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  1. Babs Streisand quickly apologized, saying her words were misconstrued. Sorry Babs, you've shown your true self. You thought it was OK for M.Jackson to have sex with young boys. HEE-HEE---Shammonn!!
  2. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    Haven't seen it yet. But they sure got the skinny/cocaine/Rockstar look right for the band.
  3. I sure do. They opened with "Jungle". Which was a surprise for me at least. Figured they'd play that later in the set. And the inflatable stuff was not on the sides of the stage, it was in the upper sections of the stadium behind the stage.
  4. I've seen them 3 times, 9-3-1988 St. Louis Arena opening for Aerosmith. 1991 Riverport Riot. 1992 Gnr/Metallica/Body Count in Kansas City, MO Arrowhead.
  5. They did practically nothing in 89 and 90. 4 shows with the Stones in LA(didn't even have to travel) 1989, 2 songs at Farm Aid 1990. It was starting to look like they'd never get a new album out, or if they kept prolonging it GnR would go down in popularity. It was a smart business move to get out on tour, whether Axl liked it or not.
  6. You can see on youtube one of their shows opening for Maiden in Canada. They didn't have a lot of room to move around on stage. They had a lot more when they opened for Aerosmith later that year.
  7. Axl was trying to get the naming rights to GnR. He felt that things might be falling apart. They got rid of Steven Adler, and Izzy got arrested for peeing in the kitchen of the plane , a felony. By 91, Axl wanted the naming rights so if it all fell apart, GnR would continue with or without Slash,Duff etc.. So he used the crowd as leverage. The rest of the band was there, but he showed up whenever he wanted. And they had 2 riots and a few close calls. Finally Slash and Duff signed it over and Axl was cool again. But Slash in this interview was just trying to justify it, He didn't want to make things worse. Axl's excuses about having to get his ankles taped and vocal warmups was just an excuse. He knew what time the show was supposed to start. Besides, the Lakers might have been playing!
  8. Saw part one last night. The alleged sex crimes are described in detail and very disturbing. I did say "alleged", we'll never know for sure. Part 2 tonight. Did anyone else see it? It was difficult to watch.
  9. Luke Perry RIP

    Massive stroke doesn't sound good. But we don't know all the details. Hope he pulls through. Good actor and seems like a pretty cool guy. Yes, I watched Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day.