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  1. exactly brazil paper says that axl voice was "disastrous" on headline and also goes on on how the silence in the audience was "embarassing" during axl solo era songs http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/ilustrada/2017/09/1921354-volta-de-formacao-classica-salva-show-do-guns-da-voz-desastrosa-de-axl.shtml "With a flawed voice, he made a point of singing in falsetto, went out of tune when trying to reach higher notes and turned good songs like "Estranged" and "Live and Let Die" (Paul McCartney) into a somewhat painful experience". "All it took for the audience to cool down were the songs from the last album, "Chinese Democracy". In "Better", for example, there was an awkward silence." "It was a relief when Duff McKagan took over the microphone to sing "You Can not Put Your Arms Around a Memory""
  2. examples? are you kidding me? the entire show sounds weak, disjointed, lifeless, groveless etc etc etc
  3. it must have happened once or twice during the Guns n Roses era and i swear i didnt really noticed it. it happens 18 zillion times per show these days and not only it is noticeable but is horrible. what does it tell you?
  4. the photo above (which i dont remember ever seeing before) is on the LA Times article about the new documentary "Scenesters: Music, Mayhem & Melrose Ave. (1985-90)" the maker of the doc was a roadie for London (back when they had Izzy in the lineup) and later worked for GNR in their early days so there could be some nice GNR stuff on it full story = http://www.laweekly.com/music/desi-benjamins-scenesters-documentary-explores-la-music-and-nightlife-in-the-80s-and-90s-8677294
  5. NOT BAD nice groove, nice melody some minor problems with vocal metrics chorus is weaker than the verses vocals are badly recorded at some parts lead guitar takes to long to enter the song, does too little === outro is too long and seems to be a bit less dramatic than it should/could at first listen
  6. yeah, i suppose no one cann outdo the stones on wild horses, but i guess izzy, axl, slash, steven and duff could if they tried!
  7. just out of curiosity, do you know if the stones ever played JJF acoustic? i would love to hear that!
  8. i think they did here, by miles
  9. Yeah Izzy would never ever say that he plays any song better than the Stones, right? Another problem I have with Stones from that era is that I just dont like Taylor's style of playing guitar at all, i find him kinda boring if you ask me. I know its a somewhat bizarre opinion amogst Stones fans and I have quite a few friends that actually make fun of me because of that hahahaha
  10. hahahaha, i never heard a great stones version for this song. do you know any? the ones that i listened to (studio and live) are a bit pale in comparison to this ju ju hounds llive version!
  11. bullshit hahahaha, the live boot "rocker" taken from the soundboard (i guess its the same @Tom-Ass mentioned) is just a magnificent recording its probably the only live recording by any of the GNR guys that has two guitars that are in the same league as original GNR AND not only that... they outdo the stones on jivin sister fanny and they outdo howlin wolf on rocker (rockin daddy) exactly how GNR used to outdo every band that they played a cover of
  12. isnt that bad apples video taken from one of those "making videos" VHSs (dont cry, november rain, estranged) that were released back in the day?
  13. so now these aliens were "gunners" even BEFORE they joined axl's solo band?