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  1. He’s suggesting that music and new ideas are more forthcoming with the Conspirators rather than Guns N Roses. In other words, a new GNR album is moving languishingly slow if at all.
  2. This is what a GNR fan forum has devolved into, sucking at the teet of any offerings of monotoned, incomplete demo versions of twenty year-old songs from the CD era and prior which we have heard ad noseam. What’s funny is that right now Axl is probably working feverishly on making sure nothing else gets “leaked”. The GNR camp has gone into lockdown mode. He seems to work much harder stowing away old demos than he does doing something productive like making new music.
  3. If anyone is interested I have a size Large that is brand-new old stock. Never worn, unwashed, unused. Of course it won't be cheap.