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  1. has GNR ever worked on this song? is GNR ever going to reunite after they broke up in 1991? does GNR exist? so many questions! i am gonna google them all!
  2. this is the worst music slash has ever released i am gonna make a true effort to not listen to "mind your manners" again now let me get back to beng'se china
  3. Axl's quotes that should be part of the lyrics

    if you pick Guns n Roses music (by that i mean anything recorded by izzy, slash, steven and duff dough) and you add axl voice to it (by that i mean axl talking recorded anytime during 1987-1991) you will have good stuff for the ears at least 180 times better than the horrendous solo effort by axl and the horrendous living the dream solo effort by slash
  4. Axl is a fucking hero

    good point
  5. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    over the years i learned that i had to limit my "listening experience" in order to be able to enjoy Guns n Roses meaning 1) i dont listen to GNR 24/7 like i used to do, 2) i dont listen much to anything after Izzy left i also try to expand the listening possibilities meaning i am always looking for "new" GNR and pre-GNR recordings up to 1991 (hollywood rose comes to mind, ritz 1987 etc) i am also always looking for new stuff post-1991 by the five guys, even though over the years i have had a somewhat "hard time" learning that except for the izzy albums, neurotic outsiders, snakepit 1, a few VR tracks and a very, very few specific Axl performances (come together 1994 comes to mind) there is very little to be enjoyed
  6. Axl is a fucking hero

    the rhythm, the pauses, the crescendo, the drama, the structure i am pretty sure he learned to talk like that by watching daily the preachers on whatever church he went to
  7. i am still looking for the truly obscure tracks the ones that rarely get mentioned outside of the insiders circle "Twenty-Seven (Years and counting)" "Oregano" "Full of Shit" "Ricky, gimme some Rock" "Genghis Khan" "Conan the Barbarian" "The Ranter" "Ohio" "Julius Caesar" "Long Song" Oh, and "Leave Me Alone" is a dee dee ramone cover
  8. Axl is a fucking hero

    have you ever noticed that axl uses all the tricks of a preacher during those "rants"?
  9. Alice Cooper with Izzy on vocals

    oh fuck i just thought alice had a new song sharing vocals with izzy that 1986 show is holy grail hopefully canter has it and releases it one day
  10. Played with Guns n’ Roses by the time that I was 23 Yes, there ain’t no rock n’ roller alive that was rock n’ rollin’ enough for me (full lyrics on the lyrics video below)
  11. MATT SORUM WILL TOUR WITH BILLY GIBBONS https://www.lmtonline.com/entertainment/music/article/Billy-Gibbons-to-play-solo-show-in-Houston-13146375.php?utm_campaign=hphottopics Hopefully something will surface on youtube soon...
  12. Slash is nostalgic for the early years when the five members [with Izzy Stradlin, the rhythm guitarist] of Guns N’ Roses led druggy, poverty-stricken lives with no responsibility for anyone but each other. (...) “It was us against them and we were our only support system,” says Slash, looking amused at the memory. “We found a little storage unit with a sliding door that faced an alley and that was our band lodging. We were in a very different place from the LA glam bands like Poison. “We knew we were the best at what we did, even when we were doing the opening set on a Monday night at the Troubadour. We just had the chemistry, and if that happens once in your life, you’re fortunate.” slash nostalgic? so maybe there is still a chance for a reunion?
  13. i thought GNR had 5 members and was dormant since the early 90s, but whatever you say man!