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    that horror jam pretty exposes these guys more than anything another riff gone to waste because there is no one there -- yeah i am talking about izzy -- to give it some dynamics so it sounds basically sterile and boring same thing that happens to mostly all slash riffs and licks and solos and what not that hes been wasting away on his solo albums
  2. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/a-perfect-circle-guitarist-says-he-became-close-with-axl-rose-during-making-of-chinese-democracy/ EDIT = wow, id like to thank to whoever changed the title i gave to this thread for chainging the title i gave to this thread
  3. i remember watching GNR what was left of GNR in 1992 and ticket prices were around 20 DOLLARS general attendance and you could get in the first row if you arrived early enough -- not my case -- or if you had the will and the strenght to fight through thousands of people -- that was my MO back then the best thing about those concerts is that POOR PEOPLE who loved the band were able to attend and i remember a lot of people with fucked teeth and what not going completely crazy during the show. these people really loved the band and really werent ashamed of showing their love these days, POOR PEOPLE can not even get close to this nonsense poors and roses aka guns n aliens tour and what you get in the audience is mostly a bunch of snobs and these people usually act very annoying in a crowd situation of course none of that would matter if it was actually GNR onstage, if it was actually GNR i wouldnt mind paying zillions of dollars to watch them up close and i wouldnt mind having the snobbiest people around me hahahaha
  4. of course you got to remember this is an once in a lifetime thing axl and slash are gnr and people dont even know who izzy is and also axl lost a lot of loot to izzy because izzy was very expensive with guest spots so axl needs loot and axl cant share loot with izzy and slash and duff are only doing this for the right reasons they are not doing it for the money and never forget that izzy says one thing one day and then the next days he changes his mind yeah and this and that and the other and all things considered izzy cant play and izzy cant tour and steven is out of control and cant play and cant be trusted so yeah this is the most lucrative tour ever and axl deserves it because he kept the brand alive its all about the brand i heard
  5. ok, you mean mates live rehearsal 1989 i thought this thread was about raw uyi demos or unproduced takes aka axl advances copy aka use your illusion outtakes etc etc etc there are no demos circulating with steven on drums from use your illusion sessions as far as i know sure ok, you mean mates live rehearsal 1989 i thought this thread was about raw uyi demos or unproduced takes aka axl advances copy aka use your illusion outtakes etc etc etc there are no demos circulating with steven on drums from use your illusion sessions as far as i know
  6. steven on drums where, its all matt on these tracks
  7. RIP Malcolm Young

    and for rhythm its all about the right hand what can i say thanks malcom -- and izzy and keith and all the right hand masters -- for so much amazing rock n rollling
  8. Speculation: Skin N' Bones 2018?

    i am waiting for a GNR reunion
  9. thats a boring song then someone mentions the singer sounds like bono hmmm... yes... he does sound like bono well, song goes from boring to unlistenable
  10. A little over a week ago, I saw Guns N’ Roses. It was the first time I’ve watched Axl and Slash share a stage, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to see happen for more than a decade. Concerts, like most things in pop culture, are always at least a little bit impacted by expectations on a personal level, but I knew what I was getting going in: I was going to hear the hits, saturated in theatrics, from a rock band past their prime. And that’s what I got. It met my expectations, and it was a fun and interesting check off the bucket list. They haven’t released an album of originals since seven years before Google was a company, so I was inevitably going to overpay for ragged nostalgia. I did, and I don’t regret it. https://www.leoweekly.com/2017/11/concert-review-jesus-mary-chain-transcend-nostalgia/
  11. this short garden off eden clip with these butt-head laughs and dialogs with beavis is at least 18 times more enjoyable than the entire axl rose solo career ho-hohohoho-hoho-hohohoho-hoho
  12. The first half of 2018

    axls band is actually releasing a new album in November 31th so first half of 2018 will be all promo tour (east and west coast), interviews, recording some videos with helicopters at rooftops and dolphins at big cargo ships and all things considered this that and the other
  13. there was the interview incident, when axl said to the entire planet that izzy would say one thing one day and the next day izzy would say some other thing and it was such a fun incident that A$$l forgot to tell the entire planet he didnt really feel like sharing the loot with izzy that was a fun incident, wasnt it? good thing about all of this is that everybody knows now that Axl is an artisti with a vision and he wants to evolve musically and, yeah, right, and everybody knows that izzy doesnt wanna tour, also izzy is very expensive, and obviously izzy cant play, yeah, right, and never forget that steven cant play, steven cant be trusted, steve cant tour, this that and the other