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  1. i wonder how is it possible that they can play the exact same setlist all over again? are they robots? are they on auto-pilot? do they care?
  2. any info on "LIVE'R THAN YOU WILL EVER BE" CD?

    yeah sure, i know it! i remember pre-internet going to this place where they sold (they still sell i guess) bootleg CDs and begging the owner to let me listen to the gnr boot CDs before i buy them because i knew that the only way to know if that was yet another version of Ritz or Pasadena was to listen to it first... he always would say "no" hahahaha
  3. yeah, the truth is boring, ain't it? alternate reality is surely way more exciting
  4. wow those letters are hysterical!
  5. https://www.discogs.com/Guns-N-Roses-Liver-Than-Youll-Ever-Be/release/12722106 it says SAN FRANCISCO 1989 seems unlikely looking at the setlist i am guessing it is the same show as 3rd Gig 1988 from Tokyo any info appreciated, thanks!
  6. it's unbelievable, first speech as president he finished with the words "...and god above all" maybe we are in Europe medieval times? like someone said, they want an armed teocracy lets hope it doesnt get to that we will, stay strong too!
  7. yes right after the first turn of the election there were several episodes of violence and attacks from Bolsonaro followers registered all over the country, including the assassination of an old musician in Bahia in a bar, apparently because he voted for the left candidate
  8. exactly not only funding but spreading the most absurd lies to its followers these lies include: - the "gay kit" lie - the leftist candidate advocates incest and pedophilia - the leftist candidate wants to give "erotic baby bottles" (with a penis-like nozzle) to babies that spend the day in government day-care centers so they can become gay when they grow up etc etc mind you that some tens of millions of the evangelical faithful in Brazil are poor people who had little access to quality education and they are easy prey to these lies
  9. YES, there are several alternatives, but only these two candidates made it to the second turn The main center-right party is PSDB (social-democrat party, some say they are center and not so right), and it has been one of the two main political forces in the country for the last 20-30 years, but their candidate received truly poor voting on first turn of the elections about 18 days ago. There are other center-right and liberal candidates from the right spectrum that also received even less votes. i truly don't like and don't believe any of these right or center right parties but i would vote for them in a second without any hesitation if they were up against Jair Bolsonaro, you know? they are civilized democratic parties that "play the game by its rules" and they dont advocate hate, violence, killing, torture nor elimination (cleansing) of adversaries
  10. we are stuck between these: Fernando Haddad, a leftist candidate that is a democrat, civilized person from a party that has been heavily involved in corruption. remember that that doesn't mean he is a corrupt Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing military extremist who openly advocates torture, illegal killings, elimination (cleansing) of adversaries, and who openly considers women, blacks, gays, people from the Northeast region etc, poor etc to be second class citizens there is a clear choice to be made here
  11. i wouldn't be surprised if Axl's Brazilian family supports Bolsonaro. Maybe that's why he hasn't said anything so far? a lot of people in Brazil, rich people, middle class people and poor people don't seem to realize how much of a threat Jair Bolsonaro is to basic freedoms and rights that took DECADES for Brazilians to obtain. or they choose to ignore this matter because they are so enraged with the leftist party. It's no wonder why people are enraged, the leftist party was (rightfully) caught in a massive corruption scandal and the Brazilian media made a feast out of it, exposing them like if they were the worst thiefs to ever walk the earth for years and years and years on prime time tv anyone who knows two things about Brazil knows that the system has always been corrupted, including during the dictatorship era 1964-1985 (Yes, for you to have an idea of how democracy is young in Brazil, it is enough to say that Brazil lived under a dictatorship when Guns n Roses was about to be formed!). But during the dictatorship the media couldn't/wouldn't expose the corruption because half the media was subjugated, under censorship, and the other half was aligned with the dictatorship.
  12. a little bit more about the "gay books", or "gay kit", i think i didnt explain correctly Jair Bolsonaro (and pretty much all the right-wing parties in Brazil) claim that the leftist government (that ruled Brazil for about 13 years) wants to turn what they call "normal people" into "gay people" How? By giving children this so-called "gay kit" which includes a book (and whatever else) in schools. By giving this "gay kit" to kids, they (the leftists) would be able to teach "normal" kids to become "gay" this is obviously a pile of horse shit the so called "gay kit" was/is actually a book that teaches kids that people are different and that everyone deserves to be respected including gay people etc simple as that But people like Jair Bolsonaro say "Look! These communists want your kids to be gay bla bla bla" and lot of people actually believes he/them! ... oh, and since you mentioned Jesus, here is some more stuff Jair Bolsonaro, the one who wants to eliminate his adversaries, the one who can't stop spreading hate, says that he believes in God, loves God, etc, and that Brazil is a Christian country, so everyone should addapt or leave! shall we all go back to middle age!?