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  1. If they play Hard School I’ll eat my hat again as I did in 06’
  2. This says it all: Guns N Roses IS Axl Rose...
  3. I hope this track was included on the cd’s Axl ran over with his Ferrari.
  4. Actually, they’d probably sell more of it if that were the case.
  5. Axl couldn’t put all his goodies on one album. His plan as per his grand opus was to have additional albums forthcoming. I believe these tracks were waiting in the interim until the dust settled.
  6. This track still stinks no matter how many listens I force myself to sit through, it’s worse than anything on the Illusions. I’m literally shocked by some of the overly positive opinions. Chinese Democracy set the bar so low for some of you I suppose, coupled with the thirst for anything new. Atlas, Perhaps & Hard School are definitely solid tracks especially after listening to CD shit like Sorry and Scraped & the other bloated, oversaturated Final mixes.
  7. It’s awful pretty much worse than any NIN b-side. It makes My World look like Poetic Justice.
  8. Very disappointing... Maybe ChiDem really was the best Axl had to offer.
  9. Guns N Roses releasing an album sounds preposterous. Something that never happens will suddenly happen at some predetermined period of time? You should all know better than that by now......
  10. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    You mean like TSI and ChiDem?
  11. Hollywood Rose DJ

    There was an eBay item for sale (buy it now) many years ago when auctions were still popular that told a small story involving a guy who went by the name of DJ. It was for an autograph of the “original guitarist from Guns N’ Roses”. I didn’t think much of it back then. I wonder if anyone else caught sight of it? Maybe someone can ask Rob about DJ?
  12. A musician who can’t release music, isn’t a musician. A donut with no hole is a Danish.