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  1. Around that time, Ford also played on the solo debut of Izzy Stradlin, the very man Slash asked him to replace in GNR. He added some hot slide guitar to “Somebody Knockin’,” the opening track on 1992's Stones-y Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. "I walked in right after [Rolling Stones guitarist] Ron Wood had finished doing his guitar part," Ford remembers. "Izzy’s kind of a regular, down-to-earth guy and he just let me do what I wanted to do. It was probably all of about 30 minutes.” The Crowes didn’t want their new guitarist to appear like a hired gun, though, so Ford says, “I just told them to keep my name off it.” He was uncredited in the Ju Ju Hounds liner notes.
  2. I'm a huuuuuuuge Marc Ford/ Black Crowes fan and I had no idea about this. Pretty cool! http://www.laweekly.com/music/the-black-crowes-marc-ford-and-rich-robinson-are-together-again-in-the-magpie-salute-8628286 “Like 10:30 in the morning I get this call: ‘Hey man, this is Slash,’” Ford recalls now. “'We listened to you next door, always loved your guitar. Izzy’s gone, would you play with us?’” Ford explained he’d just joined the Crowes and politely declined Slash’s invitation, extended after GNR guitarist-songwriter Izzy Stradlin had quit the band. “Of course, I was very flattered,” Ford says, “and my life would be a whole lot different now. I’d probably be dead, to be honest with you. I think it was probably the best decision and Slash agreed. He said, ‘Man, that’s really cool. That’s probably a better fit for you anyway and good luck.’”
  3. That's the thing....it's already too late. The Nightrain has left the station.
  4. Like I said, they are playing their 30 year old songs professionally and it sounds pretty good. Pretty much BETTER than what I expected to be honest. If you're willing to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars you can actually see it in person and not just on You Tube. However.....I'm talking about $1100 T shirts, $1650 bags and $4200 jackets. C'mon. That's beyond uncool and the antithesis of what Guns n' Roses (and US - their community) are supposed to about. It's just gross. Pathetic. Reunion tours are about the money, not the music, and I get that......but DAMN - $1650 bags!!!!!!
  5. True. I don't really like any of his music after he went into the army, but Elvis did put out a lot of new music throughout the 70's. I just prefer him with the small band and the sense of danger........kinda like GNR used to be. I have been to Graceland and didn't see any $1100 T shirts or $4200 jackets for sale though.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/atubdi5t40v6rsi/2017-08-24 16.03.38.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p5xfc487nalknoi/2017-08-24 16.05.45.jpg?dl=0 $4200 jacket $1100 t shirt
  7. I love the music and original vibe of Guns n' Roses. I saw them open for Aerosmith in 1988, then Gilby's first show in 1991 followed by a GNR/ Metallica show in 1992. I then followed and supported all of the members solo efforts and endeavors. I was so excited to see the band reunite last year that I moved heaven and earth to hustle my way into The Troubadour show- which was great. Then I saw them at Dodgers Stadium. It was expensive (as we know) and kind of "professional" and by the numbers, but still (super pricey) nostalgic fun. Now, over a year later we have no new music nor word of any new music, the tour continues (with the same show apart from a few tunes) and the tickets have become out of reach financially to the blue collar, real people who made them successful in the first place. Ok. Fine. But today....Oh man, today I went to their pop up store in Hollywood. Can anyone of you justify the prices on this shit? $1650 for a GNR bag to put your $4200 jacket and $1100 t shirt in? I'm hard pressed to think of another band that has lost its way more than Guns n' Roses. That doesn't take away from my love of "Out Ta Get Me", "Garden of Eden" or "Rocket Queen", but it does mean that I'm going to put my blinders on because they are 100% in the Vegas Elvis period now. Goddammit.