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  1. troubadour is fantastic! best jumping jack flash and best think about you! i am listening to frans n roses almost daily videos on youtube for my daily fix of GNR then i let you tube guide me to the next video and the next and the next...
  2. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    you mean the life of the best singer ever turnerd prima donna and the ultra high level nonsense that comes along with it?
  3. best opening sentence in a thread this year! i would add that they made enough money to have izzy and madonna and keith richards and gene simons employed on this tour as equally paid members! exactly
  4. and thats not even an archive album because it has brand new, fresh, 1999 (unlistenable) studio vocals
  5. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    yeah thats the worst book you can ever read on GNR
  6. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    where to begin? right here = https://www.amazon.com/Over-Top-Story-Roses-Classic/dp/0711952221 very few people seem to know this book no one ever mentions it i have read it in the 90s and it is fantastic written right after UIY tour (if i am not mistaken) it has great insight on GNR rise, on its greatness and also on its downfall i cant recommend this book enough, its far superior to everything i have ever read about the band and much-more eye opening than any of the Slash/Duff books this one is no junk = https://www.amazon.com/Over-Top-Story-Roses-Classic/dp/0711952221
  7. i believe hartford 1993 is soundboard, isnt it?
  8. cant stop listening to rick james for about three weeks since i found the highly addictive UM BAH BAH SONG!
  9. Yeah, it looks like Axl always wanted to be Elton Rose from the beginning But that doesn't mean that Axl ever made that "desire" clear to his bandmates like "hey guys, i am doing this rock n roll thing just for a few years, what i really wanna do is huge epic piano music like elton and queen, and thats how its gonna be after appetite". it also doesnt mean there was any kind of agreement in GNR that GNR would change its style after appetite. Yes, you can definetely say that the piano was part of Axl's act even in the early 80's, but only offstage, right? I may be mistaken but as far as i know Axl has never played piano in any of his pre-GNR bands (rapidfire, rose, hollywood rose etc) and he had never played piano live in GNR until that fabulous Indiana 1991 gig, when he actually says that "we're gonna try something that we never tried before until right now". I believe you are mistaken by saying "AFD was 'raw' only because that's the only way they could get an album made w/ Geffen". I believe it was "raw" because that's what Guns n Roses was. I am not sure the five guys ever sat and discussed something like "hey we wanna be a raw rock band". It was probably an unspoken thing that came naturally to them as a sum of who they were and the bands they loved and the music they wanted to play. So of course Axl had November Rain way before Appetite but i don think thats a track/direction any of the other guys wanted to pursue or follow. I think for the other four guys it was more like "Yeah, Axl likes this November Rain song a lot, its not really my favorite stuff but i am open to help him arranging it and recording it as a Guns n Roses song and releasing it on one of our albums and playing it live no problem". Thats what happens in a band, you give room to other people's ideas, right? Also I am not sure Axl "wasn't allowed to put November Rain on that album otherwise it would be there". By what i can remember Axl and the rest of the band were advised by Niven (or whoever else at Geffen) to keep the "soft" songs (November Rain and Dont Cry if i am not mistaken) for the second album so the first album could be more cohesive. Apparently the entire band agreed to that. That didnt prevent the album from having at least two love songs (Think About You and Sweet Child O Mine). Which, by all accounts, at least one of the guys (Slash) didnt really wanna play or record because he felt they were too soft and sappy or something like that (but he did played and recorded them anyway, probably in the "band spirit" of giving room to other people's ideas). I really dont think that "Dizzy would have been brought into the band and signed to Geffen along with the others". Why would you say that? As far as I can see, there is zero evidence of that. Guns n Roses never has had a keyboarder on its line up, it began without one even when the five guys werent there yet, then weeks/months later when the GNR line up was cemented they never played November Rain live anywhere (not documented anyway) and i believe if they ever did it must have been the acoustic guitar version similar to the one on the demo that we all know the acoustic guitar demo (which is most likely from 1986) shows that the band was actually willing to "work" on the track. it appears to be a whole-band effort including backing vocals. it also indicates that the band (and maybe, just maybe, even axl) was willing to completely rearrange the song for acoustic guitars so there would be no need for a piano/keyboard player. there is also the piano-and-voice-only demo and the fact that there is no one else playing on that demo except axl may indicate that no one in the band was willing to have a piano on the song, that they much rather have guitars on it. but of course thats me speculating i agree 100% that "14 years w/ piano sounds like some great authentic rock n' roll" and i would add that the piano doesnt hurt on a handful of other tracks from the illusions, specially the "axl tracks". i also agree that "piano is very much a part of rock n' roll lore and GnR (during the AFD era anyway) were rock n' rollers". about piano not helping their "street' image, yes, you are correct. yeah, not sure about they being street or not at that point. I dont care, really. Stones havent been street for a zillion years and they still write some good songs! I would also be curious to know what Izzy thought about the piano being included in their songs. As far as i can tell, he went to rehearsals one day and dizzy was there. now THAT is where things start to go completely fucked up. when that kind of shit happens in a band, things usually go downhill pretty fast and we can all thank Axl for that! Do any of his albums even have piano? YES they do, i believe most of them have Are you against the piano being used in a GnR album or just against having Dizzy in the band? On Illusions, Dizzy is playing Axl's compositions. I believe he had zero creative input on Illusions (thankfully). Oh, back then i was so against it! Now I have mellowed out a lot on that subjetct. I think the piano fits well in the mellower GNR songs BUT i think that in a band like Guns n Roses the piano ends up being more of a distraction that keeps me from being able to listen to the real gold. Fuck, you have the best rhythm guitar player on the planet (sorry keef, sorry malcom!) and the best lead guitar player in the planet in that band, why the fuck would you want a piano or a third guitar player of horn sections or anything else? You also have the best singer ever and the best drummer ever, why would you wanna hear anyone else other than these guys and the bass player? for my personal taste there is zero need for anyone else in that band! i wanna hear axl, izzy, slash, steven and that other guy who plays bass! yes, these days i kinda enjoy most of the piano/key arragements on illusions but id much rather if there was no piano at all, like in the november rain acoustic guitar demo! besides, the piano is absolutley useless on the hard/faster/heavier songs so in a live situation you have that pathetic keyboard player playing bongos or whatever for like 70% of the show! always a pleasure talking to you man!
  10. almost got it right! some hardcore Appetite-era Guns-n-Roses-era fans “hate” can't explain why on earth the best rock n roll band in the planet would hire a complete alien keyboarder as a permanent member to a band that was already perfect as it was -- specially when no one in the band actually seemed to like the idea except of course for the singer -- who, by all accounts, very likely pushed the idea down everyone's throats! b/c: (1) Some Guns n Roses-era fans, along with pretty much all the GNC-era, ANF-era and GNA-era fans, to this day, don't seem to realize that the arrival of Dizzy and a lot of what was going on during that time-period, including the firing of Steven Adler and Alan Niven, somehow symbolically represents the end of Guns n Roses as band. The time-period when Dizzy walks in is the period when Guns n Roses starts being less and less a five guys band and begins to become more and more a one-man (Axl's) band, where the singer is more and more calling the shots by himself and more and more doing things as he wants. That particular era was just the beginning of that and things eventually got worse and worse through the next few years, in a long process that would end up alienating each and every member of the band to the point that everyone left but the singer! Of course that now, with benefit of hindsight, it gets pretty obvious that poor Dizzy was not the real problem at all, he was just one of many symptons of the real problem that destroyed GNR. Others symptons included firing the drummer because he cant play the new type of music the singer wants to play, offering new contracts to one of the main players and songwriters of the band because the singer believes he doesnt work hard enough, firing long time manager Alan Niven, recoding million dollars vidoes that no one in the band wants to do except the singer etc etc etc ...Also the arrival of Dizzy marks a horrible shift in the band’s style from very “gritty” and "raw" and "real" rock n roll music Appetite to a somehow more “bloated” and "clean" and "weaker" studio music for the 2 albums UYI (even though a fair amount of the piano/keys on UYI are actually Axl and even though band remained absolutely ferocious with Dizzy onstage for at least one full year while Izzy Stradlin was still on board); and (2) it was irritating to them that another “Classic-era” member remained in the band during Axl’s Chinese odyssey.
  11. Roberta Freeman news

    great man, hope you have a good time talking to her!
  12. Roberta Freeman news

    hey thats great, guess i am gonna have to listen to it now, never heard of it! i strongly recommend the col parker album, it has 2 or 3 really good songs and the rest is good or at least very listenable!
  13. Just Another Sunday

    same story, except for two things - i first got them on a tape (recorded from a silver boot CD called "the garden") and would take me a year or two more to get the actual silver CD with them - i actually found all these tracks fantastic -- my tape had bring it back home, crash diet, sentimental movie, too much too soon, just another sunday and the demos for yesterdays and bad obsessions and a few more. i kept showing these tracks to all my friends who liked GNR but none of them agreed with me that they were fantastic hahahaha i still think they are very good songs!
  14. i am more than halfway the album and i have to tell this album makes me feel like sleeping gives me huge expectations for the first GNA album! one decent song ("I Celebrate") that rocks and grooves out of seven songs so far! huge expectations!
  15. http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2018/02/15/album-premiere-dizzy-reed-rock-n-roll-aint-easy/