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  1. Axl described "Estranged" as his baby in 1991 but yeah your general point is most likely correct those "killer guitar melodies" were likely "too much slash" for axl to handle on a solo show at that point
  2. if that was the case then axl rose would have stopped performing a lot of appetite songs in the early nineties that's the most likely reason it was "retired"
  3. Posters

    put them on ebay for whatever value lets say, 999 usd if it doesnt sell, list them for 799 usd then 599 then 399 then 199 then 99 then 79 you got the idea when it sells you will know how much they are worth
  4. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    please never stop
  5. Missing verse in One in a Million?

    there are actually three alternate versions the alternate version with "god" verses are Churches and Priests They're always lying to me They give me so many rules I can not comply to all this! They say God is above watching me And God is making me pay They should just get in a boat and float yeah Straight back to the hell where they came hey hey hey yeah the other two alternate versions are about people who create new accounts in forums to share true informations
  6. it should be fun to listen to axl sing a version of this one, reminded me of "too much too soon"
  7. yep anyone had the chance to listen to the two songs?
  8. yeah me too i have nothing against song doctors on the contrary they are very good with catchy stuff what bothers me is people who use song doctors and pretend/claim to write their songs without any help i suppose you agree that that is pathetic
  9. by "original" i should understand Axl, Slash and Duff, right? Or was Izzy on the recording as well?
  10. i have had several posts jarmoed about a week ago on another podcast thread (they just vanished) and as far as i can tell there was nothing wrong with them
  11. remember the talk that Scott would suggest various changes in the songs that were given to him by the VR guys? who knows if these songs were not "rewritten" by Scott and his associates
  12. yes i am aware of that there is though a difference between using professional sognwriters a.k.a. "song doctors" and writing with friends/former bandmates and associates guns n roses, for example, never used song doctors, or if they have, it is not known all the "outsider" help was from friends of the band such as west arkeen, chris weber etc also i had never heard any of the guys in VR talking about writing stuff with anyone outside the band yes, there have been quite a few mentions of people associated with Scott that would help him to arrange stuff but i didnt know these people were helping writing songs
  13. Guitarist Doug Grean, a frequent Scott Weiland collaborator, claims to have "written" at least one song WITH (OR FOR) Velvet Revolver on The Futuristic Podcast of Mark Gerlach. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments on the subject... “When I was working with Velvet Revolver we did a song [“Come On, Come In”] for the Fantastic Four, this was a really ridiculous story. So we wrote this song, and they approved the demo, and then they said, ‘Go ahead and produce it.’ So we recorded it, but when we got to the point of doing the vocals, Scott wanted to change everything, he wanted to rewrite the whole melody, so he did. We had already sold one melody, we had sold Fox on one melody, and the melody is the most important part of the song, and he delivered a different melody. I think he thought that the suits weren’t that smart or musical, and they might not even notice, or he didn’t care. But they were super pissed, and there were so many screaming matches between the Fox suits and the management, and the management and me, it was just nuts. So that’s what he thought about people telling him what to do, and he won eventually. It was like a $400,000 song, and he still won, that’s pretty ballsy. The song wasn’t very good though.” **LINK REMOVED** The quote above seems to indicate that Doug participated in the writing of the song. is it common knowledge? It is new to me. To the best of my knowledge I had no idea that VR ever used outside writers... It is not clear by the quote if Doug worked with Scott alone, or with Scott and somebody else, or with Scott and the whole band Also if this is a Grean/Weiland song, that may explain why VR pretty much ignored the song and barely played it live In my opinion "Come on Come in" is one of the best VR songs and sounds completely different from their usual stuff... For those interested in VR and Scott Doug Grean talks quite a bit about VR and a lot about Scott on the podcast http://futuristicpod.com/episode-38-doug-grean-musician-producer-engineer-creator-of-the-series-starman
  14. i believe that this "best instrumental GNR album" talk (slash) came from different sessions that izzy, slash and duff did many years later. if i am not mistaken it was a bit before velvet revolver but i can be mistaken
  15. have you ever listened to "bleedin"? izzy wrote this song "bleedin'" right around the time that "homie was in deep" as you mentioned (its from the 117 album released in march 1998) if i remember correctly some of us in forums were speculating that this song could very well be about homie "dying" for the stephanie lady now if you ask me id say that there are a few lines on the song that look like dead giveaways for "homie"... She'd always be out late a-drinkin' You'd always let it go down Now she's gone, why you bleedin'...let it go You gotta know better now you're older This ain't the end of the world So get off your ass and get over her Let it go Let it go Whatcha dyin' about, ya gotta let it go No need to be crying for her man, come on now You should know Now time has passed, you're an old man Way up there high on the hill Back on the streets it ain't changed much Yeah I know Let it go Whatcha dyin' about, ya gotta let it go No need to be cryin' for her man, come on now You should know