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  1. Burt Reynolds

    I loved him! Burt and Dean Martin are in heaven discussing Rosary Bleads. If you saw Cannonball Run, you know what I'm talking about. RIP!!
  2. Films you feel get an unfair rap

    I liked that too. Some good actors in that movie.
  3. Good gangster films

    State of Grace, 1990. What a cast, Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Joe Viterilli, John Tutoro, John C Riely, Robin Wright. About the Irish mob in New York. Great movie, came out the same year as "Goodfellas" so it didn't do well at the box office. Highly recommend it.
  4. Ted Nugents 'girl's name was Pele Massa. She was allegedly 17 when he legally adopted her. I saw Ted in concert in 1986 and I think she was there. She was dressed up in this sexy outfit and would bring Ted a guitar a few times during the show. She would have been about 25 years old or so. It sure looked like her. And Ted Nugent was opening for...………………………...AEROSMITH.
  5. DPRK - USA Summit

    Ambassador Rodman.
  6. Matt Sorum's drum sticks flying off the roof of Nakatomi Plaza. Love it. Great interview.
  7. Thanks for the interview. Always like to hear from Niv.
  8. Roseanne Barr

    I'm glad John Goodman responded the way he did, as opposed to the usual Hollywood "shocked and appalled " response.
  9. R. Lee Ermey. RIP.

    R.Lee Ermey died today. Full Metal Jacket. RIP
  10. 3 hours plus, another great interview guys! Did he say that Slash slept with his wife?
  11. Saw it. Heard it. Great interview guys!!
  12. Alphabet Concert Game

    Go through the alphabet A-Z and list the bands/solo artists that you have seen in concert. Rules: 1: "The" does not count as a T. For example, if you saw The Rolling Stones, that is an R. 2: The band/solo artist has to be or been known for a time, had a record deal, maybe a music video. Can't be a local band that just fizzled out and were never heard from again 3. Have to have seen the band/solo artist in concert, not just on the internet. 4. All you need is 1 for each letter, but feel free to add the concerts you have seen. Just for fun. A- Aerosmith, Alice in Chains B- Bon Jovi C- Collective Soul D- Def Leppard, Dokken E - Eric Clapton, Everclear F- G- Guns N Roses H- Heart I- Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds J- Journey, Jewel (not on the same bill) K -KISS, (original 4 with makeup, 96 and 97), Kingdom Come L- Lenny Kravitz, Loudness (not on the same bill) M- Metallica, Motley Crue N - O- P - Pearl Jam Q- Queensryche (Opened for Metallica 1989) R - Rolling Stones, The Ramones (95 or 96, original members were the lead singer and lead guitar player) S- Sammy Hagar, The Scorpions, Soul Asylum, The Spin Doctors T- Tesla, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Ted Nugent U- U2 V - Van Halen W - Whitesnake, Warrant X - Y - Z - ZZ Top I don't have 5 letters. F,N,O,X and Y. I've probably forgotten some, but now its your turn.