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  1. just do yourself a favour and watch the videos then watch any GNR promo video i trust that you will notice that those two videos are clearly not edited or finished in a way that a video supposed to be released would be why? because they DONT NEED to be they just need to be good enough to let "GNR" (i.e. whoever was calling the shots in GNR back then) to know how good Mark Racco's was/is simple as that those videos are the equivalent of a "demo"
  2. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    yeah, i believe you are correct yes!
  3. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    there were 3 illusion tours Guns n Roses 1991 tour - nice setlists Guns n Circus 1992 tour - boring & predictable setlists Guns n Bones 1993 tour - nice setlists at first, then boring at the end the one tour that is truly similar (just as bad) to the Not Enough Loot in This Lifetime Tour is obviously the 1992 tour
  4. yep, that was sort of easy to notice last week, huh? fuck man that was impressive!
  5. GNR Interview on June 11

    why would they? there are millions of people all over the world paying zillions of dollars to watch guns n aliens butcher the GNR songs live for two years now and there is strong indication that millions of people will keep on paying to watch this freak show for years and years and years and years to come!
  6. GNR Interview on June 11

    i am betting on DUFF OR SLASH likely they wont answer anything we wanna know about re-recordings, about if/when GNR will ever reunite, about any new music etc etc etc
  7. most of you may have seen some of it Some of you may have seen most of it Its on youtube for 4 years FFS! But fuck i truly dont remember EVER seeing some of the stuff on this compilation and there is some serious, serious good stuff on it! anyone cares to identify all the places/dates? now can someone convince axl to remove the temporary tattoos from the Appetite for Toys Boxset (or maybe the skull rings?) and add instead the three or four Canter videos that are teased here?
  8. I could listen to Billy and Slash duelling those guitars for hours on end!
  9. "Guns n Roses Original 1986 Demo Tape From Earliest Sessions" that belonged to longtime publicist Bryn Bridenthal has been sold on RecordMecca.com what do you guys think? is this real/original stuff? is is possible that there is anything uncirculated on the tape? FULL INFO HERE = https://recordmecca.com/item-archives/guns-n-roses-original-1986-demo-tape-from-earliest-sessions/ some Bryn Bridenthal photos Elektra's 70's West Coast PR Staff with Eddie Rabbitt: L-R Bobbi Goldenberg, Sue Satriano, Sally Stevens, Eddie Rabbit, Janice Azrak, Bryn Bridenthal (from Senoff's 1970s West Coast Music Industry Photos and Memories) John Kalodner and Bryn Bridenthal in 1993 (from JohnKalodner.com) Bryn (left) with sister Sher on a more recent photo (from http://www.2sistersglass.com/about-2sisters-glass.html)
  10. Billy Gibbons 2nd solo album Big Bad Blues should be released in September. His band on the album consists of ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum, guitarist Austin Hanks and blues harmonica player James Harman. “This is a real stripped-down, gutbucket, raw and rough approach,” Gibbons said of working with the musicians. ABOVE: Billy Gibbons, Matt Sorum and Austin Hawks SOURCE = http://ultimateclassicrock.com/billy-gibbons-john-fogerty-song-2/ BILLY GIBBONS JAMS WITH MATT SORUM IN AUSTIN 2018 = http://music.blog.austin360.com/2018/03/16/sxsw-2018-billy-gibbons-matt-sorum-antones-review/
  11. what are you talking about? i suppose you didnt read my posts properly
  12. fantastic post let me add a tad to your box - All recording session videos/in studio tapes - 3 CDs of pre 1990 versions of all UYI songs written during the GNR era 1985-1990 (with AFD lineup) remixed/remastered ala SOYL including multiple early takes of November Rain, Perfect Crime, Back off Bitch, Bad Obsession, Yesterdays, You Could be Mine, Ain't Going Down etc - 2CDs of top quality recordings of every West Arkeen demo available that has a GNR member on it including all the known tracks in circulation and more (if exists!) that was never in circulation - 4 CDs of the 1989 Chicago sessions with multiple takes of every song (including early versions, rejected ideas, unused jams, etc) - 5 CDs of rehearsals 1989-1991 including the complete Mates Rehearsal - 2CDs "Raw UYI instrumental with original Izzy Stradlin guitar" (mixed on the same volume as Slash's original guitar) - 2CDs "Raw UYI with Axl raw vocals and original Izzy Stradlin guitar" (same as above with raw Axl's vocals added -- and no effects!) - "Raw" pre-final mix UYI songs - 5 CDs of alternate takes (with special attention to alternate vocal takes and alternate solo takes) and mixings of most/if not all UYI songs including the ones that were never released like Aint Going Down - 2 DVDs & Blu Rays of Rock in Rio II (both nights including the unseen footage from second night) - 3 DVDs of complete, uncut film footage (with untouched professional audio recordings) of the three 1991 warm-up gigs at The Ritz, The Warfield and The Pantages Paris 1992, Chicago 1992, and Argentina 1993 - 5 DVDs of 1991 shows in USA and Europe - UYI tour coffee-table style picture book (approx 100 400 pages in length, perhaps with commentary by Axl, Izzy, Slash, Duff and related personnel on some of the photos every photo) - TSI demos w/ Izzy remastered and untouched, along with unreleased TSI recordings including Down on the Street - Reprints/re-releases of popular UYI era merch and t-shirts (IE, UYI II t-shirt, maybe some of Axl's UYI tour t-shirts reprinted, a pair of Axl sneakers, GN'R Pinball Game as a downloadable app game) - Reprint of early 1990s GN'R comic(s) - "Perfect Crime Meltdown" UYI documentary 1989-1991 - "Perfect Crime Circus" UYI tour documentary 1992-1993 (there is more to add but i am tired hahahaha!)