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  1. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    So, if the show starts at 6pm, at what time should I go to the stadium to get a good "space" (I'm going to PIT 2) (Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm from Argentina and I don't know how early the American people go to the shows) Thank you!
  2. Well, I always want to write a REVIEW of a show! Been a fan of this band since I was born (1983), I saw all of the members but with their "owns bands".. This show was different.. this show was FUCKING AMAZING... people got what their deserved, the medias is writting excelent reviews, etc.. So, in conclussion: BEST THINGS: -WTTJ was the best of the night for sure. Argentina people is awesome and jump like crazy. Probably because is the first well-know song of the song (after ISE, MB and CD). - Estranged was a piece of art, people singing the guitar notes was incredible. -You Could Be Mine, this song was a sorpirse for me. When I listen in YT or Periscope I always thoght that Axl was not very good. But (i dont know if was this time) but is was amazing! - Like everyone said, Slash is THE BEST of the members. -The fireworks during the songs are very good. People go nuts when something explode! jaja -The Setlist.. I was one of complaing about the same songs all the night. But, when you are at the show, you want to listen to that fuckin songs! BAD THINGS -Better, my god, it was HORRIBLE. They must drop it! Axl was VERY BAD in this song.. but also the band.. And after WTTJ is light pass from 10 to 1 in 3 notes.. -Coma, for me this song was always a so so (I know lots love them), but live is too long and people who is not fan got bored so crowd come down with this -The Seeker, please change it for Patience, Yesterdays or You re Crazy... FUN THINGS - In one song (I think was CW), someone throw to the stage a bra. Axl started laughing and shake it - Lots of people throw Argentina Flags on the stage. At one time Axl said something like "I will have a fuckin collection of flags!!" - When Nightrain starts, Axl was next to Slash at the front of the stage. And when he song "Flying like an airplane" at that moment a plane cross near to the stadium (there is an airport very close, so the plane flies very closed to the floor). So Slash look and both laughs.. It was a dream for me. 23 years waitning this. Today I will be part of the show again. My GF (that is not very fan) is going with me again because she loved th show. THank you! Guns N Roses = Best Band Ever Sorry for my english
  3. Maybe there will be a Blu Ray of this show (Argentina fans are insane)... We can dream!