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  1. Let`s post our dream setlist for 2020 (It should be around 20 Songs and include 5 "New" Songs from the Leaks) Here is mine: Oklahoma * Mr Brownstone Chinese Democracy Hardschool * Jungle Dead Horse Quick Song * Estranged / Locomotive D Tune * Rocket Queen Me and my Elvis aka Soul Monster * November Rain Slash Solo Sweet Child Knockin on Heavens Door (Mercury Tribute Version) Nightrain ---------------------- Don`t Cry / Patience Slither Madagascar Paradise City
  2. If Guns would release more music in a official way nobody would care about those leaks. I think it´s Axls own fault. Come on 11 years since the last records without a single new song. How can you justify that. Why not releasing an EP before touring in 2019 again. He is so afraid of failure it seems to me. I wish the old axl would come back who didn`t give a fuck about what other people or the Critics think. Even Tool and The Who Releases new albums
  3. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    Iron Maiden of Course. Up the Irons !
  4. I`ve finished my first vocal takes for D Tune. If you wanna hear it write me a PM and I`ll send you a link.
  5. Hey I`ve written some words and melodies to D Tune and recorded them but I`m not a good singer. Where should I upload my Version ? or to anyone interested I can send it via email to get some feedback whats good and whats not. thanks
  6. Thanks to the Chairman !! Mustache Riff sounds so much like Slash/Snakepit. That song could be great with Vocals
  7. Great Idea. Think I`m gonna work on D-Tune. Really love that one. Gonna upload it on Soundcloud when I`m finish
  8. 1. Civil War 2. Estranged 3. Rocket Queen 4. Nightrain 5. Madagascar
  9. Zodiac or D Tune could be great Singles, if they had some good melodies and lyrics. I think @Ant is Right Axl sometimes put too many words into a song/verse. Take "There was a time" for example the first 2 1/2 minutes he sings non stop. That`s why it`s so hard to sing a lot of the Chinese Stuff Live. There is almost no time for the singer to breathe and Axl isn`t 28 anymore. So when writing new stuff Axl should do things vocally he can reproduce in a live enviroment.
  10. Great work @bitstorm thanks a lot !