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  1. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Double Indemnity. Great movie. I know some of the scenes were used in "Dead men don't wear plaid ". With Steve Martin.
  2. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    I live in Illinois and Governor Fat Fuck Pritzker is gonna order everyone to stay home. Details are sketchy at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if the national guard comes in at some point.
  3. Marijuana Edibles!

    Haven't smoked weed in years, use to love it but it got me paranoid. So, recently marijuana became legal in my state. The other day a friend of mine gave me 2 pot gumdrops. Best way I can describe it, edible candy. I have insomnia, can't get a good nights sleep. So, the other night I woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't go back to sleep, watching crap on TV. Took one of the edibles, waited for 30 minutes, didn't kick in. " I knew it would take awhile". Then I ate the other one, drank some water, and laid down. Then it hit me, like a fever in my head and my torso, but in a good way. I got a good 3 more hours of sleep that night, with no hangover whatsoever. Just like medicine, but with no after effects. Your thoughts
  4. So its official, Axl watched American Idol.
  5. ELVIS

    Watched "Love Me Tender" movie today. Pretty good movie overall, for the time. Elvis wasn't the best actor, but not bad.
  6. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Been watching a lot of Hitchcock movies lately. I have a retro movie channel that keeps playing them. Some I've seen , other's I have not, until now. Recently I've seen "Frenzy", "Rope", "The Man who knew too much".
  7. Alan Niven. good or bad?

    Gotta say Alan Niven was a great manager of the band. He got them to get off their asses and make a record, tour, and make money. Which was probably a tough job. Also, Slash got the St. Louis and Montreal riot mixed up, in his book. And he didn't flip off the crowd in St. Louis, after Axl slammed the mic down, Slash said, "What'd you do the mic for? Well, were out of here." Then Slash threw his guitar pick and left. Then all hell broke loose.
  8. Jesus Rolls (2020) Lebowski spin off

    Probably not too good. But I'm gonna have to see it. He can roll man! Even though he's a pederast!
  9. Yes it was planned by MTV. Smash(Asher Benrubi) was the host. Smash is a long time radio DJ and singer in some rock bands in the 70's. Smash was from Indiana, as was Axl. Axl talked to him and said that Axl saw Smash and his band play before in W.Lafayette, where Purdue University is.
  10. Gnr has probably looked at the sales of the Crue/Def Leppard/Poison/Joan Jett tour and said, we'll hell we can do better than that.
  11. Thank you Eli Manning!!!!!

    Eli got 2 Super Bowl wins in New York. He's gonna be in the Hall of Fame for sure.
  12. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    Maybe they have been trying to get rid of him for years. Making too much money for songs that he didn't write, etc...? Kind of like Michael Anthony and Van Halen. They screwed him over. Just a thought.
  13. David Lee Roth - Las Vegas Residency 2020

    I think Dave always wanted to play Vegas. He's an entertainer.
  14. I think he lifted the teleprompter too. Axl was like, "That's a good idea".
  15. There was a lot of that talk amongst the press, disc jockeys kind of making fun of them for being so OLD!! Little did they know the Stones would still be here 30 years later.