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  1. 'Scraped' should top this list.

    I’d rather listen to My World 17 times than Scraped once.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    I’m glad GNR did something but this is some VGA, middle-school, intro-to-video editing type of video. It’s difficult to believe this comes from a professional source. It’s unfortunate that this band continues to meet our lowest expectations and sets the bar on low expectations.
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    Well, better late than never......
  4. You guys are all overreaching with your thoughts. It’s more simple than that, there simply isn’t anything to talk about. There hasn’t been anything to talk about. There’s next to nothing going on. It’s easy to keep secrets when you aren’t hiding anything. People are negative because nothing remotely creative or otherwise happens with this band for decades.
  5. Replace the word “band” with “Axl”.
  6. Fernando is the managerial equivalent of Jack Tunney in the WWF days. He’s essentially nothing more than a figurehead. Axl’s the real “manager”.
  7. From the band that released “Chinese Democracy”, a front man who uses politically charged comments in the name of civil liberties but rules over his bandmates like a dictator. God forbid Fernandos Draconian policy was trampled upon.

    This was certainly not the original intention. This is the result of bad press. When a charitable contribution is tied to the verbiage “100% net proceeds” it always comes with a slurry of backend deductions that subtract extensively from the “gross”. Typically they will include everything under the sun that could conceivably stand up to an audit.

    It appears that this band is open to anything but releasing music, interacting with fans or establishing any semblance of good will....
  10. It seems Mr. Rose doesn’t have time to address his fans unless they’re hemorrhaging cash...
  11. Can we stop with the political references? I don’t see what any of this has to do with GNR releasing an album?
  12. The people that think there will be a November album release are the same people that get fooled by every disguise of the Trix rabbit.
  13. Axl has an Appetite for living off Illusions and Lies....
  14. Don’t count on it, Axl’s one spiteful fella. If Axl doesn’t want to release it, he will take it to his grave and very well possibly the afterlife. Unless someone else has or had access to these tracks and currently still has them, we will NEVER hear them.
  15. Even DJ Ashba is communicating his appreciation to all those Covid warriors. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ex-guns-n-roses-guitarist-dj-ashba-thanks-essential-workers-during-coronavirus-pandemic/