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  1. Peter Tork

    RIP to Peter Tork. It was a great show. Only Mickey and Mike left.
  2. Looking forward to it. Margot Robbie looks stunning as Sharon Tate.
  3. I'm surprised the Foo Fighters haven't done it yet. I'm sure they are on the list. It would give me a reason to watch the halftime show.
  4. Officially Steven had the 'flu'. Axl said later that Steven was in rehab.
  5. I heard it. Thanks guys. Love the Sunday podcasts.
  6. He was playing with the Raiders when this pic was taken, 2002. Pretty sure Axl's a Raiders fan.
  7. Stevens played with Billy Idol. Not Diamond David Lee Roth.
  8. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    I was born in Chico,CA, my aunt and uncle still live there. Norther California. The town next to them is Paradise, CA, and it was burnt down. Chico is safe for now. These wildfires are a bitch.
  9. According to the New York Post, James "Whitey" Bulger , 89, was killed in prison. Former Boston Mob boss who went on the lam for 16 years or so. Somebody got revenge. See the movie "Black Mass" with Johnny Depp. And a loosely based flick "The Departed".
  10. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Watched "Hombre" 1967 with Paul Newman. Pretty good flick. Never seen it before.
  11. Think they'll play "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho?
  12. Heavens Gate

    Finally watched this movie all the way through. Great scenery, great cinematography , a few good scenes. But overall I can't recommend it. Too many LONG scenes, not enough character development for my taste. I see where Cimino was going with it, wanted to like it but I have to give it a thumbs down. Your thoughts?
  13. Yeah he was there. Saw a pic with him and Favazz, longtime DJ from KSHE-95 St.Louis.