him on a personal level with the "I'm sitting at the piano now, so I'm safe"-thing. My homelife was nothing like Axl's, but I used to employ the exact same tactic as a child when I tried to go unnoticed at home or in school. "I'm doing something (or pretending to do something) an adult wants me to do at the moment, so please ignore me and leave me the hell alone." And even though it was something that was forced upon him, I'm glad the piano playing could give him a break sometimes and gave him a way to emotionally express himself.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @Andy14 I love you Alcoholics Anonymous getting involved - Angus Young likes this (from now on, it's only tea for these two! ) Slash wanting to become a scientist - All the guys in the band laughing thier asses off Slash: "Love me some ginger" - Duff: "We all know" - Axl: "Fuck off you fuckheads" "It's photoshopped honey" The guest appearances and "omgomgomg eat that ass you dumbass!" leading to "Axl Rose is scared" Slash pissing himself again - "Procter & Gamble like this" (this is genius lol ) Axl's accidental Sorry lyrics after Slash hurt his feelings - "Del James and Baz like this" and Myles Kennedy liking Slash being annoyed with Axl
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @killuridols Good CSI work! I'm glad to know it's not Fernando's apartment You're welcome. What you describe is part of what I like about it too. And yeah, it would make for a cool profile picture I think Never seen this one before, thanks for sharing Poor Axl. That's the same photoshoot where he was also holding Slash bridal style and then Slash turns around and cuddles up to Steven Or maybe it was the other way round and Axl grabbed Slash and was ready to carry him off to get him away from Steven
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'm interrupting the Axl-related sadness and worrying for a moment to post some new old pics by Mark Weiss I came across earlier. I love it when we get new pics from back in the day or at least better quality versions of old pics. This one for example. I've seen other pics from that photoshoot, but never this one. He's still such an adorable little puppy here lol. Bigger and better version of this famous picture: Also from the same day, also adorable, and in better quality than the versions I had until now: More huge ass Axl pics under the spoiler tag, because it's actually Slash's birthday... ... so I guess I should actually be posting the Slash pictures Mark Weiss shared: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GUITARIST ON THE PLANET! Wonder if we're gonna hear anything about his birthday this year? I still remember Slash's birthday last year very well, it gave us a lot to talk about and speculate in the thread back then Would be cool if Axl could remember his Twitter password again to publically wish Slash a Happy Birthday, as Slash has done for him more than once, but I'm not holding out much hope Bonus band pics because they're really cool:
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Wow, sad news I can't say I know much about him or Linkin Park, but that's exactly the impression I had of him too. I was vaguely aware of his rough childhood as well, but he never struck me as a Kurt or Axl type so to speak, where you always worry about that kind of thing in the back of your head. Very sorry for his friends and family, especially his children. Thank you She is doing a lot better nowadays. She got pregnant unexpectedly (which was another shock to me because she never wanted children, for the same reasons Kurt Cobain stated before he had Frances- "Can't bring children into this fucked up world.") and now has a 1.5 year old little boy. She's a great mom and the little guy is thriving and growing like a weed. Considering the way she was living not too long ago, she now lives a pretty boring life (in the good way) with her boyfriend and their baby. Lol I feel you, but it's not just her they suck up to. I've noticed that with anyone associated with Axl, Slash, the band, etc. Sometimes I get the feeling Instagram is full of morons who believe sucking up to Sasha/Beta/Perla/Grace/whoever else will somehow get them closer to the band or something.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Uuurrrgh, it's fucking photobucket. That's why the images are gone. I chose photobucket back then because it seemed like a reliable image hosting site, but it's gone completely down the drain recently, in various ways. But the worst is that photobucket now asks you to pay like 400 dollars or something for a service they always used to provide for free. I don't know what to do about this yet (because I'm not going to pay 400 dollars to shitty photobucket). Anyway, great old article finds. I've heard that story of Axl and the metal detector before though. Must be in some GNR book then or mentioned in another old magazine article or something. Not gonna lie, the thought crossed my mind as well when I re-read some parts of Slash's book some time ago. But @Blackstars and @Freys information about the bail sum and so on makes that seem more unlikely, thankfully. And didn't Slash say in his book he never even thanked Axl for getting him out of there? It would be rather heart-breaking if Axl went to such lengths and never even got a thank you for it... I don't remember if I've ever mentioned this here before, but I went through this with one of my friends from high school. She's got nothing in common with Axl, except that she's also rather sensitive and tends towards depression and anxiety and she also used to cut herself with razorblades when she was younger. Axl said he stopped cutting himself and started destroying other stuff instead, my friend started drinking, smoking and doing drugs when she stopped (which was already pretty wild to me, considering she was a very innocent "good girl" type in high school, comes from a well-off family of academics, etc.) Without going into too much detail, this led to her suffering some pretty shitty experiences of the sexual assault kind, like being raped by a friend of hers and losing half of her friends over that (because they couldn't believe that guy would ever do something like that and thought she was making it up) and also the death of her boyfriend. Unsurprsingly she was in a bad place emotionally, but she still needed money to cover the costs of living in a big city and drugs aren't cheap either. She was too embarrassed to ask her parents for money, not self-confident enough to apply for a job (my friend is one of the most intelligent and most kind-hearted people I know, but she was convinced no one would hire her because she hadn't finished university yet and had no real work experience to speak of) and felt she was already "damaged goods" anyway, so she figured she might as well give some men what they so obviously wanted from her and at least earn money from doing so. She'd been selling herself to random men for over a year before she told me. I will never forget the sinking feeling in my stomach and the fear (because the way she did it was especially dangerous imo) I felt then. I've since learned that that feeling of being "damaged goods" or being already tainted in some way is pretty common among survivors of childhood sexual abuse and other sexual assault and often leads them down paths like the one above. I also remember reading about victims of trauma like that sometimes being drawn to situations, places and people similar to the original circumstances of the trauma. So assuming what Tom Zutaut said is true, I could see a young and poor Axl having some kind of "I've already been through this shit anyway and at least this time I get payed for it" - attitude. Add in incidents like the one with the air conditioning repair man trying to rape him or the cops in Lafayette hitting on him and I think, one way or another, Axl must have been very aware that he was desirable to other men. So yeah, I wouldn't be all that shocked if he might have taken advantage of that sometimes for financial or other (more psychologically complex) reasons.
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Okay, lots of stuff I want to comment on, but I need to get going, so for now I'm just gonna say... Ahahaha Thank you! Like @Andy14, I also am a loser who never wins anything, so I greatly appreciate this award And I'm very happy to share it with all the other awesome people who got one (even if some of them are a tad confused ). I'm so glad we all had a great time during this European leg of the tour. It truly was special