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  1. David Coverdale comment...

    That was never the case, right?
  2. So Izzy has a birthday coming up next

    are you kidding? this cant be serious
  3. So Izzy has a birthday coming up next

    yeah, it should be so easy
  4. Top live performances!

    yeah, sure, all the leaked pro shots like indiana, oklahoma and saskatoon kinda prove that
  5. Top live performances!

    do you think they professionally recorded the two other Tokyo nights in video just like the one that was released? i am asking because they played Coma and Locomotive as you probably know
  6. Top live performances!

    Primeiramente de Rio and Maracana XPII are from Aces High and as far as I know they are MP3 sourced. i remember searching on old gnr bootleg sites and one of these guys who knows a lot about audio extracted the wave lenght (or whatever that was) from the GNR aces high CDs and he was so pissed because that wave lenght showed to him that they were MP3 sourced. It is a shame because the artwork is truly good, specially for the time when the CDs were released. Another good thing about these Rio 1991 Aces High CDs is that they have the full concert from the second night (jan 23) and it is priceless Older CD bootlegs from the early 90s usually have much better sound, the italians are usually great. Some titles that come to my memory right now for the Rio shows are Rock in Rio and Brazil Indiana has tons of early 90s versions on boot CD that you probably know like Dramas & Traumas etc. The trick i guess is to try and find which year it was made, usually the older the better, and some boot "companies" are also famous for the sound quality, i guess Kiss the Stone was one of them thanks for that, classic!
  7. Top live performances!

    oh fuck i love all of those... did you by any chance listen to the silver discs of rio 91 and indiana 91? some of them have great sound much better than youtube etc
  8. Top live performances!

    HEY, thanks for that, would you mind pointing out what made you pick these particular versions? same here
  9. oh i see, thanks for the explanation mate
  10. wow, thanks so much for that, great great great info on the song, on the girl who inspired it and also on angry feelings about her @Blackstar, @SoulMonster please check this info for https://www.a-4-d.com/t85-nice-boys
  11. hopefully you are correct and hopefully he can give us some good recordings in the future yeah i know the clean voice was his choice and that is absolutely crazy to me, how is it possible that the best singer ever gets to choose to sing like that is beyond me what annoys me more is that he sings and sounds like a broken, defeated man it is the opposite of gnr axl when it was more like "listen all of you, you are not gonna put me down, no matter how fucking hard you try" etc
  12. i didnt really understand what is going on apparently there is an article that accuses GNR of being a Rose Tattoo rip off and apparently this same article attacks GNR for giving the opening slot to King of The Sun (instead of Rose Tattoo?) and Axl answers to that?
  13. yeah i guess you should, its worthy, thats probably the album where slash sound more bluesy like he did on GNR i like that 2008 solo album too, some very good songs on it, good singers i am a bit divided about axl singing it. if you are talking GNR Axl, i am all for it (my appreciation for axl and gnr is so big that i think that back then in the early 90s george w bush should have declared axl and guns n roses as "national american treasures" and should have asked them to record as many songs as possible in order to provide good music for the american people and for the world hahahahaha) but if you are talking after'GNR axl then i just dont know, can you see him doing any good to those slash 2008 songs by singing the way he did on his album with that voice and that delivery?
  14. Ha! thats funny cause it also happened to me with aint life grand BUT i still cant enjoy it... maybe if i keep trying for some more years hahahahaha, maybe i should give it a try today i am pretty sure thats because of rod jacksons voice i tried a lot of times to listen to that album and i can tell that there are cool things going on BUT i cant stand rods voice same for myles i would absolutely LOVE to have instrumental versions of everything slash ever recorded with rod and myles